iPhone 3.0 FirmWare Still Lacking?

iPhone Boasts New Fatures!
By Bla1ze on 18 Mar 2009 09:22 am EDT

The good folks over at out best frenemy site in the world, The iPhoneBlog are all in glory today after Apples big announcement regarding their new 3.0 firmware which of course brought many *new* (see: Features other phones had for years) features to the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch devices. Sadly though, the iPhone (2G) was left out of a lot of that functionality.

One of the things that really peaked my interest about this update was the implementation of Apple's push features, which still does NOT include push Gmail (gahh!!). RIM has taken a lot of flack in the past for their use of the RIM NOC with people presenting the fact that BlackBerry devices rely on it too much and there has been way too many times in which the RIM NOC has failed and left BlackBerry users stranded without services, but still maintains a 99.80% + uptime.

So I have to wonder, since Apple is not laying any claim to expected uptimes but jumped on the chance to point out even SMS is not 100% reliable, will Apple take the same flack when their services for notifications and such go down or will no one really care, since information will still be flowing - you'll just not be notified of its existence such as it is now with the iPhone?

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iPhone 3.0 FirmWare Still Lacking?


Apple is releasing a new iphone and its new firmware this summer. Before you jump on the BB bandwagon or the iphone sucks bandwagon wait until it is released. I have used the new BB storm and it has nothing on a jailbroken Iphone.

How long has berry been making phones? Did they have everything in the first release? I have both Berry and iPhone in my life. We like that berry has some features that iPhone doesn't and we love the internet that iPhone provides. Also, we don't have a business and like the MM service for updates. Within 15 seconds of making a change on my computer it changes on my wife's and both iPhones. I love my Curve and Pearl but we cannot update like that. AND, as far as MMS. Well not sure if this is ATT or Apple but when I pay 30 per month for SMS AND MMS and I could not use it I tend to get upset, no matter how old the service is. And besides, I could not send MMS on my Berry, (w/o internet service, another 30/mth until last December). Both Berry and iPhone have good things about them. But my 3 year old has been using an iPhone and iPod touch since he was 2 to play games and watch movies. He could only somewhat play brickbreaker on the berry's. iPhone does lack many features out there on cheaper phones but while everyone is trying to make an iPhone clone, including berry, Apple is trying to catch up with features since they are the new kid on the block.

so true its only 2 years i have an 8800 love it but i don't go online flaming people because their phone isn't an all mighty crackberry

I don't think you can really use the "new to the cell phone industry" argument here. Your logic dictates that in 10 years they can release a phone with removable memory and nobody should be shocked that it took so long, because that's how long it took LG. Apple didn't exactly release an AMPS phone, they were able to release a phone with the current GSM standards, so why leave out other standard fare? Why 2 years to get MMS? After all, it's essentially a glorified email. Why a recessed headphone jack and a lack of A2DP? Were they afraid they'd lose the free advertising of the iconic white earbuds?

I'm not hating on the iPhone--I do like it. A lot. I just hate that excuse. If Apple made a car without ABS and airbags and instead of the standard AM/FM/CD it only played music from an iPod that fit into a dock blocking the driver's view, it's okay to obsess over it because it's their first car and they were so thoughtful to make the iPod easy to see. They'll add those other features later to convince people to upgrade.

It's not hate..it's poking fun a little yes, but under the the poking fun their is a genuine question there.

How are iPhone users gonna feel when they have push notifications and then all of a sudden it stops, Will they rage?..Will they notice? Will they even care?

The comparison to the RIM NOC for functionality has ALWAYS been brought up on both sides and heck for that matter even in the case of Windows Mobile, so again..it's a genuine question that I would like to see thoughts on.

If you are reading hate from it, then you looking for and creating that hate yourself and ignoring the actual question in the article. Aside from that, have you read the iPhoneBlog before? We clearly have friendly banter at each others expense :)

Secondly, this is the crackberry nation, not a democratic discussion of the merits of iPhone OS 3.0.

Finally, if iPhone users can't take it they have their own fanboy site to proclaim their dominance right?

I see no hate here Jeffdc5. It's true that all other smartphones have the majority of announced features.

For me, the only thing that the iPhone needs is background processing. And if they can't do what my 'berry does without sacrificing 80% battery life (that has GOT to be a lie... or maybe the OS is heavier that most thought) then I will never get an iPhone. Simple as that.

Ha! Awesome graphic Bla1ze!

Who but Apple could get front page headlines around the web for introducing copy and paste, right? :D

Difference between NOC and PNS (Push Notifications Services) going down, however, is that while PNS going down will cut off out-of-app notifications, everything else on the iPhone will keep working great -- including those same apps when you stay in them.

