3G iPhone to be Announced Today? Follow the WWDC News!

iPhone 2.0 Announced Today
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Jun 2008 11:58 am EDT

Update: 3G iPhone Announced. Starts at $199 for 8GB model in Black. 16GB model in white for $299 and will come in white. Available July 11. Has GPS, 300 hours of standby, 8-10 hours of 2G talk, 5 hours of 3G talk, 7 hours of video and 24 hours of audio. Lots of images and specs and info at Engadget and Gizmodo and the iPhone blog * 

Today is a BIG DAY for Mac heads and iPhone lovers. 1pm EST kicks off Apple's WorldWide Developers Conference where it is widely expected we will get our first glimpse of the new 3G iPhone 2.0 (or something like that). 

Our sister site The iPhone Blog has set up a Live Meta Blog for the event and will be covering the news as it unfolds (you can also live chat with others listening in and vote on real time polls). Knowledge is power... so whether you're an iPhone lover, hater or somewhere it between you'll want to be checking this out. Be sure to report back here with your comments!

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3G iPhone to be Announced Today? Follow the WWDC News!


This will put a lot of pressure on RIM and it's service providers (T-Mobile, Verizon..etc.) to respond by releasing the new OS 4.5 upgrades and giving firm release dates for the 9000. In today's fast moving, tech driven environment you have to keep the consumer interested and focused on your solution. Blackberry consumers have been getting a lot of head games from the cell phone companies and RIM around the release of OS 4.5. OK... now is the time to step up to the plate, stop the games and give Blackberry users something to look forward to.. but in terms of actual release dates. Everyone who lives on planet Earth knew nearly 2 weeks ago what the most likely release date was going to be for the 3G iPhone. This created a huge buzz in the media world and gave Apple a nice one-up on RIM... who is running ambiguous ads around the 9000. Get with it guys... now is the time to step up and take some of the air out of Mr. Jobs sails. And, keep your loyal customers, loyal!

I don't think you will regret on having the BB Curve. I got mine a month ago and am loving it. Yes, the iPhone has nice touchscreen but it will become the mass produce products like ipod where everyone including the 10yr old can own one. BB curve has its special niche and I'm sure a lot of the owners are very proud of it.

I love how Steve Jobs is always talking trash about other phone platforms...yet who was just rated the number one smartphone? Blackberry. And skyrider007, you won't regret buying your curve...I switched to the curve from the iPhone...bet choice I ever made!

Dang, these guys makes me want to buy one of these 3G iphone... Good thing my company provides my cell phone or else I'd be all over switching now...

I feel horribly guilty by saying that though... can we have the BB thunder now ?

from all that I've heard the new ipone is supposed to have some major fixes to the point were it will actually be a pretty nice smart phone and actually earn the right to be named as such but once again just like the ipod it is still an apple product and Steve Jobs will have his clutches on the device apple software only bla bla bla and so on. The thing I believe the iphone will never have is half as many 3rd party apps as a blackberry. Apple products are just notorious for not being lets say friendly to 3rd party programmers.
interesting side note "Apple got it's start when Steve stole the idea for a GUI and the mouse from Xerox bill stole it from Steve"

Its funny how supportive Apple is today and tomorrow they will take your wallet. I love my MBP, cinema display, AEBS, iPods etc, but it is one thing to be leading edge and another to revise products multiple times in one year leaving customers in the lurch. I was told flat out my AEBS N routers would support external HDD (NOT Time Machine, just Ext HDD) via WiFI, well they don't plain and simple, they don't.

The one thing I have been reading on Apple blogs as I do daily is Apple is giving developers personal liaisons to assist them and ultimately push them to charge for those FREEBIE apps, the ones Apple said they could do. Something tells me apple will close the door or at least severely restrict you iTunes placement on freebie apps and how many you can have active in iTuens at a time. It will be interesting.

I also have to ask when will iPod Touch 2.0 come out and what will the price point be, now that the iPhone 3G is less expensive with more features.

No..and neither should anyone else. The Blackberry is a much more stable, battle tested platform. But leave it to Steve Jobs to undercut the price point to make inroads into the corporate world.

I picked up an 8820 a few weeks ago knowing that Apple was hitting the market with their 3G phone. Made no difference to me.. I like the functionality and mechanicals of the Blackberry. The keyboard is the best in the business and I like having a physical keyboard. I had to many years of Palm Pilots and Treos to go back to a touch screen set up again. To much of a hassle in my opinion. No question the iPhone is sexy... but that is not why I buy a Smartphone... Now if we can only get OS 4.5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Depending on the reviews, I probably will kick my Curve to the curb for the IPhone but later in the year.

EDGE was good enough last year and we shouldn't worry about speeds...until this year when Jobs shows EDGE is useless.

