Introducing DroidBerry for the BlackBerry Bold

By Bla1ze on 15 Jan 2009 12:19 am EST
Introducing..Droidberry By Jason Calhoun

Now this is some awesome stuff we got going on here! Jason Calhoun dropped by the forums yesterday to let the CrackBerry Nation know about his hottest new theme for the BlackBerry Bold. I have to say I’m blown away by this one - the time he spent on DroidBerry really shows. Styled of course after the Android mobile operating system, this theme looks sharp, with 5 homescreen icons that are user customizable and all notification, battery and signal icons are the exact icons from Android. A little note about the clock though... it don't work (RIM - we need widgets!). However, it is optional as you can get the theme without it. DroidBerry is available from the Software Store for $7 and is a true Android replica with BlackBerry style... yeah baby!

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Introducing DroidBerry for the BlackBerry Bold


Wow, I think my jaw just hit the floor. Excellent original artwork in this theme, definitely worth the price. Please make a Curve version!

I was geared to buy but saw it for the bold. Love my curve can't give it up. I second that Steve, please make a curve version!

I don't get it? The clock doesn't work, there is no today functionality, and you lose one homescrean icon. The icons are nice, but I'll stick with my current theme...

Remove the clock, add today function, and then bring it out on 8900 when the new plazmic is out.

I would pay 7 bucks then... :)

Dont live a 3rd world country and then complain we do not support money exchange with your country. Blame your country.. Not us.

As stated above...why put a non functional clock on the home screen. Also if you are creating a theme to mimic another it right 100%. Those folks who are interested in the Blueberry phone from China would consider this a must have.

You have to give some people credit for creativity!

Perhaps one day RIM will offer their "superb" messaging services on REAL Android devices.

Android themes, iPhone themes... hhhmm.... why get a BackBerry if all you're going to do is make it look and act like the competition? Sounds pretty pathetic if you ask me. Are iPhone users rushing to create BlackBerry themes? Ridiculous. You people need a life.

I've never heard of iphones being able to change themes so I guess you'll never know the answer to that question. Why do you waste your time with comments like that? Now thats pretty pathetic and maybe youre the one who needs to get a life,IMHO.

re: Grow Up

Such is life. If one cannot take constructive criticism, then there is no need to go to the outside world.