Far as I know, when NOC goes down, all the berries and their email, etc. go down with it?

So, iPhone users are at lower risk, especially for mission critical activities.

But you're right, it is a great question and good fodder for bloggers like us :)

Haha!! Thanks Rene, I knew if anyone was going to "get" what I was trying to achieve here it was gonna be you!

And yes, you're right NOC goes..BlackBerry goes period basically a brick in your hand at that point where as the PNS just kills the notifications, users still get all their functionality. Bonus for Apple there.

If they don't get it wright now; I don't think they never will. Apple is toying around with you Iphone users.

And what is up with making all the Ipod Touch users pay for this; talking about sticking it to people.

Apple is a Joke, can't dance nor can they give the customers what they want.

Maybe they will release an app for the dancing part...lol

RIM does not support OS X so .. all RIM phones to me are DUMB PHONES. My computer OS trumps ALL and matters more....so ya....... RIM MAKES DUMB PHONES.

wow that's such a smart comment so the bb iphone killer sells what 1 million he piece of crap iphone sells 14 million its so horrible. I don't understand people like you I have a bb and an iphone i wouldn't call either one great but to call a hit phone crap is just stupid

The iphone is not a great phone. Infact the T*Omnia in Korea destroys it in all aspects and the Omnia HD coming out will probably be the high end PDA of the year.

anyone willing to say the OS X is the pinnicle of computing tech is a retard.. Calling the blackberry a dumb phone because it doesn't support an OS that no business would care to use is utter retardation.

I only wish RIM had the number of 3rd party Apps that Apple does for it's products. The iPhone sadly outstrips the BB in the number and types of Apps available. Maybe with the new BB App Store that will change... I hope so.

why even bring this up on this site you knew what would happen apple haters would flame and trolls would come to defend its tiring already

One of the comments to the iphone article was:
"All I can say is wow! Can’t wait until summer now. Cut, copy and past, mms, push. 3.0 is going to be amazing."
Someone get that guy a BB ;)

its not that it has the functions its how its implemented dummy how does it look on you phone when you get an mms dummy is it threded into the conversation?

Man, I think that was hostile (based on 2 uses of the "D" word). Sorry I said anything (and sorry you said anything too...you need to include a punctuation here and there).

If Verizon had the iPhone I would give it a whirl. Seems to have most/all of the functions I regularly use available through 3rd party providers. I don't know if I could get away from a physical keyboard though.

lets start it doesn't have a faux leather back, it doesn't creak and feel cheap. it isn't slammed in the reviews after claiming to be the best thing going. It doesn't get some leaked os weekly, it has a full browser instead of some wap non sense, It isn't limited by 258 mg of rom to store apps, it doesn't need 1000 tweeks to be usable, it doesn't turn into a brick when apple has a problem, its not big news when it gets pandora or slacker since it had it almost a year ago, did i miss anything?

You forgot the ubiquitous BATTERY PULL...

LOL RIM OS is pretty much a JOKE.

Heck people have created software that REBOOTS your OS on schedule...???

WTH? is that.. ? Why not create better software?

O ya.. the real reason that RIM does not support OS X is that RIM hates Apple.


Anonymous33333- get a life. Spending your day searching for negative thoughts about the phone you have is a little pathetic. I'll never understand why people do this. Personally I find it extremely disturbing.

one of my friends from the darkside (iphone user) told me that this new OS will not be free...what is that all about?
so iphone users have to pay to upgrade?
that really stinks, im glad i have a storm and i get all those
features plus free choice of theme oh and of course free OS upgrade whenever they are available.

no sir its free apple won't charge for the upgrade they make money off of the iphone owners monthly its the ipod touch owners that have to pay since they only make a one time purchase.

ummmmmm eddie the only people that hav to pay r ipod touch users. iphone users get it free. do some research and dont listen to everything your friends say. p.s. your friend is dumb

I was just glancing over this little snippet and my interest was piqued. But due to the poor grammar, I was incensed to give you some flak about it.

I love how the title of this article is "iPhone 3.0 FirmWare Still Lacking?"...

Ya really!?!??, an alternative article should follow.. " RIM OS THE #1 Leader in Battery Pulls."


so the upgrade is free after all.
good news for all those iphone users.
i gotta tell you the iphone is really making an effort to
fight the newly kick ass bb storm which i proudly own.
i just hope those people at RIM come up with better upgrades.
still iphone is being out for almost 2 years...and one major upgrade so far..
storm is being out for a couple months now and we have several upgrades already hahaha...leaked but still..

iPhone is currently better than anything blackberry has to offer. Heck, RIM cant even do threaded text messaging lol...

