Investor tried to get BlackBerry to switch to Android

BlackBerry Z10 running Android
By Simon Sage on 13 Aug 2013 04:18 pm EDT

An extremely interesting slide deck from the summer of 2012 has surfaced from angel investor Robin Chan. It details a proposal that would have had BlackBerry switch to Android, but they needed $6 billion to make it happen, and could only come up with $1 billion. As you can see from the table below, this would have meant creating an Android fork with a focus on security, while also offering a BlackBerry software package to outside manufacturers, though with a more limited feature set.

Chan had rounded up an apparently great team in Silicon Valley to help BlackBerry refocus on enterprise services and infrastructure, while letting iOS and Android handle most of the heavy lifting on the device side (keyboard-clad devices and even another tablet would have still been in the mix). Of course, a lot of the themes that are brought up in the plan are already being employed by BlackBerry, including embracing BYOD culture, reducing the number of devices in the portfolio, and offering the recently-launched Secure Work Spaces, but the plan also called for a change in leadership and identified the executive team as lacking the needed expertise for this plan to work.  

This is all pretty interesting stuff, and still very much within the realm of possibility, considering BlackBerry could be going in radically new directions depending on how, if, when, and who ends up acquiring parts of the company. What do you say, guys? Would a plan to switch to Android a year ago have been smart, or would it have not been worth scrapping the work they had already put into the QNX-based OS? 

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Investor tried to get BlackBerry to switch to Android



I was just about to write a comment that says, "Thank God that didn't happen" and was happy to see it's already in the first post.

Anyway: Thank God that didn't happen!

Thank god, the devil, ganesha, or any other deity that made this not happen!!

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Thanks God it didn't happen and it will not. This company will not die. The vision will speak, it will not tarry.

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I agree, there were so many stories about android bugs causing phones to be insecure. If blackberry had persued the android option they would be losing one of their only advantages... security.

Slide 22 is the best, they wanted to make a 3.5 inch device with a physical QWERTY keyboard. I'm pretty sure that's DigitalHomeBoys concept pic with an overlay on the screen. If anything, they should have made that device!


if BlackBerry is killed off i have no choice but to switch to windows phone dispite my hate for the metro UI, i hate Android and Apple even more

I've been working with Windows Phone 7.8 and Windows 8 RT and Full and I"m getting more used to it... there is an attempt to integrate bezel gestures but the implementation in Windows is like the design team got some really good marajuana and designed it just for s*its and giggles. Did you know you have to swipe ALL THE WAY FROM THE TOP OF THE SCREEN TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN to close an app on Windows 8? aaahh-NOOOYYYY-innnnng! But still, I could get used to it I think.

While I don't hate the metro UI (I just find it boring and meh), I agree with you 100%.

I'd rather go to Windows Phone as they are the most focused on believing an end user is NOT stupid and just trying to get out of your way.

This is why I can't understand everyone's opinion who believes they are an "expert" thinking BB going Android is the way to go.

I just wanted to "Like" your post, because "thank god that didn't happen" was exactly what I thought... but there's no "like" on blog comments, so I post this instead.

That would have hastened the demise of BlackBerry. Though at this point I am not sure there is a future for BlackBerry. The growing uncertainty does not portend confidence.

Pfffft. Just cause you're ahead of me doesn't mean your first. Hahaha. I said it second so I'm first :D. That's the logic of making BlackBerry android :)

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Wow that would have sucked. If I wanted something other then BlackBerry I would have bought it.

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I would be without a phone as I cant stand any of the others

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I disagree, and that was my point. I'm a huge BlackBerry fan, but I'm still able to acknowledge that IOS and Android are excellent platforms. There's a reason why they're so dominant...

imagine if BB would come up with 10.2 like 3 years ago, just imagine, we would rule the world right now.
Thor did his job, and he did it very good, he delivered a good OS, fast, stable, flexible and secure, the problem was bad timing, a very bad timing. Trolls saying "too little, too late" we're partially right, it wasn't "too little", it just was "too late".

That's been BlackBerry's problem for the last 6 years. Everything they've done has been a year or two too late.

I agree. I'm a blackberry fan, but it seems like I'm always waiting..... And then when it finally comes, there is no wow factor.

Right now BlackBerry is playing catchup with BB10 to other platform however it's not far off. If they just keep their focus and roll out good update for their core apps every month or so starting with 10.2, they should be there in no time.

10.2 Gold SDK is released tomorrow, from my experience we're given approximatively 1 month to adapt our apps before Gold OS is released to the public. As far as I remember the 10.2 Gold OS should be out in the middle of the summer, which means right now, but I think it'll be released 14 september and god only knows when in the US. Again BB is running late.

Rogers has had the 10.1 update for quite some time now. Makes no sense that you haven't gotten the update yet.

Exactly, Rogers was one of the first to get it
Did you check the updates or are you waiting for notification?

