Invite people to BBM by creating your own custom BBM PIN Card

By Bla1ze on 4 Feb 2014 04:20 pm EST

If you're looking for a fun way to share your BBM PIN, you can now create your own custom BBM PIN Card. Rather than just sharing the boring image of your bardcode and your PIN attached to it, you can now add emoticons, flags, photos and even fill in your own bubble quotes using a new website the BBM team has put together. The website went live not too long ago and there seems to be a lot of people checking it out, so for now, it does seem a bit slow. If you have trouble accessing, just keep trying.

Create your own BBM Invite Card

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Invite people to BBM by creating your own custom BBM PIN Card


I think it just got too much traffic. So many people try to hit one site at once, is like a DOS attack.

I would say no to that question. Did you ever notice how almost any app or game mentioned on Crackberry shoots to the top of the BB World charts? There are a lot of users of this site, both regular and casual, and when this site features things they get popular.

10M people trying to reach that site today. For most it's not gonna happen. I'll try again around 2AM.

Really? When I'm in preview it give me Facebook and such, but no BBM. Am I missing a step? How do you save the final version?

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It wouldn't make sense to share on bbm... anyone who is already on your bbm wouldn't need your pin or barcode...

Unless I misunderstood your question?

Yeah - upgrade, test, THEN launch. I'd love to have this! My favourite emoticon has to be the hug.

Working now but what a total waste in my opinion. National pride and many popular flags where BBM is all so popular not even there.

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Works for me but the picture doesn't fit right, it automatically selected a part of the picture.

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It is a shame to invite people before bbm catch up on group functionality

Compared to offers bbm has the worst group functionality.

Group is THE most important function of all for all social nets.


That's unfortunately true! This is one area that BBM really needs to work on if they want to continue to computer in the instant messaging race. This is where WhatsApp has a major advantage over BBM.

I don't know what you people are talking about.
BBM groups offer way more features than Whatsapp groups. Images & comments, multiple chats, lists, appointments. And, I constanly have to keep a Whatsapp group open in order to not leaving it.
I really wonder what makes you feel like Whatsapp groups are superior.

The decision makers of bbm are still sleeping in the past - 10 years back.

Wake up and look around. You would be shamed

Catch up or quit. still down.... under.... esti... mated.... demand.

It's a good news story if they FIX IT SOON!

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Just happy seeing our 'clickable' BlackBerry name at the bottom of a app that's offered, right along side Android and Apple!

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Made the image. Nice. Wanted to post to Facebook. Wouldn't let me sign on. Didn't find the option to save it either. Emailed it myself. Let's see what happens next.

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It's a good idea, but BlackBerry marketing people are still way out of touch with their audience. They come up with the most cringe worthy slogans. On their BlackBerry Channel with the 'fauxtrepreneur' thing and various other awful things, and these BBM bubble quotes are cheezy as hell.

They've got good ideas, but they desperately need some marketing people who can publish slogans and phrases that DO NOT sound like the unfunny dad who shows up at the birthday and embarrasses his kids.

BlackBerry and BBM are going to do well, but they are going to succeed in spite of their awful, cheezy slogans and catch phrases, and not because of them.

Their slogans for adults are too arrogant, and their slogans for kids are too cheezy.

Or am I the only one who thinks this??

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I don't mind them.

At least it's something and I like some of them.

Maybe I'm going to be an unfunny dad one day. Oh well lol

I'm not saying every one of them is awful. I just think BlackBerry are in desperate need to some marketing people under the age of, say, 40, who understand the public a bit better.

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If you have it saved on your device just change the file extension from .php to .png or .jpg It will then be visible to attach and send to folks.

How do I save?? I only see a way to share to email, twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn...

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So ridiculous. Can't save in jpeg format but have the nerve to ask us to save image and share on instagram. Sheeshh..

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Bad time to be trying to get that message out, #FacebookIs10 is flooding everything, along with those looking back movies everyone is posting up.

I don't get this. Added image, PIN, short message. And now what? Preview? Save an image in a strange format? And then? Send image on to someone? Who then can`t click on PIN, nor scan barcode from his own phone screen? WTF?
Confusing, odd, immature, not self explanatory, like so many other BB features these days.

I know, some instructions would be nice, got a pic of my girls doesn't size it the way I want then add national pride then it covers my daughter's. I was under the impression you could add all of these things (pic, national pride, emotions and bubble quotes)

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Why should I invite my friends on a cross platform that doesn't work so well as it should? I mean on BlackBerry it's great but on iOS and Android yet.
If invite them, as I did in the past, they will tell me..."ohhh I don't need, ok I will try"...but after one day they will delete it.
I understand them, they don't need something that don't improve anything special!! They are good with whatsapp and viber. It's just the truth. Sorry.

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I've covered this elsewhere, but BBM for Apple and Android work just as well as the others: WhatsApp, etc.

The thing that tricks people is that BBM has a more reliable D and R messaging system. Because Apple and Android users have to open the app in order for the person on the other end to get confirmation, people have the idea that the messaging isn't working efficiently.

WhatsApp gets away with this because their message notifications are vague and don't offer any R notification in the first place.

Because most Apple and Android people have more contacts on WhatsApp, they open that app more often, and therefore get their notifications more often. If they checked their BBM more often folks on the other end would see their D notifications much quicker.

This is not BlackBerry's fault. BBM is great, but it will likely always be better on a BlackBerry because BlackBerry also make the hardware, and OS to match.

For those who doubt this, pay closer attention to WhatsApp when you send your messages. Look at how long the 'single tick' stays sometimes before the 'double tick' appears (which doesn't even mean the message has been read anyway). Now imagine that were a BBMx message. There would be a single tick, and no D notification, and you would be complaining that BBM sucks for Apple and Android.

In this particular case, BlackBerry are being cursed hastily by some people as a result of their own higher bar of efficiency. As more BBMx users are added, this issue will fade, but until then people should try to be informed and also help others to understand this.

On a side note, I hope BBM 2.0 is released this week so that even more Apple and Android folks join the party.

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Well I think this should have been an app!
Can a dev make this an app please!!!!!

Z10 and loving it :)

Should have allowed you to simply type "mypin" to populate the key field, in addition to enforcing a fixed entry length.

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I just tried to make one of these, and there is now way I am going to share this on FB or Instagram. The design is terrible, and the "make your own" bar that appears on the bottom just ruins it.

I'm sorry BB but you gotta pay more attention to design.

Too bad the regular browser saves it as php instead of png :/ so I'll have to find the cb post everytime or screen shot it.

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