Introducing the SkyPark Café - The first BlackBerry equipped cafe in India

Introducing the SkyPark Café - The first BlackBerry equipped Cafe
By DJ Reyes on 6 Oct 2012 05:33 pm EDT

When I think about a cafe nowadays, I imagine people chilling, sometimes with friends catching up, or alone surrounded by laptops and gadgets working hard or just browsing, all with a mug of coffee sitting not too far. Then again, that could just be me. The SkyPark Café in Hyderabad, India, however, wants to go a little further. It will become the first BlackBerry equipped cafe in India. The cafe will be set up with BlackBerry PlayBooks, NFC points and a BlackBerry Music Gateway to play music to customers jukebox style. This venture is brought on by a partnership with RIM and BBin.

The PlayBooks can be used to browse, work and play on and will also double as the menu. One PlayBook will be dedicated for use with the Music Gateway, dubbed the "Music Jukebox". As well as that PlayBooks will also be used by waiters to take orders. 

There will also be a wall dedicated with NFC stickers for customers to easily check-in with NFC-compatible devices. There will also be QR codes that people can scan to avail of freebies as well an App of the Month offer.

I don't know about you but I sure would like to have a cafe that is BlackBerry equipped in my nearest city. I'd turn it into a local CB meet-up venue. Bring this to the U.K. please. Continue reading for more pictures.

SkyPark Cafe PlayBook as menu

SkyPark Cafe NFC stickers

Source: BBin

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Introducing the SkyPark Café - The first BlackBerry equipped cafe in India


Thanks CB for this! Any questions? Ask here :P
This venture is owned by BBin Team :)

Shahzoor Ali
- Partner at SkyPark Cafe

That is awesome! Good luck in this venture.

Any future expansion plans (hopefully in the US/Southern California)? I would definitely change from Starbucks especially since they no longer support BlackBerry for their application.

Buzz me if your deal is through in Bangalore. My advance wishes for your venture in Bangalore! Good luck....

What are the odds of getting something this closer to home (US)? I'd even settle for Berlin or London.

Torch 9860 & PlayBook (Life is good)

One among other things would be to show off beta and projects like the ones shown on BlackBerry World for the past year, the music wall, the 3D stuff, the sharing board app, etc. If you like to see the year round go there and see it and play with it. Just a thought.

With RIM pushing with NFC, they should definitely have a dedicated NFC button. It might not necessarily run an "NFC app" but rather it will do so in the background and do whatever the NFC tags tell it to do. So instead of say opening the NFC app and saying you want to scan something, just press the dedicated NFC button, tap against the NFC tag, or other device, and automatically have a webpage come up, or image transfered onto your device, etc.

Ya because they are into Andriod and iShit. If I had to choose between the two I'd take Android any day. iPeople are these obnoxious little arrogant retards who always think they are right even when the truth is plastered right in front of their faces. Only thing about Android that pisses me off is they are snakes like Windows who upgrade your tablet behind your back. RIM respects their customers and lets you upgrade when youre ready.

When are they going to open one up in Canada? Can't wait to find a place to chill and meet other BlackBerry users, maybe have game contests at the place :) That would be loads of fun.

I'm from Hyderabad and it feels great to see Skypark cafe listed here. Skypark is one of my fav hangouts. Love the food and the ambience. And yep, I knew this place had NFC and is the first ever in India. This place has playbooks everywhere and most of the crowd as BBholics. Kudos to Skypark and see you there soon ')

-Anthony Francis

Where is the Skypark cafe located? I was in Hyderabad in July and August and loved it there! I can't wait to eat at the Paradise Restaurant again next year. That was probably the best Inidan food that I've had while I was there. I went there twice. LOL. My first time in India was a blast and I loved every minute of it. I didn't like the long travel back to the U.S. so much. I'll try to visit the cafe next year in July. Great job Skypark!

Hey cottonbelly,

Skypark is at Banjara Hills ( the place to be) , give them a call or look it up on facebook next time you in #hyd. And Yep, this city is the best in India. The food, the people and the shoppping. Do give me a shout next time you here ')

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