Iron Man 3 lands on BlackBerry 10 courtesy of Gameloft

By Bla1ze on 17 Oct 2013 08:36 pm EDT

The folks at Gameloft have been busy the past little while preparing a few things for BlackBerry 10. First came Despicable Me: Minion Rush and now Iron Man 3 has landed on BlackBerry World. Having already played this one on Android and iOS, I have no problem in saying you're gonna want to download it and give it a go and the best part is, it'll cost you nothing. Iron Man 3 is available as a free download.

After the events of Iron Man 3, Tony has become a peacekeeper, but new threats emerge regularly all around the globe and Iron Man is the only one who can take care of them. Get ready for fast-paced action and epic battles in this endless 3D runner! Control Iron Man as never before thanks to intuitive and accessible swipe controls.

The game itself doesn't really play along with the movie so it's a bit different. In the end you get to play through 3 different locations, take on 4 different villains and over 18 different Iron Man suits can be obtained. Overall, it's a pretty sweet game to play through. It's available for all BlackBerry 10 devices though keep in mind the download weighs in at over 600MB so you're going to need to have available space.

We'll have a video review coming over the next few days so stay tuned for that. 

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Iron Man 3 lands on BlackBerry 10 courtesy of Gameloft


Props to gameloft for the Blackberry 10 support!!. Them and Rovio are tops in my book.

Z10 + Unlocked Runtime

- King (Candy Crush developers)

- - Zynga

2 companies that will never get a dime from me for sabotaging BlackBerry. Those games run near perfectly as sideloads. They have no excuse for not porting their games!

Posted via my Z10

It's totally worth it for free. Even paid it's good. I've played it on Android and it's smooth as butter there so I'm sure it will be just as good here.

Out of the office reply

Sorry I will not be able to take your message. I'm playing IRON MAN 3 on my BlackBerry 10. Will be back in a week.

Posted via CB10

Nice...can't wait other big-name game came arrive to this platform..... Long Life BlackBerry...!!!

Posted via CB10

Finally some breathing room. BlackBerry we at Crackberry still believe

Posted from the best mobile device Z10

I'm gaming more on my Z10 than the Ps3 at this point! Does anyone know of a good controller I can use with the phone? I want to play modern combat in all its glory!

Not sure how many games support it, but the steelseries free is pretty good. I've only used it with NES,N64 emulators though.

Posted via CB10

Crack Berry reported a couple of weeks ago that a controller was being developed for BlackBerry devices. I'm looking forward to it!

Posted via CB10

I use the Moga Pro for emulators but bought it for the same purpose as you, whenever Gameloft gets around to supporting the api's...

Posted via CB10

F#*k need more space on my phone, I guess real racing 3d has to go... and this will takes it place instead for now... need to find a star bucks with a free wifi...

Sent by Bbry Zed10

I wonder if the intro bit lags like on the GS4! GAH! Why am I at work?!? Need to download!!!

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip, though!

There's nothing wrong wit your device. It's just a bug they didn't fix in Os Am sure that's your Os. Just upgrade it to

I tried to sideload this the other day and it just wouldn't go, this is a pretty sweet deal

Posted via my AzzazzinBerry (STL100-3/ with a few tweaks)

still in the honeymoon phase with minion this! for fug sakes, I won't get any work done for a while!

CB10'n it.....via my Z

I can't get it to work but I am running I wonder if that is the issue? I have issues with a few others too.

Posted via CB10

I have this on my idevice, does anyone else know if I will be able to keep my progress, or retrieve it from somewhere? Cuz I've gotten pretty far and might not want to start all the way over.

Posted via CB10

HTC paid 'Tony Stark' mega-bucks just to relate Iron Man to HTC phones.
Meanwhile, BlackBerry has the game for FREE on bb10. My kids' thank you!

Lol only Games are coming to BB10, BlackBerry is Business Phone? It was Business Phone.

Posted via BlackBerry Z810

Damn! With the number of quality games coming and productivity apps, I think it's time the next BB10 devices come with 32gb onboard storage.

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This is what am talking about. Am staying with BlackBerry till the end of time. Long live blackberry.

Posted via CB10

Cool! 600 MBs likely means some sweet sound and graphics but... Really wish we could save apps to the sd card though :(

I support BB10, NOT BB Management!

Nice game it's fun and responsive. I don't play a lot of games but I like this one.

Posted via CB10

That's right. I don't know how it works, but can blackberry marketing get them to add the blackberry world logo to this and other app adverts? I've seen too many times where it is available for all three platforms, but they only list android and ios.

After some time it gets boring :/
I'm waiting too much time to get the armors. I'm not much of a fan, so I'll stick to minion rush

Posted via BB10 running CB10

Downloading.........had to make room. wish there was a way to save games I the Sd card. I have a 32GB sd

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That's odd, played it once then second attempt it crashed part way through and now just crashes on load. Will try removing and re install.

Posted from my Z10 with CB10.

It crashes immediately for me, just like asphalt 7 been doing.

I'm using

Posted via CB10

Downloaded this, took a while..nut have had a go and it looks good.

Not really a gamer myself but seems good.

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GameLoft games dont work on my z10. Iron man .real racing and real football. Only despicable me does. Does anyone know why this is happening
P.s I have a 10.2 (1791) leak running

Posted via CB10