Introducing PocketMac Ringtone Studio for BlackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Jul 2008 09:43 am EDT

Here ya go Mac + BlackBerry users... an easier way to create ringtones and get them onto your BlackBerry! Announced today, PocketMac Ringtone Studio for BlackBerry is available for $14.95 and works with sound files, iTunes tracks you own, and any Mac-friendly movie formats to produce ringtones that can then be automatically synched to your BlackBerry. The video above shows just how easy-peasy it is.

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Introducing PocketMac Ringtone Studio for BlackBerry


I have been a bb user for a long time now. One thing for sure is however many apps are released and however many functionalities are released by RIM, unless they increase the memory on the BB's or allow for applications to be installed on the expansion memory, there is now way to compete.

It is so frustrating sometimes, with all the apps out there, you are so handicapped or restricted to install just a few of them, or else you will always end up seeing, 0 BYTES free.

What do others have to say about this?

I just use the free program Audacity and transfer the mp3 file over to my memory card. Easy peasy. You could use SyncTunes another free program to sync music files from iTunes if you like.

Windows Movie Maker to make comes free with yer comp but this is nice tho quick and simple

i make my own rings with iTunes.
all you have to do is create a 30 sec segment out of your favorite track. Connect the Berry via USB move the file over and voila, you have a ring tone.

for most newer blackberries you can just apply any song that is currently on your micro sd card as a ringtone. If you are worried about the fact that it will play the song from the beginning and you want the bridge or chorus only, get a free mp3 editor on and load the edited song on the micro sd card. ouila.