Introducing Datepedia for BlackBerry Smartphones

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Nov 2008 09:00 pm EST

Datepedia for BlackBerry Smartphones

Launched today by Mobatech, creators of the Mobile Bartender for BlackBerry (one of my favorite apps!), comes Datepedia, a simple and useful application that ensures you'll never ever miss out on an important date again. From Mobatech:

Datepedia for BlackBerry Smartphones

National holidays, religious holidays, sporting events and more! With Datepedia, users have instant access to the most comprehensive package of dates for BlackBerry devices. Simply select dates and export them to your BlackBerry calendar at the click of a button. Need to remember a birthday or anniversary? Now you can add your own dates at any time so you'll never forget that important event! Not sure if Valentine's Day is Saturday or Sunday this year? With Datepedia in your phone you'll never have to wonder again!


  • View dates for national holidays from multiple countries including US, UK, India, Germany, France and more
  • View Christian, Jewish and Islamic religious holidays including descriptions of each holiday
  • View dates for major sporting events including BCS Bowl Games, Golf Major Events, Tennis Grand Slam, Auto Racing and more
  • Keep track of personal events such as birthdays and anniveraries while on the go
  • Choose from multipe export options to save Datepedia events to your BlackBerry calendar
  • View event dates in List View or Calendar View
  • Quickly search for any dates by category or name, and filter search by year for faster look-up
  • Option for viewing all events or upcoming events only

For more information, be sure to check out this handy Datepedia Overview Slide. Datepedia sells for $9.95 and due to the nature of the app, no free-trial is available. For more screecaps, info and to purchase, follow the links below...

Get Datepedia for BlackBerry:

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Reader comments

Introducing Datepedia for BlackBerry Smartphones


Loving this app. Looking up every holiday on the web and then manually having to enter the dates was taking forever. This integrates directly with my BlackBerry calendar -- sports section is the coolest!

Worth every penny! looking up every date i wanted to have on my blackberry AND figuring out the day of the month was never gonna happen, but now I don't have to make the effort. great app.

While it is of course possible to "google" everything the world has to offer, I would have to disagree and say that Datepedia is well worth the download. It is simple, elegant and functional, easily allowing one to keep track of, update and follow all the major important dates, not just holiday's. And all without messing around with Outlook, Google or any other calender. It just keeps is simple, right on the blackberry! Great product!

I wouldn't pay for this product...sorry but 9.99 is way too much for this app. Maybe if it was selling for 1.99 ...many would actually buy it...