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BlackBerry OS 10 was well-underway under Mike L. and Jim B.; Thorsten delayed the release of BlackBerry OS 10 to "get it right" yet failed miserably considering all the complaints and lacklustre buy-in rates by consumers and organizations. In my opinion, Thorsten is the reason BlackBerry is sinking like the HMS Titanic.

OS 10 under Mike and Jim was simply the QNX OS of the Playbook. The original Dev Alpha was literally the intended OS 10 BlackBerry (which is why it was such a polished unit). Heins changed it into what we see today. He felt the other wasn't "competitive" enough.

Back in the day people had to use VHS, because Betamax had to die. Another example that the crappier format prevailed. Betamax was superior in every instance.
Just because something is most widespread doesn't make it any better.

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I wasn't saying Android or iOS was better or worse, I'm saying that both are excellent platforms and there's no denying it. Whether or not we think BlackBerry is better is irrelevant. Also, the VHS/Beta thing is a completely different situation... Apples and oranges

P.s before anyone says,I know, BlackberrIES. So what if it was slightly forced, you all know what I'm getting at.

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have you not seen iOS7? there is nothing appealing to that OS except to little kids.. But no doubt Key Lime will be a game changer

Ha, I agree about iOS 7. Looks like the kiddie section of Disneyland. But I'm a fan of Android 4.2 (& 4.3) - stock only. Key Lime Pie will eclipse anything Apple has. If BlackBerry could close the app gap, they'd be a real contender. But it sounds like they're admitting defeat at this point...

personally I think everyone is blowing it out of proportion. Yes, I think BB10 should have launched with 10.2 and yes I think 10.1 was completely unfinished. But Blackberry ran out of time they wanted to beat the big launches of iPhone and Droids (HTC One/S4 etc)so I can see why they did that. Their marketing has been horrible.

But in the past year/2 they made a completely new/unique OS from ground up. That's pretty good. TH should of set his expectations lower because that's what caused everyone to panic about the damn Q1 results. Now the investors are all up their throats making it even worse. It's been out for 6 months half of the US/rest of the world doesn't know that BB is still alive yet. It just needs more time to sink in.

Yes, I think TH should have been much more aggressive. He has a tough company to remodel. All these VP's that aren't even needed. When he got in the company was more of a mess then it is now. They 100% need to be private because all the press around these concerned investors are freaking out everyone and now they are being forced to take sale/partnership into account.

Ummmm....yaaaa......rrrrrright. I guess you haven't been paying attention to what's been going on in the US the last couple years. Sure....."cannot defeat US businesses"'re right.....we can't because US businesses have already defeated themselves!!!!! It's downright hilarious watching all the crap that's been going on in the US. They talk about education....yet....a woman walks up to the podium to sing the national anthem and SHE DOESN'T REMEMBER THE NATIONAL ANTHEM.....YET, SHE'S A US CITIZEN!!!!!! MAKES A COMPLETE FOOL OF HERSELF!!!!!! I'm Canandian......EVEN I KNOW THE US NATIONAL ANTHEM!!!!!

Get real about us not being able to defeat US business!!!!!! RIM (No....not BlackBerry)....RIM....did this all to themselves. Classic case of mis-management at it's finest. Don't blame consumers for them not wanting to purchase the BB....blame RIM.

Even when windows 3.0 was horrid most of the world ran it so people r lambs. And that is that baaaaaah!

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I think they should offer this blackberry software package for android and ios, as an additional service and especially for tablets since they aren't offering one at time time, but they should continue to offer the full BB10 experience as their main offering.

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I think BB needs to tell their story like the other guys do with their phones and in the advertising focus on the function and how easy it is and hip to use a BB phone. It can be turned around if they focus on what the customers are wanting and listen and maybe bring in customers and get their views on what needs to happen.

Focus groups with users from all platforms and build a kick a ss phone and OS

Oh ya im second LMAO

I wish. For some reason the BlackBerry marketing team just doesn't "get it".

BlackBerry needs better marketing. Like yesterday!

Not all of it but they took the sector leadership and crowded consumer space part to heart and have made no effort marketing and selling to the consumers. What they probably didn't realize is without enough mind share in consumer space, even enterprise uptake will suffer as BB10 phones are viewed as not good options as people do equate being popular with being good.

Just sell to someone and go home. So much for mobile computing BS. All those do is talk big! He needs to go home.

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I'm afraid by the time BlackBerry were to be ready to release any of their Android devices, there would be 10 million extra S3 or S4 users for Samsung. If I have to go the Android route, I rather go with the more mature Samsung devices.

I LOVE BlackBerry 10... If I wanted an Android, I would have bought an Android.. If I wanted the other one, I would have bought one. I respect the other platforms.. and admire parts of each... That's why I like the #TalkMobile2013 as it goes beyond platforms.


