The iPhone 5 keynote makes me want BlackBerry 10 even more!

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By Adam Zeis on 14 Sep 2012 01:15 pm EDT

Sitting down at my computer this morning, I shuffled through endless Tweets and news posts regarding the iPhone 5 - just as I have been all week. I read about how the iPhone 5 pre-orders sold out and how excited all the Apple fans are to get their new phones next week. I also got a chance to check out some insight from CrackBerry readers that took time to hit up the forums with their thoughts on the Apple event and the iPhone 5. There seems to be a pretty good mix of those both for and against Apple, but it does make for an interesting conversation (and a long one at that). 

Our members are anything by shy when it comes to sounding off. Some aren't impressed, others are excited and the rest couldn't care less about any of it. We have giant thread going in the forums around all of the Apple hullabaloo - to save you the time of reading through all of it, here's what some members had to say.

Those wanting to let their opinions be known took to the forums to express their new found want for BlackBerry 10. SugarMouth -- the member that started the thread -- got things going, stating:

Gives me even more faith BB10 will have a better chance at success. Apple is behind the curve! They literally announced technology other OS's have been using for some time. BB10, I am curious!  

Other members chimed in with plenty of back and forth. While the die-hard BlackBerry users were quick to point out the flaws in Apple's new device and why BlackBerry 10 is still something to look forward to. Perhaps SK122387 summed it up as well as anyone could:

The iPhone 5 has some cool improvements ... but there was nothing mind blowingly cool ... Sales will obviously be huge. Multitasking is still that "in and out" that Thorsten Heins was talking about, which is painfully obvious if you're used to using a PlayBook, but also use an iPod touch running iOS5 like I do many times a day. iOS 6 looks like iOS5, which looks like iOS4 ... but I'd say RIM is in a pretty good position to be in, all things considered.

Yes, we are BlackBerry fans here, so we'll defend our device until we die. Along with the BlackBerry lovers however, even some current iPhone users weren't wowed by the new iPhone. The new device does have some new features, but overall the consensus is that it isn't a huge upgrade from the iPhone 4/4S. I think many iPhone users won't be making the trip to upgrade just yet. Take BerryGuy25 for example:

As an iPhone 4S user, personally I can say that I am not enthused at all. iPhone 5 did nothing for me and the biggest thing I wanted to know about was the battery but I doubt it's much because the device is so thin. I want a phone that's going to get through the day and my current device can't do that.

What's important here is that most of the members chiming in here are obviously BlackBerry fans. We wait and watch these events just like everyone else, and I think deep inside we actually hoped to not be amazed by what we saw. That way we know BB10 will still be flat out awesome. We know plenty of what's to come already, and having things like NFC, better screen resolution and all around awesome OS experience just makes things that much better. 

A key thing as well is that RIM needs to take note from Apple and these events as well. As FlashFlare11 explains, RIM needs to be ready to rock when BlackBerry 10 hits the streets.

If RIM takes nothing else from Apple's announcement today, I hope they at least take this: Apple announced a phone today that will be available for pre-ordering 2 DAYS later, and will then go on sale ONE WEEK from then. This is what I want to really see RIM do: hype up their announcement of BB10, set one launch ... and make sure that customers will have a device in their hands no more than 3 weeks after the announcement. 

Personally, I'm still SUPER excited for BlackBerry 10. This all actually makes me want BlackBerry 10 that much more. We already know a bunch of what will be offered up in BlackBerry 10 devices, and what we don't know will make it even better. Now I'm just as much a fan of technology as I am of BlackBerry, and yes, that includes Apple. I use both an iPhone 4 and Bold 9900 daily and was actually hoping to be amazed by the iPhone 5 -- but sadly that wasn't the case. So now, like many of you, I'm just that much more excited for BlackBerry 10 phones. I can't wait to hit up BlackBerry Jam in a week to be even more pumped up.

Perhaps member aha sums it up best:

No surprises, no expectations, not overwhelmed, not underwhelmed.  

Swing by and drop a comment of your own, but please, keep it civil. Let us know why you want BB10 now more than ever.

Oh, and if you haven't already, watch this video.  

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Reader comments

The iPhone 5 keynote makes me want BlackBerry 10 even more!


