The iPhone 3GS - Now With More Old Features!

By Bla1ze on 24 Jun 2009 08:51 am EDT

Ahh, the new iPhone 3GS seems to have had a little bit of an identity crisis with its launch. First it was the iPhone 3G S, now Apple is scrambling to fix their branding all to say iPhone 3GS and while RIM plays name games with the BlackBerry loyalists with codenames such as Niagara, Onyx, Driftwood, etc. they at least (not yet anyways!) launch a product then scramble to correct their own branding of said product.

In any event here is a little poke at the new "iPhone 3GS" from CollegeHumor. Big thanks to all who sent this one in. Now what I wanna know is, who out there gets their "Wicky-Wicky" on? Don't lie, we won't judge you, promise!

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The iPhone 3GS - Now With More Old Features!


It's even better they compare it to an entry level enVTouch (which is a fantastic dumb phone) But yes, the iPhone is a far superior device to any.. :-P

Now THAT'S funny! Everytime someone sees my BB and the great iPhone/BB debate starts, I remind them of the many useless apps that are provided to them and the ones they crave/want for the iPhone that my BB has - FREE! Now I have more to add to the convo!

Oh, and I love asking them what do they have to do when the battery in the iPhone no longer holds a charge. I love the look on their faces when I show them my REPLACEABLE battery!

lolz!!! yeah, i never understood the point of have a battery that you cant replace by yourself. my pplz try to justify this by saying, "well i can schedule an appoint @ the Apple store and they'll take care of it right away." imho, they still take an L for this because of the simple fact that you HAVE to schedule an appointment and have someone do this for you instead of just being able to go buy a new one and pop out the old one and throw in the new battery...and lets not talk about the fact that its JUST getting copy & paste, mms and video. i mean...that was basic stuff like 4 years ago.

Are you guys still whining like a bunch of girls about the battery? Pull your freakin head out of you’re a$$es. The battery in these phones will last 4 years. By then most people will have upgraded their phone to the latest version.

I think Blackberry f_u_c_k up more by only having 256mg of memory for the OS and any app that you want to install. Oh and the reason Blackberry allows you to pull the battery….it’s because everyone is always having to do battery pulls to clear up memory of fix a crashed Storm. Deal with it.

lol, got that right, at least we have a stable os and are mixing and match to make "hybrids" and we have everything you bb guys have....say whatever makes you feel better

Yeah 3gS the "S" stands for stupid for the people who buy this piece of crap thinking its a technical revolution!!! Wow MMS, cut & paste??? Viva la revolution!!! Talk about cutting edge!

lol yea! I was like "Oh, the new Iphone has a keyboard?"
Lmao, no. It has a compass!

Still, the Iphone is sooo shiny and sleek.. hard not to stare.

Honestly whether you love blackberries,iphones, or whatever phone you are partial too this video is stupid...straight up stupid!!!!!

hahaha, that compass part was gold.. as an ex blackberry user who is now an iphone user, all this "revolutionary" crap is bs. lol. iphone is honestly excellent for what it is, same goes for blackberries. if you need a phone thats good for work, ie. push email and bbm, go out and buy a blackberry. iphone is good for just about everything else, its an awesome multimedia device. think about it this way though, half of the people out there with blackberries just have them because they are trying to look cool or, they are just totally against apple because it seems to be what everyone else is doing...

is a rediculous argument. People choose Iphone because it's really cool-contrary to what you said BB's aren't. They are two different phones with two different target demographics. Here's the bottom line: IPhone for fun, BlackBerries for business. Whenever I get crap from from an IPhone user, I tell them, "When you grow up you'll get a BlackBerry."

Ha - that was pretty funny.

Let's face it, while Apple didn't exactly invent all the features - it sure knows how to implement them.

The UI is 2 years old and it still one of the slickest out there.


That was absolutely classic!! Love how they f***ed with them re the keyboard. Awesome!!

Hey Steve, where's the innovation?

Well I just to start I'd like to say that I was so excited to get my storm....until I actually got. The storm is the biggest piece of junk I have ever owned. I think it's funny how people need to criticize a device that has been pretty much perfected just because they don't have it. Why do we need a physical keyboard when the iPhones touchscreen actually works and is great to use. You joke on the S? Trust me the "speed" blows the storm away, including the original 3g. So I would have to say the new phone is a great innovative improvment. Umm the compass jokes? I love the face that the phone can point me in the right direction, can yours? Lol didn't think so. I could keep going but I think I've said what I needed to. And for the people that will call me a apple fanboy, well not until I got my 3gS, but u can call me that because now that I don't have a worthless, rushed storm in my hand that can barely make a phone call, I have become a Apple fanboy. If you had real technology in your hand you would be one too. P.S. All thus was sent very easily from my iPhone 3GS in about 2 min. Try that on your "touchscreen" blackberry lol

I'm pretty sure most of the users on this site can very well afford your little iphone, its not like our blackberries are cheap

I've had the iPhone 3G before I switched back to my Curve 8900 and I agree the iPhone is awesome......and so is this video LOL! .. but as for the new iPhone 3GS features....

Who really needs a compass? is that something that would make or break buying the device?

You want one so bad you gotta make fun of it?
NO BB device comes CLOSE to that...
Show me how to edit video on the Storm...