iPhone users to get BlackBerry 10 touchscreen keyboard before BlackBerry users?!

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 May 2012 06:42 pm EDT

During the keynote presentation at BlackBerry World 2012, RIM gave us a sneak peek of some of the cool new features coming to BlackBerry 10 phones. One of the features shown off that got us salivating was the touchscreen keyboard, which takes an extremely innovative approach to predictive text. Instead of placing suggested words above the keyboard, which diverts your attention from the keyboard keys while typing, the BlackBerry 10 keyboard layers its suggestions on the frets between the rows, above the key you're about to tap for your next word. From there you can easily swipe a word up or ignore it. Watching the demonstration at BlackBerry World, it really is brilliant. We're **excited** for it.

What we're less excited about is the youtube video that popped up today showing off an iPhone version of the BlackBerry 10 Keyboard. Dubbed the Octopus keyboard and available as early as next week to iPhone users that have jailbroken their device, the Octopus keyboard is a pretty clear iRIPOFF of the BB10 keyboard. Check out the video above to see it in action. The implementation isn't quite as clean as the BlackBerry version, but the premise is there.

It'll be really interesting to see what, if anything, RIM does about this. I don't know if Research In Motion owns or has filed for any intellectual property over their new keyboard design or has licensed it from someone who has, but my hunch is that RIM wouldn't have shown off something like the BlackBerry 10 keyboard months before the first BlackBerry 10 phone is due to hit the market unless they were comfortable in doing so. BlackBerry is known for having the best physical keyboards, and by previewing the BlackBerry 10 keyboard they very publicly demonstrated that they're gunning to be known for having the best touchscreen keyboards too.

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iPhone users to get BlackBerry 10 touchscreen keyboard before BlackBerry users?!


looks like the guy is going way to slow for it to work well
and it probably will not learn like the bb10 version will

just an iRIPOFF like stated to keep iphailers happy

Yes, next in line to be iStolen is the Playbook OS UI/bezel gestures. Oh, sorry, did I say Playbook OS? I meant webOS ;)

After that, the revolutionary RIMnovative camera feature developed by ... Scalado and presented to the world almost a year ago ;)

Kidding aside, why so much hate?

A third-party iOS developer who's not affiliated with Apple developed/copied something that is probably not patented by RIM. Besides, the predictive engine in BB10 is said to be licensed as well (not really a RIM innovation either).

So no big deal here. This happens on all platforms. Everybody in the industry "steals". Especially, if there is no obvious recourse.

And, most importantly, a note to other posters: "He who lives in a glass house shouldn't throw stones" ;)

I think people are missing the whole point. The innovation is not the predictive txt engine that is being used. The part that is innovative is the words appearing above the letters on the keyboard then swiping up to choose them instead of typing out the whole word. That my friend is extremely innovative and I might actually give up on my SureType keyboard we'll see.

Absolute c**ts. Just watch how many ignorant iPhone fans dismiss RIM ever showcasing the idea before someone developed a third party app for their f**king toy. Yeah, I'm mad!

The more interesting question is why, at your age, you cannot comprehend simple written English.

This is a jailbreak app...Apple has NOTHING to do with this. How hard is this to understand?

Let's just hope that RIM has patented the process and can sue anyone that copies it!! ...

Also another reason RIM should not release any "cool" new features until it is ready to release its own product!!! ... not 5 months beforehand!!

This is why you buy a phone with an active development team so that you get breakneck features before anyone else. Rooted android phones or jailbroken iPhones will always have this benefit over blackberries and windows phones. Get used to it and stop complaining.

U know what the meaning of development s? U must say Robber-lopment...Now I understand clearly why apple named their phones with prefix i, it means idiot phone so if we call iUsers who are using iPhone, then u know who u r, right?

Using this type of grammar to call people idiots...yes this is exactly the demographic blackberry wants to put forward. How does owning the best smartphone (being an iPhone or android phone) make one an idiot? Wouldn't that be considered a smart thing to do?

I come here for the playbook news (a cute hobby), I leave due to the mindless fanboys that continue their irate hate for superior phones.

Stop being irrational and smell the coffee: BB10 has a lot of potential but OS7 bites the DUST compared to every other modern smartphone out there.

