Introducing Tablet Teddy Bears, Bean Bags, and Pet Pals by Dean Designs

Tablet Teddy Bears
By Alicia Erlich on 15 Jan 2012 04:21 pm EST

CES2012 was both exhilarating and exhausting. It was literally bursting with all sorts of new gadgets and gizmos that made my head spin. During the few moments I was able to wander around I stumbled upon a small little booth that turned out to be a whole new line of tablet holders for kids to make playing apps, watching videos, or carrying around their tablet both cute and ergonomic at the same time. While this may be designed for kids, it's geared for adults as well. So without further ado, click on the jump to find out more about these Tablet Teddy Bears by Dean Designs.

Dean Designs offers three different product lines that are made to fit any tablet, including the BlackBerry PlayBook, so that kids can play, store, and carry their tablet. Created by a former Pediatric Therapist, they are designed to be hands free, therapeutic, comfortable, and fun. All of them come in different colors and styles and are adjustable with non-skid bottoms for comfort and portability. They are ideal for travelling, for kids to play with when not engaged with their device, and can be adjusted to fit either orientation. The Tablet Bean Bag is more for adults and helps eliminate neck pain and strain and promote better body positioning when using your tablet. The Tablet Pet Pal can be used as a pillow when not acting as a stand. Finally, the Tablet Teddy Bear lets kids play with their Teddy Bear and includes a removable backpack to hold the tablet.

Tablet Bean Bag 
  • Sliding side compartment with snaps for your iPad, Tablet, or Kindle
  • Zippered pocket for ear phones, cell phones, ipods, etc.
  • Handle and finger strap for carrying
  • Anti-skid material on bottom
  • Video taking and hands free
  • Recharge and plug in your tablet

Tablet Pet Pal

  • Plush tablet pillow
  • Ergonomically designed to support your tablet
  • Carry Handle and Shoulder Strap
  • Zippered pocket for ear phones, cell phones, ipods, etc...
  • Two large, interior storage compartments
  • Folds up for easy transport

Tablet Teddy Bear

  • Ergonomically and weighted designed to sit up independently.
  • Flexible and Patents Pending body frame
  • Anti-skid material on stomach and hands to hold iPads and Tablets
  • Padded and removable snapped backpack to store your iPad or Tablet
  • Carry Handle for backpack

Some of you out there may laugh but I think it's adorable for both kids and adults. I found them to be soft, cute, and functional. They are already available for purchase and prices range from $39.99 to $74.95.

Tablet Teddy Bears

Tablet Teddy Bears

Reader comments

Introducing Tablet Teddy Bears, Bean Bags, and Pet Pals by Dean Designs


Those are totally cute. With younger and younger kids using tablets these days, I can definitely see how useful these things are.

a tablet isn't really something for a kid to be playing around with. they can go outside or play sports or play with their toys. so yes these things are 'cute' and there is a market for them i just don't agree with it... and yes i speak from experience, I'm living with my girlfriend who has a three year old son that doesn't go near my PB and has a WIDE assortment of toys and activities.

Eh if they were cheaper I would pick one up for my girlfriend, that way she wouldn't have to build a nest to keep it proped up when we video chat before bed.

If you need a "Tablet Teddy Bear" then maybe you don't need a Tablet. But hey, the Pink Teddy is kinda cute. :)

Tablets are totally a great idea for kids. Think Special Needs children, where a laptop just isn't practical. One place where RIM has failed to market was to schools. All kinds of profit could have been had, instead, Apple is getting it. For every iPad or iPod touch the school buys, Apple sells one more to the parents so that they can have the consistency at home with the kids. On top if this, you have the other kids that get them, because they see them and think they are cool.