The iPhone 5 has been unveiled... what do you think?

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Sep 2012 07:16 pm EDT
Apple iPhone 5

While we're already aware that 100% of CrackBerry readers don't give a rat's behind about the iPhone 5 based on yesterday's humorous poll, I do know all of you will in fact have an opinion about today's Apple's iPhone 5 announcement.

So while I'm working on a follow up editorial with my thoughts, I figured tossing up a quick post and poll here to see where CrackBerry Nation is weighing in on it wouldn't hurt. Browsing around the interwebz in the iPhone 5 aftermath, it definitely feels like a lot of people out there -- even current iPhone owners -- expected more. Or at least a surprise of some sort. The leaks around the iPhone 5 have been rampant, and as we found out today, accurate. So let us know in the comments.... was it as expected, or did you expect more?

iPhone 5 vs. Competition 

If you're not up to speed on all the iPhone 5 details, follow the links below to learn more about it over at our sister site, iMore. They're also holding a contest where you can win an iPhone 5 (note - if you're not a member there be sure to register with the same username if available and email address - we're currently working on a cross site unified login system and that'll aid the process). It's worth entering... if you win it you can sell it and put the money aside for a BlackBerry 10 phone when it hits. ;)

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Reader comments

The iPhone 5 has been unveiled... what do you think?


I think the iPhone5 announcement is terrific for the launch of BlackBerry 10. If you've got an iPhone 4 or 4S, is there really anything that compels you to get the iPhone5? Waiting for BB10 just got easier.

I think Apple has left the door open for BB10 to rock the market :) All Thor and the boys need to do is get it right, finish it, test it thoroughly, and tell every damn soul how it rocks!

Door is always open but can RIM deliver the goods. Will BB10 have keys apps like Skype and Netflix? Will it have a silky smooth interface? Will RIM finally amalgamate the app store, the music store and the video store into one?

If these things are all there RIM can break through and take back some share next year. If these things aren't there I fear it will be bouncing around with Windows phones as a niche player.

Never count RIM out - the installed base, BBM, security, name recognition and other strengths give it an edge but at the end of the day people vote with the wallet. If RIM doesn't have the goods people will go Android or iOS.

Listen here, Skype and netflix will only be on bb10 if those respective companies even make the app. If they don't, well, research in motion (rim) is not to blame for it. It's the companies who refused to develops the app that are to blame.

Unfortunately taking the view that it is netflix and skypes fault for no app, simply will not fly. RIM have to sit on their door steps with software engineers telling them they will do all the work needed to get it onto BB10(and support for x time after launch). In the UK they need to do the same with Sky for SKY GO.

Why would Microsoft (having bought skype for 8 billion dollars or so) license the one software to Blackberry that gives them an edge in the smartphone market? The others only have it because they had it licensed before skype was bought by microsoft. This applies to many of the apps out there. Everyone has their own portfolio of apps that they do not want to give away. In RIM's case this is BBM.

I have a bad feeling that people at RIM will close that door and screw up the BB 10. I only had my Bold 9900 for few months and already feel like a stone age cave man compared to my friends with iPhone 4 and even iPhone 3GS!

I am most likely switching to Samsung GS III soon.

While I get your point think you are not grasping fully some things.

While I love the 9900 and think it is a brilliant phone, that keyword is awesome. I also get the fact specs wise bb has been behind the curve for a little while.

I phone may have not been the most powerful device but it has an app store that is loaded and pretty much had a cult following. Anything Apple brings out will sell due to that. Save yourself the head make no more comparisons. 2013 will be here soon.

And so will 2014.

Say what you will about Apple, but you can not deny that when Apple announces a new product - it's done with fanfare; it generates discussion across the world - just about every media outlet in Vancouver ran a story or had a newspaper article about the new phone - ; and above all else, Apple actually ships their new products within days/weeks of their announcement - not years later to be followed by endless "coming soon" bs as is the case with RIM.

Hopefully RIM was paying attention as that is how you announce and release a new product to the world.

I think RIM should have done a huge marketing push the same day. Most people I talk to have no idea BB10 is coming, and some have even been told at stores that BB isn't making any more phones. Everyone knows about the iPhone 5, so just as many need to know about BB10. The iPhone is already on a two week wait. RIM needs to release something for the masses to soak up. Not everyone reads Crackberry...

We never built a product with such a hardworking chinese child labors ever before. This manufacturing plant in China is proudly housed with children from villages all over china. To create the iPhone, we began to look for a cheaper labors on this earth, marvelously we found miraculous CHINA.

Absolutely amazing cost to produce one iphone like never before.

By. Jony Ive, Apple Chief Engineer, Sent from Blackberry Playbook

Apple is now the old RIM! In fact, in just two years, Apple and RIM have switched places :)

Since Jobs departed, Apple is not the same.

Smartphone Wars: Return of the BlackBerry!

It was what I expected..........nothing much and yet they will probably line up for it in droves its really quite amazing

Wait! They just make a new and really revolutionary power cord that is really smaller than everything we ever seen before.
maybe they patent the fact that you can charge a device by plugging it with a power cord.

But they do an excellent sales job. i mean, the keynote snippet i saw talking about the larger screen was brilliant. Most people would just say, "hey, the screen is bigger yay!", but the guy drones on and on about how apps use the bigger screen, and how this other app uses the bigger screen, and how some other useful apps use the bigger screen. Geezzz... 8 minutes describing how the screen is bigger?! urgh!

It wasn't impressive at all. Especially with Android making huge strides, Windows Phone 8 being imminent, and soon BB10 will be here. They seem to be resting on their laurels like RIM did under Mike and Jim. Maybe with Jobs gone they truly are in trouble.

That's exactly what I was thinking. Apple today is RIM in the Storm 1 era. On top of the world but not doing anything to hold on to their number one spot. This new iPhone brings absolutely nothing new to the table in comparison to the competition.

RIM even has a decent shot at gaining back corporate Market share from iPhone with all their NFC ID tech.

Windows Phone is going to have a good holiday this year, but next year and for the next 10 years the King is back and everyone better get ready for BB 10.

L-Series is going to be a much better device then the iPhone 4s 1/2. Most pixel dense screen in the world. As long as the camera is decent, then there is NOTHING hardware wise that won't be better on the BlackBerry then the iPhone.

You said it right! I've seen analysts suggesting that Apple stock will hit $1600 in three years. If this is the best they can do with the iPhone 5, I think now is a great time to sell Apple stock. It's all downhill from here.

iPhone is becoming one BIG BUBBLE that's poised to pop. With lack luster developments in the last 3 iterations of the iPhone, and for a company that prides itself as being an innovator, coupled with a US market that demands the greatest and latest in features and devices....pop! There's it goes....