This comes from a person who owns a playbook and owned the 9900 till the 4s came out (yes, I got that fed up with it and sold it for a profit).

WOW, Is it a robbery or what? I bet RIM"s lawyers are on the move. I bet The Octopus people going to be left with their underwear once RIM done through. it is also disappointing to see one of the two big features RIM showed in the Blackberry world is out , I also learned today the Camera feature Blackberry demonstrated is coming in the New HTC phone. I am not feeling good.

I really hope Rim bi tch slaps these dou ches with a big lawsuit. Fingers crossed.

Porsche Carrera S 997.2
Porsche Carrera S 991 (Coming soon)

Hopefully, I'll send this video to @asaunders telling him to get RIM Legal on this.
That is just unbelievable...

I got to see the new HTC feature first hand its not the same as what RIM showed off. Instead of recording it just takes snapshots prior to the final shot and allows you to pick and choose which part you liked better. With the rewind feature RIM showed off it seems as though its taking a video as you capture the picture to catch that perfect moment.

Either way both features are nice and I'm glad RIM is adding features like this now.

Kev, this is actually pretty good, for the first time in a long time "iOS" is copying some cool "BB" features, and not the other way around; the whole industry got used to copy iOS features, till now ; )

True that. As long as BB still always get credited for the innovation, I won't be mad. Hack ripoffs will happen. Man.. I wish I could just go to sleep for a few months and wake up and have my BlackBerry 10 phone.

YOU probably already have one ... Disguised as a white 9900. ;) Cant think of another reason you would give up your P'9981

Exactly, BB have to get the credit for the innovation. BB should promote this and make a big deal about it. This info should get to all smartphone users, it should appear in all tech sites, not only BB fan sites. I think we have a nice thing in our hands : )

Yes today everyone takes ideas from everyone else. BB10 has elements of windows, webOS ect. BUT what posses me off is that Apple always seem to claim in innovations for them selves :(

Instead of the "octopus" keyboard they should call it the BB10 keyboard

RIM please send a cease and decease im certain rim has a patent over this.. if not big big big mistake cause this is a deal breakre.

@DadathePanda No offense, but you should know what you're talking about before you leave a comment.

There's a difference between ripping something off and licensing it. As we blogged about after the PlayBook OS 2.0 launch, it was clear that RIM is **LICENSING** the Swiftkey predictive text engine for that OS 2.0.  I don't know if they're licensing it for BB10 too (I'm guessing yes since it's the same platform), but licensing the predictive engine is NOT ripping off Swiftkey. It's working with a partner to build the best product possible.

As for the unique UI / presentation on the BB10 keyboard, that's what matters. The actual predictive word engine doesn't.  I don't know if the UI on the BB10 keyboard would also be licensed... but it has the flavor of a RIM innovation (RIM knows keyboards).

Get it? Got it? Good. 

You make a great point. RIM is LICENSING the predictive text engine which would not make them thieves. To other people who do no know this, it also means that RIM has NO basis to sue another company because they have not created the predictive text software. It would be difficult to patent a UI since they are always changing. To be honest, most UI's seem to borrow/copy from other companies.

I got a reply from Kevin. That's a first! YAY!
And the reason I said RIM ripped off Swift Key is that I did not hear them acknowledging the partnership during the launch, that's all...

Anyway, I'll keep talking smack abt RIM so I get replied from Kevin :) ...and one day I'll post all the smack talk from my shiny brand new BB10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who cares, seriously. Maybe iphone users who jailbreak their phone, but this post seems more appropriate for imore.

Is this an iPhone site?

Its too bad they can't make 3rd party apps to improve cell reception.

It's a BlackBerry site of course. And I disagree. Gotta keep the Nation informed of this kind of stuff... so everybody is in the know and educated when it pops up during dinner conversation. Plus I'm pretty sure a post like this will pop up on every site, so it would be odd if we didn't cover it and everybody else did.

I disagree. We educate ourselves quite well and I don't see why we need to be informed on what iphone has. Its a third party app that isn't even out yet and you have to jailbreak your iphone to use. Doesn't seem all that important but I'm sure you'd agree its going to create a lot of arguing.

Looks like you beat Rene to it.

I agree this post very much
This has a Place on CrackBerry, it show cases RIM innovation, it show cases that other platforms want RIMovation!

