iOS 5 Available today for iPhone and iPad: See the full iOS 5 WalkThrough

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Oct 2011 12:38 pm EDT

Back in June, following up the announcement of iOS 5 and Apple's version of BlackBerry Messenger, iMessage, we put the two head to head in a BlackBerry Messenger vs. iMessage comparison (original video reposted above). Our follow up poll clearly showed the community thinks BlackBerry Messenger is the better service, though most agreed that iMessage will take a bit of the wind from BBM's sails. 

Fast forward a few months and today iOS 5 will officially become available for download to regular users, bringing with it iMessage and a host of other changes. Over at our sibling site TiPb, Rene has put together a CrackBerry Kevin-esque iOS 5 Walkthrough that details all the changes, including iMessage and a lot more. We'll have to redo the Head to Head video again next week once iMessage is put to real world use (and when BBM is working again!).

With iOS 5 rolling out today, tt's definitely not the best day for BlackBerry users to be experiencing service issues. But the BlackBerry fanbase is strong (just see our recent BlackBerry Super Fanboy Contest winning videos) and with BlackBerry DevCon coming up next week the RIMPIRE will have it's chance to strike back. I'm really looking forward to that event and what it'll bring to the BlackBerry platform. While we wait for those announcements, I'm going to jump over to TiPb to learn about the competition. Like G.I. Joe I always say knowing is half the battle, so even diehard BlackBerry fans should spend a few minutes learning up on the competition.

Read TiP's iPhone and iPad iOS 5 Walk Through

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iOS 5 Available today for iPhone and iPad: See the full iOS 5 WalkThrough


The speed test fails to mention that right now, there's no one using iMessage so the infrastruction is completely under-capacity. Whereas RIM's is overwhelmed. You're comparing something that has 1 user to 1000000 users, so I would be interested to see, once there are millions of iPhone users sending messages, how quick it will really be

I think in a couple months would be a good time... In a year Apple will have added to and also refined their servers/network to keep up with demand... In otherwords... 2 months vs 1 year... No dif

Kevin, you have a really cool job! Good luck on CNN if you end up going on. The CB Nation is behind you!

(BTW, I feel as though the general public is miss-informed. A bunch of people at my work came to see me and asked if my phone was working, to which I replied yes. Then they said "well the news said that all balckberry phones stopped working"... I don't mind because I know this to be false, but still doesn't help our cause)

iMessage, iCloud, wireless syncing etc. etc. In the meantime we have an OS which has barely moved in 3 years and, at the time of writing, can hardly even be used thanks to the massive outage.

RIM's board of directors aren't merely shooting themselves in the foot, they're forming a circular firing squad!


iMessage = BBM and BBM has gained considerable features in the last 2 years. It is certainly a full featured solution with a built-in backup to the cloud.

iCloud has considerable similarity to BlackBerry Protect although I understand that Protect is not a sync service but an encrypted backup to the cloud (if you have a gmail account you can use the built-in sync for that)

Apple did not invent any of these things, while you might disagree with method and manner of the implementation or execution to say that the BB OS has barely moved in the last 3 years is not accurate at all.

There will always be Blackberry fans and Iphone fans and some even android fans. I wish they would just go ahead and connect all these chat lines. Imagine the pressure on the phone companies when texting becomes second choice?

i think i have seen the messaging and sms all wrapped up in one app... it was a webOS original. i agree that this is the year of apple copycatting. webOS was a horribly-marketed trend-setter, but QNX was able to take a great UI and make it even better with the best OS out there. i don't agree with BBM or iMessage - why not just use the multitude of already-existing messaging outlets that exist and are open? the closed-ness irks me. can't wait for a QNX phone, though. rant over.

if imessage was its own seperate messaging app and not joined with iphone txt messaging i think it would of been a killer

the grouped messaging system and GPS reminders are good improvements in my eyes. My 9930 already does the grouped messaging, but I would really use that reminder when I leave and arrive at a designated GPS location. The Imessage seems to be just a data text. I like the sepration of BBM from my phone number all together, among other features.

after experiencing the BB outage second time in last month, my company IT dept has realise that it's abt time to ditch the BB.. finally, my wish has come true. can't wait to ditch this sucker (BB) and get iphone :)

Kevin, I am disappointed in your ability to defend BB in this video.
The very first concession that you make is false. There is the option to have you BBM / Text Messages all it the same screen. You can either have them both load into the main messages inbox. If you want to have the text messages and the BBM messages show up in the same window, you can pull the text messages into BBM and it will all show in the same chain.

Let's not forget that the iPhone was not the the first smartphone, by a long shot. They have continually added common features (cut/paste, folders, multi-tasking, universal inbox, etc) with each update. Just because a person didn't know their phone could do something doesn't mean the iPhone is the only phone that can do it.

Shame on you Kevin. Also this should be re done with a 9900

Very disapointed. I think u mentioned it but all my sms contacts that i talk to are in bbm for a while now.
I was also looking at phone like are we using wifi or what that isn't a BB7 device is it?????


I get my Text messages IN MY BBM!!!! how???? simple

Open BBM

click Add

"invite Text Messaging Contact"


I bbm with 100's of ppl and only text with about 10 so I added the 10 idiots to my bbm. So i dont even have a text message app on my bb. Like its on hide.

Apple claims its secure just like the phone...... my personal opinion.... ask Scarlett Johansson, that should answer your question on how secure it is.

Of course iOS won. It's going against Blackberry. They beat RIM at everything except of course security, I don't think you can even argue battery life anymore with the current Blackberry devices. Definitely the pre OS7 devices though. The speed test honestly doesn't really matter either way you get the second and couple seconds won't change anything in all honesty.

Loving the Playbook and IPad side by side.... interesting video.. We are a RIM, Apple house hold. So both are welcomed and admired no favorites. All though fyi this was posted from Playbook, so maybe there are. Lol.

After reading that review, i can honestly say thats a hell of an update.
i will say this though, there are quite a few similarities to our "prehistoric os" i mean, really, other than us BB users, why would anyone want that stuff in their phones or tabs right?

Aside from a bit of misinformation regarding SMS, it wasn't a bad comparison. I especially enjoyed this admission at 3:48 "That's way beyond iMessage"

Though the overall impression is that iMessage is on-par with BBM, despite the lack of features. (Message delivery time was fairly even. Between ties, BB lost one & won one). I guess Apple really can distort reality...

I, with regret, preordered my iPhone 4S from Apple last Friday. I've been waiting for the Bold 9900 to come to AT&T FOREVER now...tired of waiting. Congrats RIM ON THAT! However, I believe the iMessage is a great feature for iOS users but I believe the BBM beats it out. More capabilities and the ability to send a group message is really great!

Loving Jesus!

I hate how everyone's making such conclusions that iMessage is faster than BBM based on a speed test that is only as accurate as the person's fingers pressing the button..