Introducing the new CrackBerry Phone Store, powered by Best Buy Mobile Solutions!

CrackBerry Phone Store by Best Buy Mobile
By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Nov 2011 12:18 pm EST

In launching this site in 2007, our aim was simple - to establish as the #1 resource for all things BlackBerry. And by all things, we meant all things. Beyond our passionate editorial team and amazing forum community that deliver the best news, reviews, how-to content and more daily, we strive to provide other services that help people get the most out of their mobile experience. Whether it's downloading ringtones and wallpapers, buying a spare battery or even a new BlackBerry, we aim to offer it all at CrackBerry. When we know we can deliver the best service in-house, that's what we do. With over two million orders shipped, our in-house store is #1 for BlackBerry accessories. And when it makes sense to work with a partner to deliver a service, our aim is always to work with the best partner possible to bring that best in class service back to CrackBerry Nation.

And with the notion of best in mind, I'm happy to introduce our new and improved CrackBerry Phone Store, now powered by Best Buy Mobile Solutions. Both Best Buy and CrackBerry are super excited for the CrackBerry Phone store. You can currently browse and buy BlackBerry Smartphones from Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile within the store and we'll be bringing you special offers from AT&T right here on the blogs. Cyber Monday is just around the corner, so you'll definitely want to keep your eyes out for some great offers. In the meantime, you can jump on over to the CrackBerry Phone Store at the link below, and visit it anytime by clicking the Phones tab from within 

Buying your next BlackBerry from CrackBerry helps to support this site which helps us to keep things going and work to continually improve our site and service offering. We have a lot of great things planned for 2012 to better serve your mobile needs, so we thank you for the continued support!

Visit the CrackBerry Phone Store powered by Best Buy Mobile 

Reader comments

Introducing the new CrackBerry Phone Store, powered by Best Buy Mobile Solutions!


While I agree with the sentiment around here that we want un-branded, un-locked BlackBerrys, I think that people are too negative. No mater what happens it seems that BB users always find a reason to complain about it. No wonder non-users think our phones suck. It’s all our complaining that’s wrecking BB’s reputation (at least partly)

Before we complain about the CrackBerry Best Buy store, let’s check it out. Maybe our fears are for naught, but then again, maybe they are valid. Until we know for sure, lets congratulate CB for landing a deal with a main stream box store franchise. The fact that they were able to land a deal like this says a lot for the credibility of

So, Congrats CB! I hope to see some great BBX phones in your/our store in the next few months :)

+1 I have not been a fan of the Best Buy BB treatment, but grats CB team. Good luck, my BBX phone may be purchased here.

nice to see crackberry provide choice but please don't over-do the site with (large) ad-related products posing as editorials. a proper review of a product is much MUCH better!

This is the beginning of the end. Crackberry has been the place to go for honest accurate reviews. Now that you are hocking phones as well as accesories... I'm getting worried that I won't be able to trust this site since it's in your best interest to promote the phones you are selling. So when the next "storm" sized fail launches will you give it a scathing review and encourage us not to buy??? Or since you want to sell those units will it be a bit more mild maybe???

Food for thought from a worried die hard crackberry user. (I wrote the crackberry rap a couple years ago)

Appreciate the concern Danageplan, but I think you missed the point here... We've had a Phone store on the site since 2007.  All we did was switch partners here from Simplexity to Best Buy. We've always sold phones, accessories, etc.  You could always buy phones from us. Nothing changes on our editorial. We always review honestly. That's what we do. We've been doing this a long time and understand the neeeds of our readers and your concerns. Like I said... our goal has always been to be a 1 stop resource for EVERYTHING BlackBerry, so that's what we do.  We would never compromise our editorial integrity - that wouldn't be in the best interests of our community.

Are you guys able to partner up with ?

I mean, BestBuy Mobile prices for a 2 year contract aren't competitive at all. In fact, after checking the prices listed, I'm better off going into a retail store or ordering from the carrier's website. A Torch 9810 going for $199 with a 2 year contract? :rolleyes: ATT's stores and website are offering it for $49 and even $.01 with a new contract...

AmazonWireless offers killer deals on phones for both 2 year contracts, and adding lines... There's no competitive edge with buying through BestBuy Mobile.

Why is it that when a phone or app doesn't do exactly what the user wants, regardless of if that app or phone should do such is that app or phone consider total garbage and not good for anyone else. Crackberry's are great phones, so are iPhones. They are not intended for the same user so let's stop trying to make them so. With that said, I think this phone store is a great idea. I really like Crackberry and would love to support them how every I can. They bring value to my day every day. Least I could do is buy my next phone through their "store". Oh wait some tool who really should have an iPhone thinks it is crap.... When my next contract is up, I'll gladly pick up my phone in the Crackberry store.