We haven`t had a lot of feathers in the RIM cap as of late, this is a great feather.

RIM has had a lot of 'feathers in their cap'. You're letting the media influence you too much. You have to spin this too to make it a positive. I'm a first time PB and now BB user and there are tons of positive things about these devices. People seem to ignore of the positive of RIM and focus on the negative. RIM with their current products have innovated more than anyone else and they don't need jailbreaking or third party apps to do it.

I'm a BlackBerry user, heavily

I know of MANY great features RIM brings, but in terms of marketable feathers in their Cap, very few of RIM's features are new, the stuff I love about BlackBerry today is very much the Stuff that converted me from a Windows phone user to a BlackBerry user back in 2008,

The PlayBook had a LOT of positives each of which the media turned to negatives, This is one feature RIM has that can't be turned negative, and is the envy of the other platforms

What's the problem? RIM used the same method of managing multitasking system that WebOS had, in BlackBerry OS 10, the home screen with icons is the same thing as the iPhone's home screen , that was launched in 2007!, and the screen with the widgets / tiles (don't know what they are or how RIM is going to call this feature) is just a mix of two features from Android and Windows Phone.

Ah yes, a touch screen with large icons that could be divided into several screens.

If we're talking about a home screen with icons, Nokias used this format long time ago. What I said was a new method of interaction, the way was shown by Apple when they released the iPhone in 2007.

Its a toss up between the Nokia Communicator and the original USRobotics Palm Pilot to who was the first device with a icon-based homescreen, with touch. Both were released in 1996, 3 years before the first Blackberry :)

And to be more pedantic, the original Blackberry was a pager. It wasn't until 2003 that the Blackberry style we know today was released....a year after the first Handspring Treo was released. IMHO, this is the first smartphone that laid a path for what we have today, on any platform. And even then, Pocket PC 2002 (released in 2001 lol) was out on smartphones - although that follows the WinCE design rather the the icon-based design of the Treo.

And now we have BB10, with a homescreen mechanism similar to the Nokia N9's swipe and multitasking similar to webOS......swings and roundabouts I say :)

I thought we were talking about a keyboard's predictive text placement here that was first SEEN when RIM unveiled it a few weeks ago.
Not the ubiquitous homescreen grid that neither RIM or Apple have claim to.
It's fair to say anyone who implements it would have been beaten to unveiling it by RIM.
Anyone disagree?

RIM's Icons have evolved from their icons used before Apple entered the Smartphone market

RIM has been displaying icons in a grid again since before Apple Launched the iPhone,

RIM's "tiles/Widgets" as referred to in your post from what is known are not tiles widgets but applications running simultaneously like they do on the playbook

as for WebOS similarities, I can't argue there, RIM has adopted many of the WebOS ideas, some improved upon, some actually not as nice yet.

On the part about the widgets / tiles, I mean on one of the screenshots "leaked" that showed four squares that were miniature versions of applications that were running, so I called Tiles / Widgets.

I did not say that copying models interface is a bad thing. I think that's a perfectly normal practice and it's valid if the intent is to copy something and improve its implementation (as RIM did with the WebOS multitasking).

"On the part about the widgets / tiles, I mean on one of the screenshots "leaked" that showed four squares that were miniature versions of applications that were running, so I called Tiles / Widgets."

Which has been pinched from the N9. In fact, most of the new BB10 interface is remarkably similar to the N9 in front of me.....but I'm glad they pinched it, as its a brilliant interface and Nokia don't seem to want to continue innovating. So I hope Blackberry takes it to the next level (and a BB will be my next phone!).

home screens have been around way before the iPhone.. and might i add iPhone has not changed it's UI since 2007.. pathetic!! ya ya ya why change what works.. well it's BORING!! and OLD.. but i can see why people like it.. it's simple... a little too simple... i don't want the same phone as a 10 year old kid and a 80 year old grandma!

and no mobile company copies anyone.. it's a natural evolution of features and things people need in a smartphone!!

So your definition of BB copying other devices..
iPhone has a camera.. copied
iPhone has a notification pull down .. copied
iPhone has a calendar.. Copied
iphone has a home button .. copied
iphone has a volumen rocker.. copied
iphone has a power key at the top.. copied
iphone has auto focus.. copied
iphone has a iMessage..copied
iphone has a VGA front facing camera.. innovative and top of a line? haha

so there you have it .. iPhone copies everyone!! (not really, it;s just their evolution of their product.. just like BB has their evolution...)


