Introducing CrackBerry's new Editors' Choice App Gallery!

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CrackBerry App Gallery!
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 May 2013 05:58 pm EDT

In our ongoing mission to help users get the most out of their BlackBerry ownership experience, today I'm super excited to introduce the *beta* of our new Editors' Choice App Gallery for BlackBerry 10 apps.

With BlackBerry World filling up with BB10 apps, we wanted to develop a way to cut through the noise and save users time in discovering the absolute must-have apps for their BlackBerry 10 phone. Hence, the Editors' Choice App Gallery was born. 

Every single app that appears in the gallery has been vetted and recommended by at least one editor on the CrackBerry editorial team, and is considered an Editors' Choice app. For developers, this means simply making it into the gallery is a big deal - every app in the App Gallery is worth a download if it appeals to you.

Every single app that appears in the gallery has been vetted and recommended by at least one editor on the CrackBerry editorial team

As you click through the apps and games in the gallery, you'll note many apps have recommendations by multiple editors on the team. Members of CrackBerry can also recommend apps within the gallery, pushing them further up the leader boards for easier discovery. And apps that we consider to be the absolute best of the best of the best (yes, you read that right), will receive a special badge for being considered a CrackBerry All-Star app. The All-Star badge is reserved for apps that we feel have truly pushed the limits and deliver an amazing user experience.

CrackBerry Editors' Choice App Gallery Features

  • Viewable on desktop and mobile web browser at and via CB10 app (app update coming later this week featuring the gallery)
  • Browse by App Category
  • Browse by Editor (See all of Kevin, Adam, Bla1ze, etc.'s recommended apps)
  • Browse by Free apps
  • Sort app results by most recommended or alphabetical order
  • All apps feature originally written descriptions along with key app data 
  • App pages feature CrackBerry videos and links to related articles when available

And more features are coming soon, including the ability filter apps by device compatibility. Also, we are not going to let the Editors' Choice App Gallery become bloated. Once the gallery reaches approximately 200 apps, we'll be archiving previous app recommendations in favor of newer, even better choices. The goal of the Editors' Choice App Gallery is to be useful, and that means keep it to only the best of the best. Always.

Reporting Feedback

As a new feature on the site, we're keeping the *beta* tag on this one for now as we're sure you'll come across some bugs as you put it use. If you do, please report them on this forum thread. We'll work quick to address any bugs, and if you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to share them on the thread. We're building this for you!

For Developers

For apps that make it into the CrackBerry Editors' Choice Gallery, we will be making the graphics for Editors' Choice and All-Star badges available to you. It's an accolade you'll want to share on your site! We'll follow up soon with more details on this, so stay tuned.

That's it, Get your Download on!

Take me to the Editors' Choice App Gallery! 

Reader comments

Introducing CrackBerry's new Editors' Choice App Gallery!


This is a great idea, searching all apps or scrolling down infinite times does get boring and good apps are not seen in so much quantity.

Along with Editors Choice, any chance you'll be added in Users Choice. I have a few that are worth mentioning such as "Hungama" which is exactly like "Gaana" app but Hungama is Native and it's definitely deserves the spotlight more than Gaana.

With 2400 BlackBerry users in our environment, this will be a helpful way to recommend apps (and games...sssssh).

Don't miss the point of the gallery here Frank. We want new Z10 and Q10 owners to get up to speed with the best apps on their phone as fast as possible. In some cases, that will mean Android ports.  For example, Songza. Freak'n awesome app that should be on every BB10 phone. Right now it's an Android port - pretty solid and still worth people downloading. Now in Songza's case, they announced they're going native, which is great. But Android Port or Native, still a download worth having. 

And as the gallery hits its max, we'll be swapping in newer, better apps. So I think with time (and hopefully not too much time), you'll see Android ports fall out in favor of native. But an app worth having is an app worth having, which is what this gallery is about.

BUT.. I will say.. no Android port will win the All Star award. That's only for KICK BUTT apps. :)

Yeah, I agree with you. We need whatever we can take and ports are good for a start, devs will get attention and eventually develop native apps. We've seen this happening.

Liked the no All star thingy, may even inspire devs more to write native apps.

I suggest the Android Port field be changed to reflect more diversified information. For instance Native Cascades, Native Webworks, Android Port, etc.

This would seem to me to be more informative and less discriminatory.

Posted via CB10

So, we actually have checkboxes in the back for all of these, plus a few more. The issue is that it's not always clear what a developer used to make the app (either pure WebWorks, or WebWorks with a bit of Cascades mixed in, Adobe Air, etc.), and for most intents and purposes, it doesn't really matter. Unfortunately, Android ports are the one instance where's it's pretty obvious, and there are a lot of users that want to avoid them. Luckily there are users like you that don't care and see that quality is quality, and you can safely ignore that Android tag, but I think (and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) it's still critical information for a lot of users. Besides, shouldn't we be shaming developers that haul in Android apps to get going on native versions? ;)

We also have boxes for in-app purchases, ads, Built for BlackBerry certification, and Scoreloop Integration, which I think are more important to the end-user experience than how an app was developed. 

