Introducing the TK5 Justice... another hot BlackBerry 10 concept!

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Oct 2012 07:11 pm EDT

The DigitalHomeBoy has gone all-out with his latest DreamBerry concept, the TK5 Justice. Following up the TK Victory, which was already a hot full-qwerty BlackBerry concept, the TK5 Justice takes things to a whole new level.

It's designed for BlackBerry 10, the specs are loaded, and a whack load of attention has been given to every little design attribute of the device.

Honestly, I don't even want to take away one bit of the effort that has gone into this concept, so just hit the link below to jump over and read all about the TK5 Justice on the DigitalHomeBoy blog. Then come back here and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments. Watch out for drool on your keyboard. ;)

More photos and details on the TK5 Justice BlackBerry 10 Concept 

Find even more photos and details here.

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Introducing the TK5 Justice... another hot BlackBerry 10 concept!


I can't put my finger on why.. but for some reason I am SOOO much more attracted to this concept them I am to the querty BB10 device we saw leaked in that video a little while back..

The leaked video had me thinking I might have to go for the full touch despite really being a querty guy... I just thought the querty model looked dumb, and not enough of a change from my 9900 to warrant the investment (although I don't find my 9900 looks dumb for some reason) But if RIM decides to revamp the first querty BB10 device to look like this.. I would definitely be on board.

Same here!!! If this will be BB10 was with qwerty, I will definetly wait for it. If its going to be the one shown previously, I'll take the full touchpad...

I TOTALLY 100% AGREE!!! The reason I feel this way is... as a 9900 user, if I upgrade to the BB10 Qwerty I am losing 5 hard keys! With the trackpad and menu key being two of my most used i'd say... And as a Qwerty 9900 user, I use the touchscreen when its convenient to me, otherwise I use my trackpad proudly and accurately! Now to lose those convenient keys, it sucks big time!! Don't get me wrong, thanks for the bigger screen... But it just feels like I'm upgrading my 9900 for a slightly bigger screen, less keys/convenience and a new OS
But with this TK Justice the shape looks new, sleeker, and has TWO NEW dedicated buttons (Blackberry Key/Action Key) which still gives us a little remnant of our 9900. It just feels/looks BB10 worthy!!
Where as with the actual "New" Qwerty BB10, it feels like they got lazy and just said, "feed them the scraps, they'll eat it" Which leaves me feeling like I want something "New" and the Full Touch feels very "New" compared to the BB10 Qwerty... Just Saying

Even if you are just saying...I like what you are saying because you make a point with what you say on the upgrade (to the leaked render if it holds true).

If that's not the sexiest thing you've ever seen in a full qwerty keyboard smartphone, I don't know what is

I love it, however I really dont like the idea of having a qwerty kb but not having a touchpad/mouse.

Definitely agree here. The smaller screen makes accurate tapping on the screen difficult. I love my 9930 because I can fall back on the trackpad when I need to select something small on the screen.

If this design became a reality i doubt it'd be a problem. The screen is almost the same size as the previous iPhones. Perfect design would be to make it entirely as big as the current dev alpha, and adjust screen and keyboard accordingly :)

Once again, an amazing design from DigitalHomeBoy!

U should be hired by RIM right now!!
And I wont say that ill be buying this phone, cause I seriously cant make a decision between this one and the Victory!

Keep them coming! Really good work!

Keep up the awesome work. Now I probably have to tape my mouth shut coz it ain't closing... if this ever comes out... I would buy all the colors different colors...

My only quibble is the space given to the three physical buttons. A major point of touchscreens is that they are not needed. I would prefer to see a trackpad embedded in an extra row of keys which provide accents, so typing e followed by the acute key produces e acute. This would be a lot of use to people who work in accented or multiple languages - which means the 400 million plus citizens of the EU plus Canada.

I seem to be confused on your quibble with the space given to the three physical buttons? The only buttons are on the keyboard! The buttons you see on the screen is strictly OS-related.

As for writing with accents - Je vis au Canada où le français est la deuxième langue et je comprends la nécessité pour l'usage mondial. C'est là que la touche SYM entrerait en jeu!

The actual work in total is 7 months. I started right after the TK Victory design, but life got in the way. It's been refined over and over. I'm uploading the sketches to see the thought process.

