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iPhone User on BlackBerry and Round Robin BlackBerry Podcast, Smartphone Round Robin

By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Dec 2009 12:16 pm EST
Smartphone Round Robin

Yup, Christmas is upon. The holidays are here. Things are even quiet on the smartphone news front (everybody is saving their stuff for CES which happens at the beginning of January in Las Vegas). But on the Smartphone Round Robin front things are as busy as ever. My Windows Mobile review will be up on the blogs before this weekend is through.

This week it's our pal Rene Ritchie of who is getting down and dirty with the BlackBerry Storm2 and Bold 9700. If you haven't seen it yet, you can jump over to tipb to watch his BlackBerry First Impressions Video. Rene also posted a thread in the CrackBerry forums to get some help and feedback from our community. Be sure to post on this thread daily for your chance to win a new BlackBerry of choice! Full contest details here.

Round Robin BlackBerry Podcast: If you're a regular CrackBerry podcast listener, you neeeed to listen to this. Our pal Mickey over at The Cell Phone Junkie ran a very-special BlackBerry-focused podcast this week. He recently reviewed the AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9700 from AT&T and the show also features our Round Robin Podcast discussion on BlackBerry. Listen Now >>


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iPhone User on BlackBerry and Round Robin BlackBerry Podcast, Smartphone Round Robin

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My preference is for the 9550 i have had a 9530 since its debut, and although their were some much needed software corrections. i have never had any mechanical or hardware problems. and I'm absolutely sold out on the surepress. i cant wait to get a Storm2

Kevin was also kind enough to let me frak up his Xmas by bringing him on iPhone Live! this week. Not to overly embarrass him, but the podcast for the show is now posted and as always he ROCKED THE MIC.

So, if you want to hear us chat about BlackBerry, iPhone, outages, iTablets, and otherwise listen to Kevin give Bla1ze (in the chat room) and Adam (in absentia) a merry time, check it out:

I used to have a BB 8300, and I made the mistake of trade it for an Iphone. What a mistake. I really miss my Blackberry... please give me a bold 9700. I really need it.

im currently on tmobile's new 3g network and i must say i'm rather impressed with the speed...9700 best bb yet i always frown upon the cryphone users!

I am so enjoying my first smartphone round robin! I would love the TMobile 9700. If you don't have an iPhone, ATT doesn't care about Tmobile though!

I love my BB and almost all BB out there. All I have to say that Both are good. But I say go with the 9700 on AT&T.

Happy Holidays to all out there, BB or other formats.

Love my Storm even though I've has a few problems. Biggest issue is not enough memory and no wifi. Both fixed with Storm2.

Funny that you didn't show him how the Berry CRUSHES the iPhone with multitasking. There was recently a commercial flaunting that the iPhone could be on a call and run one other app at the same time. BUT and it's a big BUT, my mother has an iPhone and pointed out that it put the call on hold until you switch back to the phone. I whipped my Storm2 out and called her up, then loaded about 13 different applications up at the same time and switched between them, while she could still hear her voice over the speakerphone. Some internet based like the web browser and IM clients, some not. All of them worked flawlessly.

So, when it comes to functionality, communication, multitasking, customizability, and freedom to build applications you like without having a corporation named after a fruit (I'm talking about Apple, since BlackBerry is named by RIM) breathing down your neck and telling you that you can't have other people use your application because Apple won't allow you to and you are forced to go through their app store just to get apps, the BlackBerry DESTROYS the iPhone. And about having to go through App store to download stuff? You can't just download applications off the internet on the iPhail. How retarded. Okay, rant over.

For me and never going to own the iphone. Had one and ddint like it a single bit. Returned it before my 15 days was up.

9700 for me, please! Love my 9000 and can't stomache the cost to upgrade to 9700 but would appreciate it for free!

ummm new behold II for me......just kidding, im really wanting a tmo 9700, my 8120 is really starting to look slow and decrepit. help!

I am going to be a new blackberry users and I am trying to decide which blackberry to get the storm 2 or the tour? I am currently using the iphone and I am worried that I will not be able to get used to a non touch screen, but I want a fast processor. Anyone out there that has had the same problem???