Introducing the New CrackBerry!

STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING! The new CrackBerry is here. :)

The New CrackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Mar 2013 05:43 pm EST

Welcome to the New CrackBerry! Take a few minutes and explore the site - there is a LOT of newness to take in with our "CrackBerry 10" upgrade.

Props and HUGE THANKS go to our design and tech teams. These guys have been running on coffee and literally next to no sleep the past two weeks as we've gone through the final preparations for this massive site re-launch. And this was a MASSIVE re-launch. This is the first time in our 6+ year history that we've performed an update on CrackBerry's article publishing backend, so there was no shortage of legacy baggage to contend with as we moved onto VISOR, our Mobile Nations content platform.

Beyond the new platform powering it all, the site has a new format and a brilliant new look. For the in-depth overview, be sure to read CrackBerry 10 Explained by the Design Team. I've been using the new site for several weeks side by side with the old site and there is no comparison to be made - the new CrackBerry beats it in every way. In addition to the amazing new desktop experience, we've also beefed up our mobile site ( and also added a new optional view for tablets (

And the best part? We're not done yet. We reached a point in our development road map where we had to go through the process of migrating onto the new platform. Now that we're on VISOR, you'll see us continue to tweak the site and roll out even more new features over the weeks and months ahead. Before we get to that though, first we have to work through any post-relaunch gremlins and bugs. There are sure to be some. We'll be tackling them like crazy, but if you come across anything that appears out of whack and may not be on our radar, please report it here.

Let's keep this short for now. Go play and explore. The new era of CrackBerry is here. Enjoy!!

Read CrackBerry 10 Explained by the Design Team

Reader comments

Introducing the New CrackBerry!


So the secret behind this is that Kermit is the newly-decided nickname for the CrackBerry logo. Which, if you turn the logo to the left 40 degrees... looks like a smiling cracked-out frog. :)

Am I the first to comment on the new Awesome design? :)

It seems I am! Congratulations on the New CrackBerry guys!

oh, this is gonna take some getting used to. good thing im reading the cb10 website explained article!!!!! good work TEAM!!!!!!!!!!

home page looks clean,,, not sure if it's just not quite finished/polished yet, but the forums menu on top of the page would look better the old way or something similar instead of a list like it shows now,,, (edit: like from my words to your ears it appears, ha!!!, well done!!!) ,,, thanks for the time & effort guys & ladies...

Looks great guys, Crackberry leading the way accross mobile nations once again!!, just like BB10 will soon aswell.

Well it looks good but on my laptop-(Windows 7) it is laggy, stalls and slow to switch from topic to topic. I'm sure that you'll iron it out. this is a lot of work.

Thank god you havent switched to those off site comments system like disqus or facebook. Ive had nothing but trouble those.

It looks great and I'm excited to go through all of different areas to check it all out. Great work guys!

Hey All,

New site is live... still working on some server side things (enabling our CDN and Turbo boost buttons).  Don't mind any slowness or anything like that. Will be temporary as the new site settles in to its new home!

Enjoy it!

Kevin, Great job! How about adding the option to like a comment and to get an email alert when someone responds to your comment?

Yep, that will be done in the next 48 hours. Already built. Deply deploy! I just didn't want to give you all the goodies in one shot. :)

Good to see the new site finally launched :) also good to see that the slowness will only be temporary :D

Looks very modern and sophisticated. Thought I'd see some of that Boston Globe resizing but looks great nonetheless ... Congrats!

Soo.... I'm not a fan of the responsive designs. We did about going responsive a lot as we started to build. Could have done it. Actually did some early designs where we implemented it. But here's the problem - it's not flexible to the user. If you're on a mobile device, you're stuck on the mobile design. A lot of our users on smartphone want to pull up the FULL Desktop site. The only time you notice responsive design is literally if you sit on a computer and start resizing our browser window... which nobody actually does. So instead, we opted for dedicated mobile, tablet and desktop templates still. We may to roll out an additional wider format desktop template still, that *is* responsive from the current size to an even bigger design (for people with big monitors). But overall, we chose to go this way as the end user can control which site they want to see on any device.

Whoa! I knew the new site would be good, but definitely not THIS good!

Well done Team CB -- well done indeed!

The site looks gorgeous. Great work guys. Now I'm going to head over to the Crackberry 10 Explained article to see what this is about.

I really didn't like it at first.. but then I found the button to switch it to blog view, now it's great!

As the old "loverboy" song from yester year "Loving every minute of it"

Thank you and Kudos to Kevin for the most awesome site

Overall the look and feel is pretty good. The front page seems a little to busy still and way to much scrolling to get to everything,

Be sure to tap the button to get to the traditional Blog view (next to the News graphic at the top left of the homepage). That takes you back to the format of what we had before... just a bunch of stories in a line down the page. So you can pick if you want featured or old school.

