The iPhone Ad You'll Never See

By Adam Zeis on 26 Aug 2009 01:11 pm EDT

If you're like me, you probably get tired of seeing endless iPhone ads on TV and hearing "There's an app for that". Well CrackBerry member kelsch1 sent in this video of The iPhone Ad You'll Never See. This one gave me a great laugh for a slow Wednesday morning, so I figured it was best to share it with all the other CrackBerry lovers. It does have a bit of explicit language, so hide the kids for a minute while you watch it.

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The iPhone Ad You'll Never See


I thought that was a very creative spoof! Very funny! Just to play devil's advocate, isn't a call failed error the result of a bad cell provider (AT&T) and not the actual hardware?

I'm only being honest when I say this, and I'm sure this will anger a lot of you BlackBerry enthusiasts, as much as I love my BlackBerry Storm, if Verizon offered an iPhone I'd totally get one. As much as it's fun to make fun of them for the crappy apps they have, the truth is their app and games store is hundreds of times better than the horrible BlackBerry App World app.

Believe it or not, I'm not an Apple supporter, but I do recognize that they have a very solid product.

It has as much to do with the phone. iPhones are notorious for dropped calls and weak signals, even when compared to a BlackBerry on AT&T.

I agree with you. I always wonder how many crackberry addicts also own iPod Touch. I do. I love my BB but also carry my iPod for music and useful apps - as you said, most BB's apps are terribly designed in my opinion. Even though Verizon's BB's don't have wifi, I can do so with iPod. iPhone users who complain about battery and reception, this will solve their issue. Call me old fashioned but I don't think there is need to try everything in one device.

HAHAH.. i LOVE this youtube ad. my friend has a BiPhone and it SUCKS! he never gets service and always asks me to use my Tour to call his girl for him. HAHAHA

However...I can't say much bad about AT&T since they rule South Louisiana in reception..where I live every other carrier has maybe 2 bars on coverage...a little more if outside your home (have experience with this from T-Mobile), but AT&T consistently has 4-5 bars on my phone from inside the house and late at night will get 3-4 bars off of 3G.

All the people saying "iphone take that" you REALLY realize that that's an ATT jab.

Not like your ATT BB's are immune from call failed occurrences either. Had plenty of them myself on my Bold.

Never had a dropped call. Whenever I had a call drop, its not my service, its the other persons service.

I'd wouldn't be surprised if someone actually took in all those "droped calls" and found out, a lot of them was the one who left their signal zone :P

This has been floating around for a while, it's hilarious. Yea it has one explicit word, but it SO fits. ;)

My friends and I, have a long running "app for that" jokes going, revolving around my iPhone, and this video while funny, has not been my experience. In my area, southern Michigan, there is NO substitute for AT&T, I have a consistent 5 bars, everywhere I go. In my town of 3600 people, and the surrounding area Verizon users are lucky to exceed 2 bars of signal, so it's just my opinion that AT&T has gotten some flack that is undeserved.

Blackberry should use the slogan "There are apps for that" because unlike iPhone, you can more than one at a time.

Now THAT is hillarious! I am SURE someone will come back with one for us AT&T 3g users on the Blackberry too though. :)

I had 4 BB storms with Verizon and that sh*t did nothing but drop calls... Now with AT&T and Iphone Not 1 dropped call since ... Anyways that sh*t was really funny good for u BB guys

WOW, that was revolutionary!!! MARVELOUS!!! it was magnificent!!! A masterful combination of art and quirk!!! Siskel and Roper give it two thumbs up!!! After watching that, I will never see the iphone the same, I WILL NEVER SEE LIFE THE SAME!! Now I can die in peace...

...NOT!!!! That spoof = cliche. Zillions like that made by virgin nerds on you tube.

I don't care what, I would trade my piece of shit blackberry for an iphone any day. Blackberry is WAY OVER RATED!!

Hilarious spoof! But that being said, if Rogers had better coverage where I live, I'd probably go with the iPhone! I think it works far better than the Storm. Just my opinion though.

OMG, my girlfriend is an iPhone user so this will make my day, when she comes home today, Good job!!

That's funny! iPhones are cool to play with but all in all, I'd still stick with the Berry. Hopefully RIM will start to catch up in the App department and either find a way to use the SD Card for storage or design some new devices with some real usable storage space and I think we'll feel a lot more better about our beloved Berries...

That was hilarious!!! It reminds me of those Apple vs. Windows commercials where Apple makes fun of Windows. I think RIM should use this to make fun of Apple! haha.

I got a tour, but this is my friend's exact response who owns an iPhone:

"Hahaha pretty fucking funny....and accurate."


I really liek it and I'm an iPhone owner. But here in Germany I never had Problems with the network coverage. I'm on o2 and there's HSDPA nearly everywhere.

I think all the "the iPhone is my Life" people will hate this.

What - an iphone with failed calls? SHOCKER!!! Oh wait, that's why I have a BlackBerry!! Great job on the mock-commerical guys!

that was so funny, and had one of the reasons i got a blackberry. SO SICK of 'iphone does this, iphone does that' hearing about it so much just made me hate it :)