The iPhone 5S is coming, here's a preview!

By Bla1ze on 6 Sep 2013 10:24 pm EDT

Alright, so I lied. Put your damn pitchforks down. It's not a preview at all but it's Friday and it's been a long week here at CrackBerry and this video poking some fun at Apple just popped up in the forums. So, I present it to you all for some good laughs. If you're REALLY wanting to check out some information on the latest iPhone though, you can head on over to our sister site iMore where they've got a full on spread of rumors and what to expect and even a podcast.

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The iPhone 5S is coming, here's a preview!


Yes, it is Matthias from Internet Icon, I'm happy to see he's becoming a success.

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I'm getting ready for Apple to "invent" BBM for iPhone. They're either going to embrace it come the Sept. 10 announcement date, or destroy it by releasing the iBBM (an update to iMessenger that is BBM but with Apple's name on it).

of course not, their products cost way too much. and our blackberry does everything it can so why buy apple?
hold on a sec, gotta reset my bb, take out the battery, rest again, I can answer all my email now, really fast with my super keyboard, how a phone SHOULD BE. I hate apple. my bb just froze. i love bb. cant wait until we get more apps, even tho i love sideloading. im not paying 1000 for a laptop, i just bought 3 playbooks though. I love surfing the web on it since theirs no apps. its the best tablet, does everything. go bb.

With so many negative comments about BlackBerry, I have to ask: why are you on a BlackBerry-centric website? Judging by your quickness to defend them I have to assume you have an iPhone. Maybe you just got it or maybe you only use it for phone calls but if you think iPhones never freeze or need to be reset then you are just plain dumb. I have had the original iPod touch since it came out and currently have a 4th gen, which is complete garbage. Everything lags, it freezes all the time, the internet pages take forever to load, and half of the apps crash when trying to open them. Also my sister has a 4s, it's almost as bad.

When I did have my BlackBerry, it used to be the best at email management. No need to refresh manually when an email doesn't come through. Can your phone do that? Nope.

Ok let's talk about apps. Do you honestly think a platform that was released to the public 8 months ago is going to have the same amount of apps as a platform that was released 7 years ago? It takes time and patience which you apparently don't have. Of all the apps available on the app store, you know how many I use? 5. I use 5 apps in a typical day. But you're right apple is better because even though I only want 5 apps they have 62837475837273847262930 others for me to chose from. You know what your iPhone can do without apps? Absolutely nothing. Why? Because apple has designed the "best and most efficient" system in the world by making...static pages of apps. It only took them 7 years to perfect it and it still has problems. I have some advice for you. Never update your software, because unlike every other platform in the world, the more you update the devices, the worse they get, but as long as you can show your friends you have the newest version, I guess it's alright.

Why on earth would you buy 3 playbooks? When it was first released, it was the most powerful tablet on the market. You know why it doesnt have apps? Because not enough people bought it. You know why no one bought it? Because idiots like you are brainwashed into thinking the iPad is the only tablet on earth or that it is better than every other one on the market.

Also, I'm guessing you have never used a BB10 device before because they have improved everything you have just complained about. Maybe you should do some research before you make accusations and flaming me for my comments.

And before you assume I am defending BlackBerry because I have one, you are wrong. I have an HTC One.

Have a nice day now and don't bother replying because you lost. Enjoy your iphone.

Don't bother replying because I lost? maybe thats the mindset Blackberry uses, state that they've already won so they don't have to compete or innovate. Especially when you compared your new devices to old iphones & ipods. How about I don't reply because I don't care about your fanboy response? I only replied the first time since you were never a fan of apple and have to state it everywhere to make yourself feel better about which device people choose to buy which may be different that your favourite.

I never bought 3 playbooks, it was a mock of Playbook users who claim its the best tablet and buy as many as they can to try and get sales up lol. Enjoy your life, maybe let go of the bitterness.

And even though you don't care you still replied. Is that how an iPhone user's mind works? Reply just for the heck of it? Which new devices did I compare to old devices? I dont care what device you buy but I am entitled to my opinion. You replied because I said I don't like apple and that is my opinion. Did I say or do something wrong? Please try to make some sense before you reply again.

I never said you bought 3 playbooks it was a rhetorical question. Meaning why would anyone buy 3 playbooks unless it was for different people? Sounds to me like you have more bitterness my friend.

Lol humorous, though I like the videos from the other parody site better.

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Nice joke... I was actually hoping there would be a firestorm of negative criticism against Apple; reading the comments is very amusing.

Actually, when I first saw the title I was like, "what the heck!"

--Q10 and Canadian all the way!

That part got me good. The look on his face is how I envision all Apple employees in their creative meetings lol. The ones where they pitch their ideas to Satan for his feedback.

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I guess when you have a religion as big as Apple you can 'mind meld' the masses with that smartphone equivalent of a Volvo. - Mobile: Monitor. Manage.

If they ever made it support the AWS band, I'd actually try one. It's the only phone I haven't got to own yet.

But highly doubt it'll be my Z at downright productivity. But it'd be nice to have for other reasons. Love the Z.

The newest fives do! Funny they added support after I switched to BlackBerry, because at one time it would have been a big deal to me.

That's the sad part! They so into the same crap that can't realized what the heck is going on.. the way I see it iPhone users are the kind of people u can easily influence...

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You mean people who could be influenced by commercials that simply say, "more people on an iPhone than any other phone"?

That'd be Apple embracing their largest market and target audience... the sheep of the world. They insult their customers and call it marketing. And the sheep eat it up.

Apple users best not be offended when I call them sheep... cuz Apple is too!