Wow... the interface looks awesome... Damn neat job Kevin and team... this site looks gorgeous on the Z10.

Looks amazing. Much better looking, easier to navigate, and a modern feel overall, which was badly needed. I'm really looking forward to being able to comment from the CB10 app onto the website, finally!

I love the new design. It looks very nice. It is a bit slow like others have said. I notice that the homepage doesn't always look the same each time I visit (the Hot Stories part - sometimes it's the detailed version and sometimes it's just the titles of the articles).

Awesome site design guys! I checked it out on the PlayBook and the Z10. It all looks great from here! Any idea when you will be rolling out the new CrackBerry app?

Wow. This place looks great. I was looking at it on my PlayBook earlier while I was out, but now that I'm home on my retina Mac Book Pro, I can really appreciate the newness on a larger scale. Already I love that there is a comment box BEFORE and after the comments on an article.

The grays and oranges are sharp, and the font is pleasing. I'm loving the Popular bar and the simplified Topics/Forums/Store tab.

You CrackBerry guys and girls truly must spend a disgusting amount of time on the internet, because so do I, and I can see that you've really thought of all the little things to better the website/forum experience.

Now if you'd excuse me, I'm gonna go wander around the new CrackBerry for a few hours..

love it! i mainly get my crackberry info from an RSS feed on my 9930 through the news app. it doesnt seem to be pushing new content though! did the RSS feed change???

Congratulations to the whole CrackBerry Team, the site is beautifully done, high tech, visually satisfying and professionally developed, yet fun to navigate through. A great complement to Blackberry10. Was proud and now proudest to be a member. Congratulations!!!!

Some of it is making sense and some of it is confusing. Will take time to figure out but the design is looking goood. The one thing bugging me is how the comments don't change shades for replies.

Replies are nested (a little indented). Good feedback though. We're doing some tweaking to the comments still, so we'll work on further improving them to be easy to follow.

Gee, only took me about 4 hours and 4 different browsers before I could log in. Got a notice about setting my time zone and the link goes to a dead page. It would be nice if you ran the site in parallel and did some alpha testing before turning us into your beta testers.

Wow this is a hot new look for Blackberry to match its hot new OS. Just navagating around and looking at all the great stuff, a guy can get lost in all this content LOL. Love the fact theres a great new Playbook section. Great job Crackberry Kevin/Team :)

Great new look keep up the good work. One question ever since u started the update process I havent gotten any new updates on Pulse for the crackberry blog am I going to have to re add crackberry to pulse to get updates

Looks excellent CB! Right in time for me to read the BB10 help for when i pick up my Z10 today :)

Is it an intentional joke that the site does not work in the PlayBook browser? After all, April Fools Day is only a few weeks away; maybe y'all wanted to get a big head start?

Oh, and Blog View button? What Blog View button? Can't find it -- even when VNCed to my desktop browser.

Site looks great (although ungodly slow to render/scroll) when viewed in SimpleBrowser with user agent set to iPad, though -- is that the joke on top of the joke? (Still can't find the Blog View button in that browser, either.)

Don't know what's up with your PlayBook but the new Crackberry works great on mine. As a matter of fact I'm typing this on my Playbook.

Guess something changed, 'cause now it works fine in mine as well. Or maybe the PB OS doesn't treat every reboot equally, and the first few weren't good enough... <shrug>.

Glad it seems to have fixed itself, though. Now on to the part where I deal with my general distaste for any kind of change.

Congratulations on the new site!
The home page is gonna take some getting used to but the general website looks really cool.
Btw what's up with the home page starting 20 feet below I like to load up the site and read.

And now, you are officially the best looking site in all mobile nations!
Keep that crackin` goin`

Loving the color combination!
Oh snap, just went back to check the front page again, and noticed the 2 icons on the left.
Pressing the right one brings back more of the comfi-old site in a new coat! Amazing work!
New website, new BB phones, I think we will remain friends for few more years to come!

The new website looks good, profession and follow a current fashion in websites. However you have removed the one thing i like about it. When I opened the old website, I got an ordered list of stories from newest to oldest (except when you seemed to pin a more important on). The new format means that I will likely stop coming to crackberry several times a day, may check in weekly when i remember to. Thankfully your new Z10 app keeps the logical way of presenting news items - chronologically.

If you could make link that is like the old crackberry site (news listed by time) so i can check the newstuff, i will gladly put crackberry as one of my home pages

VERY Nice fellers!! Site looks good! Glad its up and running, and well done! Love the layout and design, keep up the good work!

Well done CB Team! Looks great, flows smoothly and well worth the withdrawals yesterday.
Thanks for all you do!