I like BlackBerry as a WHOLE. I don't want it separated. For me, the OS is the best part of the new phones, but it just wouldn't have the same appeal if it was BB10 running on a different company's hardware. I LOVE that my Z10 says "BlackBerry" on the bottom and not "<insert hardware manufacturer's name here> running BB10".

I think it's all very interesting. However, I disagree that Android would've been the best way to go. After all, even with the absence of native PIM apps, the PlayBook was widely praised for its OS and the promise it held when it was released. If BlackBerry decided to skip BlackBerry 10 and take the plunge with Android, it would've effectively scrapped much of its business model that it had previously held with the legacy OS. BlackBerry would no longer have been "BlackBerry," just another Android manufacturer trying to compete with specific software like the others. Meanwhile, we BlackBerry fans would be throwing "what ifs" had BlackBerry 10 actually come to market.

All I can say is that had BlackBerry decided to adopt Android, I would not have purchased an Android-based Z10 variant. I'm happy with the direction BlackBerry chose to go and am confident that, in one way or another, BlackBerry 10 will be a success.

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wow pretty cool but I could not see them going to android for enterprise. If enterprise really want security they go to BB10 anyway since it would not be about the mobile application ecosystem. Funny that they said the CMO has no expertise in consumer marketing which I can actually believe from the current marketing efforts. Also the remarks about the exec team having no expertise in cloud computing is wrong when the company has been built on cloud enterprise services which Robin Bienfait helped to pioneer.

Because the fail on past years. Right now 10OS is completely competitive with Android and iOS but THE WORLD doesn't know about it. When I talk with Android and iOS users about it, all I can hear is ignorant words and they are actually stuck thinking the 7OS fails are on 10OS as well. Plus BB making models like 9720 makes them think BB is making the same devices over and over again. BTW when my friends with Androids have software problems, they can't fix them with only the manufacturer PC program and the USB cable. They need kermel and oding and 100 other shits

Somehow I am doubting the legitimacy of this... Too many references to "Blackberry" and not "BlackBerry" as well as an insulting tone (calling BBRY management stubborn) in many of the slides points to this being a well researched proposal from a Troll and not something that would have been put in front of management.

And also a reference to "Crackberry" being a true brand in mobile (page 10 in the deck).

Sounds a bit odd in a presentation aiming at corporate level :0)

I second this sentiment, both from gkl and yruz2bu. Also on slide 6, it mentioned "Blackberries" - I don't think people at BBRY would be as negligent as calling the devices that way. Simon Sage, please recheck the credibility of your source and don't hesitate to take this article down if you find it not legit.

As a shareholder I really enjoy this idea (mainly because entire management would change) but as a consumer, I love BB10 too much!

If I wanted an android device I would have bought one.....what kinda of drugs is chan on.

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BlackBerry needs to cut out the Android cancer from its OS and stand on the full power of their operating system if they are so sold out to it. Since the rumors and even to this day, I hate that Android has become a crutch, holding up BlackBerry 10 from falling.

Just like all other platforms, people should e coding native apps, end of story.

OMG that would have really tanked BlackBerry. QNX was a brilliant move. Why do people think Android is the end all to phone ecosystems and the only alternative to iFruit?

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You are totally right. There is room for other players but just how large these other players can be can only be so large in this saturated market.

The way I look at it, BlackBerry 10 is to the smartphone market as Linux is to the PC market: There are people who swear by it and will only use it but its market share isn't going to take over Windows (Android) or Macs (iOS)...

Blackberry 10 OS is sooooo much better. They made the right choice. Just keep moving forward and improve the greatest OS out there to date.

Horrible idea. Try and build security into the OS that has the worst track record for security of all of the OS's out there.

Don't know why everyone is so concerned about this as if it would have killed BlackBerry.

You realize they could have skinned it completely to be functional as OS10 but just be android kernel. It could have everything BB10 has now including security with access to the google play store. Yeah that would have saved BlackBerry if you ask me.

That's a good point actually, however I'm not sure if it would have been as secure as QNX BlackBerry 10. I could be wrong about this, but I think the micro kernel architecture does a lot to support the security and stability of BB10.

I think there's more to it than that. If the Android kernel were on equal footing with the QNX kernel except that it comes with access to Google Play, then the decision would've too clear. Obviously BlackBerry has touted the merits of QNX on its security and scalability, but I don't know much of it technically. However there's definitely had to be several advantages to going with QNX over Android.

Besides that, even if you "skin" Android, you still have to convince consumers that your variant of Android is better than Samsung's or HTC's, which might actually be more difficult than doing this with BlackBerry 10.

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If you read the article it states there are many people in Silicon Valley who were going to team up on this effort. I can guarantee you that BlackBerry would have put the effort to make it just as secure as BB10 is now.

Also you do have to convince but has BlackBerry truly convinced many as it stands now. I think if they skinned Android and put out a powerhouse with BB10 fuctionality it would be no different marketing than now except consumers would be more open to switching as they'd have access to most of their favorite Apps etc.