And yet they spend their days suing every other company for adpoting the few features they innovated.

RIM enhanced the WebOS idea with a bunch of bezel-gestures. What kind of all-apps-homescreen interface shall a full-touch-smartphone show up instead of an overview of all installed apps simply by their icons? Are icons in any way innovative nor were they invented by Apple? Ridiculous. And great if you see things we can call "tiles" or "widgets", but that isn't any ripoff of Windows Phone or Android, because the whole concept is different. On Windows Phone you have a homescreen with live-tiles, which show very little information, but doesn't give a real inside-view of any running apps. Same thing with Android-widgets. These are just little "modules" to show up information without the need to open an app. But the tiles you see in BB10, I bet, aren't any widgets nor tiles on a homescreen. This is a multitasking-screen. It shows you the running apps minimized and at realtime, the way the PlayBook does. Where the hell has this anything to do with Windows Phone or Android? The point in BlackBerry 10 will be, and I bet again, that there WILL BE NO HOMESCREEN anymore. A homescreen is a default view, from where you start your actions. But what for? All you need is a list of all installed applications, a realtime multitasking-screen, a notification center and an options center. And in BB10 that is all reachable at one fingertip, no matter where within the OS you're operating, like it is on the PlayBook, where you can drag down the options menu within every application, without going back and forth. There will be no more starting point, from where to act, it all flows. And thats a thing, that has been there never before, wether its iOS, WP7 or Android. In no way BB10 is a ripoff of anything else out there.

Yeah, I don't see the big deal with this. This happens all the time in Android/iPhone world. Ideas take off and you can find them right away. It's not the consumer's responsibility these days to wait on slow acting companies such as RIM. I'm really not trying to troll here, but this is what happens when only one company can make "core" OS features. BB10 will be out in months, which is forEVER in the mobile world. We can't expect innovation to wait on RIM. That's why they're where they are today.

This is what pisses me off about BlackBerry. I was using my Torch 9800 when I read this story and I tried to watch the video and got an error that it was not available. Pulled out my iPhone and the video played perfectly first time. Maybe if rim focused on the basics like a decent browser that can actually play a f***ing video and less time with a touchscreen keyboard that nobody gives a fuck about perhaps they would have less problems. I shouldn't have to reach for another device just to watch a video.

All BlackBerry's are the same,
a 2 year old BlackBerry has the same features as a new one and clearly RIM has done nothing to advance BlackBerry since a users last purchase of a BlackBerry

I see. So we shouldn't expect much from a 2 year old blackberry then? Funny, that's not what you were saying 2 years ago. Even funnier I fired up my 2007 iphone & guess what? That's right, it played the video, yeah, a 5 year old device yet here you are making excuses for a 2 year old device. I guess iphone owners with older devices obviously are more discerning and expect more from the company that claims to support them.

PS, the torch was released August 2010, its not even 2 years old. It also runs an OS that is currently shipping on some devices yet that OS can't play a simple video? Pathetic. Glad I have another device that can pick up where my blackberry fails miserably.

works fine on my friends 9800, and another friends 9800.. maybe it;s your 9800!!

and my iPhone 1 digitizers broke within 6 months.. does that mean it was crap? then get rid of your blackberry and move on.. we don;t want u hear

Someone get xandermac a few tissues... one to wipe his tears and the other to clean the KY off of his iToy so he can watch videos (which apparently he can't on his Berry.. but my Bold 9000 from 3 years ago can) and play Angry Turds while he hates on his BlackBerry because he can't figure out how to use it.

that's why people need the simplicity of an iphone.. cause they can't figure out how to use a blackberry.. those menu options and features confuse people!!

what?? ring in holster? out of holster?? what?? what is a menu button?? what?? application management? CPU? what is all this stuff?

i love samsung's analogy of iphone users... SHEEP!! followers and dumb and don't know what's going on around them...

Works fine on my 9900 and my Playbook. So I'd say they have addressed the browser just fine on the current devices.