You guys are dreaming!

The mutiny Has started from companies to gov just announced it won't support bb IT.

People and companies are afraid they might wake up one day and their service is gone (pardon the "wake up" pun).

I can't wait for the excuses and weekly Os updates like the playbook.

I hope they get email working before launch and not a year and a half later.

Oh and Jan launch? You could pick a worse month to launch a product after everyone just spent themselves silly for holidays and after everyone her major handset maker launched 3 months ago!

Smooth move Rim !

Amateur Hour Has just Begun !

Pretty hardware, but underwhelming as an upgrade. If they'd put a RAZR MAXX style battery in it, I might have been marginally impressed. Instead they went the same route as all the Android handsets, the race to thinner. Yawn.

Maybe someone can figure out how to hack the iPhone to install BB10 or Android on it.

I laughed and was making fun of the entire Apple press conference on twitter watching everything unfold, and thinking, oh RIM announced a better resolution, oh RIM has already said it will have NFC, oh its the same OS, but yet RIM's is completely new and innovative.

BB10 FTW and Blackberry by choice

I very much am more excited,
Apple didn't bring anything game changing which means when BB10 launches their only negative point will be app numbers, and hopefully developers push RIM's 10,000 apps per month processing limit as they get BB10 devices in their hands.

Will be nice to not hear all the things BlackBerry supposedly can't do because "BlackBerry hasn't changed since my insert OS4.x device"

Go RIM, can't wait to have an N series in my hands

On the other side..there has been plenty of talk about the Nokia Lumia 920 with wp8 possibly having a strong impact. So while its quiet on the wp side that might come into play in the future.
BB 10...Boldly taking over!

CompEtitor for third place!

Maybe u haven't heard, Rim isnt a threat, they can't give away their handsets or tablets .

bb10 will $49 or free withing 60 days of launch.

I have to say iphones are pretty advanced, as they were far in advance when they 1st came out but the just the sound of "iphone" emitting from my mouth or anyone else's make me want to slap somebody. Seriously why does my phone need 100+ of meaningless apps. I can't wait for BB10 with hopefully better media, smoother os, more ram & battery life of the old days.

CrackBerry Is My Choice Of Drug

Apple created a phone for iPhone fans, not a phone that will draw in many more users. If you didnt like iPhone before, you won't like it anymore now.

In regards to delivery, I think RIM should make a point of having it in people's hands 72 hours after ordering. Really push it out there, it would highlight the innovative nature of BB10. Interesting bit of news. I heard today that the delivery for the iPhone5 are going to be 2-3 weeks after the order date.

The key is how to deliver.
Seeing how Apple launched the iPhone 5 and reading the information on, it seems great.
But if you read diligently, you'll see many words that stated are just 'marketing words'. Eg.
- 4G LTE as ULTRA FAST? = Wow, where have you been Apple? It's been around for at least a year.
- Camera from sapphire = OK, we got that it's second to Diamond in term of hardness. But show us the quality on low-light scenario? Nope. All picture samples taken with iPhone 5 are outdoor with very good light and (probably) taken by professional photographer.
- A6 processor that is twice as fast as A5 = Which A5? The on on the iPhone 4s or the one on the NEW iPad? Is it Quad-Core? How many RAM?
- Twice the performance and graphics frame rate = Ok. While on the keynote they shown iPhone 5 playing some racing game (I forgot the name), they didn't show the benchmark or any claims towards competitor. (Strange..)
- Browser improvement? = none that I can see there. Unless they means browsing with a dual-core without Flash capabilities is ultra fast at LTE network. (Ok, don't go on the Flash debate here)
- and many more..

I agree that iPhone 5 offers nothing new that other competitor already offered.
Will the sell millions? Absolutely.
At least they will enjoy months of selling iPhone 5 like hotcakes until BB10 launched.

Hate to say this, but RIM needs (MUST) deliver it right.

/end rant

Totally agree with you! Honestly, I was afraid Apple would release some (or at least one) amazing feature in their iPhone, which would make it difficult for BB, but now I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the door is still very much open for RIM.

