The "iPhone was announced so here's what you get" contest winners!

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Sep 2013 02:19 pm EDT

Well that was fun - yesterday Apple dropped the news of two new iPhones that are being released shortly. The iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. If you're an Apple lover then they'll make for fun new toys, but if you're more of the #ICHOOSEBLACKBERRY10 type of person (our favorite type of person) you probably don't care all that much. So that means you're here just to find out who won yesterday's contest, right?

Well here's the deal - I said to tell us in the comments what you'd like to win as a prize and if you won, that's what you'd get. And just for fun, I always said you could leave as many comments as you wanted for this contest to increase your chance of winning.  Lo and behold, a bunch of you did just that. So for those that put in a ton of comments - you get an A for effort. You're all crazy awesome.

It turns out the grand prize winner's comment was only asking for a coveted Z10 multimedia dock (of which I happen to have a couple kicking around), so since the value of that is a lot lower than a new phone we're also going to award a bunch of prizes to those of you who put in a lot of multi-comment effort (we know we won't get all of you in here... but we'll get ten of you covered at least).

The grand prize winner who chose to get my Z10 multimedia dock is:

Lee Clark

And we also have TEN winners of $50 ShopCrackBerry gift certificates to these users for their awesome commenting efforts.

Cephas Barlow
Sean Walden1

So that's that! We'll be reaching out to all of you with more details on how to claim your prizes. Thanks to everyone that entered (soooo many comments!) and rest assured we'll be back with more contests and more chances to win awesome prizes very soon.

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The "iPhone was announced so here's what you get" contest winners!


I agree...this contest brought a strange part of me out that I'm not sure should see the light of day lol

No really.. I was trying to battle one of the winners last night without a dp.. spammed the hell out of the comments, didn't even get noticed.. there's always next time though

Posted via CB10

Yea dude, congrats.. haha its practice for when the z30s arrive and they have 10 to give away *crosses fingers* thx Kevin for the group activity I guess u could call it.. 18000+ in comments in 24hrs kinda cool

Posted via CB10

I like the way you think...hmm...10 Z30's to give away...I would stay up all night with some gorilla tactics to win one for sure lol


Congrats to Lee for the win!!

50 Bucks is still 50 Bucks!!

Would have loved to win an IOU for a Z30 but thanks a whole bunch CrackBerry for the "runner-up prize"


Nice work guys!
I'm a little envious however job well done, and thanks Crackberry for a great contest

A dock? Sofa King Lame to request that over a Z anything

I use a BlackBerry because it makes sense

Hey Kevin, if (on the VERY SLIGHT chance) Lee doesn't claim his prize, does the next one on the list win?? ;) Hint Hint Wink Wink lol

How about you let me win my Z30 and I buy you the dock? Deal? Hahahahahaha!!!!!!

JK bro you won fair and square. Congrats!!

Very 70's, but I am more interested in the larger (of the two) slabs on the white sofa.... Is that a Z30 dev, or have you tripped and bought an Android?

To bad my name is different than the ones above? Oh yeah, right! I didn't win!

Enyoj your prizes people!!

I spammed do hard because my dp wouldn't load and needed to stand out.. congrats to rdy78 though I seen him putting in work

Posted via CB10

the c_cowboy and congrats to all the winners i would have loved a z30 but hey $50 why not here one for the road haha

wow i would love to win a z30 please i want to keep my unlimited data plan but i want that z30!!!

Hey Buzz88, ive seen your effort too, better luck next time for all of us...

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I wanted to win a z30 because I really wanted to buy an iPhone just to blow it up and post on youtube

Posted via CB10

It's very telling that the grand prize winner won a dock. Other winners won CrackBerry gift certificates. It's not too hard to read between the lines... (as in BlackBerry isn't going to be around much longer). In a sense, this was much more of a news story than a contest.

Or you know, Kevin just has no use for the dock lol. I sold mine as well, surely a sign BlackBerry is done for. Yup.

Then it's frankly very lame. To have a contest like this, with thousands of BlackBerry fans responding, only to give away a dock sitting in your desk instead of a Z30 or Q10 is a little strange and uncool.

I think you spent too much time reading between the lines and not reading the actual lines... The contest was for, and I quote "A Z10? A Q10? An IOU for a Z30? Heck, maybe you want a coveted multimedia dock for the Z10. If you want one and win, I'll send you mine!"
Sorry you and the winner didn't have the same choice in prizes...

I'm not complaining about losing and I think you missed my point. They chose the winners and seemed to deliberately choose the "dock" winner (even stranger when the dock in his desk was mentioned in the article). Out of the thousands that wanted an actual BB10 device, they kept it cheap and easy. And if you read the article again, it almost seems like it was predetermined.

Wouldn't it be nice to tell all my friends that I won a Blackberry Z30, all thanks to!

Wish I could have won the Z30 but let me tell you that it feels GREAT!! Thank you CrackBerry for the gift card!!

So Kevin can I purchase one of the other Z10 docks you got 'lying around' please??

Posted via CB10

I cannot believe this Kevin took a nap during Iphone event yesterday. Well, I assume there is nothing to talk about beside finger scan. It absurd they call it Iphone 5s/c.

Anyone else notice that all those cranes are the same colors as the "new" iToy5c?? Maybe, unwillingly, all the luck from them inadvertently got sent to Apple instead of BlackBerry like it was supposed to?

Congrats to the winners! Totally missed the part about unlimited entries. Ah well, next time!

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

5C in Chinese is short for fcuk me. 5 sounds like "me" which they use as an abbreviation and c is short for Cao which means Fcuk. So 5C is the shortened version. So in China it reads the new " iPhone fcuk me"

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Hey Kevin I noticed there is a rumor that BBM is going to be released September 12th also on Wikipedia under BBM release date shows September I hope these rumors are true #bbm4all

Posted via CB10

Congrats Rudy!!!!!  I lost you on BBM otherwise I would have congratulated you personally.  :) 

thx pk i recently had to update my phone was having issues in there lost a few of my contacts i'll be sending you pm on here with new pin

Just asking, is it all contests in CrackBerry only available for US only? Any chance for Malaysia?

Posted via CB10 with BlackBerry Z10

Kevin if I knew you would let one of your docks go I would have spoke up! At least I'm local so you wouldn't have to ship. :p

Thanks again! Congrats to the winners.

Shoot, I didn't see this...

I would have just asked for a Nissan GTR

Marketing is everything

TOO EXCITED!!!!!!!! First time winning! I'm getting a new battery bundle cuz I lost my last one (sad face)


That's cool that they're recognizing the people who put a lot of effort into it.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

Yay after so long of trying. I finally won A CB contest. Thanks guys. Really appreciate it. Its not the z30 but this is all in good fun.

Posted via CB10

That was THE BEST contest I have entered. So cool that we choose what we recieve if we win. Thanks anyway and PLEASE do this again sometime =D

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I wouldn't mind winning the new Z30 because I'm from the UK and it seems everyone who wins is from the US.

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I asked for the dock because I really like my Z10.
I do not need or want another phone..

Go BlackBerry!!!!!

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