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I know!!! And Is so funny to argue with them (even in the position BlackBerry is currently) cuz they really dumb, well most of them... never really know what the heck is going on in the world lol... you can ask any iPhone user to "sell you " the iPhone 5 in 3 minutes and they would be blank... they don't even know what NFC is for... calling them sheeps i think is a compliment they're more like chickens..

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Wow, I was cracking up at "in fact, you're already using the iphone 5s, we did an over the air update and automatically billed your itunes account." haha

I've been having a really bad few months due to a terminal illness in my family. I really needed a good laugh tonight and this video did it. Thanks Bla1ze.

Sorry to hear (read) about your sadness, my Dad passed away last October after a long fight with colon cancer. It's not a nice time when our loved ones are suffering and our hearts are breaking up inside as they are about to pass on through deaths door from this life to the life internal to fallow. I only hope you and your loved ones know the truth about this life and the one to come. May God bless you and give you the strength you need in your time of sorrow. I only wish I could help...

Revelation 21

4 And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away."
5 Then He who sat on the throne said, "Behold, I make all things new." And He said to me, "Write, for these words are true and faithful."
6 And He said to me, "It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. I will give of the fountain of the water of life freely to him who thirsts.

Take care...

At first I thought, "Now what are you smoking, Bla1ze?", but I enjoyed the laugh. Thanks! :-)

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Funny, but who will be laughing after selling 50M of the dang things in the first year... maybe BlackBerry should launch a Z5 along the same, aimed at the 'yoots'.

Funny because it's true...BlackBerry releases a completely new OS, major update compared to OS 7 and can't even get current BlackBerry owners to upgrade but Apple releases a minor updated phone 4S vs 5 and people are lined up overnight everywhere. I live my Z10 bit wish BlackBerry could do something to get back to where they use to be...that parody commercial is better than any BB19 commercial :(

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I thought I was the only one that noticed that lol. :p

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Is crackberry a apple promoting aap..?.. v knw 5s is comming..but wat abt 10.2 official update? When is it comming?

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Apple is really awesome at selling its Iphone...they know they can't remove the Home button without giving all of their aged customers an heart attack, so they add a "Finger scanner" under the home button...

I can't understand all the laughs and silly remarks about this new iPhone promo? What's up with you people?:-) :-) :-)

Well, I can't wait to get mine. Sure, I like my Q10 and all, but it's nice to actually be able to have some apps too.

what the F**k ad rather suck EGGS!! than look at this crap :L Iphone 5s Iphone 5c get gone pathetic pieces of crap

In humour we often find some underlying truth don't we? Hey we can't deny that iProducts work really well for the masses. Kudos to them. If anything, it pushes others like BlackBerry to do improve. Let's hope that happens in the long run.

Two words: Lorem Ipsum ! Hahahaha

entertaining video (putting pitch fork back in the barn for now LOL)

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Although this has nothing to do with this post, the news last night regarding Snowden was very interesting. He is BlackBerry's gateway to a resurgence. Other systems are secure right? Well earlier(a month ago) the list came out on who feeds the NSA info. Apple, Google, Yahoo, the carriers like Verizon, etc. Basically everyone was on the list but BlackBerry. Now on the blogs you hear everyone stating that only the terrorists and rioters use BlackBerry. Well last night they released documents from Snowden that shows the encryption methods were being compromised as these companies gave keys to the NSA and some the NSA stole the keys so basically anyone who uses these services gave up everything including things like email, banking records etc. Everything and anything you access via the Internet. Google claims it Ok because when you sign up you click yes to the agreement and it's in there. BlackBerry phones at least on the legacy devices have a hardware key to uncode the 3 levels of incryption. No wonder the US Government uses BB, while they want everyone else on anything but a BlackBerry. This could help BlackBerry stage somewhat of a comeback.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Thanks for that, more people need to be aware of this.
Seems to have been alot of talk about this lately.
To me it seems like BlackBerry is one of the last companies in the world that is standing up for our personal human rights of privacy. Apart from making the best phones that reason alone makes BlackBerry the best, it's a shame so many people out there don't really care about our rights in this world or even know what's going on.
What happens one day if there is no such thing as a secure communications device?

I am going to put in my order for 5 Iphone 5S and 6 Iphone 5C right away! Well maybe in twenty years time they may be worth something. Look what the first Mac went for at an auction recently! Nah! Just the thought of having one would make me get rid of them before the time was up,.

Sad but totally true!! It kinda make you wonder how stupid the people become..

I sow a picture for the board of both devices and they are almost the same, new button only.

But hey, with 5 S coming, 5 will go cheap and they are almost the same. Cheers

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I own iOS stuff and appreciate it for what it is...but this vid sums up my feelings over the past 2 years.

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Hahaha, love it. Had a good laugh. Thanks B. BlackBerry should do the same, no real upgrade to the phone but market the living daylight out of the phone.

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Literally the funniest....and truest thing I've seen about the i-crap. Sad part is that the i-sheep don't care that they are lining up all night and paying $800 for the exact same phone. I picture little genius bar minions in the back room stamping an S on the back of the phones and repackaging them as new....

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So true apple be thinking there sleek on there product watch they say the iphone 5s is 30 percent faster wait wasn't the iphone 5 30 percent faster lol.


I understand they are developing the iPhone G for next year....... gullible

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Ah well, at least Apple get their basics right (native apps). Oh, and actually have apps. It's painful to see criticism from blackberry fans, I mean sure, bb10 is innovative, but the lack of apps just destroys it... This could've been a better system years ago - when nobody cared about apps. And to those people who say they love the BlackBerry World, keep telling yourself that; when you have to pay for apps that aren't native to your OS.

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Real life;
BlackBerry Q10 + Z10 + Q5 sales will be 100.000
iPhone 5S + 5C sales will be 200 million