I watched it on my PB.....I'm also posting this on my PB while waiting for the waitress to bring me my food.
.....gotta love the portability of the PlayBook!!!

Oh yeah! U gotta love Blackberry Bridge and the power that it unlocks!

Sidenote: My 1st post on CB :)

Lotsa love from South Africa!

Buddy, you are confused. The screen you saw on DEV ALPHA may not be the screen of bb10. You sound exactly like someof the BB bashing media. But again. It is a touch screen phone, You need the icons on the screen to touch. Do you think Apple will change the icon on the screen to some magical display?

Maybe I haven't used the best example when I mentioned the iPhone's home screen, but even so, several parts of the PlayBook interface are taken / adapted from other systems.

And it does not take away the merit of a developer that implemented a feature of the BB OS 10 in a short amount of time. This shows that the BB OS 10 features may no longer be significant when it launches at the end of the year. Delaying the release of BB OS 10 means that they will compete with what Apple, Google and Microsoft launch before RIM new mobile system.

Well, they (RIM) have not released the system or any device with the system (with the keyboard) yet, and if they had a patent on the method of operation of the keyboard, I'm sure Crackberry.com would have reported.

I don't think they could sue, and if they sue, think of the situation: giant company sues small developer. Think of the bad propaganda that it could generate.

they could (in theory) apply now for the patent and use it, as they have `prior art`. that and the fact the video makes it very clear they are copying the BB10 keyboard lol.

And what patent would that be? Swyping up to add predicted text? I hope you know that they can NOT patent predictive text (which many have been using since 2010 on Android). The only difference BB10 will have is that the words hover over each letter instead of being listed in a row over the keyboard.

First of all, imitation is the best form of flattery.

Second of all, there seems to be no logic behind this keyboard. You can see when he is typing that random words are presented. How does will? How does speak? How does enjoy? How does to? How does you? How does up? How does is? None of those make sense.

My thoughts exactly!
He might have been able to port most of the 'fancy' features about the keyboard. But the true power is the engine behind the word prediction. Also the fact that the BB10 keyboard learns your stroke placements over time is a huge feature which has its effects over time. You can only copy what you see ;)

At the rate it will take RIM to get bb10 out much more will be copied and most likely made to work better on other devices than it would have on a bb anyway

How flattering!! This is a good thing. Make no mistake there will be much copycat going back and forth. There always has been and always will be.

I don't think RiM can actually sue (or SwiftKey or whatever) unless they actually called it SwiftKey or used the same proprietary techniques in programming it.

McDonald's can't sue Burger King for making a hamburger with cheese on it, can they?

I am not a fan of Apple but, they have absolutely nothing to do with this "new" keyboard. Apple hates jailbreaking with a passion so I can only imagine that they are not at all thrilled to see such a desirable reason to jailbreak your iPhone.
RIM's BB10 keyboard is much more refined than this Octopus Keyboard. For one, look at how the words are on the keys, what if the words on 2 keys beside each other are long?It looks like they will overlap and that would annoy me.
Thorsten and other executives at RIM are not stupid and wouldn't show case such an innovation unless they had a plan to keep it as their own. On the other hand it is possible that there is nothing they can do but stay ahead and have the best keyboard. The BB10 keyboard certainly looks way better.
The two things I thought of when I saw this was flattery and a warranty that is now void. RIM created something amazing and people noticed and want it! The other thought had to do with jailbreaking and how you void your warranty. Is it worth it? On BB10 you get the best keyboard ever and its native, it is going to be awesome and is going to be tested to work with everything. The Octopus keyboard is not native and cannot be downloaded from the Apple App Store. Advantage RIM.

Totally agree. I believe RIM has their own plan and reasons to show new features. Do hope they are going on right way.

Btw, i am wondering how new keyboard (BB10) is working if users are not typing English? And even typing English, feel (just imagine) strange when you type letters and swipe at the expected-words. Our fingers should b tired lol... :D

From my point of view. I still prefer physical keyboard like Bold 9900. It s amazing keyboard ever!

Cheer up, RIM!

Lol you guys need to chill out. That's something that will only be on cydia, its not anything Apple had to do with. Much like swype being on iOS. And most times they never really work perfect.

Just for fun, I walked on over to Imore to see how Renee posted this bit of news.