Are you sure? Next year nearly every car sold will have siri integration. Apple kicked out Google apps and built their own. By next year Apple will have a universal payment system with no need for credit /debit cards anymore.

It's called reailty people...

Windows Phone is still just another sandbox like iOS. It's just a window that leads only to Microsoft services. BB 10 gives the freedom of choice to use the services you want to manage your content. The hardware on the Lumia looks nice, but the walled garden isn't really your typical BlackBerry users style. We're used to themes, and loading hybrid OS'es, and side loading Android apps on our playbooks. We love the security but we also love the ability to tinker and make our devices our own. We love being able to share our cards and contacts and favorite songs with Bluetooth. BB 10 is the ONLY Platform that will offer the best of the two dominant players' (iOS and Android) approaches to their ecosystems.

Thought I could log in @ iMore with my CB acct . . . maybe that was a "Coming Soon" - I don't pay close enough attention. Going back to sign up - I'll have a new iPhone to sell soon - banking the cash for my new BB10!

In fact that IS coming soon. I'll make a note of it in the post. When you register at iMore, be sure to use your same username (if available) and email address. We're working now on unifying our cross site login process.


Of course 20 million will be getting it, who has time to wait for the BB10. By the time it comes out phones will no longer exist

Exactly what I thought it would be slight changes from iPhone4s and nothing revolutionary. That being said every Apple Fan Boy is drooling and will lay out the cash to buy it because they will buy anything Apple sends out.
On another note I loved the comparison of market share growth from Mac laptops compared to PC's. When you have 5-10% of the market you really only have one way to go and that is up. The PC market doesn't have anywhere to go but down really. All they are doing is peaking the interest of Virus makers and hackers. Also would like to know how they got the stat that 94% of Tablet browsing is done on an iPad.

Well, considering apple is in the user agent on most webkit browsers... That explains everything. Did apple contribute to it? Maybe. I hope not. Lol.

Again, I can give a "Rat's A$$" about anything I related. But, I was happy to see nothing in today's announcement, such so, I reached out to a contact from RIM and told him BB10 for the win and he said I know... Lol

Does that mean you won't be upgrading your trusty iPhone 4s?

Chris Parsons, Mobile Nations (Bla1ze) wrote:

The iPhone 4S was the first iPhone that I actually managed to purchase on launch date. I got a 16GB white version and it has been rock solid for me. No issues with the device at all in terms of hardware. The camera blows away any other device I have used thus far. Siri and I have issues. She's not living up to her potential in my opinion -- and yes, I am keeping that beta tag in mind.

All that said; I still live in a world where I must carry 2-3 devices at all times. iOS works for some things, BlackBerry works for some things and Android works for some things. The iPhone 4S doesn't solve all my problems or fill or my needs for a mobile device but in the full aspect of things, it is my "most used" device these days. It always comes down to my iPhone 4S and whatever other device with me. The iPhone 4S is the only constant.

I'm sorry to say this, but I've learned not to throw all my poker chips towards Blackberry anymore. I've learned that Blackberry never really met there deadlines as of lately and really bothers the consumer. Expecting a launch and gets pushed. Apple so far has had minimal to none with their launches; maybe a few internet scandals with Antenna Gate but didn't really hurt their pocket.

Blackberry better make this BB10 gig worth the time / wait. Because that thin line can't get any thinner.

Heck Blackberry being a business phone and not even Linkedin has a working software for their latest OS / one of the best phones Blackberry has to offer the BOLD 9900/9930 .

Don't even get me started on the playbook situation, purchased when it first came out. I had some spirit that RIM would honor some credit in the APP World for people who could proof that they purchased a playbook a good 6 months after release date. Nope when the backbone of the release supporting officially android apps came basically 1 year after and not working to flawless either.

Remember, the iPhone 4S was delayed a few months. Just because Apple never said it would come out in August like the 4 versions before it, doesn't mean it wasn't delayed. Just because they never made an announcement doesn't mean they should get a pass in the delayed product department.

RIMM is lucky to be changing to BB10 and a new (hopefully) defined resolution. Can you imagine a smartphone with letter-boxing for the applications???

Apple should have started with the 16:9 ratio for their phones and tablets! At worst 16:10.

What were they thinking at ~3:2?


I actually think the iPhone 5 is a pretty nice little phone. The improvements at least hardware wise were fairly good. Don't get me wrong I certainly don't want one. I'm just surprised that they change the screen size. RIM should be able to top this phone easily.

As I understand it...the connector has changed from 20-pin to 9-pin so anyone upgrading from a previous iPhone will have to buy all new iAccessories so Apple has them by the iShort_and_curlys and all this for more speed...I'm also surprised that, from the chart above there is no iNFC

The iPod Touch 5th gen, might be the perfect accompaniment to my Bold 9900. Let's hope that once BB10 hits I won't need two devices.

I know a program manager on the BlackBerry 10 project who's sworn to secrecy on most things, but he did say the upcoming BB10 would edge out the iPhone 5 on hardware specs, so hopefully that holds true because I'm definitely waiting!

Really, it would be hard for it not to. The iPhone 5 didn't even match the GS III specs wise and we already know for a fact the L-series will trump the retina display for both size and pixel density. If they don't skimp on RAM, and the rumored SOC turns out to be correct, then the BB 10 phones will easily out do the iPhone. The MicroSD support, hopefully NFC, and with the photo and video editing apps, I'm sure they learned to put in a good camera module, it should be a no brainer.

I agree with you. Might I add one thing to the list... the user replaceable battery! I'm tempering my expectations, but the new BB10 phones should be competitive!

You should add an option that reads, "Yes it changes my plans to hold out for bbx. Now I definitely will because iphone 5 is the same thing, just a little longer and uglier." That's my two cents and what I would have selected.

All you BlackBerry users are just as BRAIN WASHED as APPLE fans. Yes, I am an Apple fan. I buy all things Apple as do many of you so called BlackBerry users as well. I'm sure most either have an iPod, iMac, iPhone, etc... One of Apple's products...

I love how every time there is a poll relating to an Apple product, you BRAIN WASHED PHONIES immediately dismiss the product, calling it pathetic, underwhelming... LOL... Seriously? Since when has RIM produced ANYTHING that was a major consumer product? When was the last time a BlackBerry release resulted in the internet, media, television, or anyone that is a tech nerd talking about it's products? When? NEVER! Let me repeat it again... NEVER! Heck, RIM never even comes out and states when their product is released and available to purchase from carriers! You have to call your carrier to find out when they will carry it. LOL.