I do think it's clever how they are going to use MobileME to push things out to the phone (hum...pushing email...where have we heard that before). Just can't wait for that first outage when iPhone users curl up into the fetal position and start calling Apple Support. I also wonder what times are like. I get emails on my Curve 5 minutes sooner than on Mac Mail at home.

Truthfully even though I am hating on the thing a bit here, I see this as a plus for everyone. RIM and other manufacturers are just being pushed harder, competition is a good thing. I look forward to better UI's and functionality. Maybe even a Mac Desktop Manager?

Did anyone see anything about Cut and Paste?

What they don't tell you is that here in Canada, $199 will be your monthly phone bill courtesy of Rogers ;)

With the price of the iPhone being so low, you bet RIM will launch the Bold at a nice low price, which sounds great for me when I get my BOLD!

With the price of the iPhone being so low, you bet RIM will launch the Bold at a nice low price, which sounds great for me when I get my BOLD!

I just got a TMobile Curve 8320 and I do not regret it for a couple of reasons:

1) I need a tactile QWERTY keypad to type
2) RIM has been doing smartphones for a long time and there SHOULD be an OS upgrade and a DM upgrade coming SOON

On the other hand I am a HUGE Mac (Apple) fan in general and have been using them my entire life!! Apple's innovation raises the bar in everything they do, literally.

RIM now has immense pressure on them and their supposed "iPhone competitors" in the Bold and Thunder. The one main point that really sinks in hard is the fact that the iPhone 3G is ONLY $199. This is absolutely amazing.

First, consider the fact that it is 8Gb. Second, the iPod interface for music and videos is far superior to anything on the BB. The YouTube and other application support is better and fits seamlessly with the overall iPhone UI. Installing apps is simpler and I like the Safari browser much more (FAST!!).

3G is NOT a big deal because any competitive smart phone will come standard with 3G this year and in years to come. Other major punches from Apple come in the form of mobileMe and the amazing syncing abilities of the iPhone 3G with BOTH Mac and PC platforms. It seems to me like RIM better have some tricks up their sleeves this summer in order to stay competitive.

Anything over $250 for a Bold is totally absurd considering the iPhone is only $199. Heck, if RIM wants to be competitive with the iPhone then the Bold better only be $199. Congrats Apple on putting pressure on the leading smart phone maker... maybe they will step up and be more innovative and release upgrades for their users (without raping them on prices!!)

I agree... if the Bold was only $199 as well and RIM came out with better compatibility for Mac, then I would get the Bold for the sole reason that it has a QWERTY keypad. The Thunder sounds amazing but (IMHO) will not compete with the iPhone, sorry.

*yawn* .. other then fantastic pricing (interesting if this is true retail or after at&t discount) I didn't get blown away by anything .. I've been in the 2.0 beta so most of this is old news to me but everything is something Blackberry already offers:

Location based services
Internet Service with Push everything
Push Notification (duh!)

Funny cracking on that MS Connector that will get you acceptance into the Enterprise .. then again ask anyone who supports Windows Mobile how crappy ActiveSync is anyways. MobileMe is a neat idea for those not bound to an enterprise email system .. but $99 on top of your carrier charges .. pricey.

I love my Apple stuff but this iPhone baloney does nothing for me. I'm sure every teenager and douche bag will be carrying these around. Good for them.

And will Apple ever learn? Charging $99 per year for this mobile me service. Oh please. Bring back iTools, it was free.

In my opinion, this new iPhone will do little to make any dent in RIMM's dominance in the enterprise market. However, from a consumer's prospective, I can't see anything on the market beating this multimedia powerhouse.

It's hilarious how some of you people are praising the second installation of the iPhone...doing so consciously/sub-consciously mainly on its $199 price tag.

Whooptie doo-da-day. It has SOME of the things now that the first version should have had to begin with...and its 3G offering is one of the offerings the first one at least should have had at the price the first version of the iPhone was being sold for.

Remember...it's the network stupid.

A phone is only as good as the network it's on...a 3G capable phone can only take advantage of those speeds where 3G like speeds are available...otherwise; it'll operate on the same ol' slow EDGE network. On top of that (speaking for Verizon and Sprint customers)...EV-DO speeds (especially EV-DO Rev. A) are faster than 3G.

The phone might be cheaper...but what about the data plans? what about the additional cost for utilizing the 'push' e-mail functionality on the new iPhone? To doubt that the iPhone is sexy and revolutionary is absurd...but is it worth the magnitude of praise and affection it gets? N-O.

Man gimme a break (john stossel voice).