Can we have a BB10 that's exactly the same form factor as the 9900? I like my 9900, and I'm really tired of having to buy all new accessories every time I get a new BB.

Just sayin'...

wowa wiwa nic. Id soo buy that.

Someone below me will prolly complain about the black ''passe partout'' (dont know the word for it ) being too small blah blah blah its concept art,,, it doesnt have to be spot on.

Wow. The second I saw those pictures, I was immediately just blown away by how amazing they look even though they're just concept designs. If the Qwerty edition of the BlackBerry 10 phones comes out with a design like those pictured, I'd definitely buy it no questions asked.

You have to wonder if people from RIM actually look at some of these designs. This looks great, and that concept that was done up for a slider was awesome too (although the curved body probably wouldn't work too well)

Not as good as the Blackberry Blade concept or that white BB concept that someone had on here a couple months ago.

Good job, Comments Police Officer.
Back to comments.
Not to pick holes in a great piece of design;
1) How many speakers and microphones did you put? Six? Seems plentiful to me.
2) The side speakers would make the device awkward to hold during playback.
3) Dual LEDs seem like overkill when the single LED can be programmed to show several colours at the same time or in rapid succession.
That said it is a fantastic design.

The Quadrupple is pretty funny!
Please, keep on picking - but only pick away if you read my write-up that goes on to talk about the design.
1) Technically there are 3 speakers. The dual stereo to the left and right and the headset can be reversed as a speaker. The microphone is quad with Noise Reduction Wideband AMR. I had two lined dots originally, but when I saw the first iPhone 5 prototype I had to change it.

2) Unless you have your hand bear-hugging the device (and this is a device that doesn't need that kind of treatment) sure, you'll muffle the sound, but it will be light @ 115g and the speakerphone design is based on having the device rested other than your hand.

3) As mentioned in my write-up (which I gathered at this point wasn't read) the dual-LED's are customisable. I love having control so if two is your thing there you go, but if you are happy with one then it could be set for one.

Thanks again. Keep it coming!

Wow. Beautiful design. I think I like his original BB TK Victory concept design a little better, but both are sweet. Retains the curved-row keyboard, but would that little sliver of "dead" space right above the keyboard and below the touchscreen affect the gestures and overall experience?

Agreed. Love that Victory concept. Needs the curved keyboard as well to maintain the special blackberry keyboard.

But as another poster has said, I'm not too hot on the 9700 form factor on the back of the phone. My personal preference is a flat, clean rear surface, even if Apple fanboys accuse us of copying.

Can RIM do a redesign/touch-up before launch? Probably not possible, given it's mid-Oct. But look at the difference in the comments on this thread vs. the one with the leaked photos of the actual Bold. The black sheep have spoken: baaahhhd-a$$ concept phone...sorry.

Scrolling down this page with the "trackpad" makes me sigh. I'll adjust because I won't have a choice, but the trackpad is the reason I went back to the full querty. I'm excited about BB10, but its bittersweet anxiety...

Too bad we all know the screen is going to have a ratio of 1:1
This screen size would work for a slider phone though. Kind of like the current BB Torch.

Looks great, but wonder how the balance in the hand would be when typing? I'm sure RIM has at least considered (if not already built mock-ups) of Bolds with bigger screens. I know some Androids tried bigger qwerty screen phones (the Admiral by Motorola maybe?) and people said they didn't feel right in the hand. Not saying it can't work, but it may be an issue?

Great work man!

This guy is an excellent designer .. now this is the kind of stuff RIM should be releasing :)
I'd get one in a heartbeat lol

This is how the N-series Blackberry 10 Phone should look like, the one we saw in the leaks looks to much like the bold 9900.

Wow, amazing! I noticed the headphone jack is at the bottom of the phone...not sure this would play well for those who keep their phone in a pouch.

This is the sexiest thing I have ever seen! Get rid of the current people in charge of hardware and HIRE THIS GUY! I would buy this right now! I would pay more than what I paid for my iPhone 5.

Agree, this should be the N Series. If I wasn't so set on the L Series, I would want this. I hope the aesthetics of the L Series is much like this. Sweet!

RIM's problems are over if they produce mobiles looking like this. They are a work of art....sadly I highly doubt they will come to market in the first go round. Maybe later once their future is secure.

There is no doubt they would sell but at what price given everybody seems to be so budget conscious these days.

