iPhone OS 3.0 Beta Walkthrough and Review

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Mar 2009 09:42 am EDT

iPhone OS 3.0 Beta Walkthrough and Review

I know I know... we're a BlackBerry enthusiast website... what are we doing running a blog post with a walk through of Apple iPhone 3.0 software?!

The reason here is two-fold. For one, we've got this blog post category called "Berry-Free Talk" which doesn't get posted in that often... so we gotta put the occasional story in here to justify its ongoing existence. And the second, more important reason, is that I know how much some of you (me included) like to get into smartphone debates with our friends / family / colleagues / significant others / etc. and that one of the most popular topics to argue is that of BlackBerry vs. iPhone. From the stories I read in the CrackBerry forums and hear from readers, I think it's often the BlackBerry user who wins these arguments. And it seems the reason for that isn't just superior smartphone functionality, but because we're well informed to the pros and cons of each platform/device and don't just blindly drink the Kool Aid. Knowledge is power, right?

So in the spirt of continuing education, I think it's important that we all get a good look at what's coming to our favorite frenemy with the rollout of iPhone 3.0 software. The days of making fun of the iPhone's lack of cut and paste are coming to an end, but don't worry, there's still some fun to be had at the Ahh Frak Phone's expense. You can click the image above or follow the link below to jump over to TheiPhoneblog for an in-depth hands-on walkthrough.

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iPhone OS 3.0 Beta Walkthrough and Review


You cannot get a walkthrough because...your phone came with the basic functions it was SUPPOSED to come with unlike the retarded iphone. What cheap phone doesn't have copy and paste? None. Which expensive ones don't? iphone. This is a big deal for a company who builds their equipment for visual purposes and then realizes that someone actually wants to use it.

BTW, I have an iphone. You want to know what I use it for? An iPod, and something to have some useful apps such as the kindle software and subway maps for NYC. Not an actual phone, email, data device. That would just be stupid.

Go BB Bold!

Why does it have to be from Verizon, or be "Official". I have had the Storm since it's release, and have done many OS upgrades, none of which are "Official". Currently I am running .114 hybrid. I don't understand why some people are hung up on an OS not being "Official". The updates are released from RIM who made the device. Verizon just sells them they don't build them. I have no problem trusting a non-official OS release. If you wait for Verizon, by the time they are done testing it and then releasing it, it will probably already be out dated by the time the let it into the wild.


Just download some sort of BATTERY PULL SOFTWARE.. heck Rim users love buggy software.. they even create such awesome software that resets your phone for you in the middle of the night.. so the OS can be USEABLE when you wake up.. LOL

I'm a Storm owner but have closely been following the iPhone. I feel it is wise to stay up to date with the other offerings out there. I've been looking for an overview like this on the new iPhone OS and this is the first I've seen since it was announced. Other than that it's been merely scattered forum and blog postings here and there on a couple of things that are different. This really puts it all together. Thanks!

They finally decided to add some basic features to the Iphone. Way to go Apple, that didnt take long at all! I mean 2 years after a high-tech phones release, it can actually send an MMS! WOW

Apple App Store PWNS Blackberry App store.. way to go RIM only 10 years and you finally added some BASIC things to your users experience.

I'm a Storm user here in Ireland running .113 official OS and I have to say after reading the iPhone 3.0 review it's like reading about what my Storm already does. Never realised the iPhone (while it looks cool) Lacked so many basic features that BB users take for granted. And still no Push email. I think I'll stay where i am

All the stuff that was "totally useless" and "not really needed" are now the biggest improvements ever. You gotta admit that's pretty funny.

did anyone else notice that in the "photos" section of their posting that have a photo of a Crackberry Podcast?!

I love my blackberry curve but I think I'll be switching to the iphone this summer. I was excited about the Storm and that didn't turn out so well...it seems like RIM just rushed it out and didn't care about how it did, as long as it was a touch screen. It would be nice if we could have a visually pleasing OS for a change and not just black and white screens of text...Or maybe and update with sms conversations like how the iphone or g1 has it set up. RIM just doesn't seem to care about improving the looks of the OS to satisfy consumers...this isn't just a business phone anymore!

