iPhone 3GS First Impressions, Smartphone Round Robin

CrackBerry Kevin Goes iPhone 3GS
By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Jan 2010 02:57 pm EST

After a bit of a hiatus, the Smartphone Round Robin is back in full swing. Week #4 has me rock'n the iPhone 3GS. Below you'll find the video of me walking through the device with Rene Ritchie of TheiPhoneblog.com. Most people out there are pretty familiar with what the iPhone is all about so we spend our time talking shop and touching on a variety of points, including the amount of time I have spent on my very own iPhone 3GS. Check it out!

For your chance to win an iPhone 3GS, you can chime in on the forum thread I created over at TiPb. As for BlackBerry in the Round Robin this week, it's in the trusty hands of Phil Nickinson of WMExperts (see Phil's hands-on first impressions). For your chance to win a new BlackBerry, be sure to give him a hand over in our own CrackBerry forums. And for the latest in Round Robin updates and contest details, be sure to visit SmartphoneRoundRobin.com. Enjoy the show!

CrackBerry Goes Apple iPhone 3GS

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iPhone 3GS First Impressions, Smartphone Round Robin


Is does the iToy's battery not make it through the whole day like my Storm 2. Battery life is my only issue with my BB (THAT I LOVE)!!!

But the new powermat will make me not care so much. :)

I work with a few iPhone owners as well as have friends who have it. They complain about battery life and I have seen my Storm 1 beat it in battery efficiency. Thank goodness it's not as multi-task oriented as the BB or it might really be bad. :p

I haven't used the Storm 2 but the Storm 1 had one of the worst battery lifes of any phone I've ever owned. My iPhone 3GS kills it big time and with a LOT more usage on it. I'm far from an iPhone fanboy and my old Curves battery outlasted the iPhone by about 3 times. (From what I've heard the 3gs battery performs a lot better than previous versions and that may be why the discrepancy)

Lets see

Iphone 3gs = junk

Storm 1/2 = junk

So its junk versus junk.

Android is where its at.

Blackberry keeps recycling the same OS over, iphone you cant customize. Boring. Yes I do realize they make changes to the BB OSes, but they always look about the same...

you make some good points , ive been using blackberry for years , and the os does seem the same. i can pick up from five years ago , and wont have a problem navigating . cause its the same shit that they have today. but i must say , it works at the end of the day.

with apple , i never gave it the light of day. for it to be this super phone and just now getting shit blackberry had years ago, is a joke. mms, copy and paste?? whats up with that?

when i decided to go with the droid. it was a major improvement. i cant put it down ,google shocked me . when the anounce they were getting into the smartphone business . i laghed at them. then i saw the g1 , i was ctfu. now i have to put my foot in my mouth , they took over the game. they just keep getting better as the days go by.

As a BB 9700 user (pretty good phone!)

I have used both extensively, and laugh whenever i hear the iphone refered to as the itoy!

Ok, so you like the archaic blackberry's for whatever reason..great.. but don't try to make like its something its not..Which is more advanced than an iphone..Or RIM would not be trying to have their own version (sad as it may be) and i lost count of all the iphone themes that are out there so you BB lovers can TRY to make your little FF's (Fruit Fones) look and act like the ITOY as you call it..

Just use your dated technology and quit being so sour that your stuck with what you have...

Just sayin

Oh and bring on the heat. but i wont be reading it so have fun!

isnt a apple a fruit? and dont you think the iphone is also dated? bb is guilty of being dated , but dont act as if the iphones shit dont stink. they gave you copy and paste , and mms , onto the same shit that was there in 07.
strip the 3gs of a few new apps , and tell me you dont have the first gen iphone. better yet take away video recording and tell me you dont have the 3g

Man, it's amazing how defensive BlackBerry fanboys can get when someone mentions the iPhone. So RIM came up with the Storm all on their own right? They didn't feel threatened by the iPhone and decided to retaliate (which failed)?

Have you used an iPhone, the OS is a night and day difference compared to the BlackBerry's archaic OS. I have an iPod Touch and find myself using it for everything except e-mails which I leave to my BB.

There are more companies than Apple and certainly more phones than the iPhone. RIM decided it was time for a touchscreen device, they tried...and yes they failed miserably. The second version is better by leaps and bounds.