Think of it this way what if BB10 moved to Android and didn't say anything but instead of BlackBerry App world you had Google Play. Tell me that wouldn't be a glorious thing for the device.

BlackBerry Security, BlackBerry Functionality + Google Apps + Widgets/Live Frames (Whichever you prefer). That to me is a golden device.

@gohan_bcc I completely agree with both of your posts. The way I read this presentation, the idea was to basically just build BB10 on the Android kernel vs the QNX micro-kernel which gave me the impression that the UI would be similar if not the same as the current experience. I don't really see a downside to this and would buy a BlackBerry just the same as I have for years for all the positives that access to Android/Google Apps provides.

One thing I haven't seen anyone mention that I picked up in the presentation was, if BB10 was an Android skin/app, you could have people on other devices download it and hook into the BlackBerry network. I think that's a brilliant idea. BlackBerry isn't making much money on device sales anyway so imagine being able to expand their consumer base through strictly software? Seems like there's a nice upside there in being able to boost their service revenue.

Overall I thought this was a very well thought-out idea and I can see some intriguing benefits. I also have a feeling that BB10 wouldn't be nearly as smooth on Android as it is on QNX so there are some potential drawbacks as well. However, as much as I love my Z10, BlackBerry is a doomed company right now (in the public eye and based on phone sales). I bought this phone knowing that it could be my last BlackBerry because I'm not sure they'll be around in two when I'm due for another phone.

I still think there's something we don't know about the technical differences between Android and QNX. We know that BlackBerry had actually considered building the new platform atop Android but the idea wad dismissed in favor of QNX. There has to be an inherent (possibly several) advantage to using QNX instead of Android that we can't or haven't seen yet.

Also, I think using Android and having access to Google's ecosystem are two different things. I've come across several Android devices that didn't have Google Play access (Amazon Kindle, to name a famous example). There must be something a manufacturer must do in order to gain access to Google Play and maybe BlackBerry wasn't willing to do so.

I hope someone with more knowledge can comment on the differences between Android and QNX and also what devices can use Google's ecosystem.

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BlackBerry is where it is today because what it's done up until now. That, coupled with Thor's long-range plan, means that BlackBerry is still a viable entity on its own and should continue as such.
As has been said already, if BlackBerry had become another Android, most of us would have walked.

Cheers. :)

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Talking about dodging the bullet.... I always wanted to have BlackBerry and if this plan would have gone through I for one wouldn't have known joy of BlackBerry quality.

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Not smart if they switched to android. Android phones are like bitches blackberry is my true love. :-)

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The amount of effort it took to build a whole OS could have been put into making a safe secure Android phone. It would have worked. BB10, while I like it, is pure arrogance.

It's interesting, but I think it would have killed the company much earlier. No one would have bought it. At least with bb10, there's still a chance.

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Forget that,between QNX now about to be in cars all over the world, BlackBerry being back in the hands of the Government,and features of BB10 being copied, why would you trade that budding influence that made you the must-have device and change that to go to an inferior product. BBRY stay the course.

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Funny thing is BB is basically depending on Android apps to curb enthusiast to stay anyway and failing so why not go all in with Android and die slower. Lol oh god this is such a sad thing to watch from a company I had loved so much and the only reason I find this funny yet sad is when I came to these forums to state my displeasure with BB10 only to be greeted by new found delusional fans who weren't trying to see my legitimate issues as problems only stating it was lack of understanding on my part I knew the ship was sailing. My first smartphone was a BB and I'll always remember that but after going to Android then iOS then Windows Phone to finally end back with Android let's just say BB really didn't stand a chance compared to those three to me.

I think if blackberry is still around in 2 years time then entirely as a software provider ad indicated in the slides. A platform that works on iOS and android!

As a manufacturer they cannot survive in the current market with the products they are not pushing properly and without the advertising needed.

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No way...what they have done with BB10 is a good thing and had potential to be a great OS. Android is too convoluted.

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Call me crazy but if BlackBerry had sets entered into the world of Android with an emphasis on security and productivity, I think they would have had a better chance. Rather than trying to play catch-up only to compete with giants.

I love BB10. I'm only speaking of the app market.

- aBBuser

beyond stupid.

So many reasons why its not even worth having a discussion. This idea should have been dead a long time ago and its amazing people still give it any weight.

Just ask any OEM other than samsung how android is working out for them.

Android is a freeware platform with no differentiators.

The only thing that makes its special is a previous wide adoption by OEMs. Thats it. That is all. There is nothing that sets it apart.

The question shouldn't be "should blackberry have gone android". It should be "why they hell didn't any other company make and create their own platform instead of becoming bottom feeders in the race to commodotize their products and only compete on specs/advertising".

Its sad people dont realise this. The only thing android would offer BB is apps, and it looks like that might not even be a reason. Especially considering it would kill blackberry world revenue. I question the reasoning abilities of anyone who thinks this is a good idea.