What evidence has RIM ever given you to make you think that BB10 will be awesome? LOL. From online videos, BB10 still looks underwhelming, still lacks the screen resolution of the iPhone and still doesn't have the amount of developers needed to excel the platform. RIM will be gone by the end of 2013 and CrackBerry won't have anything else to post. I think BlackBerry users are more BRAIN WASHED then Apple users!

Your comments failed! I do not have anything I-related. You asked what has RIM given/shown to prove that BB10 will be awesome? Answer- they know they have let us down, not able to stay up to the times, etc. They acknowledge that they failed and working very hard to correct that mistake. It's proven in The PlayBook OS 2.0. Even true apple users admitted the PB UI is slick and wished their pad did half of what it can do. Now imagine that OS on a SuperPhone... Nuff said!!

if you can put in LOL on every miserably constructed sentence you have to bash RIM and BlackBerry, I suspect that you're smoking some kind of crack.

To answer your question:

RIM manufactured leading devices back when there wasn't electronic pagers that could do e-mail, that later evolved into an e-mail pager that you could reply. And it became a hit with the enterprise community.

Do tech nerds need to talk about BlackBerry back in its day? No, because the device talks for itself for its reliability.

Granted, your statement here:

"From online videos, BB10 still looks underwhelming, still lacks the screen resolution of the iPhone and still doesn't have the amount of developers needed to excel the platform"

further reinforces my thought that you may be smoking some kind of crack. Or being stupid. BlackBerry 10 already has more PPI compared to the now announced iPhone5.

and why should I need an app for that, when originally i can do it natively, or just bookmark the internet and use it on a reliable, bandwidth-saving device?

Oh god, this is a BlackBerry fan site, and you're deriding us based on your delusions that BlackBerry would die by the end of this year?

IF, and IF RIM actually makes it to launch a new BlackBerry next year, I think many are going to return to this post and troll you like the very troll you are that deserves to be counter-trolled.

+1 could not have said it better myself. I don't get if people are just ignorant or proud of their company, but at least do some research before you start spouting nonsense.

What a sad post! At least you can admit that you're a brainwashed iFan, even though it undermined the rest of your post. By the way, you're wrong about us all owning at least one Apple device. I don't own any, and am even more determined not to own one after today.

Please bear in mind that you're on a BlackBerry fan site. Trolling here is not going to get you anywhere. If you're upset about BlackBerry fans, complain about it on an iPhone-dedicated site. Not here.

Now, onto your post. What is so great about this new iPhone in relation to their past devices? I'll admit, this is the first iPhone design that I've actually found somewhat attractive (the black one anyway). But as far as anything software and hardware wise, it's not impressing me in the slightest.

BlackBerry 10 looks to be more exciting to me because it's a platform that is looking to actually change the way we use our phones. It's a new way of looking at mobile software. The design of both the software and hardware look more impressive and attractive to me than the iPhone and iOS6

What shocked me the most today was that the display on the iPhone 5, an aspect of the iPhone and iPad Apple prides itself on, has a lower pixel density than a BlackBerry 10 Alpha device.

Anyway, the point is, you'll get nowhere posting your pro-Apple propaganda here. The new iPhone may break all sales records in history, but the way I look at it, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's a better device.

Now, I'm not going to lie; I'm probably a brainwashed RIM fanboy. But, you know what? RIM has consistently given me products which have functioned perfectly for my needs. They have always given me a product that I've been proud to carry. I believe in what RIM stands for as a company. And after seeing this company, which I've grown extremely fond of since I became a smartphone user, struggle so much, I saw the human side of RIM and its employees. I want to see them succeed and am very confident that RIM can pull it off.

Sent proudly using a combination of my BlackBerry PlayBook and my BlackBerry Torch 9810 via BlackBerry Bridge.

How old are you, 12? Purely based on syntax and content of your sentences, not to mention the constant "LOL" you'd better be young to justify what you just said.

Okay, if the iStuff is that sweet, I am missing out... but something tells me I'm not. I refuse to pay megabucks for an iPod when I can get a PlayBook for less with way more features and better specs -- more RAM, GPS, more screen, more powerful OS. The PlayBook is such a great device running OS 2.0, it's a pity RIM doesn't market it better.

Many tech nerds want Apple to win but they will soon realize that iOS is now 5 years old and badly in need of an OS refresh!

Now that you're back from the Amazon, I can tell you that "BB10" and "underwhelming" do not go together. BB10 is slick and hot! It addresses many issues plaguing other smartphone OSs. RIM just has to sell it, but even in a side-by-side comparison with the competition, it will sell itself.

RIM has a real winner in BB10 so we anticipate a strong marketing campaign to tell the world what it has achieved -- something really great most didn't think was possible.

Like many have said before me, a sad post indeed. Ill also add that youre probably a troll who just dropped that bomb in here and left, probably wont even read the comments or just read them and hide beneath your steve jobs blanket as knowledge is thrown upon you.
Fact of the matter is, the people that are here, the people that are eagerly awaiting BB10 is for one reason only, and others have touched on it, freedom.
Blackberry devices are the only ones out there that let us utilize the phones full features however and whenever we like!. No need to jailbreak, or root, or anything, just unlock, and thats because of carriers not RIM.
I can send a video, a picture, a file that can be a word document, a pdf, or whatever file i have in my phone, a SONG, a recording, ANYTHING to ANYONE i feel like pairing (ha ha) with. I can copy paste without feeling ridiculous. I can switch out batteries. I can have multiple email accounts with ease, I can see that i have notifications with just glancing at my phone.
I can theme it, I can make whatever I want my ringtone, I have a reliable and amazing messaging tool called BBM that is lightyears ahead of anything else out there, to the point of being copied by the apple you hold dearest, to no avail.

Im sorry you think shiny and new is cool, im sorry you wish to dispose of your income paying for things you would pay for on any other phone, with a smile on your face. Im sorry you are ok with being trapped inside a companys game, doing only as you are told with YOUR phone.
Its sad that you have never had the blackberry experience. Perhaps one day curiosity with bestow you with the honor of knowing what it is.
BB10 for the m effing world.

If I follow your logic:

Apple users = brain washed
You = Apple user
Therefore, you = brain washed

I'm currently travelling, but I'm doing so with both a BB and an iPhone, with my BB being the primary device because of the ability to handle messaging better. In addition, I own several Apple products as well.