To infer that RIM made the Storm solely because of the iPhone is to infer that RIM targeted the Storm at iPhone users. I highly doubt that was the case, but more along the lines to add to RIM's lineup of smartphones and try something new.

Apple is so stuck on the iPhone form factor that it's becoming old whereas practically every other company has updated and streamlined their products.

The RIM OS is not archaic, it has made significant improvements over the years. RIM devices are made for professionals, the iPhone for more aesthetic driven people.

You sir can keep your Touch, I'll keep mine too...but I will not get an iPhone because it just simply isn't for me.

I agree with most of your points except the RIM OS. I do think it is archaic. I'd really like to see the awesome hardware that comes with RIM phones with a solid OS like the Android or Linux.

RIM's push technology is not really based on the phone OS but the BES/BIS solution which can be had regardless of what OS the phone has.


And you guys can keep your iPod Touch, the Archos 5 Tablet runs android, and does a hell of a lot more, Berry for calls Archos for play, and when i can get some software to to allow PAN connections via Bluetooth from teh Archos to teh Berry so i can use that as my internet connection i wil be in Hog Heaven

It's interesting to hear a little level of frustration in Rene's voice as he talks about some of the limitations of his iPhone throughout the video.

I do have to say that the iPhone does have some wonderful features. It will be interesting to see what Kevin reports on the improvements over last year's entry.

I just don't like solely touchscreen devices. I could tolerate the Storm 2 because of its clicky nature, otherwise I would need a dual touch and keyboard device. If Apple were to do that I think I would seriously consider getting it...for about 5 seconds, I need my BBM.

Bingo! That's one of the main gripes I have with the iphone. Having to hack a phone to enable some of the basic functionality that EVERY true smartphone has. All smartphones, bar the iphone, can fully multi-task. Without that one aspect, how can people consider the iphone a smartphone? Its a very high spec feature phone. Lovely to use when used as Apple dictated, but stray off Apples Yellow Brick Road at your peril. All sorts of extra functionality and quirks may lurk in the bushes.

The iphone is a great device when used as "the Web in your pocket." device, or games machine.

The productivity and stability with the media aspects of the iphone would create a stellar device for all.

I personally love the OS of my BlackBerry Bold 9700. I used to own an Iphone 3GS and it was awesome. I didn't think it was a toy at all. In fact, I used it for work in about the same way as I used my BlackBerry. I loved the media player and itunes. But I missed the advanced messaging of the BlackBerry. Battery life on the Iphone was not the greatest, but I couldn't tell if it was just that the battery-life was that bad or because the device was so awesome that I could never put it down and drained the poor thing. I love my BB and I really liked the Iphone. If the Iphone had a messaging system that was as great as the BB, I would have kept it for sure. Both are great devices. Anyone would/should be happy with either.

In the past, I've owned an iPhone 3G for about a month (didn't care for AT&T) and a BB (8900) for 10 months. I'm currently using an iPod Touch (along with a flip phone).

I'm sorry to say it but the iPhone's OS is just all around better than any BB's OS. OS 5.0 was definitely a step up from 4.6 but it still isn't as smooth as the iPhone OS.

Even though I barely download apps, I gotta say that Apple's App Store blows BB's App World and the CB App Store away. There's just so many more apps (with the exception of the stupid ones) and thousands of them are free. When I was navigating through BB's App World and the CB App Store, I almost never found any free apps.

Of course, the Safari browser owns the BB browser. I think I've only used the BB browser once in the 10 months that I had my BB. 3rd party browsers like BOLT and Opera Mini were definitely better but they still had their issues. They were good for basic HTML but still have a long way to go to match mobile Safari.

When it comes to memory, the iPhone is a beast. It might not have expandable memory but at least it offers plenty of GBs to store apps whereas BBs offer a few hundred MBs.

Another gripe I have about BBs are the build quality. With the exception of the Bold, all of them seem to be made out of cheap plastic material. I really don't like this. The iPhone is made out of glass and plastic but feels realy solid. My Curve had a loose battery door, wobbly keypad, unreliable trackball, and "creaky" build.