I have to admit, the Iphone is real cool, but a few things that are criminal.
1. Who is copying who? Push E-mail was created by BB, and now Apple needs it to try and still the Enterprise Community.Copying a look isn't going to sway business as much as copying a method of delivering secure, intstant e-mail.
2. Nice price for the I phone, but now because Apple wants to try and steal business from BB and lower the phone price,At&t now has to screw there customers to get their share. Yuo will now pay $30 instead of $20 for data. And, you will have to sign a new 2 year contract to get the new Iphone.I think they both suck.BB doesn't pull that garbage. Long live Blackberry!

After today, previous owners must feel pretty awful for being the lab rats for the first gen. High costs and limited function for a year. Then this shows up and they can't even sell their iphones for a good price. Apple could sell ice cream to Eskimos if they wanted to. I love my Apple stuff, but I can smell bs from the beginning of the conference. :)

I love Apple products (I have a MacBook, iMac, and iPod) but the iPhone hasn't hooked me for one reason. Keypad.

Touch interface is nice but when my hands are sweaty or I want to type quickly with one hand (or both). I think the Curve's keypad AND scroll ball (which is identical to ones found on Apple's Mighty Mouse btw) is the perfect solution.

The bold will surely be my answer to iPhone 3G just like how the Curve was my answer to the iPhone.

However, the iPhone Apps really intrigue me and I wonder if I would be able to buy the iPhone for $199 and use my existing BB SIM and plan (I'm on AT&T). If so, that would be awesome but I highly doubt it.

I agree, I'm in the same boat as you. Got a new imac, macbook pro for business, and ipod nano. My Curve 8330 is amazing from my 8700r upgrade. The lack of keyboard and blackberry features is what keeps me away from the iphone.

Has anyone else out there in Crackberry land heard that AT&T will start selling the 9000 on June 17th? I'm dying to get my hands on one, I love my 8310 but the 9000 is everything I need.

I am a Mac user and currently own a curve. This new iphone has one feature that could really sway me in. That whole Mobile Me (also replacing the severely outdated .mac program) application that acts like a personal Microsoft Exchange server is amazing. The one drawback is it's a 99 bucks a year. RIM needs to come up with a competitive solution to this an make a free.

They need to redo BIS with their own free active sync technology. BIS users should be able to push their contacts, calender, photos, and documents seamlessly with their mac, pc, remote computers (library, office, etc), and even other mobile devices. The sync technology (along with finally getting security standards) on the new iphone has the potential to put a serious dent in the blackberry market share. On-screen keyboard aside, the BB's do not sync seamlessly as well as the new iphones will be able to.

No way would I pay $99 per year for this. Apple needs to learn to price this down or give it away for free to grab even more market share. Wish BIS would do this too but for now, I'm happy with everything we can do with our blackberry's. I don't need games and apps to the point that Apple is pushing. Looks cool, but at the end of the day it's business and maybe Facebook/Twitter stuff for a break! :)

Where is the centralized administration console ?

Where is the role-based administration ?

Where is the group-based administration ?

Where are the web-based management tools ?

Enterprise interest ? ...

Well not yet.

Yeah, I'm also wondering when we'll have more details on the actual entreprise setup for the iphone. I didn't see anything close to my BES in that conference but I suspect there must be something similar. They sure don't want us to use Active Sync of their mobileme.com service for enterprises right ? I sure am not going back to active sync ever...

I had to laugh when they all whooped & cheered at......a flush headset socket....simple things :)

Also feel its a bit of a kick in the teeth to all those who spent alot of money on the first version...They should all get free upgrades !

I hope RIM have looked very closely at the touch keyboard for the thunder & made the keys much bigger & more responsive....that's a dealbreaker over the iphone.

I am excited about Apple moving forward and updating their already successful IPhone. Keep it coming Apple, and keep the price points low! I am a Blackberry user myself and probably won't switch over in the near future but I love the fact that Apple is emerging as a true competitor to RIM. Competition is ultimately good for the consumer. We stand to benefit most from innovations and pricing as RIM and Apple compete for market share.
Just because you are a BB user, that doesn't have to mean you are an Apple hater. Join me and celebrate their success, we stand to benefit from the pressure placed on RIM.

There is no "console" as the exchange support goes against the Exchange global settings for Molibity.

Open System Manager (Exchange 2003 SP2 here) and expand global settings, expand mobile and you can set your password criteria and timeout.

On the iphone when you click mail you have a box to setup Exchange. Clicking through is very similar to Windows Mobile where you put in your ID / pwd and server address (OMA portal) .. Iphone will connect ask for your passcode .. enter it twice and it will then ask which settings you want to sync and off it goes. It works just like Windows Mobile ActiveSync and has the random issues of failing to sync so a iphone reboot usually kicks it back on.

Remote wipe is a seperate setup on your front end servers and works identical to Windows Mobile.

Wow! $599 to $199 within a year????
If I were one of those people that stood in line outside the store for hours, I would be really PO'ed!!!!!