Without even comparing BB10 to the iPhone 5, I'd even say that what's been out there for almost a year with Android is about in line with what's being offered by the iPhone 5. At least the 4S had Siri which I could see being useful, but the 5 only has LTE, 4" screen and a better camera, all of which will be offered on BB10 shortly and on most Android phones already.

The biggest improvements in the iPhone came with the 3G and 4, and I was hoping the 5 would've been as significant of a jump.

You are most correct. I am a BB fan with two boys who have iPods. The funny thing is they love their DS,DSi and now DS3d's all the same. What is really funny is they had to "jail break" their iPods to finally make them easier and fun to use. Go figure. My four BB phones and PB were essentially jail broken right out of the box. The iTunes world is not for us!

WOW! I could never do iPhone because iMore feels WAY WRONG compared to good ole CrackBerry!!

When the contest is over , I can go delete my account!!!

I expecTed something new ...something that's nice. Apple may get away with the same old same old again but I think we will start seeing iphone sales dipping much more than they are currently. The S3 is the top dog as of right now. I speant enough time on it to know that RIM can do better ...much better.

Ill be waiting for BlackBerry10 L and N for me and the wife. RIM please don't let me down. I need this by January..No Later!

Well, it is the new iPhone, another iPhone. Really, IMO there is nothing much to say about it. It is the next logical step of the iPhone series, keeping up the existing philosophy of this line of devices.
Most people who disliked the iPhone up to now, won't change their mind with the iPhone 5. There really aren't any groundbreaking news here. Is this a bad thing? I guess not, at least not for the moment. For all current iPhone fans and lovers it is a decent upgrade. They keep their (beloved) iOS UI and UX, enhanced with new features. Of course there is a hardware upgrade which makes the phone faster, everybody expected that. Apple increased the screen size in a decent way. The new 4" is not too large to drive away existing customers, yet it is enough to keep some more people on the iBoat. Same with the design, it is clearly an iPhone, though apart from the new size it doesn't offer an exciting new design.

Bottom line:
The new iPhone turned out what I expected it to be: A decent upgrade for existing users, but there isn't anything groundbreaking to make people switch. There is no "magic" here. It is still the same old iOS UX users have since years and somehow getting tired of it. Apple ain't really ahead of the competition, though it still has a top notch product which will sell extremely well. Yet it doesn't innovate nor revolutions the mobile phone market in any way.

The Android competition still has the strength of pure choice: You want a +5" "phablet" device? There is an Android for that. You want a screen in the mid 4"s? There is an Android for that. You want a really cheap smartphone? Android has that.
The same can more or less be said about Windows Phone. On the same side, both systems have more or less catched up with Apple in terms of features.

RIM now has the very unique opportunity to give us something really new, build from scratch in the year 2012. They can show us something fresh and exciting - unlike Apple did today.

What....that's the iphone 5....the hell is the different? this is apple new product, what a piece of crap....not much change and not much improve from the previous I'm even more excited for BB10...BB all the way!

It'll still sell millions, but I'm completely underwhelmed. There's absolutely nothing new or ground-breaking in this package and it sort of confirms the rumours that Apple peeps are secretly bracing for disappointing sales. Of course, disappointing sales for an Apple product are still pretty spectacular by most peoples' standards.

I am completely underwhelmed. The iPhone 5 just barely catches up to the Galaxy S3 and not completely at that. If I am RIM I am breathing a huge sigh of relief right now. They still have a chance.

Don't count your chickens before they are hatched.....remember OS 7 launch last year??? Pseudo-Hype...and fell flat except 9900(although i have 9850).
Keep everything calm and cool.RIM was not and cannot compete with will be an achievement if RIM can get back its previous loyal customers who have left and gone for android/iOS shores.

Typical Apple unveiling: the pre-release hype, speculation and anticipation far exceeded the end result. I don't how much more of this the average consumer is willing to put up with, but I find it rather boring and oh so anti-climactic. I'm in no rush to see these in the stores.

I actually kinda like the IP5. Not a huge Apple fan, but I feel they're offering a reasonably compelling upgrade this year. LTE support alone will sell this phone. I've used a Galaxy S3 and its pretty quick over AT&T LTE.

I also prefer the way Apple continues to support older phones with OS upgrades. The fact a 2 year old IP4 can upgrade to OS6 is nice. Same cannot be said for most Androids and WP7/7.5. The fragmented Android OS market is a complete mess in my opinion. Today you can still purchase Androids that cannot go beyond OS 2.2. Google needs to clean up this mess. Consumers are confused.

I just hope RIM has enough gas left in the tank to push BB10 and gain traction in a very competitive market. RIM has an uphill battle and I wish them luck.

BTW, I'm a happy 9900 user on TMo.

I think Apple is handing RIM (and Microsoft, for that matter) a HUGE opportunity.

Hardware is an incremental upgrade. iOS 6 doesn't have anything huge (btw, I'll say Passbook looks very promising, but it's not a game-changer by any stretch). No NFC. No increase in pixel density. No RAM increase if the speculation is correct.

Also, a new connector, which isn't a show-stopper for many but anything that raises an objection to upgrading is trouble.

BB10 will look better against this than the Colt would have against the 4S.

I found the iPhone 5 announcement to be underwhelming. I currently own an iPhone 4 and plan on upgrading in February, 2013. I was not impressed with the new design and believe it looks "cheaper" than the iPhone 4. Although there were a number of hardware improvements, Apple seemed to be catching up with the competition.

Based on the disappointing announcement, my two top phone contenders are the QWERTY Blackberry 10 and the Nokia Lumia 920 (Windows 8).

If Blackberry comes out of the gate strong with a great integrated calendar, web browsing, 4G LTE, and Bold Style QWERTY keyboard, I will be going back to them.

Just Google BB 10 Browser test results and you will know that RIM has great browser experience extremely high on their list of things to accomplish with BB 10. There is no doubt the browser will be best in class.

Calendar will also be amazing. PlayBook 2.0 native calendar is awesome and all the communication apps, Calendar, contacts, email and BBM are powered by Gist. It will be every bit as glancable and informative as the famed Windows Phone people hub.

We also know for a fact that LTE is a certainty, and the CrackBerry team has reassured us that N-series does not disappoint in the traditional BB QWERTY keyboard form factor department.

Plus, you're not tied into a closed sandbox ecosystem that forces you to use Xbox Music + Videos to manage your content. You can get your music and videos from anywhere and load your phone just by dragging and dropping. You can also side load Android apps, and even iOS apps soon. So you have all the joy of a jailbroken iPhone without the need to jailbreak. You can have a Wallpaper. You can transfer files with Bluetooth and your phone will play virtually any file format out there. Oh, and the multi-tasking on BB 10 will put everything else out there to shame.