After using the playbook with its multitasking capability, the "in and out multitasking" of the iOS becomes really irritating fast. Plus, I tend to forget and try swiping to close an app then realise this isn't PB. ^^;

Edit: on iMore they stated that LTE data and voice won't function simultaneously on the iPhone5, which apparently does with other smartphones currently available. I wonder if BB10 will allow for duo functionality, hope so.

Also, the "sell millions" people state will no doubt be true but I am curious to see how many of these millions are sold to previous iPhone/Apple fans compared to newly converted users? The result may suggest something.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

hahah I'm just like you, I have a playbook and use an android galaxy and I'm always on my PB but when i grab my phone i begin swiping and i have to face-palm cause its not a blackberry. Really disappointing.

BB10!!! Please arrive soon. Surprise launch please? ;)

Let's be honest for a minute here, the hardware is actually formidable. Okay the ppi havent changed and its 'only' 4inches but overally the hardware is great. Even in functionality iOS6 is not very bad.
The problem is the look of iOS is now all too familiar and has stayed so for too long. Seriously a row of icons on the homesvreen is all they did?

I'm willing to bet that the processor is still Dual-Core but perhaps with higher clockspeed.
And about the ppi, I think it's smaller than previous iPhone 4s (326 over 330). That's why they didn't mention anything or use words like "x% better or x% higher or x% bigger of.." in term of retina display.

I guess Apple is now in a 'comfort zone'. I read Chris writings on iMore that said Apple can't innovate every year. I think that is true.
In term of homescreen and icons, I think they are now in the same place as RIM did with OS4 until OS7.

But they did say 2x better CPU & 2x GPU. Maybe that they have a dual core A15 and also better graphics. If true they will extend their lead in CPU/GPU. It will be the most powerfull phone at 4" and below.

As someone new to crackberry (new playbook owner) I hope this does not degenerate into a fanboy site. I have had some fantastic feed back from the forums, they were happy to talk about trying to intergrate my Android phone into my playbook.

My one continuing concern with BB10 - APPS!! Forget the hardware. The reason the iphone sells is their ecosystem! If RIM can't get this area nailed, it's game over...

I disagree 100%. BB doesn't need 100,000+ apps. They only need the right ones. Skype and Netflix to name two. We don't need police siren apps, or fart apps or zippo lighter apps. We need DOING apps. If BB can get the right apps, not the bright apps I think they'll be golden.

You're missing out on his point (and he is 100%) right. It's not the thousands of apps, it's the fact is has all the major ones and get just about all of the new ones first. BB10 needs to get the major ones. They are so far from there now that one can't honestly think that they will make major headway in getting most of them next year.

Well if the major ones is what was implied (and I missed it) then I apologize. In that case, I agree. I thought I did an adequate job of repeating it. All the major apps (i.e. Netflix, Twitter, Skype, even for me more personally Time Warner Cable app). BB doesn't need 100K apps, just the ones it's been lacking and the ones that are yet to even come out.

I would agree. On every major platform, less than 200 Apps get 90% of the download traffic. Gets these and the complaints go away. To be honest, I don't think its a big issue for RIM as I suspect Skype is already on board as are many others. Just keeping it quiet till launch.

I think the whole App issue will become much more interesting in the next 6 months to a year, particularly for Apple. 400-500 K of dead apps and probably another 50-100K that won't be updated to the new screen dimensions because of low hit number. It will become a bit more visually obvious that Apple's App store is not as strong as they like to think. Interesting times.

I don't think to get the apps that are popular now is going to be the best way of winning the war on the apps front. They need to satisfy a need that people have that they don't know they have and they are willing to switch for. They need an app to do that.

For example, if I have a scheduled meeting, it will automatically set my sound profile to meeting, bbm status to in a meeting, and send persons who called a text saying I am in a meeting and i will call you when the meeting ends at X:XXam/pm. And when the meeting has 15 mins more to go, it should pop up and ask if you want to extend the meeting, in case it is running late. If you have another meeting afterward depending on the time and the location, it should send an email to whoever you are meeting with saying that you are going to be late because your present meeting is running longer than expected. When the meeting is over, it should return to your previous profile and give you a list of who called, texted, bbm and emailed you when you were in the meeting. If RIM put this out as an app and as well as it is natively done, I think more people would consider a BB as an useful device.

