iOS and Android clients now available for BlackBerry Mobile Fusion

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Clients
By Bla1ze on 3 Apr 2012 10:46 am EDT

As announced earlier today, BlackBerry Mobile Fusion is now available -- but in order to make use of it on iOS and Android you'll need on-device clients. Those clients are now showing up in their respective stores (Apple's iTunes App Store and Google's Play Store). Both of the applications are indeed available for free but you'll need to be making use of BlackBerry Mobile Fusion in order to utilize them. You can find the links to each application below.

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion in the iTunes App Store
BlackBerry Mobile Fusion in the Google Play Store

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iOS and Android clients now available for BlackBerry Mobile Fusion


This whole mobile fusion thing MAY be the first step to BBM going cross platform. Prior to today, RIM had 2 exclusives that they saw as a way to keep people on their platform. As businesses and governments were abandoning ship, they started supporting the other platforms. If they see people leaving BBM (which I can't even use anymore because no one is on it), they will possibly start supporting other devices with BBM.

The trick is to get others to pay a fee for BBM (like $1 per month) or put advertising into it (on non-blackberry platforms). If RIM is smart BBM should be free to users of Mobile Fusion (since they are indeed paying for RIM services). This will increase the BBM base and pull in revenues.

RIM should offer mobile Fusion for BIS and sell BBM as an alternantive to unlimited text messaging for $1 per month. I really do think this would sell. I can see a ton of former Blackberry owners who would pay that fee to come back to BBM.

Please put up the argument against this, because I see it as a no-brainer. RIM makes little money off handsets and. How much money does a blackberry user pay for BIS? $5 per month? Do you think RIM could gain 5 or more BBM users for every user they lose by having BBM on other phones? I do.

Also Imagine the ad revenues when instead of 77 million BBM users you have 250 million, then leaverage BBM into a mobile facebook. Do it RIM! think out of the box!

The problem comes when you rely on carriers to sell your devices but are trying to undercut their revenue sources. It's the same reason why Bridge is an awkward feature to promote. You don't want to bite the hand that feeds you.

We are currently using Airwalk. What would be the benefit of swtiching? Is this more secure for Android devices? Cheaper? What about RIM support?


Any chance you guys can put up a vid of a walk through of what this looks like integrated into a BES environment? Is this a client similar to Good? Or does this just segregate "work from play" on your device and let the device handle active-sync with Exchange? Thanks!

Go back ontop before the comments and there is found two links for the app 1 (cr)apple and 1 android. the video was to show you what BB Fusion is.

The only reason they don't show an apple phone or android its for marketing purposes. You don't want to market the competitor. remember RIM trying to bring the corporate world back.

I understand. And I looked at both. And I've even had some of my folks around here d/l the apps for both platforms, but we don't have mobile fusion installed yet, so can't see how it integrates.

If RIM can get in and manage these devices, it's still a big win for them, as there is user licensing for each device on the network.

But for those that are influencing the decisions in the enterprise, they need to understand what the iOS/Android app does and how it compares to similar products that may already be in place (aka Good). Do they operate the same way? Or are there key differentiators (other than managing your BB's and other devices on a single platform).

In my opinion, a single management platform is a great value proposition, but I need the tech details to determine whether it will meet all the necessary security requirements.

I see what you looking for. You want the walk through video that illustrate how you can connect and manage your mobile device on BB Mobile Fusion. Idk if they have a demo for that yet. Be patient I'm sure RIM working on A WAY to make it easy for the avg IT people

Argh! This is the thinking that is killing RIM. RIM is not a competitor to Apple (unless they like getting their faces pummlled into the ground). Look at the opportunity, RIM should free itself totally from the handset comeptition mentality, the goal is to MAKE MONEY and sellign servies across all platforms is better than trying to win the handset race.

Yes, RIM can build handsets make them highly desirable and premium, perfect the androis player so It can run all the apps smoothly, get BBM on every platform in existance.

If it's true that the BB10 OS will not conect direct through BES, but require this or another MDM for corporate e-mail, I don't see how BB can survive?

It will not connect through BES because this is intended only for the current BlackBerry Phones. BB10 will connect through BDS (another component of Fusion) which provides a similar experience as BES, although it is more optimized and allows up to 10,000 users per server (compared to 2,000 of BES). By the way, BES and BES Express 5.0.3 are also now an integral part of BlackBerry Fusion Studio.

A question. I am currently using a Blackberry 9800 and on BES which is supported by our IT Policy. There are other people in our office that have android and iphones. If they were to install the blackberry fusion app on their phone, does this allow them to use it with our current IT Policy or is there something the IT policy has to do to enable it. The problem is that we are with a very large corporation and it nothing moves quickly. I am hoping this would work without their involvement.

Am I correct in this?

No. Mobile Fusion is an add-on (or replacement?) for BES, so would have to be installed and configured by your IT group.

What I'm curious about is the abysmal security capabilities of the Androids and the iPhone. Is BlackBerry Fusion able to bring security to these phones when the various Android makers and Apple can't?

well its cool they release the mac and android version at the same time as the launch ! Thats a RIM first I think :) This might be the Thorstenator Influence .. and more to come

Their seems to be some confusion about exactly what Mobile Fusion is. It is the front end for a suite of systems.

BES for traditional Java based BlackBerry phones
BDS for Playbook and eventually BB 10 based smartphones
UDS which is RIM's MDM solution for Android and iOS

Mobile Fusion provides a UI to manage all of these and a uniform branding.

The iOS and Android apps are part of UDS and provide MDM functionality only. They are not comparable to Good and do not provide a solution for email. You still need to use ActiveSync to access mail on Exchange.

So will it segregate "personal" mail and "business" mail on the device, similar to how Blackberry Balance can do on berries?

Will it enable an admin to remote-wipe all the "corporate data" including e-mail from the device (assuming it has a signal)?

With Good, it basically encapsulates the mail, thereby providing a relatively secure way to keep mail on an insecure device. Ideally, I would want users to have to authenticate or have some sort of timeout lock on their device once the client is installed and running. Thanks!

I am a huge bb fan, but I need someone to tell me why I should use BB Mobile Fusion over Good Enterprise. If I still need Activesync ports open on my firewall to use BBMF than it is not as secure as BES or Good. Correct?