And in typical fashion, here's the first two sentences from their first comment:

"Wow!!! Blackberry is finally getting to 2005. Finding a faster way to TYPE??? No wonder their stock is tanking."

I'm obviously keeping my comments to myself on that line, however for those who like to watch posts like this unfold, i suggest having both posts open in separate tabs

Call me optimistic, but this seems like a fantastic step in the right direction. RIM must be doing (designing) something right if the iOS user base is trying to port a version for their "elite" platform.

RIM has been mocked and put down in the latest stretches of the smartphone arms race, but now RIM is coming full circle. BlackBerry's designed has been ripped off before, it even was considered among the first drafts for the Android lineup. Seems RIM is becoming a source of inspiration once again.

Here here.,,,, when you get :Jailbreak" in an article you know Apple has nothing to do with it.... so why everone is so upset with Apple is beyond me.... If is shows up on IOS 6 and is liicensed then RIM is SOL......

who cares, isheep users will have to jailbreak their 600 dollar cant multitask but have one button to help people confused with more buttons phones just to have the feature. its bad enough they have a phone that they cant even pull the battery out to replace if they choose i am sure they would not void their warranties (especially on a screen cracking device like the iphone) just to have an amazing keyboard. if so, that would make them more stupid to not just go to get a bb10 phone when it comes out. it is going to be better anyways.

BB 10 is going to be awesome.

It voids warranties Yes but all they have to do is wipe and restore their iPhone and the jailbreak is gone. Apple has no way of knowing it was ever jail broken. So yeah they're not stupid

Unless somewhere throughout the process they brick it, which I have been witness to. Aaahaaahaaa.

When i think of my nearly $600 Bold 9900 with its incredibly annoying OS freezing/lagging, the abysmal battery life that lasts for little over half a day and the camera that has no macro mode, making it terribly frustrating to snap close-up photos of receipts and wireless hotspot passwords on my PC screen, I wonder if i'm not a sheep for upgrading from my bold 9780 that at least had a decent battery life.

It may be the 'in' thing here to constantly diss the iphone and iPhone users, but there's a reason why the iPhone has had the #1 customer satisfaction rating of any smartphone while BB users are leaving in droves in North America.

it says right in the video, imitates what blackberry showed at the show. no worries, they are copying rim. nuff said. baaahhh!

It looks like a second rate copy. This is why RIM couldn't show more at BBW.

That dev put the words on the keys. What a joke.

You know what the funny part about this is? Within a week there's going to be about 15 imitation apps, but nothing will beat the real thing...

Funny. Which parts of the limited view of the possible BBW0 UI resembles apple, microsoft product?

BB 9800 n Playbook -

Wow great work by this dev!!
He managed to build an app that makes it even harder to type on the Iphone than it already is.


There should be a class action lawsuit by BlackBerry users against this developer. Stupid f***

Why? Outside of a handful of BB Devs using the Alpha BB10 device, no Blackberry user has this keyboard. In fact, between now and when the first BB10 retail device comes out for sale, anything could happen and the keyboard might not see the light of day. You can't sue people for getting your jocks in a knot ;)

If RIM were smart, they would be hiring this guy, pull the app, and use him to help develop BB10.

The gap from keynote to real world has always been a problem with RIM. Announce and then wait or never deliver it. Unless this gets addressed soon the bleeding will never stop. Expect the camera on iPhone and Android by end of month

LOL first off, its a jail break, so it's not technically Apple doing it. And second its a JAILBREAK so it's gonna be buggy and terrible. And an apple keyboard with swipe, is still just an apply keyboard, meaning its not any better. And if you recall, the blackberry keyboard adjusts to the position at which yo push the letters. Its a PERSONAL keyboard. I have all faith that rim's keyboard is a billion time better than what anyone else can come up with.

This is some bull crap, I really hope Rim can sue this developer but this should teach RIM to stop showing off the goodies until about two weeks before BB10 is ready to be launched. I can't wait btw BB10 is going to be wicked.

Yeah, and I downloaded a "SureType" keyboard for Android once too. Not even close on quality. Nonetheless, better get a move on, RIM. This is just the beginning. I hope you saved some serious secrets for this OS.