Kevin -
I know others helped with the new look, but, none of this would be here if it were not for your "mad scientist" efforts behind the scenes. Thanks to all of you, but, most of all, thanks to you for doing what you do. Still # 1 for all things CrackBerry. Congratulations and Well Done!!!
Tim (BL)

yes it looks better, but it doesn t have to.
Its not a car its not a woman, its a homepage.
i only want to see the latetst news orderd by date.
i dont want to click through several menues only to find out that i clicked the wrong menue.
i dont like it...

Congratulations to the entire CB team. Extremely well done and beautifully laid out. Should be more addicted than ever before. :-)

I'm glad some folks think the new site is good, but for me it is completely unusable on a PC running Windows XP. On two different PCs the site locks up my browser and I have to kill it.

Even on another PC with Windows 7, when I try to login using Internet Explorer, it says "please wait" and never finishes the login process. Logging in with Firefox is okay, however.

Need to get these things fixed!!

I'll start on a positive. I really like your Z10 mobile app. It's clean, neat and well organized and I find I go to it several times a day to stay current. I'm not as fond of your redesigned website. I come here primarily for news and occasionally to buy things from your store. I liked the news articles on the left hand side where I could read the first part of the article and get random glimpses of what's in the forums. Now it's on the right side which I'm not fond of (my opinion). Your site still takes longer to load than any of the others I visit (N4BB, BlackberryOS, The Verge, Engadget, CNET, etc.), so hopefully it's just a tweaking thing - I'll keep trying short term to see if it gets better. However, as of right now, it's likely I'll be visiting your website less, and using your app more. Good luck, I know you've worked hard on it and hopefully your power users appreciate what you've done.

Looking good people! EPIC!
This goes for the normal site and the mobile version!
It's all new and shiny! Keep it up!!

Nice design, thoughtful and well laid out.

I will, however, echo the sentiments of a few others though.. The experience on the playbook seriously sucks. Bad. slow, checker boarding, stalling, and the forums are now all but unusable on the PB. Cleared the browser cache, rebooted, and no, my wifi is fine.

the site was mediocre on the PB before, but now.. it's dreadful.

The new site is looking good, but I have one complain. When I use page down to scroll in an article, the crackberry bar keeps on top of the page and covers some portion of the text, so I have to scroll up a bit with the mouse to be able to see that text. That's annoying especially for long articles. Please fix this.

The mobile version on my phone is terrible. I scroll down latest news then I select more news and I got some old news. I couldn't find this article at first, until I used those arrows at the sides. Not intuitive at all.
The articles are readable and the bar doesn't stay on top, so that's a good thing. On the main page I scroll down and then when I scroll up the browser closes and opens again on my home page.

I still haven't tried it on my playbook, so I can't comment on that yet.

ouch, sorry you do not like it. It's a feature that many users like so it will most likely stay there. However, I will pose a suggestion to the team to perhaps allow users to lock it at the top

It looks good, but the front page feels strange when you scroll down and all the content is on the right and there is a blank grey area on the left.

One of the things I loved most about the old CB home page was the simplicity of it, easy to read and not so overwhelming like other websites. While I feel the new home page is extremely rich, it will take some getting used to because it is very busy, but hey its CB, call me partial!

That said, what's just totally awesome is what you see when you open up a blog, its big, pictures and texts are big, excellent layout like in your face, easy to read and everything's within reach. The comments section is at the top now which is fantastic! Kudos guys, I've only been here like a year or something and the way you guys evolve is a great inspiration! THUMBS UP!!

I'm with NaijaBerry.

The new site is certainly a lot prettier. But also less useful. I liked the fact I could read part of the post before clicking the link for more. Your site was open on my desktop most days and refreshed frequently.

Don't make me work harder - I'll just go somewhere else.

Definitely prettier though.

Do not like the tablet template on the playbook. Its way too small. Text blurry on the dropdown menu and comes on the browser by default hijacking the experience. Do like the option of having a tablet template but that needs tweaking. Once I deleted my crackberry bookmark in the PB browser and added the desktop link I am finally able to see the real desktop site. I like that version. Its kind of dark all in all but laid out well. Haven't tested the phone version yet and don't really want to. I dislike the cut down versions of websites on mobile devices. They're a PITA usually.

Great work CB team!
It's simple, sexy, elegant and straight to the point.
(Just how I like my women)

Please keep up the awesome work!

Oh nooooooo! Ads are now the most annoying type : pop-ups, even in the forums, even when we are logged in, pleaeaease, get rid of the $%* pop-ups!

Apart from that point, more legible, but more complex first landing page. Will see how it goes, but already miss the simple chronological order of news...

Good and huge work, kudos to the team!

Once Upon a Time at Crackberry World. Introducing a Brilliant New Look. Walking through all this time, I must to say: Congratulations ! By the way, Kevin looks more Narciss now..