Kevin - will webapps be allowed? I'm still waiting for my developer account to be approved by BlackBerry so I can get into App World.

Posted via CB10

Thanks! It can be a little more difficult to gain wide distribution for webapps without wrapping them an putting them into the various app stores. I'm thinking CB's listings might help people discover the apps that are less likely to show up in the App World banner.

Posted via CB10

Can you mark each app as to whether or not it's Native? Perhaps you could even tell us if it's Cascades, etc.

Posted via CB10

Great idea!

When the categories feature comes into play it would be good to have categories for Android Ports and Native apps if possible?

Posted via CB10

We are tracking if apps are android ports, built for blackberry, etc.  You can read it on the individual app pages. Will put it on the list to add additional filters for browsing.

Be buzz pro accuweather Skooday navita translator team stream would get a thumbs up from me. Besides that the list is pretty much spot on.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

Saved as a favorite on my "NOT YET AND PRAYING IT WONT BE EXTINCT" PlayBook. Eventually they'll be a category for Playbook!

Ain't that right Kevin?

My thinking is, if a lot of people download the really good Android ports (which they have to be to get on the list) maybe the devs will see that the platform is profitable and will make a native app later. I think it could potentially be a good thing.

This looks awesome, thanks!

I know security might be a concern, but I hope BB can find a way to support apps from the SD card in the future. Before long, there will be so many good apps, it will be harder to fit all of them and their data into the phone storage. Games I can play through and be done with them, for sure.

I also disagree with marking apps as 'native' or whatever -- I don't think that the general suspicion against Android-ported apps is justified, it depends on the app. If it's generally a fault of Android Player per se, then it's BB's fault more than the developer's.

But if there's a fault with the apps--then contact the developers pointing it out, like you would with a Native app. (Hey, Animoog's native isn't it? Hasn't been written for Android yet. Look what happened there. You might want to rethink the 'native-is-automatically-better' thing.)

Lest anyone think I'm an Animoog hater -- it gets my vote for one of the best apps out there! Initial problems were addressed quickly by the developers (ironically, some little things were a teensy bit better before the fixes.)

I've spent the last month or so filling in descriptions for the apps currently in there, so feel free to let me know about any typos or anything you'd like to see added. Also, big ups to our developer guys, Tom and Stephane, for making everything so slick.

Posted via CB10

Oh man. You guys have outdone yourselves now. Given the large community here, this might help push developers to make native apps and better apps in general. Getting that "ALL STAR" next to their app would be huge sales boost. Good on you guys for recognizing BLAQ with this honor.

Guys... so not having whatsapp ont here is done on purpose to promote more BBM :) Cause honestly it is one of the greatest app to hit the BlackBerry App world till now

Well done CrackBerry in downplaying whatsapp role

Was just tweeting the Crackberry guys about this. This is a fantastic idea and a really good compliment to the "Built for BlackBerry" badge from BlackBerry World! Will give a lot of exposure to Indie developers like myself. And help us "spread the word" about our great apps.

The only thing missing here is an Application form/Process for developers getting their apps considered by the Editor's.

Also, since apps are updated all the time with new features, etc, if they don't make the Editor's list the first time, there should be a process for Reposting or reapplying when a new version of the App is released.

But overall a very good idea guys!

National Rail Times App for BB10 (Q10 and Z10) -

In general we're all pretty active on the editorial team in scouting for new apps, but get that we don't always try everything (especially localized apps outside of regions where we live).

Definitely going to work on a better "submit my app for review" process... with BBWorld getting busy we need it to retain sanity anyways on new apps about to hit BBWorld, etc.

Thx for the suggestion!

What would be nice is a way for us to vote down / "unrecommend" an app because maybe there are issues with it like the USA Today app opening in the background.

Comments are at least one way to share concerns about an app, so that's better than nothing.

Posted via CB10

Yes I agree "unrecommendations" are a good idea as well. The user CrackBerry user community can, because of our numbers, test and use apps more extensively than a few editors can in an allotted time.

So the ability for "The Market" to vote apps up or down is an important feature IMHO. Obviously, it should be tied to logins and probably even IPs, etc to prevent malicious Spam downvotes from competitors.

National Rail Times App for BB10 (Q10 and Z10) -

Had a feeling something like this was coming. I always forget to check this bookmark of mine. It would be good if you placed a link for the apps right at the top. Topics, forums, store, apps. Right in the main header.

Also Id put the comments for each app page more at the top, maybe a small box that can be scrolled up or down one comment at a time. Those comments are key and people might miss them way at the bottom. Just incase theres problems that the editor missed with the app, such as endomondo missing bluetooth support for heart rate (I made a comment on it lol)

Kevin - just plain AWESOME! Another reason why CB rules.

