Introducing Ziplorer: Pack and Unpack Zip Files Directly on your BlackBerry!

Ziplorer for BlackBerry
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Feb 2008 04:18 am EST

That didn't take long. Last week James reported a rumor a BlackBerry application to handle zipping was "in the works", and now it's here! S4BB has just released Ziplorer version 1.0, which allows you to receive zip files on your BlackBerry and unpack them directly onto your device. You can also access files stored on your device's internal memory card or expansion card and create and send zip files. Ziplorer supports the popular PKZip and GZip formats. Some details...

  • Accessible: Internal BlackBerry® memory, installed microSD card.
  • Output formats: PKZip, GZip.
  • Packable files: Any kind of files and directories (subdirectories are included automatically).
  • Features: Pack, unpack, delete, file info and browse the filesystem.
  • Models Supported: BlackBerry 7130, 8100, 8300, 8700, and 8800 series.
Ziplorer ScreenshotZiplorer
Ziplorer in Action!

Ziplorer sells for $19.99. For more information and a How To Overview you can check out the Ziplorer Quick Quide (.pdf)

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Introducing Ziplorer: Pack and Unpack Zip Files Directly on your BlackBerry!


I have recently found that my carrier (Rogers) seems to block any MP3's that I send via email to my Blackberry. This ticks me off to no end, as I would prefer to just email myself new ringtones etc., rather then having to synch to do it. I have thought of renaming the file to get around this, but there is no way (that I am aware of) to change the file extension back once it is on the BB. I could zip all sorts of audio files and send them then extract. I am going to give this app a try for sure.

Does this application allow me to view files in general as well?

*edit* Duh! The description should have been read a little closer....yes!

A free trial would be nice, it is only 20.00 but I would like the option to try it for a few days before I decide to buy it.

i also agree that a free trial would be very nice, but i decided to go ahead and try it out anyway b/c i have so many problems with zip files. i wish i had something to post about this software, but unfortunately i can't seem to get the email from crackberry with the information....