The 8900 was my first BB and definitely a good phone but those annoyances pretty much overrode the things I liked about it. Sorry to say but until RIM can fix all of those gripes, I'm not going back to BB.

So I've sold my BB and am using an iPod touch/Nokia flip phone for now. I'm very interested in the N1 but it's too expensive. I'm content with the Nokia/iPod for now so I can wait for price drops and discounts in the future.

RIM needs to step up their game.

Both BB's and iPhones are nice. I would definitely have it as a second phone with the 9700 as my primary. Internet Browsing on the iPhone is probably the most attractive feature to me. The main reason I switched back to my BB was for the keyboard and some small things such as the email features, the ability to copy specific things in an sms and such.
However, I would choose the iPhone over either of the Storm phones any day.

Both phones have their issues...

iPhone has a crap battery, the original iPhone had a bigger battery capacity than the 3GS...which is sad but BB's all have the same OS yet, they all have different versions which is horrible as hell.

lol have u seen the article that was loaded on the safari browse? it said "chinese retails sold 5 iphones in the last 2 weeks" lol

I've been a faithful Blackberry user for years, but IF the opportunity should arise I would consider trying an Iphone, not sure how long I would last w/o my BB tho! :)

I've been a faithful Blackberry user for years, but IF the opportunity should arise I would consider trying an Iphone, not sure how long I would last w/o my BB tho! :)

So Kevin is Canadian (didn't know that) and he's an F1 fan as well !! Awesome dude :)

I actually considered getting an iPhone when they anounced the F1 App, but it's too expensive

I personally love the blackberry cos I prefer to have a physical keyboard as opposed to the glass. I tried the iphone for a week and I'll admit it is a fun phone, but not to functional for productivity individuals. If you like multimedia functions then it will be a fun phone. I was not impressed overall but had a fun time, kinda like that hot girl that plays hard to get and then once you finally get with her you find she is boring. A couple of my co-workers were once blackberry users and they jumped on the iphone gravy train and just today they both admitted that they regret switching and can't wait to get back to using blackberry's. So the moral of the story is "once you go BLACKberry, you never go back" lol!!!

I guess I will always be out on the limb as I just don't understand all the hype over a phone. If the phone does what you want and need, then it's a great phone in my opinion.... period! My wife's Samsung Eternity is a great phone, she loves it and I was proud to buy it for her. My daughter's iPhone is a great phone, she loves it and I was proud to buy it for her (and retire her BB Curve 8320), and my other daughter's BB and my BB are great phones because we both love them and I was proud to buy both of them. I would never talk about other people's choice of a phone the way I see on all these forums because I would have to talk about my own wife and daughter's phones and I love them too much to treat them that way. Maybe when some of these people realize that the world doesn't revolve around the choice of a phone and that you buy what works for the people in your life and yourself, some of the vitriol will leave and that will make all the forums a better place to visit.

I've seen the iPhone, played with the iPhone & can't bring myself to actually own one, like they "to each their own." My boss says that I'm "anti-establishment" because I have a Blackberry & not an iPhone, to me it does seem too much like a toy. I have some friends that have them too, they seem filled with pointless apps, one that replicates a lightsaber, really? That's going to come in handy. One that tells you wait times at Disney, how much can you go to Disney for goodness sakes?! My Blackberry has things that come in handy Docs to Go, actually use it for work, QuickLaunch, which makes the Blackberry even better (who'd a thunk that was possible!). Yeah, I've got some "mindless" apps on my Berry, Facebook, ESPN, etc. but nothing like what I've seen on peoples iPhones. Like others have said, people have their preferences and always will, but for this guy, I've turned to the Blackberry side & I'm here to stay, guess I'll alway be "anti-establishment" in some peoples eyes. LOL

i will admit the iphone is a pretty nice phone. I still like my blackberry more. If they had an iphone that wasn't with ATT then i would at least consider moving to an iphone. They do have some pretty cool apps, more so than blackberry. Hopefully that changes soon.

I have an 8900 and love it for it's simplicity. Just upgraded the OS to 5.0 and have to say that it's a lot better than with OS 4.6. BB just has the whole "simple for business" thing down. Without having to dig into too many menus you get quick access to what you need. The BB was designed primarily for business users in mind so adding multimedia capabilities is a bonus I'd say...so what if the OS is a little dated, at least I can upgrade my OS with beta leaks and have open access to my smartphone whenever I want.