One can hope they make these beauty's as I would buy one or two for sure. Damn the cost lol

Beautiful work digitalhomeboy!

This is fantastic. I am a big proponent of the 9810 and the slider form factor - but this would actually make me switch to non-slider.

I wish it looked as good as this.

although i love the 9900, there has to be a change or all the blackberry haters will just talk smack on how the blackberry 10 N device just resembles the blackberry 9900. I understand there is only so little configuration you can do to the N series but just look at the amazing work digital homeboy did. i truly love this design looks amazing and the color selection is beautiful!! Remember RIM has to get this right or else all this hype will be for nothing. One thing though i am worried about the bezel just above the keyboard. I think a little more bezel above the keyboard would be nice. overall a truly remarkable design. i am a qwerty keyboard kinda guy. i will be buying the keyboard designed blackberry 10 phone the day it hits my carrier stores.

BlackBerry 10. Cue The Comeback 2013

Wow!!!! I want the Blue 72; It is Gorgeously Beautiful, never thought I would describe a phone with those words (reserved for women only)......but it is.

Lets all be honest here. I think RIM has already decided the style they are going with for the N series. The question i have is how long would it take if RIM decides to redesign the phone? Can it potentially affect the launch date? Does anyone have insight on this?

BB 10...Boldly taking over!

This post makes me want to cry! Seeing the TK version right next to the real version puts the real one to shame. I think RIM made a huge mistake by putting a 1/2 screen on their new Bold they really should have put a larger screen as shown on the TK rendering. Boo hoo.. hoo...

True. Are they (Research In Motion) designing touch screen smartphones for elves or "little people?"

I don't think they designed it for "little" people. Unfortunately... I think they designed it for "OLD" people. :(

Sexiest phones ever. RIM you are stupid if you dont hire this guy. Phones like these will get you a #1 slot in the market. Hopefully someone who matters are reading this. Your fans have spoken.

B*MBOCLAAAT.........If RIM doesn't buy this design and produce this phone they have all REASONS to fail in 2013, I for one would KILL to get my hands on this device running BB10 c'mon RIMM make ONE GOOD decision for the Blackberry LOVERS......Pleaseeeeee!!

Blackberry by Choice (Y)

This design is incredible. It looks better than the one on the leaked slides from RIM. I'd buy this in a heartbeat. This is the kind of stuff that could easily bring RIM back. It just looks fantastic.

Digital homeboy is officially my hero!! RIM if your reading please build this!!! That 9900 looking phone ain't it!!!!!

...and it started out as a slow clap! Then you hit us with the color variations!! Life is not fair as it is only a concept, well at least at this point. EXCELLENT work!

Yow ... this is a seriously slick piece of hardware ... this is something i would definitely buy ... tough choice with the L series so i'd probably get them both ...

Blackberry By Choice ... #BBC

I truly love the concept no doubt but one big miSs is not having the trackpad. I. Do use it a lot. Other than that, amazing job. I'd still buy it.

As innovative as these concept designs for BlackBerry 10 amertphones we have to keep in mind Research In Motion is fixated on BlackBerry Bold 9900-esque and Apple iPhone slab-esque form factors for its upcoming smartphones. RIM lost its innovative engineering mojo years ago and has paid dearly in the ensuing years. It will be interesting to see the actual smartphones the company decides to release in 2013; the year destined to seal the company's fate on way or another. Step up or step aside.

Very clean and sleek. My only critique is the placement of the headphone jack, usb and mini-hdmi ports on the bottom of the unit by the microphone. I prefer that each of these ports be placed along the upper third's sides like the 9000/9300

BB is the only smartphone left with the bottons on the side...Sorry but should be on top or bottom because it looks more elegant and clean like that. NOT SIDES!!!!!

there r a lot of phones with them on the side. samsung and htc still make phones with buttons on the side.

OMG!...just perfect!!! this should be the smaller screen size on the qwerty version :) ! i hoPe they improve everything just like other smartphones !!! BEAT IT RIM!! LISTEN TO US...WE NEED FREE PoPULAR CrossPlatform APPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An absolutely gorgeous set of designs, seriously. I hope RIM has been paying attention to this, because a phone can't just function nicely, it also has to be very visually appealing (not saying the 9900 or any other current BlackBerry isn't, just saying...). These concepts are incredibly appealing visually, as well as in the specifications department. I think the only thing I'd have changed within the specifications is the use of Aluminum, though it is quite durable and just needs to be worked with properly in the manufacturing stages to minimize scuffing as we are seeing now on the iPhone 5.

