Introducing the Cubis Icon Theme for BlackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 May 2008 10:23 am EDT

Cubis Theme for BlackBerry

Our friend John from GadgetBean has released his latest premium BlackBerry theme, Cubis. Currently available in Icon format for the BlackBerry 8700, Curve and 8800 series, the theme was inspired by, you guessed it, the popular brain game Cubis! I just installed it and am McLovin' it! Like all of John's themes, Cubis is very clean and easy to read/use. You can pick up the Cubis theme for $7 from Definitely worth checking out if you're a theme junkie!

Download the Cubis Icon Theme for BlackBerry 

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Reader comments

Introducing the Cubis Icon Theme for BlackBerry


Actually Kevin is right, the only similarity between this theme and the iBerry blocks which was also made by me is the shape of the icon. The icons itself are completely different in the way the glossy reflection is, the images in the icons are all different. The reason I called this theme the Cubis is because you can kinda arrange the cubes in different combos which definitely helped me kill time at the airports or on the trains to work.

Please do let me know or post when the Zen is up...Love this theme and would like to go for the Zen one...Cheers!!

Like I always have said, $7 is too much for a BB theme. These themes are worth, maybe, $2. I think they are worth less than that. I would rather take my chances using a torrent site to get them.

You get what you pay for. Torrent sites may be good for some things but probably not to put software onto something you rely on everyday. It seems pretty rude to come in here anonymously and insult the author of this theme. Where are the free themes you have developed?

$7 is way too much for a theme. I understand that there is a lot to developing one. However, after being part of the Treo and WM phone communities, I had a bit of "sticker shock" when I found that getting well designed themes for BlackBerrys cost money. I mean, I can nearly get a full album off of iTunes for $7, and I guarantee there is significantly more effort put into an album than a BlackBerry Theme.

However, unlike my anonymous friend above me, I chose to voice my displeasure by not purchasing OR stealing it. After all, to use a theme is to advertise a theme, which will results in sales. Better to either support those themers that do distribute for free , or just stick with what God gave you when you took the phone out of the box.

The iberry is no where near the quality of this one:


You can also, change the wallpaper to any picture you have already on you BB and keep the buttons the same (MAC Theme). It's great I love it! I spent $20 on the e-mobile today which i so regret b/c the quality on that doesn't compare to this Mac Theme.

Wow, I cannot comprehend why anyone would think this theme is worth next to nothing!! I am not going to argue with anyone about paid or free themes, but I can honestly say I never would put out a product I wouldn't purchase myself or believe in. I just wish when I release a new theme, this isnt going to be the only comments I get from people, its very discouraging. I never saw this coming when I released the Crackberry Theme for free a few months back in celebration of .. this just wows me!!

Don't let the negative people get to you. They are usually the one's who are more likely to post. It is the anonymity of the internet that attracts them.

I like your new theme. I am still using the Crackberry Abuser theme from months ago. I am now just waiting to see the Zen and Today versions of this one to see which one I want. Thank you for your efforts.

Thanks for your kind support and everyone else that emailed me to keep my head high and make more killer themes! I was just kinda surprised by the bashing I got for releasing a theme which I believed in.

I am glad you are still using the Crackberry Abuser theme, I took great pride in designing and making that theme the same way I do on all my themes.

I will be releasing the Zen and Today version shortly.

When you buy a theme in one version, do you have to pay again to get it in another version (say today or zen).

By the way I bought your theme and I love it!

Unfortunately yes you will have to pay again for other version of the theme. But email me as I always give my customers so sorta discount. Cheers!