Having useful apps like that would sway users. Remember, useful apps have a better staying power than popular ones.

If there is an app like that already, please let me know.

if i want an app say angry birds... if i go to the app store and only find angry farm thats the same as going to get a transformer but only being able to get a gobot...

i dont need 100,000 apps, but with that being said all the major players should be there, netflix, FB, Twitter, whatever the case may be...

that was a major thing with BB and why i left to go to android is because bb didnt have anything in the way of apps

now if BB10 comes out and can offer me a better phone experiance but still lacks in major player apps then ill just wait till they have it fixed and deal with my android phone... i want to switch back to BB but they have to offer me an all around better experiance than i have now-

Apps Like!!!... Tango, Skype, Instagram, netflix... just to name a few but these four will get the attention of the young generation. and BB10 will be very BIG SUCCESS!!!

If I go back to blackberry I should not have to give up apps that I use on a daily basis with android...

Rim if you happen to read this, know that with out an ecosystem of top apps, it does not matter how awesome the platform and software is, my phone gets me through the day... I love swype, though its not perfect, I think if any platform could perfect a program like swype it would be blackberry, or make the touch only device so easy to type on that swype isnt needed...

i am a 10 year bb user.
When i touched 3gs for the 1st time people asked me and my opinion follows till now!!! this os and this hardware are married PERFECT for TOUCH mobiles...this is the truth...yes we love bb but as far as touch mobile is the issue Apple is way far from others...sorry rim but your touch is not like apple lugs everywhere....i use a playbook for almost 8 months now and sorry to say but you have to be more precise an more solid in everything...again as far as Touch is the issue..
i will never change bb qwerty because i now right like a blind man v\best mobile keyboard ever, best bbm. best push mail best compression ever=value for money..if i had money to spend and never cared about it, i would have apple all over the house (imac,iphone,ipod etc etc)..
in conclusion i will continue use bb cause i care about push mail, bbm. compression and qwerty....................and all these in a logical price from my operator!!!

There is one killer feature on BB10 that hardly anyone outside the Dev community is talking about. It's the invocation framework. Most people don't see what the ramifications are yet. But from what I have seen so far, it's THE game changing feature in the mobile space. Of course, I could be wrong.

It is a process by which one app gets another app to perform a function or to provide information back to the first. Very cool and fits with the "flow theme" that RIM is developing. It is likely to bring the concept of integration and ecosystem to a new level. From a competition perspective, it will make Apple's OS and UI look even more outdated.

With every other category during the keynote I was further underwhelmed and kept wondering what's going to be the wow factor, but it never came. I'm so disappointed, i really wish they had come with more! It baffles me time and time again, how is it continues to outsell itself year after year... With the same boring OS. I hate that BB10 even is way more innovative than iphone 5, it will have a very hard time... I visited some sites and people didn't care to hear what one sane person had to say about BB10 they just kept on bashing and hating. I really hope things change soon. Frank Boulben, RIMs future is on your shoulders.

Blackberry By Choice.

like have my banking app send someone $500? Apps are sand boxed for a reason, I hope there are protections built in to keep something like that from happening?

I'm still more wowed by the BlackBerry 10 camera features and the innovative keyboard on the full touch BB10 device. I've never been tempted to get an all touch phone, but the BlackBerry 10 one might be my first (of course I'll get the full qwerty one too).


I am 100% in agreeance those 2 features blew my damn mind and i show them off everytime and got people now wanting bb10.

i have never ever wanted a touch screen after dealing with the iphones auto correct and screen size but seeing the bb10 and how it works ive never wanted a touch screen device more which tears me apart being a full time qwerty user.

**BlackBerry By Choice**

Despite all our negative comments about the iPhone5 , it will sell like anything and BB10 ( when it is launched) will definitely have problems to reach out to "ordinary people". Also, a recent survey in the US , by the market research firm Toluna QuickSurveys, shows that 56 % of the Blackberry users and 32 % of Android owners are ready to switch to iPhone5 ! Tough times ahead!

The survey was taken BEFORE the iPhone was launched (with no confirmed features or hidden features) so it's safe to say the survey has outlived itself. I'm personally very happy for RIM.