Very valid point. We'll said!

HTC, sony, Asus, whoever else... samsung takes the lions share of android phone sales. arguably they make the best phones - but that's a different debate.

You have all those brands suffering - they're making more money than BlackBerry but still...

BlackBerry wouldn't stand out in an all android world. Samsung already makes a "blackberry". Not sure where it sells but they keep doing it so there has to be a return - though they are big enough to gamble.

BlackBerry isn't.

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Obviously sticking with an already vested QNX development made sense - it hasn't turned out as expected and sales have been terrible, but then there are other factors for that; poor marketing being one that springs to mind. Apathy for the BlackBerry brand is another. For whatever reason, sales have not come.

I don't see going all in with android would have addressed that.

And then there is the assumption apple (or whomever) would want to make a blackberry device. Wouldn't they want blackberry out of the market? Or better own the brand (patents and all)?

I know things must have been turbulent but not that desperate surely?

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With 10.2 my guess is pretty well all current Android apps will run on BB10.

Hard to see how being specifically Android would have helped when you can run Android apps on the BB10 device.

I can see an argument for a gateway to Google Play (or similar) so that Android apps can be downloaded directly to the device. BlackBerry could restrict that to free apps - since most of the major apps people want are free anyway.

It's nice to see how to guys love to change the story headline from the original. No wonder there is too much confusion going on...if you are going to speak from the horses mouth at least speak the same language. :)

Every intelligent person was suggesting they adopt Android from the beginning. Going the route of a 30 year old, second grade OS called QNX sans applications was both perplexing and arrogant. It has no value whatsoever. Its too late now as there units have fallen too much.

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Ironic and paradoxical the while moving to Android os would be the death of BlackBerry, Android apps have helped breathe life into BB10 devices. BB10 all the way!

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Thank the good Lord that it didn't happen. I would have burned my BlackBerry if it did. BlackBerry needs good marketing not a new OS.

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I think the BlackBerry nation is a proud lot of people. We are not about to endorse this idea. BlackBerry is coming back. Keep lean, keep some profits. Invest. Adapt. It will find its niche. I like me bb10 more each day.

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This the most idiotic business proposal i've seen in a while.

Building a secure version of Google Android means pretty much skinning it, when you do that it leaves you with nothing more then a Linux kernel. BlackBerry would have to develop a entirely new OS on top of that kernel. Plus the fact that building a secure Android pretty much means banning Android apps or at leasrt crippling them as they are inherently insecure and can exploit Android OS.

Which means you're stuck with a custom but nevertheless crippled Android OS that can't run Android Apps.

QNX-Neutrino is a Real Time Operating System and a microkernel that is much more potent than Android OS, in both security and versatility Just look at how smooth BB10 runs.

No sticking to the plan developing BB10 was and is the way to move forward.

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People who talk about sales numbers need to get a clue. What we basing this numbers on? Blackberry hasn't given guidance on that. All they have to do is break even to be a successful company. They've hit their targets. All they need to do is continue selling devices which they've done an amazing job of considering all the non-stop media negativity and perception surrounding their brand. I'm amazed they were able to ship 2.7 million all things considered. BB isn't apple or samsung, they don't have the size or scale they do.

They've continued to grow cash when people said they were going to burn it. They created and came out with BB10 when people said it was vaporware. They are still here despite people saying they should have been dead. Wake up anyone who doesn't see this. Every quarter they continue to ship BB10 devices is growing their user base and giving them more opportunities. BB10 hasn't even been fully on market for 6 months. Lets get real. Where were android and iOS after 6 months? iOS has been tanking in a lot of areas. No one has the differentiators BB has. I get it that if those who follow what the analysts say think BB isn't where you think they should be, but you'd do yourself a favor if you thought for yourself.

Conquest sales are VERY tough and take TIME ...brand new OS, many new attributes of new OS to learn/appreciate, app deficiency becoming less a problem with each passing day and the word of mouth marketing in its infancy.

BlackBerry should not panic...they need to stay the course they've worked so hard to plan and implement. BB10 will payoff and the payoff will be large.

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda s2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

listen people, let me make this very clear, android is the worst os for a phone, galaxy is the worst of the androids, i dont give a damn what they say, android people would agree , you love the phone for 2 months then hate it for 1 1/2 year, everything is always "force close" and i dont want to hear anything about widgets, they were created because they cant move their icons like ios and blackberry, BB10 is the best , BB7 still is the best OS aside from BB10

I still think BB10 is superior, if only people would actually give it a chance instead of just saying "everybody uses android so i have to use it too"
It's really sad, glad I got a chance to experience BB10 to me nothing comes close
Too bad it took so long to get here ,if they had done this a year or two ago they could have been strong or at least in a way better position

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I can only echo those that say thank god it did not happen.

Android is excessively fragmented - i saw ab article that there are 11000 variations of it...
Try to keep up with that mess.

