More Gameloft titles coming soon to BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 20 Apr 2013 06:07 am EDT

We know already that Gameloft are big fans of BlackBerry 10 and they have been gradually bringing their games over to our new operating system. Recently I saw the Iron Man 3 trailer and got excited about it coming to BlackBerry 10. We reached out to Gameloft and they told us a few games that are confirmed however I managed to misunderstand their reply and posted that Iron Man 3 was on the list. My bad I'm afraid. We're not saying it isn't coming but it may be one of the games that they are still working on.

So the games that are confirmed are Six Guns, Real Soccer 2012 and Modern Combat 4. That's enough to keep me going for a while that's for sure. I apologize for the Iron Man 3 confusion but fingers crossed we will see that in the near future. I'm going to tell myself off in the mirror now!

In addition they are 'in talks' regarding other titles so it looks like gaming on BlackBerry 10 is only going to get better and better. Good times. Thanks Gameloft - we love you!


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More Gameloft titles coming soon to BlackBerry 10


@gameloft on twitter make them know you appreciate their efforts and want more games to come to bb10

Posted via CB10

The one thing so far that's putting me off mobile gaming is there's no support for the Moga Pro controller, as far as I can see anyways

The moment support for the Moga Pro controller becomes official then my wallet will be hit hard!

As much as I try, I just cannot do touchscreen controls (curse my large farmers hands!)

@tallpaul86 via the CB10 app

Now if we could only get some answers from all the other developers who said "coming soon" months ago. Way to go Gamloft keep it coming!

Posted via CB10

I know this may sound funny, but open the music app and select the three dots on the action bar and then select BlackBerry World. Worked for me.

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Cool. Gameloft is smart, to make use of the great new BlackBerry 10 platform like this. Be early and make a buck or two!

Posted via CB10 - Z10 Vodafone NL

I want the classics I paid for on my PlayBook :( I bought mc 2 and 3 both at full price (a rip off considering that mc2 went free a week after) and also asphalt 6 :(

Posted with mah Z10!

Now this is what I'm talking about. Thanks for the support Gameloft!

Now we just need a few more great app developers to join in and make BB10 truly awesome.

Posted via CB10

Great but my Z10 memory left 4g only. Maybe I'll buy it and play it for a while than delete it.

Posted via Oreo Z10

I bought spider Man then batman then asphalt, nova 3 and I want iron man! I need more space on my z10

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Gameloft is the fastest supporter on mobile devices. Cheers to them. They are not afraid to offer they're applications to multiple os's and that's why they have repeat customers and awesome support

Posted via CB10

Very disappointed in your mixup. I actually set an Appointment on my phone and am very disappointed when I found this article today.