Without apps like Skype, Netflix ,CNN, Flipboard, Zite, Infinity Blade , .... the BB10 will be DOA ! It does't matter if the multi-tasking is " far out" , awesome .., "the calender is amazing ".... ! People want great APPS! Period!

Uh, no, it won't be "dead on arrival". If those companies/developers don't want to make an app yet, or don't want to at all, then it will NOT be RIM's fault. It will be those companies faults for not contributing.

[[[Based on the disappointing announcement, my two top phone contenders are the QWERTY Blackberry 10 and the Nokia Lumia 920 (Windows 8).]]
I would love to have 4.2" screen, 1200x700 res and above all the hardware QWERTY . The latter is the over-riding requisite. I am all for it.
I am now using a Galaxy Nexus (4.65")running jelly bean and playbook. I really doubt if the iphone 5 can catch up not to mention overtaking such combo.

Daniel T O

iPhone 5 may never see the light of day if Samsung decides to sue over LTE patents as they had threatened!
Imagine the opportunity that will present to RIM..

After buying Nortel's LTE patent portfolio (along with RIM and Microsoft) I don't think Samsung has anything to threaten Apple with here. If they do, then RIM is vulnerable too, but I think we have enough firepower re:LTE.

Let everyone bring their best offerings before the long waited and overdue release of BB 10. BB 10 will leave them all scratching their heads in the end

I have a little different take on all of this from what I have read around.

I believe that any proper discussion about iOS and by extension the iP5 is about more than just the phone.

I see more and more MacBooks everyday, younger folks seem to be using them more than Windows computers has been my anecdotal evidence. Today Apple said they sold 84 million iPads last year, 17 million in the last quarter. There are 450 million iTunes accounts. Text Books are being sold for the iPad. I think this site undervalues the Apple Stores/Geniuses as a simple way of keeping the faithful happy and coming back for more. The phone is just a part of a much larger infrastructure and leaving means you are leaving all this behind and starting fresh.

In the same way that BES has kept corporations tied to BlackBerry, I think this infrastructure keeps the faithful tied to Apple in a way we find hard to understand, but really should not.

On the same tract, I think BB10 has to be more than just an awesome phone and bring the next gen PlayBook to something more than an afterthought,, and I don't even think closing the app-gap is enough here. What is RIM going to do to bring iTunes/PlayStore/Xbox Live for Win 8 (or whatever Win 8 eventually calls their entire infrastructure) to compete with those services. To me that's the $64,000 question (am I dating myself with that reference) that has yet to be answered and where Apple continues to maintain their dominance and today's announcement does not make them weaker in my view when the whole picture is considered.

You should write an article for seeking alpha. In all honesty, that is hte best bear case for RIMM I have heard yet. And it is actually independent thought!

Fair point. The entire Apple experience is key.

However, we Blackberry fans were worried about Apple hitting a home run with the new phone. Instead, it seems that they just managed to get to first base.

This means that one of their formerly strong players (the Iphone) is becoming less fearsome. None-the-less, there is still the rest of the Apple team to contend with.

Personally, this actually builds my anticipation for BB10.

I actually understand what you are trying to say because I've been having a similar discussion with a friend of mine.

However, my problem with Apple is not limited to the iPhone. Its the whole brand. I'm a person of "Price & Quality" and if I feel like the price of a product is far above what it actually offers, then I get put off it. Oh, and the hype about it annoys me too but I'll get to that in a bit.

1) Apple tend to do this a lot. I would admit that they have pretty amazing products, but I feel like their products are over-priced for what they offer. I could liken it to buying a Beats by Dre headphones when I could find something cheaper with actual better quality. For some of the techs who research before buying, you can understand if they are a tad annoyed with the pricing

2) The younger folk are indulging in Apple products but more than half of them don't even use them for what they are meant to be used for. Seriously, an iMac is another operating system with good features, but for those who have used it, its more fine-tuned towards media-related work (e.g. Photo editing, video, music, etc). Exclusive? yeah. But the use at which its subjected to (among the younger folk I've seen) is to browse the internet and write documents.

They are, in essence, spending roughly £900+ on a computer system to do predominantly those 2 things, when they could as well just buy a Windows laptop instead.

Money is being wasted. All because of the hype around it...

Although, one must admit, They do have excellent marketing skills.

Nonetheless, as I said before, Apple products are good, but for the price offered? I would never invest in such a company when I could spend my money elsewhere on similar products that 'DO' what 'I' need them to do.

PS: I'm just 21. I believe I classify as a younger folk too.

i'm just about the same way when thinking of a new piece of technology. Only i'll be the one to wipe windows off that laptop or computer and install Ubuntu and then, customize it to my liking, put the window managers of choice, the desktop environment and all. i look for compatibility, future-proof basically, speed and price. if it's too costly, i'll go elsewhere to get it, or i'll build it myself instead. currently, i have a compaq evo d310v, fully upgraded with the maximum specs it can handle. it works and performs the way I want it to, even if it's a single-core processor driven, at 3.04 GHz with 1GB RAM and a modest hard disk size if 250GB, it is perfect for my needs, regardless of when it was made in. i'll likely go for a socket 775 system. old, but compatible with dual-core CPU's. proudly typed from my QNX playbook on OS 2.0

I don't know how people expect an entirely different phone! I like that I have the 4s and don't feel I HAVE to upgrade to get a good experience. I will receive the new os and all will be good. I mean yeah is the 5 an upgrade over 4s absolutely. Do I feel like I am way behind in technology no. Once BB10 gets going strong do you think the os will be completely different every year and do you really think the hardware will be mind blowing every year? Nope! I do hope RIM takes a note from apple on the year old hardware getting the new os! As of next Wednesday my 4s will feel like a new phone! I feel like Apple and Androids software and hardware will seem a lil underwhelming each year cause I mean how much more can you do?! Hopefully with BB10 in a couple years we can say the same about Rim and Blackberry!

No NFC is interesting.

Also memory is cheap now. They could, if they wanted, put 8gb of RAM and have the top model IP5 with 256gb of storage, without increasing the cost.

At my local tech retailer, I can buy a 32gb thumb drive for AUS$19 (Sandisk). Thus the 16GB of storage in the base model IP5 would be costing Apple something like 30cents.

Also I really like being able to put a microSD card into my BB.

In Australia, I'm seeing more and more people leave Apple hardware for stuff that is different. Ultrabooks and Andriod phones. Apple stuff is more expensive out here though, so that might have something to do with it.