Apple - yikes, they can't get elementary features right... see exchange bug, lock screen bug...

And lastly, android input just feel archaic and clumsy - as does navigation... (on the android apps on BlackBerry)
BlackBerry 10 is a brilliant OS - I'd just wish more people would realize how good the platform is. Unfortunately, the average user is interested more in fancy graphics and specifications than actual user experience...

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Visually, Android on phones seems to me to offer a highly fragmented user experience. There's no cohesion or consistency in the UI and only god knows what's going on underneath.

If only BlackBerry would see the potential in BB10 and develop it.

i will tell what one of the problems is, the retailers are not trying to sell bb, I have had 12 of my friends go into a retailer(Verizon,att, and t-mobile) and ask for a BBZ10, IMMEDIATELY, they were told not to buy the BBz10, because its only for business, its not good for music or video, a lot of people bring it back, its hard to learn, yada yada, yada, and then are told to get the galaxy gs4, because its the best , hahaha , bullshyt, whats really going on is that the agents is getting a bigger incentive to sell the gs4 over everything,(htc one-lumia-experia etc..) example , when you go to buy tennis , you tell them what you want they go get it , thank you very much,,,,, but when you go to buy a phone and you tell them what you want they tell you what you should be getting, and then lie to you about devices that haven't used or had training on (bigger paycheck for them) ,,, i went into a t-mobile asked the guy what phone has the fastest internet browser, he said gs4, so i said ok , went to the phone pulled up the html 5 test , and it was 468, very good, but then i went other browsers//mobile// and showed him that he was wrong that it was the blackberry 10-485+11 bonus ,, he had to look 3 times in shock,

I SAID ALL THAT to say this , stop blaming blackberry so much, they are getting resistance in the stores by these agents that only want to sell galaxy's for bigger intensives(not knocking the hustle) but damn if they ask you for a z10 let them have it maann..dont lie about BB to make the galaxy look good when its not,

You hit the nail on the head. This is why BBRY needs to get into damage control so they may shut these retailers up and force them to push BB10 devices out in a fair manner.

Isn't it illegal to spread miss-information about BBRY? And if Sammy or Appel has anything to do with this, it is in fact illegal.
It's tiresome hearing carriers acting like A-Holes trying to destroy BBRY with stupidity. Who on earth recommends a bloody Galaxy over a Superior Z10? WHO?

BB10 offers stunning video and audio Thank You, better than the competition. By the way for those retailers messing up BBRY, the Z10 is a major upgrade from all Galaxy phones to date.

Well said! Since the carriers and their employees won't properly support the sales of BlackBerry devices maybe is time for a new strategy. BlackBerry should directly pay the sales reps an additional $10 or $15 commission on every BlackBerry 10 device that they sell. This should be enough to at least make them think about fairly presenting the BlackBerry option to the customer. Maybe it would be enough to get the USA market back in the game. Something needs to change to turn around the anti BlackBerry buzz with the media and those who don't know any better.

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 is the best thing that happened to BlackBerry.. best OS hands down. Android to me is playing buggy and ugly. Please live on BlackBerry.. they should go private.. fricking share holders shouldn't dictate the fate of this company from strictly a monetary perspective. All these posts of uncertainty make me sick.

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Going with android is the most stupid idea people keep feeding energy to. So lame. **** off android.

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No! That was a terrible idea. BlackBerry would have just become another Android flavor. There’s no guarantee that the road taken (BB10) will succeed, but I like it's chances. The OS is maturing very well and in my opinion is already the most robust. I compare this with the iPhone and Samsung S4 in my household.

On a side note, it's funny when BlackBerry had to change the OS name from BBX to BB10, I didn't like it. Now I'm glad they did. There’s something not right with the BBX designation.

Rock on BB10!

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This would've been freaking stupid. Why the hell would BlackBerry make phones for Android? The OS is top notch, if anything Samsung should be making phones for BlackBerry, or Sony.

Z10? Why yes it is.

I'll take windows phone over android or iOS. Thank god they didn't ditch a native OS as along with awesome hardware it's nice to support a Canadian company.

It's quite evident BBRY would have filed for Bankruptcy if they took the Android route.
The problem, Android offers un-innovation all in one un-secure and terrible platform.

Thank Goodness for BB10. Without it, nobody would have known how truly bad Android is.


Have you noticed that on slide 10 (Brand) is a reference to "Crackberry" being the only true brand in mobile along with Apple :0)

This guy needs a screw in his head.

How do you make a great device by making it slower??!

This guy is lost

Marketing is everything

I like th new BlackBerry 10 OS halaluya dey didn't switch 2 android BlackBerry should focus on apps entertainment and better hard wear or else make dere OS more lite dats were th iOS shines dere phones rarely hang end of th day I love my BlackBerry Z10 n I'll support dem by getting th Z30

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Oh 4got 2 mention BlackBerry u guys gota do some thing abt yr batter life I actually put down my screen brightness 2 th minimum just 2 keep my z10 alive I just hope th z30 solves this issue

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Load Excellent battery life, and I spell with complete words so that others can understand. Not teen text speak makes you look foolish

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It would have been great. Android is not a secure operating system and as such is prohibited within my company of 72,900 employees. If blackberry build a secure android option it would have been a leader.