BlackBerry Curve 8520 | BlackBerry Torch 9810 |
Oh how I love the BlackBerry!! <3<3

I'm sure that research was done before the launch event. I would be curious to see what the numbers are now that iPhone 5 is NOT the best phone on the market like everyone expected it to be

Very small battery in the 5, 1440 size. With LTE might be problem. RIM needs to dial BB10 in to be very efficient/powerful. I think it will, and looming forward to launch

Don't forget that Apple typically underclocks their processors to stretch out battery life.

I'm way more worried about BB10's battery life.

I've been a BB user for the past six years and one message was clear that even if Apple did not "WOW" the masses whatever they have done has been done right. They've tweaked for the most part in my mind, what matters. This is where RIM has fallen short, device after device, the lack of snappiness, and performance issues just makes me shirk. RIM must get BB10 right and like the previous user mentioned, no delay in getting it in our hands. No delay on the device itself. My BB works for me and I want it to continue but the truth is as much as I love RIM if they don't get it right this time I will probably be changing devices.

I've been a BlackBerry user since the 7250 and have always had one. I use a torch still in my business. I have the iphone 4s for personal use and my wife and youngest son have android phones. I waited and upgraded time after time with RIM/BlackBerry promises of something better. While each upgrade was something better, they fell further behind IOS and Android. I hope BB10 comes out blazing and is a breakthrough. RIM's track record has not been good, but a lot of positive changes seem to have been made. Hopefully, the product will compete and exceed expectations. As a consumer, I hope they all keep getting better, BB, IOS, Android and Windows. That means we all win. I like all of these phones. It is so funny to hear the hate directed to the phones that one doesn't have. Having had so many BlackBerry's over the years I hope they get it right. Been tired of the beating they have taken by the media. I'm looking forward to BB10. My wife will be going with the iphone 5. My youngest will only upgrade when his screen breaks in his hockey bag. Then I'll find a good deal on craigslist and it seems android phones are the least expensive ones there that have apps.

It's OK to hate on Apple. I think they are a dirty company. However, what doe BB have coming out in October to compete with everyone else? Nothing. Maybe..just maybe they might have a phone by March 2013 when it won't matter because people already made their purchases between now and December. They won't care what come out 1st quarter 2013 because they'll be too busy paying their credit cards.

When I go to tech sites, I never see any news about BB. Nada. Not the Playbook or any phone. Nothing. People say to me..oh you have a BB; I didn't know they were still in business. Apps made for Android, Windows and iPhone, but not BB. I don't even know anyone who has a BB or a Playbook.

Have RIM put out a phone in March. Watch what happens. OK, back to hating on Apple now.


In 60 days..
In 120 days...
In the summer....
We're going to leapfrog the competition....
It's coming soon......
Just wait and everything will be great....
In Q4, 2012....
In January, 2013....
In March, 2013....


Here's our new product, preorder it now, it arrives in two weeks.

Note the difference?

I bit the bullet and signed a new 3 year with rogers for the iphone 5, im not going to wait on bb10 when it could be delayed yet again. It will be my first iphone and im actually excited for a smaller screen believe it or not! Ive been using the galaxy note for the past 2 months and even with my massive hands its just too big. Wow me rimm with bb10 and ill be back!

I can't wait for BB10. It will truly be different than the competition in UI and workflow, and not be a clone of iOS with widgets. Developer statements imply that it is very easy to program for, and similar programs to other OS's take less code and time to develop. As long as RIM makes sure those big name apps are there, then they truly have a chance to turn things around in NA and start building marketshare again. Its just a shame that RIM couldn't get their act together to get the phone out sooner. I think a lot of people who have no clue BB10 is coming will be looking to try other platforms and get locked into contracts.

Even if the new BB10 is half the phone they say it is I will be more than thrilled to buy it.


The look of the iphone 3 is basically the exact same as the iphone 5.

Glad the iphone 5 blew it, great opportunity for BB10.

First, I loved the Kimmel bit, that was great. My hope is that they have a solid ecosystem in place like apple and amazon before they launch the BB10. I don't need a million fart apps, just solid business apps, a few good games, and a single place (or single way to purchase at least) music, movies, ebooks, and tv shows.