The iphone serves it's purpose in fairly good fashion as well. I don't have one, but I did buy the new ipod touch and have to say that I love using the thing. I use it for work and play and it has served me well for both, although primarily for play. But I do like remote control of my macbookpro (can even remotely control my windows machine with an app I bought) and that's pretty handy as a business tool. This is just something the BB can't do at the moment. So, I can see the merits of the iphone.

Overall though, I find the BB a lot more useful for my needs. I can get things done faster (shoot off an email, send an sms, make a call, and chat all with relative ease). I don't know if you can program buttons on the iphone, but being able to natively (without having to download an app...no, I prefer not to have to buy and app for that) assign commands to convenience keys on the BB just helps me work that much more efficiently. It's that multi-tasking capability that I like, something the iphone lacks with having to switch off this app to use that one - surprised there isn't an app to fix that? And of course being stuck with a carrier kinda sucks, especially the lousy one Apple picked to carry the iphone out here - Telkomsel has a horrible network, at least ATT only has issues in major cities; Telkomsel has issues nationwide in Indonesia.

If I were given an iphone I'd probably use the crap out of it...but not for work...definitely for play.

I've owned both the iPhone and Storm 2. Both plus & minus, but at the end of the day it comes down to coverage. VERIZON WINS HANDS DOWN. I remember with the iPhone getting dropped all the time, not with my Storm 2. And I've driven from FLA to Texas to NY. And great coverage for the Storm 2.

What can i say, ive owned two Iphones, and hands down it is the BEST phone out there. Im sorry to say it really is. And im stuck now with my BB, which i do love my storm 9550, but verizons hype is all that, just hype. Because your phone may be in 3G 99% of the time, but holy crap its so slow, im sick of how slow verizons network is, and they charge so much and i cant even get roll over minute. Iphone has the all the things someone wants out of a phone, i love it, i miss it, i want it back. Unfortunately im with Verizon now.....sad to say.

better is in your head, and bashing is useless, its just a electronic device. Technology is always changing, don't matter what phone you got its the phone that does what you need it to when you need it to. If the choice of a piece of plastic can have this effect wow i wish this kind of energy can be pushed out into something that can help us all be better at what we do than what a soon out dated technology will be. there will always be better phones and phone will become better at what they do. once you got a phone and it gets all your work done thats all that is important. both bb and iphones makes life a little more happy, just try to keep it that way.
When the next generation of phone arrive i guess we will be at it again repeating this glorifying over a piece of plastic.
come on people, we can do better than that.

I've been using BB for awhile now and my new 9700 is fantastic. that doesn't mean the iphone isn't its just my preference as I'm very used to getting around on a BB. if i had an iphone when they were first released i would most likely feel the same way about it.but i didn't and i don't. personally i like the physical keyboard. i don't care for any of the touchscreen phones, but again that's my preference.enough said i'll stick with my trusty Blackberry

I'm a long time Mac user and own a Storm 2, my third BB in fact. I also really like the iPhone... some of you people need to grow up.

The reason I didnt buy an iPhone is because the storm 2 just pushed ahead a little further for my needs.. end of.

Put it this way... not saying i want to, but until RIM or Apple put me on their payroll, I'm not flying the flag for either companies.

I like reading the posts, mostly to aid in research as well as entertainment, but I've been reading alot about the so-called BB responding to Iphone touch technology. Well, the truth is that all iphone brought to the table was dual touch intergration. Touch PDA's have been in use for over 20 years and the actual use of touch interface to input information into computer systems has been in use, even if it was in its experimental phase at the time, for over 50 years. I hate to say it but some times we need to control the inner fanboy, being one myself.

The I-phone is slowly got me wondering if I want to go that route in a phone. That being said, I need to have my call quality, something the Apple Iphone cant provide. I would buy that phone, if I could get it with a Data only package.