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iOS and Android are horrible to use but otherwise, great applications will close to BB10.
It's a vicious circle where RIM and BlackBerry users loses!

They could have easily skinned the phones to look like bb10. We would have had apps and they could have figured a way out to make it secure (second os maybe)

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I offered a similar comment on my blog earlier this week. Android embraced, dump out of BlackBerry 10.

All interesting food for thought. My thoughts as of this current situation is for BlackBerry to be embraced by.... Samsung.

No I am not into the Grey Goose! Two big reasons.

1) Samsung wants to have its own OS and reduce its dependence on Android.

2) Samsung wants to get into the MDM/EMM space. What better way than to take on BES and the 200k servers out there.

(MobileIron wouldn't be happy ;-)

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I think the reason blackberry is incahoots is because of the lack of apps. They wouldn't be chasing customers and trying new tactics to lure in customers if they had a bigger market like androids and apples. Being a long time blackberry user from the 8800 days to a curve 8320 then going to a samsung vibrant then to an s3. The blackberry q10 I have now is by far the best phone i've ever used. And i'm only 21. Everything about blackberry is fine, just minor adjustments we complain about like black theme and speed dialing... and all that can be fixed in later leaks or os release. But the fact that we will never get the "big apps" just pushes customers away. Oh and the Q10 is the only phone i've ever payed for at full price without a contract... daily rant.

A Fascinating read.

Not sure if it was a smear attempt or not though.

I mean, the was even a "CrackBerry" reference in there, would that be used in this type of presentation document?

Anyway, Android would probably been a mistake this late in the game, so best to push forward with BB10 and water the seeds, it is possible for a flower to bloom.

Add me to the list of thank god that didn't happen.

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Man, I swear, there's people that just want to erase BlackBerry even if they have to trash talk like this. Like if BlackBerry 10 was not good or something... seriously, as an investor I feel this as an insult and probably as a conspiracy to bring down the future of BlackBerry OS 10.

Cause seriously, if I was Google or Samsung and I see some potential competitor I would like to hammer it down so it gets out of my way.

Marketing is everything

Lol this would of worked though.

No learning curve for people switching from android devices. Established OS nd apps

Probably would have sold more phones

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OS10 is already Android compatible but the apps have to be side loaded. Most consumers would not do that. I have said many times that BlackBerry should offer an Android phone to tap into the consumer market
Making the Z10 run Android apps off the Google store would be as effective. There are obvious trade offs but BlackBerry has already taken those steps with BYOD and BBM. So why not eat some of Apple and Samsung's consumer lunch?

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There are thousands of Android ports that are available in BlackBerry world...

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To the OP question.....
My answer is no. If that happened last year.... i would have not seen and bought my beloved Q10....

Sadly, this path seems to have doomed the company nowadays... but who cares i got my Q10 :D

BlackBerry is about 5yrs too late to that boat. This is something I wish they had considered when Android first out. What Samsung has done with Android is offer a great device in which it can be built on. No one in the mobile world builds better devices than BlackBerry. This could have been the firm hold they needed to have on the market to overpower competitors like Apple. BB10 is a fantastic platform. However, as we've seen based on the sales numbers, it may just be too little too late. It would've been amazing if they introduced it in 2010 or sooner but it's become very hard to stand out in this market so late in the game. Its a great opportunity that BlackBerry missed out on. They could've made both an Android OS BlackBerry and an BBOS where it would be practical; the keyboard. Many of you here delude yourselves into thinking that this venture wouldn't have been good for BlackBerry but it's just merely fanboy banter. As a huge BlackBerry fan, my main concern is their longevity and survival. Sadly, that's becoming less and less of a possibility by the day.


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This idea sucks. Why sell-out? BlackBerry is a stand alone unit. Do it on your own or go home.

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The sad thing is that BB10 is the best OS available, but people either no nothing about it or it gets slammed because of lacking apps.

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What"s wrong if I was on top able to run Android apps? I come from the Android world and I like the hub and the hardware. If there was additionally more software as well that would be great.

I switched platforms several times and if there was a high end keyboard device with hub integration running Android I'd buy it immediately.

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I switched to BB10 from a long line of Androids.. I did so because I loved the OS not the company, not the name, I simply played with a Z10 in a store. And even after being told not to waste my time and get a Samsung I rudely replied that it was my money. Now I own three BB10 devices. Own the stock, just to vote to keep moving ahead.