Now I'm not here to flame on the people I'm going to comment on, just trying to help them out a bit. Maybe they can learn something. @Anonymous3333333. Blackberry's do have the ability to use a full web browser. Now I don't know if you're an absolute fan of the I Phone, or if you come on Blackberry web's and just flame other people. The Blackberry Storm for instance has a Full Web Browser, I think the Storm users and Blackberry addicts would know, appearantly you do not. You also mention that " it " needs 1000 tweaks. Really 1000? Can you prove to any of us that there has been over even 100 tweaks to the BlackBerry, and I would really appreciate it if you could specify what or who " it " is please. This would make it much easier for the comment instead of shooting in the dark about what you are typing about. You also say that " we " make huge news out of obtaining Pandora or Slacker Radio. Sure we might but why not? It's nice to know that BlackBerry's are getting something new for free. You also mentioned that we get leaked OS every week. In this case you are most likely talking about the BlackBerry Storm, and before I go on, I want you to prove to all of us that every week, since the release of the BlackBerry Storm, there has been a leaked O/S, this means include the dates please so you can prove yourself wrong. Also, all phones are slammed in some way after being released, and yes, I am talking about the I Phone also, sorry bud. Now this is @ shabbasuraj. First off do you know what the word ubiquitous means? I think you don't because it means it's occuring all over the world and encountered a lot. This is wrong, I extremly doubt that every person in the world has to keep pulling their BlackBerry's battery out all the time. Now sure I'm taking this literal but why not? I've never pulled my battery out on my BlackBerry Storm, and I also have updated the O/S to those leaked ones. Please use words you understand. To finish my rant on " flaming " other beings on the site this is at @ Jeffdc5. You said "bb iphone killer sells what 1 million he piece of crap iphone sells 14 million its so horrible" You really need to prove the sales like that before saying anything and I'm not joking. Why say something without backing it up? It's just one big guess if you don't so next time when trying to make fun of the BlackBerry Storm, have some research to prove to others. Now about this whole I Phone with new Firmware 3.0 business. Big deal that the I Phone just caught up on some functionalities. I'd personally rather log onto Crackberry.com and see some new fun application for the Storm users. Maybe others would too, but I'm probably wrong. I'm bound to be flamed upon. Anyhow the whole leaked O/S business. Most likely the next OFFICIAL Update for the Storm and maybe other BlackBerry's would do with something including the BlackBerry Application Store. Now that would be a fun article with hopefully 0 flaming issues.

The I-phone has how many years on the Storm? Once the BB App store arrives with a concrete O.S update The I-phone will be left in the dust! Why do you think Apple is comming out with a update, even so it will still be a child's toy...

I know so many people that went to the Iphone cause they said the blackberry was to complicated and the iphone looks like a 5 year old can use it; and they prefer it. I said, if it look, feels, and function like a child's toy, then it will brake like one too.

Funny but I find myself rebooting my jailbroke iPhone daily due to Safari crashes. There is no 100% stable device. My Storm is running a BETA OS so yeah you can expect to run the risk of having to reboot. If you'd rather not leave the official OS loaded and it will be fine.

iPhone still has a lot to equal the functionality of Blackberry and if you've used both you would know this.

Apple's explaination of why they can't do multitasking is a crock. A freaking Blackberry 8700 can run multiple things with much LESS CPU / Memory and the battery lasted a few days. RIMM spent a lot of time researching battery life and it is paying off as more and more things drain battery, Unless you want to carry around a brick. Brighter screes, video / audio streaming, 3G .. it all eats up your battery.

Exchange ActiveSync is a battery PIG compared to BES/BIS push. It's just a fact and I often run into iPhone users who are back to pulling data vs. using EAS Push.

There were alot of things left off this "upgrade" and I think Apple is holding onto a few things for WDDC after RIMM has WES to see what RIMM has coming.

You know what they say about smartphones that live in glass houses--they shouldn't confuse "then" with "than." Seriously, I was just going to correct that one grammatical error in the cartoon, but considering the stability issues with each Storm OS (they are approaching usable with each leak, yes), including .75, I've got to wonder at the efficacy of mocking the iPhone's few functionality foibles. I'm only voicing my opinion here--apart from the word-choice correction. I'm not going to copy edit the article itself, but I will say that the word you were looking for was "piqued."

RIM only supports WINcrap. For that reason .. RIM = FAIL.

This is the truth. This is a ubiquitous/worldwide/inescapable/global/pervasive fact.

Yet you still bother to flame on the BlackBerry? Why bother comming and reading and ending up with a flame. Go spend your time on some Iphone praising website and talk about the update their.