Big BlackBerry supporter here. Say what you want about Apple and their products. They meet their release deadlines. That is more that we can say for RIM. Hopefully, the BB 10 makes it's debut very early in the first quarter of next year.

Remember IOS6 is just a next step iteration of the that platform..compared to BB10 where it is a WHOLE new platform..give RIM some credit for developing a whole new os which i would assume is a heap of a challenge that will hopefully pay off :)

All of us Crackberry fans should enter iMore's free iPhone 5 contest. We should try and get Kevin a fancy paperweight for all his service to the site.

Proudly a member of TeamBlackberry, and in it for the long haul.

LoOL so like, I went to the sister site (iMore) with the link of the competition, added mine cos, well, the funds from selling the phone would be greatly appreciated... and then I read the comments...

The BS people are writing to suck up just so they can win it, I'm blown away LOOL... I mean, some are sincere, but others, You can just tell they are trying to flatter as much as possible.

Anywho, BB10 would be greatly appreciated right about now. I want to prove to my mates that
1) Apple has lost innovation ever since Steve Jobs passed (Rest his soul)
2) Blackberrys have and will always be amazing smartphones
3) It does what it needs to do

Says, this Playbook & Curve 9320 owner

I might be the only one here, but I've always like the design of the ip4 and ip4s. the new ip5 fit and finish looks amazing on the demo reel. showing the manufacturing process gives you an appreciation for the engineering involved in producing the device. again, i may be alone here in saying it, but I think apple deserves to be applauded for their industrial design.

That being said, there isn't much else that i was impressed with. the software is definitely getting stale. but something about the build quality on that device is really appealing to me. RIM is just as capable of making a device with the technical precision that this phone is - treat it as though you are making a luxury watch, or a luxury car. people value this kind of manufacturing. at least i do.

my pearl 3g is getting old, chipped around the corners and the software and hardware is wearing out. maybe i should have upgraded to an OS7 device, but nothing really stood out.. i liked the curve 9380, but was never available on my carrier... hope she lasts till January. im waiting,.. and waiting.

At least they replaced the back glass with aluminum, that's the best thing about it. A glass back was such a transparent way of increasing revenue!

What kind of weird resolution is 1136 x 640 ? Does that sound like a right standard to anyone? The dev alpha's 1280 x 768 is better than BB10 or iPhone5. How about just releasing the dev alpha with Android OS months ago, and RIM could have had back its market share!

Given the well known problems with signal acquisition of the iPhone 4, I think the glass was probably a result of needing to allow the rf into the phone, and it has taken this long to find a way to get a metal case to work. Remember when Asus went from a plastic to a metal case for their tablet and the GPS stopped working? Ooops...
1136 by 640 is what you get if you have a manufacturing line intended for 4.5 inch LCDs, and someone comes along who wants 4 inch in large quantities. Rather than shrink the pixels, put fewer on screen, which costs less to manufacture. It looks like Apple and its suppliers are hedging their bets on cost and volumes.

We never built a product with such a hardworking chinese child labors ever before. This manufacturing plant in China is proudly housed with children from villages all over china. To create the iPhone, we began to look for a cheaper labors on this earth, marvelously we found miraculous CHINA.

Absolutely amazing cost to produce one iphone like never before.

By. Jony Ive, Apple Chief Engineer, Sent from Blackberry Playbook

Not really impressed IMO, NFC should have been added. I'm glad BB10 will get it and we will see 3rd party developers take advantage of it. Adding to the new experience we will get with BB10. People continue to throw money at them so this is what they get. People began to leave BlackBerry and look what we get now, bleeding edge technology and a whole new OS,hopefully they don't become stagnant again down the road. All major players are out, we will see WP8 next month and there hasn't been talks of any other flagship phones for the year, so BB10 will have the floor and everyone's attention given the right marketing.

All I see here is Apple trying to make another incremental update so they can lock in that iPhone-every-two-years buyer. Don't give them everything (NFC, a better/newer experience), just give them enough so they come back (LTE, slightly larger screen).

At least Microsoft and RIM are trying to revolutionize the smartphone experience. I'm waiting till Q1 to evaluate the entire landscape. Come on RIM, don't disappoint me...

If the BB10 phone doesn't blow my socks off then I will probably get the iPhone5 next year. Here's hoping the BB10 phones rocks!

This corny ass site never has a buzz on comments unless Kevin is giving something away for free or he has his head up apples ass. Post how many phones apple has sold since 2007 compared to how many phones bb has sold since it first came out. The sales are no comparison, is that why you never post sales? That's all that matter at the end of the day. Do bb even create a buzz when something decide to come out? Hell no. Continue to be apple haters and keep your corny leader happy with the strong front for the bb10. How long has bb10 been on the shelf? Is there really a bb10 or a figment I you guys imagination!!!

Dude - why are you even here? Go back to iMore... where, not that surprisingly, plenty of iPhone owners are also hating on the iPhone's incremental update.

And I dont think Im along with many others are Apple haters. We just dont think apple offers anything worth leaving BlackBerry for and it's simply overrated. Good phone but definitely overrated.

Seriously, the only argument people have are apps. I never here any other comparison.

Apple just got around to sharing pictures to Twitter or Facebook natively. Yes Apple has an app for everything simply because you need an app to do everything.

But maybe you're upset because the iPhone 5 wasnt what you expected and you see that theres a large majority of your fellow iPhoners that feel the same way.


It took Apple 3 years to create iOS version 1.0 which was not even up to par with feature phone OSes of the day. RIM is doing it in less time with a totally new platform that will be up to par with iOS 6+, Android 4.1+, and Windows 8+

All under intense public scrutiny. RIM will have better hardware and a Better Platform then Apple with BB 10. The only thing they won't have is a legion of hundreds of millions of fanatics. But if they can leverage the strengths of QNX and partner to build an ecosystem beyond phones and tablets, then they have a shot at gaining just such a legion of loyal fans. They just need to deliver.

Absolutely. The iPhone 5 actually represents less of an upgrade over the 4S than the 4S did over the 4...

WP8 is going to get a chance. So will BB10.

I must respectfully disagree about the 5 being less of an update than the 4S was.. The 5 improves over the 4S in the same incremental ways the 4S did over the 4 (camera, processing speed, OS features like maps/pocketbook, Siri+), but also has a taller screen with integrated touch, an entirely new design structure (by that I mean the way it is constructed, though the end result looks very similar), new dock connector, nano-sim and most importantly (IMO) LTE.