Love the majority of the specifications, especially the large battery (something that only Samsung seems to be pushing up the specification of lately). While I totally love the size of screen with the full keyboard, I do also kinda understand that such a screen size is usually (not always, but usually) better served on a slider-style device rather than a candy-bar form-factor. None the less, I have no doubt this device would sell better than hotcakes simply because of not only their form and function (liking the dedicated blackberry keys in currently-unused portions of the keyboard), but also their computing power on the BB10 platform. Seriously, looks amazing.

RIM SIGN THE PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They need to adopt this design like yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I FRIGGIN WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERFECT DESIGN,SPEC LIST AND INTEGRATION FOR BB10

Still need the track pad for easier copy and paste. and for special selecting (small text)
Also physical send, menu, back and end buttons. Don't like when I accidently put my finger on the screen and make a call, or make a call from my pocket.
I also like how I just press the back button on my 9900 and the screen comes back on (even when locked) just to check the time.

Uhhh, guys. We've seen what the N-Series is going to look like. We're not getting this phone. We're not getting anything close to this phone. We're getting the boring looking thing they've already shown us. Sorry. Settle down.

If this was what the N series would look like, I would definitely get it over the L series phone came out. This is the type of person RIM needs to bring in to design their phones. Always on point.


The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.

The width still remains to be 66mm, but the height is only 13mm more @ 128mm from the 115mm on the Bold 99XX. It's not a huge leap, but it will look "bolder".

I wish that crackberry would stop promoting these concept designs as they do not have to pay any attention to factors that are actually important when making a handset and then people just whinge about the actual handsets not matching up to the concepts as it is like playing with a stacked deck.

It is easy to design concepts when they don't have to take into account things like ergonomics where a qwerty device that was too tall would not be comfortable to hold (screen is heavier than keyboard so they cannot be as tall as an all-touch) or the actual size of components rather than just throwing bigger numbers out there e.g. the 2500mah battery and the 16mp camera without considering how that would fit into a sub 9mm casing or stuffing all those ports into the base of the device where most companies quite like to house the antenna.

Yes, the major manufacturers know how constraining are the technical requirements. It's like those kids that draw cars in the back of their schoolbooks - cars that you could neither get into nor see out of.

I would say CrackBerry is supporting rather than promoting as there is a huge difference between the two. Whose to say that when I was doing the design I didn't factor thickness of keyboard, screen depth, motherboard design, and antenna layout. I had taken pictures of my Bold 9900 disassembled and use those as a reference of what I could do and couldn't do. Anything is possible and there really isn't a restriction when one thinks about it after looking at it.

On ergonomics, using modelling clay I was able to construct its proportions and use fishing weights to garner weight distribution on holding the device from different areas. The device is only 13mm in height difference from the Bold 9900 and is 15g lighter than the Bold 9900 - do you really think this would play a significant factor to an uncomfortable hold when typing. My 10 year old niece had no problems pretending to type and touch the screen and her hands are smaller and weaker.

If you paid attention to what's on the market or what will be coming to the market rather coming here to bash, bitch and complain you would know that the reported leaked Aristo will have a 2800mAh battery in a 9mm housing. What's to say that a 2500mAh can't fit in 8.8mm? These designs aren't set in far futuristic dates and are primarily aimed at 1 year periods. 16MP would fit it they figured it out instead of opting to go with 5MP just because it fits and couldn't be bothered.

If the base is common to radios and the connection ports are now there well then they'll have to again figure out the best solution to relocate the radios. Just because they did it in the past doesn't mean it is the best option.

Thanks for the shortsighted comment. I hope I addressed everything.

killer stuff... but i wanna go for a full touch...


BB 9780 white os 6

BB Playbook 32gb os

I love the blue version of it !!!

But honestly, the best Blackberry type ever is the Slider (such as 9800).

Let me explain : You have a full touchscreen when needed, which is perfect for "viewing" actions (Internet, email, rss, anything) and keeps the "Flow" feature available.

BUT we are all BB addicts due to the keyboard and how easy it is to write a text or a long message. Then, you slide, use your keyboard and slide back.