You guys act like Apple is stealing an idea. This is just a keyboard that someone made for jailbroken devices, which Apple is adamantly against. Who cares anyway, it's not like this is going to increase sales of iPhones or stop sales of BB10 phones. Some of you weirdos really need to get a life.

lol If all it's true for sure some RIM lawyers are moving...... ahahah aaand for say something of apple....... i wanna quote this:
"Good artists copy, great artists steal." ahahhah

Nice troll bait Kevin. No wonder so many people attack this site. That keyboard has nothing to do with Apple.

so glad to be iOS user. we can enjoy it in a week, and berry lover can enjoy it on the end of 2012 , but wait, with some delay as usual, its gonna be end of Q1 2013. come on rim, show us more interesting stuff. we'll gladly take it from you.

I for one am glad your an iOS user because what you get to enjoy in a week will be the "knockoff" version that in the end will make you less productive because it is a piece of crap.

This is why RIM kept some secrets to themselves. Only the jailbroken iphones will have access to this app so it's not a big deal. Not to mention all the themes that we as blackberry owners have purchased that resemble the competition. Along with that we have apps with the slide to unlock function. So you see we are all biting off each other.

Long story short is that RIM is not out to compete with Android or Apple. They are going after the go getters of this world and if those people don't see the value in blackberry then they are free to play with their toys. I for one can'tnwait for my new tool.

This is a prime example of why we don't want all those garbage apps that other platforms have. I prefer quality over quantity. This app is a cheap imitation by some no name developer out to make a quick buck by being an opportunistic cheat. Getting all wound up over it solves nothing. I'm sure RIM will handle their business. Besides they don't have Cascades! When you step back and look at the big picture, RIM is on its way back up. BB10 and PlayBook will prove to be a powerful tool for professional users, and many will return to the RIMPIRE.

Let them imitate all they want, they will never duplicate.

don't know why you guys are mad. Jailbreak means illegal and not from Apple. If some of you want root BB, I am sure you can have next week too.

I think it's quite clear from a lot of people's comments thus far that it's not Apple who made this app, so we can postpone suing Apple for the time being.

The other point that's quite clear is that it isn't a very good imitation! Check out 1:02! On the W key, it has "will speak" and it runs on top of the E key for "enjoy". It's not even grammatical if you chose a lot of the keys' next word. How does will speak? How does does? How does you? How does how? And "jeff" isn't capitalized, etc., etc.

Also, we're not seeing the swipe-down to reveal symbols, like they showed for BB10, nor the swipe-left to delete whole words. Keep working on it, dude!

haha i love how you people blame this one on apple. Do you realize this is a jailbreak, something that has NOTHING to do with Apple....prob some blackberry fanboy that has to use an iPhone and made this tweak.


I'm looking forward to seeing it on Cydia. I'll definately try it on my iPhone. When I had a 9550 and also when I had the 9810, I always liked using the reduced keyboard because it was so fast and so incredibly accurate. Thats one thing blackberry has down to a science. I'm not anticipating this Octopus keyboard being that good, but it might be fun to try.

Kevin, I really appreciate this post.. And btw I used predictive text to post this comment lol haha... See you in court iMitate (props to karate for the word play)

Upgraded to 9530

"it doesn't know the word favorite, let me add it"

Guess what my PB does cause I just used it. And I didn't have to add it. Oh and octopus isn't out yet. The only difference is the words are at the top of the screen instead of on the letters. A cosmetic difference that will be fixed in os10.

For those saying imitation is the greatest for of flattery...It is- if you get credit for it first and you're device is actually released. The way it is currently panning out, when a BB10 device drops most sheep and/or blackberry people will assume they stole the keyboard/predictive text feautures from a third party apple developer.

I think this is a sleazy move on the developer's part. It is cleary at that stage in alpha development where you can tell he just quickly started development after it was shown by blackberry.

kev- is there any way we can find out if we have a patent for these features in bb10?

In my opinion, if RIM has the chance to sue, they should. I hope that this design was either licensed or patented because, as Kevin said, this was RIM making it clear that they rule keyboards (both physical and touch). If they let this go, Androids will also copy the design. I know that it's just a third party app, but it still doesn't make it okay. I'm glad that RIM will have this keyboard as part of the BB 10 OS...even if Androids and iPhones copy all of BB 10 features, I still wouldn't leave BB for them...