One can rightfully argue all of these are underwhelming improvements, but the overall update adds up to more than the 4S was. Heck, LTE alone makes it a bigger upgrade in my mind

I don't see really any different direction Apple could've gone here. They revolutionized the industry with the iPhone and have continued to try and perfect that phone, and they've come pretty damn close short of re-revolutionizing everything all over again. They didn't set out to match any other phone with specific specs, only to make the best iPhone they could. And why would they worry about anyone else, when they have enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) massive, unprecedented sales?

All of that being said, I absolutely agree that this situation leaves RIM poised to make a huge statement in the smartphone industry. Even as reliable and simple as iOS is, people will always be quick to get bored and throw around the word "stale" in the tech world when something doesn't change every 6 months just for the sake of change. Thus, something fresh, innovative, and competitive from Blackberry has a chance to turn a lot of heads. People always crave the next big thing. The question is whether BB10 can deliver.

Here's to hoping it can.

Just like cars, getting to the end in a similar fashion, the phones look close but remain the same. It all comes down to personal preference. I have tried Apple, Android and even Nokia (before windows). Once I went to the Blackberry line my choice just felt right. It gives me what I want and still makes a great phone call. Texting is easy and allows me to keep up with my family no matter where they may roam. The physical keyboard of my BB Tour cannot be touched....I've attempted to try virtual and even tried to find any other physical keyboard with no joy.....The Blackberry keyboard has no equal.....I don't want any other form factor.....Still waiting to spend my money on BB10 physical keyboard phone......BB10 I'm waiting..........

Yea now we would need instagram for RIM and WP8 to have everyone choose best phone for the individual ... IM still going for BB10 :).

How long have you guys been waiting for bb10. To bad it won't be advertised. Guess you gotta sit around and wait for Kevin's updates like you have for the last few months/years.

Like many have said, they barely raised the bar. I'm happy about BB10, but also that S III and WP 8 will bring out options. I'd rather see a situation where we have 4 successful ecosystems.


The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.


lackluster announcement. will possibly pick up the new itouch.. i need to have the latest from all the competitors just so i can feel like a real nerd :)

Ladies and Gentlemen, iOS is now the Oldest UI. iphone 5 is nothing but just bodykit to make look and feel like the coolest phone. Open its trunk, and you'll see nothing really had changed. RIM now has the edge... Go BB10, lets " rock n roll " this baby..!!!!!!

I don't think I can wait until the BB10 is released. My BB Bold 9930 is starting to breakdown. It's running really sluggish and keyboard is not as responsive. Maybe if I can get BB to send me a working replacement?

With everyone going 4 inches on full touch screen phones I hope the new BB phone coming will be changed to 4 inches as well so people wont have another reason to not wanna get it otherwise we will hear how the screen is too small compared to whats on the market and how RIM is still playing catch up. with that said cant wait to see the full qwerty BB10 next year. Ugh next year seems so far away to wait for.

Yeah - I was just over there to check some of the opinions of the iLemmings. And to my surprise there are surprisingly negative undertones to the conversations. Yeah, some are hyped, but my impressions of the tone is... muted or downright negative. They expected more.

Kevin, will you be able to talk about your initial impressions of the Iphone5 and how it compares to your initial interaction with the L and N series BB10 phones? We know you had to sign a NDA so anything you can say w/o giving up too much is appreciated.


The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.

Looks like Apple is becoming complacent with recycling the same product with minor enhancements. Hmmmm.... Where have I seen this before????!!!!! Oh yeah blackberry os 4-7. My decision to wait for BB10 just got easier. Need the reliability of BlackBerry with the 10 platform. #blackberrybychoice LET'S GO!!!!!!!!

I'll get the IP5 which will replace my IP3GS, if BB10 comes out and is in fact a revolutionary product...BIG IF... I will consider it. For now, IP5 is my phone.

many of us thought there would be a surprise but were surprised that there was no surprise :P #Apple #fail :P

#BB10 will rule... Period.

Apple is ridiculous. All i ask on every iPhone is a blinking LED light, and they cannot even do that. ONTOP OF THAT, the iPhone 5 is so similar to the iPhone 4S just bigger screen and what not. They couldn't even include a 12 megapixel camera? Not even innovative anymore. it's all the same stuff. #bb10. CAN'T WAIT FOR BLACKBERRY to come out with an amazing phone.

"It's worth entering... if you win it you can sell it and put the money aside for a BlackBerry 10 phone when it hits. ;)"

Hehe....that really made me laugh. Exactly my thoughts.

The best quote I read in twitter about new iphone goes like this

"so it's a new hardware & OLD software as expected :)" Lipstick on a pig...." LOL

Apple left the door slightly ajar, not wide open as others have suggested......I just hope RIM went BIG, REAL BIG so they can kick the door right off the hinges because if not, it will be DOA........

Alot depends on the speed of nfc adoption. Apple is banking on it not taking off for another year, when they can sell you a new phone (and it will be a new, wonderful feature that nobody has ever seen before, right?) But if it does take off in some markets, Apple will lose momentum.

The direction of the changes seem to be towards making the new iPhone cheaper. It uses a simpler construction, a smaller, cheaper dock, a display which is no longer leading edge, and is lighter (less material). I suspect that it is also engineered for future robot assembly, now that this is getting cheaper than even 3rd world hand assembly.

The high prices mean that Apple will get good profitability to recover all the engineering and marketing costs from the people who actually buy unlocked ones.

This gives them the possibility that next year when they will be up against very high spec phones from Samsung, HTC, Nokia and RIM, they can simply start a price war.

Suing everybody isn't working. Undercutting them enough could wipe out Nokia, RIM, HTC and other smaller players. Sony might get out of phones. Then Apple will just have to contend with Huawei and Samsung.

Meanwhile Huawei is starting to invest in the UK, presumably to improve its public perception and profile.

In 2014 the phone market could be a three way contest between Apple, Samsung and Huawei. Either of the last two could have bought RIM or Nokia.

It's like a dinosaur movie, only for real.

Iphone 4s & 1/2, apple was more focused on suing Samsung rather than focused on being innovative, suckers. BLACKBERRY by choice

Man I love my bb but yall blackberry fans are funny.

My 9900 is so inferior to the iPhone 4.

This phone isn't fun I can't just play certain games with my friends. I don't wanna give up my keyboard and email so I guess I will have to keep suffering with blackberry :(.

Man its so sad even editing a photo on my blackberry is boring.

Smh I hope bb10 listen to the customer.

Bb users love to call iphoneusers isheep but think about apple listens to their customers. There products are polished and easy to use.

For the most part their os is stable. My bb freezes so much my Web is so slow I gave up. I just enjoy texting, emailing and dl music from the Web with easy using wifi of course.