I hope they get to demo the product for people like Skype (or make an app that we can use to work with Skype) and convince them that BB is still a worthwhile platform to develop for. There seems to have been a constant errosion of support for BB related apps from various companies like Sirius radio, Pogoplug etc that I used to use all the time on my old iOS, Android, and BB devices. This has been very frustrating as a BB user. I hope that compnaies like this can be convinced to at least port their Android apps over to the BB10 OS if they are not willing to develop native BB10 apps.

The one final thing that would be awesome is if BB would over the next couple of weeks or so significantly drop the price of their BB7 hardware. If I can go and grab a new Bold for a couple hundred bucks without having to extend my contract and save the contract extension for the new BB10 I would do it in a heartbeat. I am waiting for BB10 regardless but if I could get a cheap new BB7 device to keep me occupied during the release of the new apple, win8, and android devices over the next little while until BB10 is released, that would satisfy my inner geek and make me so happy.

Minor side note ... in looking at that photo, I remember an Engadget podcast where Tim Stevens ridicules the BlackBerry claiming that they all "look the same", yet declares iPhones all look substantially different.

Yeah ...

I keep hearing about how many I 5's Apple will sell, and that it will blow your mind. What I never hear (and I am speaking of investment and stock market people) is how many they HAVE to sell. It is a huge number just to maintain that stock price.

They had a miss last qtr, and the market gave them a bye, if those sales begin to slow, and the carriers push back on the outrageous subsidy causing margin squeeze, then it all begins to unwind. I know this sounds like I am way off subject, but if the market media turns on them (and there is not a more fickle crew in the world), the image begins to taint, and it all starts, look what they did to RIM. I promise you many people left RIM because all they heard was that the company was going out of business, and most people don't want to be associated with a loser, they think it reflects on them,,hum,,,,,,,,,,in this society it probably does.

Lastly, no one NEEDS a smart phone (at least in the consumer crew), it is a fashion statement, a fad, a trend, and they reverse. Change that "cool" factor and it is a whole new ball game. I have watched this very closely for several years, and I think I see it changing. In fact I have always thought the name I(fill in the blank) was kinda of gay (not that there is anything wrong with that) and I don't think I could ever be comfortable saying "I have and Iphone, sounds a little too self-self to me.

Wow, lost it and started a rant,


Well Nick, I think what you are trying to get at is market perception. When it works for you, great but when it is going the other way, well it sucks.

If I were to look at recent iPhone launch, it seems to me the biggest issue for Apple that it lost the ability to control market perception. For the first time, the words outdated, stale, and boring are being associated with it. Now all of a sudden, the press starts to look a bit closer and they find out the hardware is lackluster. The next thing you hear the phrase "can't do this or that". That is the new reality for Apple and that is why things will start to get harder.

Case in point. In the last 3 product launches, Apple has used the same exact wording 48 hours after their product launches. It sort of goes like this "we were blown away" ....... In the first two, this statement was followed by a sales number. This time it wasn't. If the press was on your side, they would just overlooked it but when it is moving in the other direction, people start to ask questions. Has sales and popularity dropped etc, etc.

Is that what happened to BB's, they lost their "cool" factor? Some people will say there is a lot more to it than that!

Great post, Adam! You just about summed up my feelings!

I felt really excited just yesterday about getting a BB L-Series device on launch day. It was more so probably because I had reached the halfway point in my savings for a BB10 device off-contract, but also because of the Apple fans' excitement for the iPhone. It just feels that something better than the iPhone is coming, but there are still far too few people that know about it. I feel like one of those lucky few that actually see what RIM is excited about. What we, as BlackBerry lovers, are excited about.

And that "something" is worth waiting for!

Bring on BlackBerry 10, RIM! We're all rooting for ya!

I have a BB9790. It's a great work device, that's it. BB10 has been delayed again and again, and will once again miss the pre holiday / back to school season.

It's funny how people think the iPhone 5 is meh, or it has nothing evolutionary. Perhaps not but what else could you want in a smartphone AND do you know how much engineering it takes to put all that together in a smaller device size. That alone should be a feature in itself.