Cannot wait to get my hands on a BB 10 device!

El Platanero wrote:

......Long story short is that RIM is not out to compete with Android or Apple.......

Then who are they competing with?

iLaughed when iSaw this cause RIM should have had their thinking caps on and filed a patent or agreement of some sort with the maker or the tech! iStill laughing lol

It's pretty clear why RIM needs to keep 99% of BB10 under wraps until just before launch. This particular developer may not have the keyboard working smoothly yet. But it's only an alpha version, and it will improve over time. There will also be others who will copy as well.

Apple and Google are keeping a very close eye on the BB10 launch. I don't think they're underestimating RIM's potential for an amazing device,and neither should anyone else.

From the looks of it, think RIM stole another patent. I can smell a lawsuit against RIM from a Korean company who actually made it 1st

It's an app for jailbroken iDevices.
Glad iApple didn't steal it. Hope it doesn't reach the iphone "HD" (iPhone 5) before BB10 devices come out. Apple will be in allot of deep doodoo when RIM sues. SEND THIS TO RIM!!! Just make them aware before it's TOO LATE.

APPLE WILL NOT COPY US!! Besides, I don't intend to buy their products, I won't due to DRM restricting just about everything thus making them defective by design.

Peal-off your college suits: if RIM soft keyboard (being it licensed or owned) makes a new standard; this is good news. Let iPhones users get convinced that it is the best keyword in the world, learn how to use a yet jailbroken and pretty laggy version and enjoy the real experience later. No big deal, just free promotion.

I love how you folks are up in arms over an iPhone jailbreak app that less than 5% of the iPhone owners will ever potentially use.

Just you wait until it arrives on the Android Market (Sorry, Google play). It probably will not require root access so tens of millions of Android users can jump on it easily. Don't bust an artery when that happens ;)

Even if it is a dev for apple its still being used when they might not even have the rights to do so

While i'm not too fond of this blatant copying I am however smiling cause instead of RIM catching up, it's the other mobile OS playing catch up now (although by a third party developer). Showing there is a need for it or just showing that it's cool and useful.

The keyboard being copied is at least a statement that it's actually an innovative cool feature.

Keep on trucking RIM!

Would be nice if the new BB keyboard was included in the next PB OS2 update I say get it out there sooner rather than later :)

I really have issues with Apple's corporate behavior but this one is not their fault. Price fixing, tax dodging, terrible working conditions for component manufacturers, restricting apps that compete against iBooks, backroom deals, yes no question. But this is just a third party going "wow! that BlackBerry keyboard is so awesome that I need to try to replicate it."

People say RIM is not innovating but I say when I look at their last twelve months and the next twelve months they are doing just fine on innovation.

why are ppl getting so worked up over this!? IF RIM has a patent or license on this then they need to take legal action show show ppl they still have a backbone, but if they dont, im sure there is a way for them to still file the patent. aside from legal action though, i thikn this is a good thing, ppl are copying what blackberry is doing, this means that they are leading the pack, for once, and if more OS and app developers are trying to be like blackberry, i think thats a good thing, more cool usefull things like this and its only a matter of time before ppl jump ship and join the BB team.

on a side note, im surprised nobody has copied the time warp feature yet.

I do agree that it's copying BB10 keyboard but don't blame Apple for it. It's not APPLE that made that keyboard. It's an app developer. So before you guys go bashing Apple & the iPhone, you need to rethink what you're saying and blame the app developer that made it.

This is what happens when you announce a product that does not exist for sale.
This is what happens to design idea of UI, which is hard to come up and protect but easy to steal.
Stop whining and start accepting reality.

Much like the quite angry yet funny comments I feel the pain, but when someone or persons copies such great innovation I see it more of a compliment. The fact that this portion of BlackBerry 10 has already been developed for another platform goes to show that people/developers are keeping a watchful eye on RIM. I applaud the great attempt from the developer from a semi-developers stand-point. Though the developer clearly copied as @tedrex comments finishes "Stop whining and start accepting reality". Look at the many themes that look like iOS and Windows! Should Apple and Microsoft start suing theme developers?
@CrackBerryKevin, thanks for sharing. It's great to see your feedback and clarifications on the several post. ^The DigitalHomeBoy