Introducing iBold From Elecite

By Bla1ze on 15 Oct 2008 06:20 pm EDT
A few days after blogging about some unique themes from Elecite, where I made mention of hoping some BlackBerry Bold themes were coming soon, Peter took the time to email me and let me know they definitely had Bold themes in the works.

The iBold theme is the first theme for the BlackBerry Bold from Elecite. With user-arranged icon locations, a nice fullscreen banner and great animation for icons when selected, this is truly a clean and unique looking theme. I love how the calendar sits in the "blank" spot allowing for daily events to be highlighted.

You can pick this new theme up over at Elecite for $6.99 and while you are there might as well check out the contest from eVeek and Elecite, especially if you are a theme maker... you could win yourself some cash and prizes, with a total of $500 being given away to those who showing off the best theme building skills.

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Introducing iBold From Elecite


Nice colours but a some may find it a little bright. Looks great on the PC screen but contrasts quite a lot with the dark keys on the Bold. Graphics are pretty cool, but I would have liked more folder options. (not even sure that is possible).

Nice frame work and I had to look twice to realize that battery and signal strength were integrated into that top frame...very cool. I like the outlined date block however "Wednesday" is too long and doesn't exactly fit during longer months, maybe it will in July...haha. Font is nice, and the smaller size actually works here.

There is no application description on the homepage when highlighting an icon. Important to me because I keep my WeatherEye on home page and look to it for the temperature, which now does not show up. But that is personal preference. Maybe developer will read this and add that feature.

Overall a very nice theme, bold, bright, excellent use of space, nice fonts and icons, but depending on your personal preferences it could use a few tweaks. Hopefully version updates are free.

Looks amazing! I'm thinking of buying this theme..but wondering if i'm able to change the background? the icons are amazing on how they are placed!

Anyone purchased this theme?> Please show some screenshots on your bold@! :)

I just put this on my bold im loving it and it gives the bold an even more unique look..great job they just need to put out some more for the bold like "TORCH"