How does it feel to buy a CPU with inferior specs that will run slower then a low end gaming machine yet cost three times as much?

Oh and before you say "you just can't afford one" the company i work for manufactures Apple's products so I can easily afford a mac pro with every single upgrade offered..The thing is "WinCrap" is overall superior to OSX which basically spits in any mac users faces due to their need to run windows on there expensive yet shitty spec Mac pcs....

I am so tired of hearing people say, "well it should have been there from the beginning," or "Yah the iPhone is the greatest device out there but it should have this____." After 10 years in the mobile telecommunication industry I can say that no phone has ever came out that completely met the feature demand of every person. And less than 1% percent of phones have ever released software/firmware that added the level of functionality that the iPhone does for free. If your talking about standard features such as MMS that has been on every phone (even the crap free ones you get from providers) for the past 5 years, then trust in the fact that there must have been a reason why Apple did not include this functionality. The fact that there are over 30 million people using the iPhone OS, and it is the most widely sold mobile device in History, I think they know what they are doing. Every time I hear about a new firmware that delivers new features (like 2.0 app store) I just shake my head and say my goodness how amazing of a company to give this for free, when they could easily charge for it, and people would pay. The fact that Motorola, LG, Nokia and Crackberry release new devices every 6months-1 year that has just a few things better than the previous device and charge stupid amounts of money for them; states that they can care less if parts of their devices didn't work well, or lacked features when they shipped it, they'll just add it to the next model and suck money from the consumers. My point: understand the industry trends and history, before judging the worlds most highly used mobile device by a company who just a few years ago didn't have any footprint in mobile phones market and now is a leader of the industry (per revenue, look it up). I am not an Apple fan boy, in-fact this is the first Apple product I have every owned, I'm a PC guy. Just feel the need to put uninformed whiners in their place. Do your homework before comparing iPhone OS to any other OS. Most have been making OS for Mobile Devices for a decade and still cant get it right, while the other new ones, basically copied the iPhone OS. Within 6 months my wife has owned, the Blackberry bold, curve, and storm. Even though she like the Blackberry product line, she admits the iPhone is on a whole nother playing field. I call it ingenuity, and innovation with user interface, user experience, and reliability in mind. Now cry for me Crackberrians, cry because your phone manufacturer has given you MMS instead of Multi-touch for the past 10 years. If you want to persoanlly let me know what you think, contact me at westoppedcarringaboutourcustomerswhenpushemailsstoppedbeingexclusive@bla...

Dear RIM.. please make a better OS .. how about a STANDARDIZED OS common throughout all your models.. ... ? ok perhaps not.. since after a decade RIM customers still make due with leaked patches, rebooting, battery pulls, etc. Geez.. 10 years and you finally created a centralized APP store?

....just awesome.

(HINT, The 2nd gen iPhone is not going to be the only iPhone to be released. Apple has business enterprise in its sights.. .... )

(push e-mail IS coming)


So is it a bad thing that people who like the iPhone are excited to get these features that we shoulda had to begin with? Better late than never.

The iphone is for little kids who wet the bed and still drink mommies milk. Blackberrys are for people who have developed brains and know how to use them.
My 8 year old cousin has an iphone... His dad has a blackberry.
Anyone who has an iphone needs to grow up and get a blackberry!
Fuck you iphone!
Let the flaming begin fuckin babies....

Nick, in a way I agree with you. It irritates me to see how many kids, and stupid (technologically speaking) adults use the iPhone. And most of that demographic does not utilize the device to its full potential, just got on the iPhone band wagon. But your argument to defunct the iPhone/Apple is still flawed, because your basically saying that it is bad due to the fact that its approachable to many different people in different stages of their tech needs. From a business, marketing, and industry perspective, hitting your target audience (blackberry=corp. folks) is good, but the sign of a truly great product/company is reaching out to new audiences. I can guarantee you that Blackberry has been staying up late at night, thinking how are we going to get these devices in the hands of younger adults, tweens, and the technologically challenged. Too prove my point, look at the latest blackberry phones; flash memory, music, video, games, apps... Your naive if you think these features started appearing for us older generation. Nick you should contact me at,

If I were apple I would be working on a 3rd generation I-phone ASAP! Hell with what software it has if the hardware cant keep up. People getting all tech come on already there just trying to prolong a turd in a fancy wrapper...

What I'm really waiting for is an IPhone with a physical keypad. Once that comes out, I'm all over it. Maybe I have drunk fingers or something but I can't type on the damn onscreen keypad. I've tried but it's a no go for me.

A shame cuz I really love the IPhone!