Introducing the New Mobile CrackBerry Superstore - We're Celebrating with a 20% Off App Sale and Contest with Awesome Prizes!

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Mar 2010 12:01 am EDT

Introducing the CrackBerry Superstore for BlackBerry

Our on-device CrackBerry App Store client has been a big hit with the BlackBerry community since the original beta was first introduced nearly a year ago. With a huge catalog of apps, games and themes and features like the Deal of the Day, Version tracking, the ability for developers to run promotions and offer apps at prices as low as 99 cents and more, there has never been a lack of reasons to have it installed on your BlackBerry.

Today the on-device app store client has been re-labeled and re-launched as the CrackBerry Superstore. Why Superstore you ask? Because the CrackBerry Superstore is essentially four stores in one. Within the Superstore there are dedicated "aisles" for apps, games, themes and accessories. With a single click, customers can enter their aisle of choice and see deal-of-the-day, bestsellers, specials, new products, browse by category, and search. This division is useful for both consumers and developers. For example, great themes no longer compete with apps and games for the customers attention. It also makes it easier for customers to discover and compare similar products while developers increase their opportunity for appearing in top-seller lists, which helps drive their sales. In addition to the new store design, the store itself runs smoother and faster than ever.

CrackBerry Superstore Launch Contest: To celebrate the CrackBerry Superstore grand opening, we're giving away a 32GB Wi-Fi Apple iPad, 5 Blueant V1 Bluetooth Headsets, or one of 25 copies each of BerryBuzz, Druglord Wars, and iBerry - all top-selling apps. The contest runs from Tue, March 30 through Mon, April 5 at 12:00p CST. You can enter for your chance to win by downloading the CrackBerry Superstore via the email option on our download page (visit on computer). Click here for details.

CrackBerry Superstore Launch Sale: From now until April 5, all software purchases (apps, games, and themes) are 20% off in both the CrackBerry Superstore and the standard mobile web browser version of the app store ( on your BlackBerry). Customers just need to enter coupon code, "super" during checkout. Please Note: The coupon code does not work in the full web store (browsing from computer) - it's only valid in the mobile app store and SuperStore clients.

Download the CrackBerry Superstore: Click here to download the CrackBerry Superstore >>

Reader comments

Introducing the New Mobile CrackBerry Superstore - We're Celebrating with a 20% Off App Sale and Contest with Awesome Prizes!


Just answered my own question... The power of reading and entire article. Outside of my own stupidity this is a wicked contest.

blackberrycool has the exact same looks like the store is the same too, just with a different name lol
saw it today and was kinda surprised

The actual app and back-end is run by Mobihand. They run commerce engines for lots of sites so this App Store is available to all of these sites. Mobihand is very good at customization so there is probably some small differences that each site has requested for their app store. That is what I think is going on.

I downloaded the Superstore a few days ago, not realizing it was such a big thing! Gad, amazing, isn't it? Now...send something neat my way! iGato will appreciate it very much!

I've been looking for an easy way to browse the Crackberry store on my phone. Smooth, fast, I love it. Awesome contest, being a part of the Crackberry community rocks--and I haven't even won anything yet!

I've downloaded like the 4 categories smooth I buy many apps from your store maybe crackberry will give a little something back. I have never one any of the contest and enter all

Jü§t sent thƺ link to mý email, №w I'm waiting. I hope I win this one, this has to be thƺ most exciting contest yet!!

Just downloaded it and it looks assume. Love the new how screen and being able to order accessories thru the app.

I purchased several apps via "Deal of the Day" with this new version. I like the whole interface of the app. Very easy to browse. Another well thought out feature is the My Apps screen. Easy to manage your purchases.

This app has replaced App World (which never really worked quite as expected, IMO).

Thanks for the contest and 20% off code...I've been wanting to buy new apps! Pick me pick me...I'd love any of those, esp the ipad or Bluetooth!!

Awesome contest!! CB is the best!

So does entering your email actually enter you into the contest or do you have to actually download the program? Not asking because I don't want the program but I already have it.

Great looking and slick App boys,all i need now is one of that gifts....;)))):):):)

Two comments:

1) Love the app. But I think you need to change how you show focus on the icons on the main page. If you look away then back, it's hard to tell which icon has focus. Sure, you can tell if you keep switching. But, IMHO, I would prefer almost like icons on the BB homepage(s) with a square around the icon with focus.

2) Entering the contest. If I downloaded the update from within the app itself or the hook from the blog, will we still be entered? I guess I can send the email link to myself (assuming you just will go from those emails). But please update how we can make sure we have been entered.


From the link in the blog above, I don't have a "downloads" link/option.