This is not the easiest design and there are more mechanics, but lets be fair : I PREFER A SLIGHTLY BIGGER PHONE than the slimmest ones to get a real keyboard, real battery and full size touch screen.

That's called compromise. ;)

Great design. I prefer it over the leaked design from RIM based on the photos only.

However, is it possible to have a removable battery in a phone this thin (8.8 mm)? It looks like it took a lot of design cues from the Motorola DROID RAZR, but I'm not sure how a usable, removable battery will fit in this phone given those dimensions.

Great design! Love it and would buy it in a heartbeat; I love this guy's stuff!

However . . . Now that the release date is soon approaching, isn't it basically impossible that we would get anything like this? I mean, I used to get all excited about the possibility of these renders becoming reality but now that we've seen the leaks isn't this basically moot (at least as far as consumer hopes go)?

Still... you do great work DHB, thank you for all your hard work (and by the way, do I detect more than a little iPhone 5 influence here in the design of the case bottom? I've seen your apple renders ;-)

Thats the bad part about these designs! As we have seen the leaks we pretty much know how the phones will look like, and thats a shame really, cause these designs look amazing, and we need something like that!

I was pretty much disappointed of seeing the leaks, especially after seeing the TK Victory and Discovery concepts!

And I have noticed the case bottom as well, it is inspired from the iPhone 5!

Thanks guys. It was actually taken from the TK Discovery which was released July 17th. The first iPhone 5 prototype leak hit the web July 21st, but even that was uncertain. The change in the side speaker design is what influenced the bottom for the unified look. When more pictures surfaced on the iPhone 5, I was like...Oh sh*t, but I wasn't about to scrap it just for that.

YES!!!!!!.... MAKE IT!!!!.... THIS IS THE KEYBOARD BB!) PHONE I WANT TO GET BEHIND!!! THIS is an AMAZING design... RIM SHOULD BE THROWING MONEY AT THIS GUY. EVERY design has been AWESOME!!!!. I'm in awe of these phones you design. @BBMarnel

I had to add a comment that this is awesome. RIM please pay attention to this. Acknowledge this.

Man those designs are beyond SICK!!!!!! You've got a real niche for design, and should really consider a position on RIM design team. I'm sure Kevin can put in a good word for you, I know i certainly would. LOL! Outfreakinstanding job!!!!

Great work, but it won't (can't?) be manufactured by RIM.

The screen is not 1:1 ratio, which is the standard for their future keyboard phones.

Once again, fantastic mockup.

Yes! This is it! The bold I knew I wanted as soon as I had a bold 9900... and I love my 9900!

i'm not sure 1:1 is the ratio that will hold up over time... it's not media friendly. Moreover, the screens are probably custom, which drives up cost.

Notice how he cleverly includes a shot where his render is with the london & nevada leaks, specifically how his render is right next to the leaked nevada device . . kinda diminishes my excitement for the nevada :/

WOW. this is exactly what the n-series needs to be! exactlyyyy! whata great design. I'd buy it and I think others. I know the n-series isn't supposed to or going to be that much different then our bolds now, but this is a great way to take the similar design but have it looking amazinggg

I applaud to the person behind this design. This concept looks amazing. And if it could be made from metal and the removable back panel covered with grippy, rubbery material or even leather... I mean it would be a device to stick in every iPhone or Android owners face. It would be truly better than any of them. iPhones have always been made from more luxurious materials than Android phones and they are beautiful (until you unlock the screen and see the dated ugly OS which looks basically just as when it was introduced and feels almost like it did when it was launched apart from the maps which have gotten worse). Android devices on the other hand have very feature rich OS which is modified by every manufacturer to give it a distinct flavor, but apart from HTC uni-body phones they are mostly made of plastic. Therefore such Blackberry made from high-grade materials would allow it to objectively be more functional than iPhone and more beautiful and luxurious than Androids.
I just hope Thorsten Heins has seen these images and the response from readers.
And I hope the next qwerty Blackberry will look similar to this concept and be made from high quality materials and not plastic.

And once again - my respect to DigitalHomeBoy for designing this exquisite device concept.

incredible design DigitalHomeBoy! out of this world and surreal; so wish they were real....prefer the Victory over the justice with the curved rows; and would want buttons and trackpadas, if ever you were taking a poll of preferences. for that matter, RIM should know that the entire BB community would vote for a top position for you on their design team.