Just an idea, how about another database of apps BB fans would like to see come to BB10 (I won't mention instagram... or did I just do that??). For example, I'd love to see My FItness Pal come to BB10, so a similar page that has the app's developers info and then we can start bombshelling the %#& out of them with requests to make the app.

Just a thought :-)

This just shows why Crackberry is the leader when it comes to everything BlackBerry.

Everything is all in one. name it, it's there. great one stop shopping when it comes to apps.

Well done Crackberry!!!!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10!

This is a good question, and was talking with Kevin about it this morning. The same issue came up in my Best BB10 Apps and Games roundup - "where's Dropbox?" See, we want the app gallery to be a discovery destination, and BBM doesn't really need discovery because it's preloaded and prominently promoted. For that reason, I think you can expect Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other preloaded apps to be among the first to fall off the list once we hit our 200 app cieling.

Will there be a way for developers to recommend their applications for possible inclusion in this gallery?

One suggestion already... if there was some way to indicate which apps are available to the Q10 AND Z10 that would be awesome as I keep going to get apps (MOOG, Cut the Rope) only to be disappointed they are only for the Z10 at this point. thanks!

Posted via CB10

With 120,000 apps and games it might be wise to subcategorise soon.

I would like to recommend Dark Ports for your Z10 consideration. Excellent developer and product.

Posted via CB10

Well, we're really aiming for the gallery to be the cream of the crop, hence the soft cap at 200 apps. If you're looking for a very specific category of app, BlackBerry World has some highly granulated subsections, but we've tried to keep them to a minimum in order to simplify navigation and discovery. Given the rough number of apps we're looking to highlight, any more specific sections wouldn't be populated particularly well. 

Is there actually a way to recommend apps TO the gallery (in stead of apps that are already in it)?

Thank you! You read my mind. I wished for it last night and here it tonight. Love that you plan to limit the number and bring the newer, better apps in.

One suggestion, where an app is not available in many regions e.g. songza then that should be clearly indicated in both the list and the full app description page as then it would save somebody from trying to search for it.

I'd have put blaq at the top of my list, but seeing as tho it hasn't worked since the 10.1 update i think I'll hold fire on that recommendation.

Posted via CB10

If there was an app that concerted apks to bars directly on the phone without having to use a website or an installer , it would easily be top of the list forever .

Posted via CB10

Thanks for putting so much work into making BB10 the best experience it can be. has become a one-stop shop for all things BB10!

Will the CB10 app be getting the first ever 'All-Star' certification? It is an award winner already.

Posted via CB10

Good Job Kevin and CB team but will you be add in more app. I really do not think my app is anyway lousy.

Posted via CB10

*groan* This should be restricted to Core Native and Cascades apps (with or without "Built for BlackBerry" status) - android apps DO NOT showcase BB10 and SHOULD NOT be included.
Regarding Trapeze, have you read the BlackBerry World reviews? For most people, it doesn't work.
Stop massaging the ego's of Devs and actually give an unbiased reveiw of the apps.
Also, why isn't Battery Guru or Data Check Pro is the list?

Posted via CB10 from my Q10.

A good start, but I definitively hope for a "native application" filter...
No ported app on my Q10 or Z(ed)10 ;-)

Hi , Can I ask for some Aviation and pilot apps to be added to BlackBerry 10 apps? One of the most useful apps on Android called "Aviation Tools Free" by Alexandre Del Bigio. This is one of the best Apps I have ever used and its ONLY available on Androids :(. I have tried to contact him but no luck. Also there are other pilot apps such as E6B which the IOS and Android versions are much more complete and advanced. Most of my pilot friends are reluctant to use BlackBerry 10 simply because the lack of Aviation apps. Thank you

Jet Car Stunts is an amazing game! It should be an editor's choice!

Get rid of the horrible ebay app. I also think it slows down your phone even when you close it. :(

Posted via CB10

Nice, at least now i can see some forest through the trees then. By the way, would be nice if you could state somewhere that you've tested those apps on both devices. For instance, others and myself on a Q10 cannot open the Wallpaper Changer HD app. It closes immediately. Would be nice to know that up front. Got a refund from BB but i would buy it again when i'd know it works on my device.

I don't care what new app or game blackberry introduce to their customers, if they don't fix the little problems, the complaints will slow the growth. Don't they understand that negative comments spreads faster than positive comments. I want the latest and greatest too but, I want the alert notification to work first. It doesn't work on the Z10, (US version). Im talking about the alert notification you are supposed to get while you are on a call and an email or text is coming in. If I'm on a call and my child text me I won't get the text until I get off the call or look down at the blinking LED. A parent should never have to worry about losing contact from their child. We worry about other things. Fix this problem blackberry. I'm not the only person that is experiencing this issue

Posted via CB10

Hi, is there anywhere developers can suggest their app to be considered?

For instance, WordsPlus, is not on the list..It's a native/cascades, Build for BlackBerry word search game, which was also a finalist the BlackBerry Developer Community Contest for Best Scoreloop Integrated game.