I also have playbook damm I cant facetime anyone without one.

This is pathetic I swear damm I want simple things.

Don't get me wrong I love bb but damm can we get things folks already had 2 years ago atleast.

You don't want simple things, you want something that everyone else has but you: an iPhone. Be honest with yourself and go buy one.
However life is very simple: if you want to play games, buy a gaming console. You want to surf the web, stop paying extra and use the internet at home.

It's 2012 do you realize you can have all that in a device?

RIM is all about communication right?

Well how bout they let me do just that. Give bb users half ass shitty products.

How bout my phone not freaking freeze for a damm day or my battery last me more than 4 hours even doe im not really using my phone.

Bb users so use to not having shit so when someone suggest features they would like from another company its blasphemous.

Gtf for real if I want to facetime my friends I hope the device I just spent 200 on plus a 2 year contractor can do so.

Like I said I love mybb but I'm tired of being short changed and being left behind.

Step it up rim.

Interesting how Blackberry has nothing to compete specs wise isn't it LOL Still untill Blackberry can have a phone that runs smoother faster and has better apps than the iPhone Blackberry will be my BBM only device.

I only wish that the BB10 was coming out closer to the release of the Iphone5. The phone looks nice but so does the BB10. But up to 6 months after the IPhone5. To me that is not good. I have had a BB for over 10yrs and I will do my best to hold out until the first qtr of the year

Can't argue with the smoothest, fastest running phone and maybe the huge margins are why the apps are the best and knock the socks off anything Blackberry currently has LOL

You clearly lived, live and forever will live in Apple's world.
Take a tour around the world sometime, you'll see that things are completely different when you don't have someone saying "Buy Apple, we are the best"

Pal I own Blackberry devices from the 7290 to my current 9810 reality check! Blackberry from OS5 to OS7 is only an incremental update and their biggest leap is BB10 that most likely already behind the competition otherwise they would of released it when Thorsten said he could a year ago! You my friend need to live outside of the Blackberry world cause they far far behind the competition! I have two iPhones a 3G and a 4S the 3G is still better than anything Blackberry has currently and that doesn't even have video recording LOL

You are right, blackberry 10 will probably be behind the competition when it releases, but to me if it is smooth and runs fast I don't care. I owned all of the iphones but the 1st and the 3g was the worst iphone of them all and saying that is better than what blackberry has out now is funny. However the 4s is a nice phone but I'm happy with my 4 and my 9930.


Kevin and crew, I have posted here before and I am basically going to say the same thing, but this time I have more insight to add. Disclosure: I rock a 9900, own an ipad 2, dumped my iphone 4, typing this on my Macbook Air, just bought a 32GB Playbook.

Here is the nitty gritty: This new Iphone may be a bit boring and less then wow, IT WILL SELL the most ever. We as BB fans discus the upcoming BB10 devices with saliva dripping from our mouths. There will never be a line up for the BB10 and CNET AND will bash the product sight unseen. WHY?


Today, should be the start of the campaign for BB10 , TODAY!!! I fully expect more of the same from RIM, great device, bad marketing, no market demand. The consumer electronics marketplace is cut throat and very very fickle. The consumers buy what they feel works best, looks best and very important: makes them feel good about their purchase.

Going back and forth about what the phone can do and cannot do, it convinces NOBODY to switch. Everyone here has seen the Apple commercials, right? Dude, those marketing folks are moving i stated before the Iphone is a great mobile device, poor phone....but if you are told that it's the coolest by the masses, it's hard to resist.

DEAR RIM, ( NEW MARKETING GUY) bring a gun to this gun fight, not a sharpened Popsicle stick. I am trying to say that BB10 aside, the type of message and style will determine the success more than the substance. I just got a playbook ( deep discount) it's amazing...and I bought it despite the advice of the employee at the store.

Nuff said!

I wonder if Kevin and Renee would make this interesting for us all. Put something meaningful on the line - maybe a gift to the others favorite charity, who sells the most phones in the first month, quarter - you pick the time. Since the BB faithful feel this iPhone is a dud, why not put some money where are mouths are and agree to chip in for the favorite charity of the winner, make it interesting.

While we're already aware that 100% of CrackBerry readers don't give a rat's behind about the iPhone 5 based on yesterday's humorous poll??

100% of people supposably didn't care because it was a ONE-sided poll. There was NO option for iPhone fans. I'm a blackberry fan but I think it disapointed many apple fans not seeing the option for iphone

Hell, No.

I won't take an iphone 5.

However i switched recently to a HTC ONE X but i will get a BBX when it's out !
Well, probably keyboard one.

Announcement was lacking anything that caught my eye. I was expecting there to be another Apple trademark kick with some new innovation, it just didn't come. IOS 6 is the same old stuff and starting to show its age, yeah its an improved device and software but is by no means a market leader in terms of innovation or features like it once was. There are really nice top line WP8 and Android devices that have more functions options and better specs. Blackberry 10 is still to come and it looks like a very promising change to OS7 with some great new gestures and multitasking abilities. With this being as big of a non event as the iPhone 4S I think the door is wide open for other OS's to take the reins and become a few steps of Apple and their devices.

The article where all the "analysts" are chipping in with their 2 cents worth is nothing but reiteration of blind blathering. These people seem to be ignorant rants and in favour of Apple. No real clues.

RIM must deliver BB10 on schedule and then make sure it is so good that the media can stop with the RIM is dead jokes. If this happens then I do see the general public, not us the ones that already have and plan to get a new BlackBerry, getting a BB10 device. If everything goes well then RIM will slowly take back some share. No one should expect that by this time next year RIM will be huge again, it will take some time, a long time, but at this point that is the name of the game, RIM needs to give hit after hit while delivering killer products and services to be gaining new uses little by little.

But no one is buying BB because ...

The goal is to sell phones.....think on that.

Even if you are being forward thinking, which RIM is not...if you don't sell enough phones you are not around long enough to matter or continue to push the bar.

I walk into a room I see one company doing that and I see another falling apart year after year record low sells and etc....

Jokes on you :)

This was the only place I was not expecting an iPhone free publicity..
What purpose does this article serve?

I know people might want to refer to it as competition, but come on isn't the i-phone getting enough publicity that you are adding one more to it?

For me CB is like a pure BB blog where I want to read only about BB phones nothing else.
So, I think it be would be great if we only keep it to BB phones only.

Sadly, just signed up for an iphone5.

Was waiting for BB10 but my bold 9700 stopped working and 1) I'm not investing in BB7 and 2) am not going without a phone for four months.

I really wish RIM would learn to ship!