Love it, but I still prefer the Victory concept. The Victory screen is a tad bigger, it's both CDMA & GSM, plus LTE. And it's a little shorter, which makes the Victory more pocketable. But probably doesn't have the battery size proposed for the Justice. I'd be interested to see what they'd come up with for a slider with 4"+ screen and large battery.

WHAT A DEVICE, It truely would be the ultimate smart phone, one that you would stand in line for. "Truth- JUSTICE- and the Blackberry Way"

The appearance and specs of this device is exactly the innovative thinking that can save Blackberry! I sure home Thorton is paying attention! Reasonable priced and a great OS BB10 experience and it will blow Apple out of the league!

i love it!!! RIM can you please approved this and start the manufacturing…. i don't care if it is not BB10, just release a new model please...

Well thought out - I personally prefer to stay with a keyboard whether it be a slider or similar to the TK5 Justice

If we put all together money , maybe rim build this phone as limit edition by number 001 to 999??????? I support this high end phone volks ..this style is mutch better then porsche...

You can count me as someone who'd chip in, and yes, it makes the Porsche looks like a piece of junk. This came out at a good time, and the hope that RIM builds something even close to this will give people the strength to hold on, and wait for BB10. RIM, hire this guy already, if not for designs, then marketing.

Hmm.. still want a Torch slider - that way it could have the same aspect ratio as the L series and be easier for devs to build apps that work on both phones.

Oh well.

The designer really got this right. If they do not make the slider for another 6 to 9 months, I have to get the keyboard phone. I would much prefer if Blackberry could add a little sex appeal into the phone.

Well done! Where i can pre-order this one?
Now i really have a tough decision between this blue72 and blade! RIM should really consider this concept or design in their next bb10 device!
Twit-me: @UnknownError507
An Error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to Correct it.

I will agree that this is a remarkably appealing design. Props to digitalhomeboy.

If this were actually what the new BB's were to look like, things would get real interesting. Unfortunately that is not the case, as it seems to be generally understood that RIM will NOT make this phone, or likely anything even close to this awesome.

It is frustrating that you all act like this phone will actually ever be physically produced. Who knows if it even COULD be produced at the given specs (although DHB provides sufficient evidence that it may be feasible at least in the near future). As much as I would love to see this phone for real, unfortunately all this concept does is build false excitement and lead to disappointment when the real thing inevitably fails to come close.

DrJames, thank you. Yes, I got in touch with Stephen via Twitter and posted 2 comments on the post itself. Understanding the direction and approach was that of today. Being a concept I do believe that they can be made in our 6-month future as you can see there are practicalities for real-world usage. Mind you some slight adjustments will need to happen and I do agree on some points that were pointed out, but I will remain stubborn that this is possible. People just need to believe that change needs to happen and possibilities are there for us to explore.

Digitalhomeboy, put together a CV/portfolio including your designs for the TK victory and TK justice , and bring it to RIM head office in Waterloo! God, if u won't, give it to me and I'll drive it down myself and drop it off! Not even joking!

Hi DrJames05, lol that would be great. If everyone wants to see a change I think physical letters might be the persuasive means. No one has reached out yet, makes me think...did I get something wrong?

Phone looks awesome and makes me reconsider a bb10 phone. After seeing photos of what rim might do I decided I didn't want a bb10 phone yet. This design completely changes my mind. I just picked up a used 9810 to hold me over till a better bb phone came out (bb10 slider) I planed on keeping it for a year but if rim came out this this design i would buy it on day one. This looks 1000 times better than what rim and leaks have shown.

@teamfoster03, Oh no that was not my intention to have people reconsider BB10. I only put out the design to help inspire and even drive inspiration for others (RIM). I do agree with you in regards to what has been leaked. We have to keep in mind what we saw was a render and not final. I do appreciate the compliment though.

Can't believe this is not dropping come on RIM don't let us down!

This look really give proper I mean PROPER justice to the qwerty bb10 compared to the leaks version.

I left android for blackberry one last time!! I REALLY hope RIM sees this and uses this concept! :O Or something very similar!

I like it, but would still like to see the screen (and total length) increased by another 1/2 inch. To me, then it would be perfect.

Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital!

I don't understand since 99.99% of us here are sooo exciting with the TK Justice design, why RIM just go to build and sell it ?! the x10 is soooo ugly!