I don't like android or ios and I've used both. I've been faithful to BlackBerry os since 2007 and it is the os I prefer out of them all. If they went android idk what device I would use. I would probably be without a cell phone bc the other options just don't do anything for ne
They don't suit my needs the way BlackBerry does

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BlackBerry OS cannot and will not die. I could never do the Android thing as I don't like any of the phones, let alone the OS, Windows is so-so and Apple, what can I say... i definitely don't want to be an iSheep. I'll be rockin my BlackBerry as long as I can. I didn't switch when all my friends and family were pressuring me and I won't do it now, unless I have no other alternative. Blackberry will survive, perhaps not so much at the consumer level, but more so in Industry. We all knew this was where they were heading, where there future lies. QNX partnering with Panasonic is a huge step forward, for both companies. Long live BlackBerry !

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The majority of people on here don't stop to think beyond their fanboy rants. You can't be a fan without giving SOME criticism. Android is a platform... Meaning a foundation to build upon. Android is on HTC and Samsung. But you wouldn't find much similarities between the HTC One and GS4. BlackBerry could've very well done the same thing with BB10. Why?... Why would they do want to do that?.... For the same reason BlackBerry is losing so much market shares; APPS!!!. No one doubts that BlackBerry makes a great device and that BB10 is a superb OS. However, in this market, its 25% Device, 25% OS and 50% APPS!!!

If Samsung can't get Knox to work well what makes you think BlackBerry could do any better. You are only as good as the platform that you build upon and Andoird is anything but secure.

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They do suck majorly.
Ios is being called stale by pretty much everyone.

Android is buggy on the best of hardware. Not to mention the constant spec war with competing companies. It's stupid. I praise blackberry all day every day..

Don't get me started on windows. I mean really it sucks on a computer Windows 8 omg I absolutely despise it.


If they would have or ever do I'll dump blackberry in a heartbeat and back to Windows Phone I go.

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I dont like Android neither iPhone as a cellphone. This is only happening because theres no apps :S. They are building more phones without apps...i dont think there will be any change offering more devices with the lack of what people want. They need to invest in devs to survive. Thats it.

Um..I understand that no one here wants to loose their identity. but are you all serious Android is flourishing while blackberry is falling and everybody is saying Thank god we didn't use the life raft. Blackberry had the opportunity to immediately be more relevant. At the very least some sort of licensing deal should have been made that allow us to use the playstore sort of like amazon does I don't think that people confuse a kindle for a Samsung Galaxy but this has allowed Amazon to make money. Blackberrry still has a board that can approve the design and implementation of each phone but to think that this wouldn't have helped is ludicrous This is the type of narrow minded thinking the is leading to the further decline of BB sales..

Apps don't make things relevant I use my phone with about 20 apps or so all located in blackberry world with no complaints mind you I use it mostly for business not gaming or movie watching I have a TV and console for that. But with your "open minded" thinking at this point in time we wouldn't even have android, windows phone, BB10, because why use any of those platforms when apple already has everything we need let's just make different variations of that and let them dominate the market. Competition drives technology and that makes better products for consumers. I hope the tizen, firefox, ubuntu OS take off and cripple android/iPhone even further forcing them to try and innovate even harder for my benefit.

So... A slab of glass running Android... Don't we already have like 4000 "different" models of those on the market right now??

Dumb, stupid and suicidal in that order.

Android is a fatally-flawed architecture and cannot be fixed due to backward compatibility requirements. I've ported it twice and would NEVER architect anything this way. Google's decision to go this direction when they could have built an environment native on Linux is beyond puzzling but what's done is done. Google got the worst of BB7 AND Linux doing it the way they did and it still shows today.

This was a horrifyingly bad idea and the company was right to reject it. Can someone get a list of what else this "investor" owns so I can short it?

Good thing BlackBerry didn't follow this plan! I don't want to be naive using the spyware OS Android like 80% of people around the globe. I know it is a fact that Android is monopoly right now (iOS keeps slipping quarter by quarter thus irrelevant soon so I don't think there is a duopoly anymore soon). To avoid using Android is almost impossible, I stay with BB10 until it really doesn't exist then switch to WP.

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As long as BlackBerry can find their groove, make a little money, focus on government, big business, and people willing to pay for a better phone not just the same phone they will be "okay". I'm never switching. Every update has been great imagine in a couple years.

BlackBerry got to big and stalled, now apple is doing the same

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Every update has been better. I hope they stay in it long enough to show the rest if the world the power and possibilities QNX will bring.

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Would have gone with a Windows phone if that happened. Don't want Android and refuse to support I OS

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Does anyone realize how much better the QNX Micro Kernal is versus AOSP?!?

The BB10 phone, software, and enterprise capabilities are outstanding.

What's killing BB is $h!t Marketing. I swear I could make a better campaign while sitting on the John.

75% of all. Malware is found on Android. That speaks volumes.

In light of the whole government/big brother spying, there's a very good opportunity to bring back BIS and some of the revenue stream.

Stressing privacy, and encryption. Also, promote BBProtect as an amazing native security app to compete with security apps out there.