The verdict: Iron Man 3 for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 24 Oct 2013 06:00 am EDT

If you are looking for some free action packed adventure gaming you have come to the right place. We told you recently that Gameloft had released Iron Man 3 on BlackBerry 10 and now I've had the chance to play it I thought it was worth giving a verdict. 

I thinks its fair to say that all games from Gameloft are pretty awesome and Iron Man 3 is no different. The added bonus with this one though is that it's free! 

In this version you take on the role of flying through the skies dodging obstacles and missiles as well as having to destroy bad guys that randomly appear. This is done in one of two ways - you can either just tap the screen where you want to fire a rocket or you also have the option to perform a swipe motion as there is more than often multiple enemy ships to destroy. 

Controlling Iron Man (Tony) is done either with touch controls or by using tilt. The latter of the the two I found to be a lot easier so I'd stick with the tilt option if I were you. 

In each level you'll need to collect red tokens which you can use to upgrade certain items and weapons. Up at the top of the screen next to where you'll see the red ones are also blue crystal looking ones. If you get killed during a mission you can use these to continue as opposed to going back to the start of the level. You can use some in-app purchases to buy goodies if you really want to - or just keep on playing and earn plenty of icons. 

At the start of each level you will be told what you need to achieve - such as destroy 20 enemy drones and travel a certain distance - complete all of these for extra rewards. 

There is also BBM integration within the game so you can invite your buddies to download the game which is always nice to see. In addition you'll be able to view friends scores, both real friends and global scores. 

The graphics and sound effects with Iron Man 3 are fantastic. When it comes to game play that too is amazing but it's a really fast paced game and does require quite a bit of practice to become good. And you'll need ninja like reactions to dodge obstacles. 

If Iron Man 3 was a paid game it would still totally rock, but seeing as its free it's a must have download and will be staying on my device for a very long time. Enjoy. 

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The verdict: Iron Man 3 for BlackBerry 10


Thanks James, i've been waiting for this review.

I've been thinking about downloading this one.

Much appreciated.

Posted via CB10

Very minion rush-ish indeed. Would have been so much more dope, if it was more sandbox like spiderman.

+1 I played it for like half an hour then deleted it. I like free games but free space for better apps is more important to me.

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

Same here. I've reinstated a couple of times with no luck. I'm on a leaked OS, so I wonder if that's the problem?

Posted via CB10

That's not the problem, try closing the other open apps. Did this and it worked for me, it might be that this game uses a lot of ram.

Posted via CB10

Downloaded and its working smoothly.

I love this game and minion rush.

I also have need for speed.

Posted via CB10

This game worked for a day for me, now it crashes right after the Gameloft splash screen. Emailed Gameloft about it, they told me to delete and reinstall which didn't work. This is the last thing I got:

"Unfortunately, the Blackberry Z10 and Blackberry Playbook are not supported in Gameloft Shop; there is no technical way we can help you"

Posted via CB10

I haven't been able to play it. I uninstall it since it never opened.. it always closed right after I opened it, I have enough space, and I install and uninstall it like 4 times and nothing.

I've played this game well over 5 hours and I have quite a few gripes about it. To start though, the graphics, sound, gameplay are great.
My issues are as follows
That after you die you can't just start the level over again, you have to go through three or four screens to get back and it's very time consuming.
There's no undo for actions, for instance next to your armor you have another "slide" to build another armor and next to that you have "buy storage", I didn't know what that was so I clicked it expecting more details and didn't get any, so I clicked it again. It turns out that I bought storage to have more than two armors that I didn't need and cost me crystals. I can't undo it or even sell them back at a discount.
Dismantling the armor to get credits back, it doesn't tell you how many you will get back and when you try it anyways you get a very small number of what it cost you to build the armor and to rebuild it is the same cost as it originally was. So now you're stuck with your previous armor and it takes forever to get those credits back.

I emailed Gameloft a few days ago but I haven't gotten a response back, if they are able to give me the crystals and credits, I'll play it again, otherwise it's just not worth the trouble.

same with real racing. is ridiculous how they sell the parts for the car and then you have to buy a car for each section and upgrade it but I cant even sell it. I refuse to play that game again

Game sucks. Controls are garbage.

I don't expect to be good at a game when I just start it. But having to wait for load screens after playing for 10 to 15 seconds and dying doesn't motivate me to keep it installed.

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