I've been a BlackBerry user for years. I support BES at the office as well as iPhone, Droid, WinMo. I have the Storm1 and really don't use it that much for email when I'm at near a wifi spot. Recently I purchased an iPod Touch, so I'm not comparing the exact thing here, but I kind of prefer the iPod touch over my Storm for general use. First up I like that I have about 6 pages of apps on my Touch and i can barely load up 6 apps on my Storm before I get that screen saying that I need to remove some apps to free up some space. WTF, in 2010 I need to free up some space. F' that. Give me more space. Then the browser, way better on the Touch. I can sit my Storm down for several minutes before the page loads most of the time I get frustrated and just hit up the webpage on the touch. I think I will have a hard decision coming up if Verizon gets the iPhone.

The fan boys on both sides of the iPhone vs. Blackberry debate are always rooting for their device no matter what, and both sides have great points. I have gone through more cell phone manufacturers than I care to think about, with the driving force to be on the leading of edge of technology but at the same time having a device that is dependable and reliable enough to use in every situation and in every locale that my business takes me to. Besides the need for instantaneous email access, web access, etc., the primary reason that I have a smartphone is that I need a phone that works whenever and whereever I am. What I love about my BB Bold 9000 is that first and foremost it is a great phone! The sound quality is great, the speakerphone quality is great, the battery life is great, and I rarely have any dropped calls, even though I am on AT&T. I can't even begin to count the number of complaints that I have heard from my associates that have iPhones and WinMo devices, but rarely is that an issue with my associates that have Blackberrys. What is - and should be - discussed and argued amongst all of us are the various nitpicks between the two titans of the smartphone world, but what isn't up for debate is that the Blackberry product line is just a solid work horse of a phone that delivers on all of the key points that are truly crucial to having a cell phone.

I have owned and carried both of these phones, and I don't think it's possible to fairly compare them. They are aimed at different users. If you are the type who needs multi-media capabilities and loves a slick interface, then the iPhone will work fine for you. If you are more interested in utility and email capability then the Blackberry is the phone for you. Comparing these two is like asking if your hammer or your wrench is better; it all depends on what you need to do. Neither phone is really superior to the other. They are just different. I never listen to music or watch movies on my phone, so the iPhone is wasted on me. Assess your needs and choose accordingly.

This is the true nature of the debate, not which is better but which better fits your needs. Totally agree with your comment.

You guys can argue about this for years, but no matter what it's always going to be just an arguement no one will ever win because it's a matter of personal opinion. The IPhone is a great device that was revolutionary, and is great for games, web browsing some productivity and the obvious being media. Blackberry is a great messaging device and all around productivity. Why does everyone have the need to argue? Everyone has or should have the device that meets their needs most.

It looks like most of the anti iPhone comments are written by kids. Kids who don't know anything about the iPhone. The iPhone 3GS walks all over any Blackberry ever made and quite easily. Thats not much of a feat though since the BB OS is painfully, obviously, antiquated. Even the half baked Android OS is superior. RIM needs to get its act together and quick. The history of technology is littered with the carcasses of companies who once had it all and didn't think they need to react quickly to new threats.

IF everyone in this forum can get free iPhone 3GS and free bb9700 the world would be sweet and peaceful again *LoL* Most of these comments are lame (fruits talk) owh please :(

I only got a blackberry storm because Verizon doesn't have an iPhone. But I got my storm around the time OS 5 was released so I never got to deal with the gripes of the original OS. The only thing that bugs me is the lack of "pointless" apps for the storm. I would really love to have a tap tap revenge for the storm but I do not forsee that happening anytime soon. Or maybe a rotary phone dialer like a couple of my droid buddys brag about.but other than that I have really enjoyed my blackberry storm.

I have the utmost respect for a person's choice on a device. Whether it be the iphone or the Blackberry. I have BB and totally suits my needs. I have friends who have the iphone and they love it and they also think my Tour is a great device too. I don't bash their phone and they don't bash mine.
I happen to prefer a keyboard and I like how the BB works for me. I do listen to music on it and actually, it sounds great. I have some of my favorite CD's on it. But my main reasons for the BB: my call quality is awesome. My jawbone works well with it and sounds great. I get my email and when my notebook was being replaced and didn't have it, my BB was there........working hard for me.
Love your iphone love your BB respect what people choose.