Any chance the "recent news" "related stories" and advertisements can be shifted back to the far right? (Nice look overall.)

#teamcrackberryblackberry from #niqeria really are really happy with this development mehn it's aan awesome new web design with some likes of BB10 designs and Kevin da boss you'll really good man....we're really happy for you guys we love you to all the crackberry team and mobile nations too .......

Well I love the new design but it won't launch on my PC at work. The internet browser freezes up while "downloading pictures..." Oh well, I guess I'm not supposed to read while at work anyway.

Oh thanks for replying David. I found out I could go straight to with no issues, just not the main page ( without freezing up. I have Windows 7, IE 8.

Finally we're back on! I love the background you guys, reminds me of my Playbook boot up screen! It will take me a while to navigate through the new site but I will be on track by the end of this week! Keep up the good work and cant wait to see what else Crackberry has in store for us!

Uhm... i don't like this. Reading the blurb of the news is important, don't want to generate clicks for you guys when the article isn't remotely interesting.

I'm confused by the short list of articles on the left, and once you scroll down further (after the ads... are there now more ads displayed on a full-article page?) there's this big gap left open. Is there a button or option somewhere so that i can just see all the news articles, rather than just the 5 or so latest?

That monster of a flop-open topics menu, hated it on the old site as well, but it was kinda easy to avoid.

Someone else said it best - looks nice, but now i need to get used to this new version.

And in Interface Design, in my opinion, that's wrong - you should not have to get used to a new design. One easy way to alienate your viewership.

I just like to be able to go through all news articles, see a roll-up at the bottom of older ones, so i can catch up
on what i maybe missed since the last day or so. Not sure how to do that here. And again, that's a step in the wrong direction.

I'm not going to spend 5 clicks (one for each topic) to see if there's new articles in those topics. That may be nice as an additional way of viewing the content, but should not be the primary one.

But, i see that i'm in the minority - i've said my piece. Not happy about the new style. Gimmeback my old Crackberry.

Now, get off my lawn! grumble, grumble...

I can't wade through 178 comments to see if this has been noted by others but here, running Firefox 19, after following an article link from the homepage, when I hit the back button it takes me to the top of the homepage rather than the point I was at prior to leaving... big PITA. Otherwise the new site is nice, good job!

Nice new look, however everytime I open the website in Internet explorer, the browser locks up and dies. Seems to work OK with Chrome though. I've tried several versions of IE and same thing happens.

Sorry Crackberry...sometimes the truth hurts. This site is hurtin' really bad, the layout is horrendous, it locked up my Windows Internet Explorer Version 8 on my new Dell Laptop, crashes my Bold 9900 browser and lock up my Playbook harder than a knot in a piece of petrified pine. This looks like a total disaster, you should switch back to the old site ASAP and hire some professionals to do a remake.

A much needed change. Some sites after a change look worse! This is NOT the case. Congrats amazing job!

Hello. It might be me but now I have to scroll when reading in the forums. When I'm the main Home page, or this page I don't have to scroll. I have a Bold 9930 and I never had to do this before, and yes I'm on the mobile site. Thanks for any and all help. Peace.

This site is a's annoying the hell out of me, can only be described as a clusterfuc%...hire someone to fix it ...please give me back my old reliable site

I am sorry, but I HATE the new Crackberry... it's literally all over the place, confusing, and extremely crowded. Last site was ugly, but this is too cluttered!

Have not taken a lot of time to explore the new site yet - still comes up with kevzilla when I hit on my desktop (Win 7 home premium + Internet explorer 9). Works with Chrome and I can also view this on my iPad 2... But I rarely use Chrome, so I guess I'll be back when IE issue goes away

Can I have the playbook look / configuration as a default on my regular computer? No ads on the left (should be on the right anyways...) when switched to 'blog view' (should be default anyways...) you just get all you need - just the list of articles, with a blurb / teaser.

Make the photos smaller in this list, and I will love you guys again.

I know, empty threats ;-)

Scrolling in the small textbox when entering a comment is difficult, first have to make sure you are in select-text mode, then move the small pointer up, outside of the text box.

Are you somehow keeping track of the users selecting blog view or not? Personally, can't imagine people not using blog view... Other than the people that have nothing else to do but visit crackberry every hour or so :-/

Congratulations on the new design, Team Crackberry! :-) Very clean look throughout. A little confusing, but I'm sure once I start playing around on the site I'll get used to the new navigation.

Please bring back Mobile Version! Using Desktop Version on my phone is Not very functional. I have to keep moving the page back to where I was reading, the checkerboard Is Horrible. The page jumps around and I can't comment correctly. It took me 5 times to get back to this comment Box just to comment.