All I have is the following:

- across the top: Apps, games, themes, cart
- then the 9 icons
- at the bottom:

- Install the Native Superstore
- Cart
- Contact Support
- My Account
- Tell a Friend

Where's "downloads"???

go to that URL on the computer (not your bb browser)... scroll to bottom. there's a graphic that says to put in your email address to enter contest there and download.

Ahh....will have to do that tonight since I can't get to the app store from within the firewall at work........


The last Mobihand app store app I found to be unusable. This one is unbelievably fast compared to either the old one or the Blackberry app world. Awesome update.

Yes, it's a nice app and is really fast when using it on my 8520. I just, I don't know, I would think that the main page (with the 4 big circles) would be easier to navigate through? I thought if I went up/down I could easily move through the Top and bottom rows, without having to go through each and every option. Maybe its because I'm using a trackpad?
Also, It'd be nice to have a way to seperate things that are compatible with my device. I went to themes, and got all of them, and have to go through each to see if any were compatible... maybe I just didn't see it?
Other than that, its an awesome app, great quick way to visit the app store and search for what you need!

I rate it 4/5 :)

Had this since last week and works great. So nice being notified of updates on my apps and then being able to download without opening all different links.

Great Job.

It's fast and pretty.. but the icons at the top and bottom within the category.. really hard to read that text.. i know real estate is at a premium, but there should be some way to get that font a few points bigger..?

Love the app, the UI is beautiful very fast aswell.
I might just have to get rid of Blackberry App World now!

But in regards to the contest, like my title states how do I enter ? I sent my self the link to my email but when I tried to open it is said 'gateway error/timeout' so I just downloaded it of the front page of crackberry. If I sent my email and received an email am I entered ?

And also if I go type in my email again am I entered a second time or is it only one entry per person ?


I installed this latest Superstore app and immediately lost 1.7 MB so I uninstalled it and immediately got my 1.7 MB back, so the memory loss isn't caused by anything else.

While I like the idea of a CrackBerry Store app, I'm not gonna lose 1.7 MB over it. Memory on my Storm 9530 is tight enough, thank you.

the Superstore size is about 850 KB, which is comparable to the size of App World (about 750 KB).

That said, we keep locally on the device some content as you browse around, in order to speed things up and minimize the network usage. If you retrieve numerous lists, etc. the overall size might grow a bit.

The fastest way to clean things up is by doing a menu -> refresh -- it will clear the local content and retrieve only what it needs to fill the screen you are onto.

Hope this helps.

I clicked the install native superstore link and installed it. Didn't see an email link. Hope what I did entered me. Just got my 9700 last friday so this is the first contest I've entered being an official blackberry user. I'm already addicted. Can't put this thing down.

If you don't have the superstore on your device already and you click on the 'App Store' link in QuickLaunch it will download it for you.

I just downloaded this. Considering I get most of my apps from Crackberry, it makes sense. I also didn't know this existed until now. LOL.

That QuickLaunch is just got to be the best app out there. Now it even does downloading for us. Next it will do the dishes and laundry!! Love it!

Tried downloading this using the e-mail link and the typed in link, both using WiFi and Mobile, with battery pulls betweeen. Same result each time - Error 907 - Invalid COD, Network error.

Guess it just won't work for me and my 9550.

which app / game / theme are you seeing a difference when seen in the superstore and when seen on (desktop / mobile)?

wow theyre is not as many comments as i thought they would be.. maybe people just hate the ipad lol pad

I downloaded version 1 and it works fine, the next day there is a prompt for version 2.x and I downloaded it and since no matter how many times i tried it will say "MHAppStore does not match codfile timestamp of subling module MHAppStore-8"....Any suggestion?

Hi there,

I've now had this app store sent to my Storm by email twice. I get a text url but no link. So, I copy paste into my browser and get to the page. However, there's no way to download the store app. Tried it last night and tonight. Even tried it from the page in my pc browser on two pc's ... no way to download it. What am I missing? The link on the page on the pc just takes me back to the same page that I get the text link for.

Have you tried this:

- launch the browser on the Storm
- type in the address bar:
- at that point you should be prompted to download the Superstore. Press "download" and once it completes the download and installation a popup should appear with a "run" button. Press it and you should get right into the Superstore.

Hope this helps.

adriano72: I did this on the native browser and it worked, thank you! Why I didn't get the download prompt when I use the Opera browser I have no clue ... but that's the only difference in my attempts is using a different browser. Going shopping

winning an Ipad would be awsome my computer just crashed so in in the market I have to do every thing from my storm and the screen is a little small for a lot of things so please choose me to win one. Plus I hvent won any thing from u guys yet so it would be realy cool if you picked me