People like to complain and think they know it all but I tell you this - pick up a pad and pencil and design a new phone, if you can do it better -- AND MAKE IT WORK - then go for it. Don't diss it until you tried it and at least give credit where it is due. RIM had the chance to take on Apple from the get go and they chose to ignore them and now are playing cathcup, the iPhone 5 may not be MIND BLOWING to some, but from an engineering and design standpoint it is an exceptional device and RIM would do well to take notes.

BB10 will be interesting but we are talking about an OS not devices.

My BB9790 barely makes it through the day, my iPhone 4S gives me 2, people argue that "oh it ONLY has a 4" screen" - I mean if you want a 5" screen get a playbook or an ipad, seriously I want a phone not a paperweight or a tablet in my pocket.

Looks to me that the Windows phone platform is real hungry. However, RIM is real Hungry, maybe dare I even say, Starving. Apple has shown it's hand, and though nice showing, nothing exactly game changing. It can not rest on its laurels (like RIM did). I think Android will continue to refine, WP will evolve and RIM will need to Revolutionize!

Anxiously awaiting 2013. This is RIM's chance to prove itself as a new revitalized company. May they not disappoint.

The iPhone 5 launch being lackluster should not get our hopes high for BB10. I'm sure RIM is looking at what others are doing because every player in the industry does it, but the failure or success of BB10 has nothing to do with the failure or success of the iPhone. RIM needs to come out with a great BB10 system and great hardware to put it on, and then spread the message about these new devices, and that will be the best way to get people not to buy an iPhone and buy a BB instead.

Twitter and social media will help bury's all about trends and BB is for the older crowd as far as the next gen goes...they see a old platform struggling to stay alive( making a phone that looks like everything else ...) . RIM put themselves in this spot and let the consumer down...RIP RIM for that. Should make for good TV though :)

When Thorstein comes out and says all RIM patents are up for sale and RIM is dead then I'll believe it. If no one cares about BB10 because it is completely different from RIM's previous OS then I'll believe it.

Right now BB10 looks different from previous OS. It will be newer, flashier and works. And don't we want newer, flashier stuff?

And don't give me any "from anything RIM has released so far" excuses for you to make a final conclusion about RIM's demise. I won't make any conclusion until it gets released.

Apple will sell 50 million iPhone5's this year and probably 125 to 150 million next year why? Simple its as American as Apple Pie! When is this all glorious, amazing, innovative, ground breaking, revolutionary, iOS, Android, Windows killing OS coming out again? Before Galaxy S4 and iPhone 6? I bet it could come out ten years from now and still be the hottest thing since sliced bread LOL

i tried checking the specs of iPhone5 in some website. if those were true, then i'd prefer to use iPhone4s... the release of iPhone5 doesn't seem to be aiming at user satisfaction, instead, is to compete with GS3. while disappointed with the new iPhone, though im not really a fan of any apple product aside from iTouch, it makes me feel that BB10 will be amazing. its gonna be amazing since people are used to seeing blackberry with the usual design and the specs are not that high compared to Android or iOS phones. this time, they'll see a blackberry device that is ready to take on the flagships of there competitors... i would really love to go to the launch of bb10 when it comes.

I don't want a iphone with the same interface as my ipad mini and I don't want the ipad mini interface the same as the ipad

in response to and to those of you who agree


The iPhone 5 has some cool improvements ... but there was nothing mind blowingly cool ... Sales will obviously be huge. Multitasking is still that "in and out" that Thorsten Heins was talking about, which is painfully obvious if you're used to using a PlayBook, but also use an iPod touch running iOS5 like I do many times a day. iOS 6 looks like iOS5, which looks like iOS4 ... but I'd say RIM is in a pretty good position to be in, all things considered.

cool improvements but nothing mind blowingly cool? there is a reason behind that and that's because since day one everything apple did with the iphone was with perfection.

iOS6 looks like 5...etc... and What has BlackBerry put out since day one? The VERY same looking operating system but the difference between the two? iOS is GENERATIONS ahead of BlackBerry 7.1

it's almost a lost cause debating this topic but because i'm so bored i felt like i had to vent.

I am a new blackberry user. Previously an Iphone fanatic and an iphone 4s user. I switched because I had the need to use Blackberry than an iphone. I still prefer to wait until Blackberry 10 to be released. I believe RIM has a number of tricks under its sleeves.