Its a glorious day for iPhone users...You finally have cut and paste...starting to catch up to the rest of the smartphone world...

Some of these posts are just ridiculous. All the nay-sayers are all alike "OOOoO the iPhone finally got features other phones always had". That's great. Now that thats been said a million times lets move on to how much the iPhone interface, app store and media functions blow our high end "More expensive" phones out of the water. When will RIM figure out what people want? If you're gunna try to be mainstream ...try harder RIM.

I know i will be leaving Verizon and getting my iPhone this summer. I have been a member on this site for over a year, have owned a pearl and currently a curve. I awaited the Storm and was VERY disappointed w/ RIM's attempt at trying to meet Apple and the iPhone. I am truly content w/ my Curve but I am a Mac person. I am constantly having bugs with my Missing Sync program and syncing my BB and my iMac and Macbook. I need the seamless sync possibilities that the iphone will offer. I also see the software used by RIM as very "Microsoft" like. Not set up logically like Apples is. I think all the nay sayers here against the iPhone are probably mostly Microsoft lovers...not all but most. i could be wrong, just my guess.
I do think that Verizon has better coverage and service than At&T in my area but those areas are so far and few between, that I really won't notice a major difference.
All in all, this summer I will be leaving BB, and Verizon for At&T and the iPhone.

iPhone is really a computer first and phone second. I was with verizon for 8 years before being wooed away by the iPhone. If for no other reason, the credit card terminal app. It paid for itself many times over

As we all know that apple, MAC whatever you may call it has been on of the leading sellers to hit the nation. I'm going to explain why apple is such crap. I myself have a Itouch 8GB and i would have to say that i would much rather listen to my blackberry with the ear buds in, then the apple itouch. I sat there on the internet on the itouch, with me being a kid in the candy store. Out of a blink of a eye the device freezes up. Yes, a electronic persons nightmare. What does a person do when their stuff freezes up like that? If you guessed go to the website and check out how to fix it, you just won a million dollars. Good job (laugh out loud).

The steps were very simple as a matter of fact, but i did everything that it asked me to do already (cause i'm not forest gump). So then it tells me that i need to download this 3.0 software. I'm all happy that there is a update that i think will fix all the problems that i'm having with this itouch. Yet, while sitting there trying to download it they want ten dollars out of my pocket. WTF (what the freak)!!! So i just went into best buy purchased an itouch for $229.95, then got the protection the itouch. Just in case that it starts having problem. Kinda like that one that I'm explaining right now. The protection so that geek squad can look at it and be like, "oh your apple itouch will not work anymore, but we can't do nothing about. Sorry you should have gotten the extended warranty for a nominal fee of $99.95." Doing the math, not accurate but taking a rough guess it's about $305.87 altogether. Then they wanna charge me an extra ten dollars for this update. Come on Steve Jobs. I thought that you were rich enough to think of ten dollars as chump change. haha.

For all the people that is reading this that is having the same thoughts as I am. Don't worry there is more to this story. I called up Apple that day. About twenty minutes I was on hold with them. I get talking to the apple care representative. The whole time that i was talking to him explaining the situation of my device he was telling me to get the extended warranty (for that nominal fee). I kept repeating myself about ten times that i don't need it and that their products are good that i don't have to worry about it. They said that they are going to send out box and i place the itouch in the box and then send it to them. I get it back and they say that their is nothing wrong with it. I called them back and basically repeated everything i had to just go through. Shipped fedex to me and the package said, "DAVID NOISE" I sit there for a moment and wonder if these guys are specially educated people or not. I send it back to them and they finally sent me out a new one. WOW!!! i get it back and it does the same thing. hahaha!!! So i keep going through these same steps as when i first started writing back to this blog just to share my opinions. If you are going to post another apple update for a site that is totally is against it, then i know for a fact that i will share my incite on the matter.

For the people that are apple fans that wanna be cool and talk up how apple is. There is a site for it's called apple.com NOT crackberry. I don't see how apple can be equivalent to blackberry. So please for the sake of every single blackberry user don't put your product on here. You don't see us going to website (which doesn't have a blog) and post blackberry stuff on it. So thank you for your time.

Garret Norris