Introducing the CrackBerry Theme Store: On-Device Client for Free and Paid BlackBerry Themes

CrackBerry Theme Store
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Nov 2009 12:52 am EST

GRAND OPENING SALE: Save 20% on All Themes Purchased Through the CrackBerry Theme Store Client Until Nov. 15th by Using Coupon Code cbthemes at Checkout!

Are you always changing up the theme on your BlackBerry? Love free themes? Don't mind paying for a nice premium theme from my time to time? If so, you'll want install our new CrackBerry Theme Store client on your BlackBerry. Themes have always been a popular category within our CrackBerry App Store, so we've taken it one step further with a dedicated theme store client. You can click the image above to learn more about the theme store and send yourself the download link, or simply visit from your BlackBerry's web browse. Deal of the Day, browse by category, free apps, specials and bundles are all there - it's a feature-rich theme browsing and downloading experience. 

* Note to Storm2/OS 5.0 users and Feedback/Bug Reporting: As this is a new app client we're rolling out (let's call it theme store *beta* to be safe), it's always possible you could run into a minor bug or glitch. If that happens, please send your feedback and findings to so we can get it addressed asap. Storm2 and OS 5.0 users should pay special attention to the fact that compatibility is still being confirmed by content providers for some themes/apps within the catalogue (you may see some apps/themes listed that are not yet optimized for your device) - if you're on 5.0 already or a Storm2 you may want to wait a day or two. *

* Message to Theme/App Developers: If you don't have your free and paid apps and themes in our CrackBerry App/Theme stores... what are you waiting for?! Get on it!! Click here for the details. *

Reader comments

Introducing the CrackBerry Theme Store: On-Device Client for Free and Paid BlackBerry Themes


Since Plazmic isn't updated as far as I know for 5.0 software all themes for those phones have issues so why would I buy one unless it works perfectly on my phone?

some of us have gotten the themes to run on the storm and storm 2 perfectly with no fixes necessary

see forge, hemisphere and iris all will work perfectly

I saw that right after I posted...
Thanks Kevin and crackberry. This is great!
I'll try to get my themes up.

I only have about 18 themes besides the default theme currently on my phone! I last about a week before I am switching between them. I hope Red Zapper and Natemz and some of the other very creative and functional free theme developers offer their work in this new store. Those thememakers do awesome work and this store sounds like a fascinating place for them to get recognition and gain new fans. Every time a new phone comes out, they get bombarded with requests to port over the theme to the new device. It sounds like this store will help manage those requests more efficiently by providing a 1 stop place to get the theme update. And, then to add discounts on themes... ahhhh! :-)

i'm getting a "mobile Download Error: Trial version is not available for this product" when sending the link to my phone :(

Hi all,
I have downloaded and installed the app, but now I have an error when I try to launch it.
The error says "Uncaught exeption: java.lang.Error"

I have tried to install it a few time and have done a battery pull at various points.

Any thoughts?

I am so excited about this new theme store as it's an awesome way to keep up on the hottest themes. Upon downloading the theme client I immediately noticed the Genesis theme, which is a theme I have wanted ever since it was featured on "Deal of the Day." I immediately purchased it and must say I am very pleased!! Keep up the goodwork Crackberry team!!!!

One of the reasons I hate the current on-device app store is because of the fact themes are littering the space where apps should be shown.

With this new version will themes be removed from the app store?

So bplay has been assimilated? :D Awesome to have it all in one place. I'd love to win the goodie here, too. :)

It's the carriage before the damn horse again. Nice to have the 5.0 out there but for Storm I users the white bars in landscape is it till they fix it. Or plasmic get their shit in gear.

Damn, I love the new OS for everything it does, and it is merely an inconvenience for the white bars, but really? I paid enough for the damn phone, it "SHOULD" questions or flaws.

When I try to use the cbthemes coupon code on the vistalike them I get this message.

"We are sorry, we cannot apply the coupon code to an already discounted price"

Anyone else see this?

just a quick note here. Both the download unavailable problem occurring for some device and the start-up issue (java error) are actively being looked into.

Expect more updates as we address them in the next few hours.

If you are among the users affected by the "java.lang.Error" message showing up when trying to launch the Theme Store after installation, we might have a fix.

Please visit:

on your bb browser.

You'll be delivered our latest internal build which might address the issue.

Let us know how it goes.


Ok I'm a owner of a bb curve 8310 got it chritsmas( waitin to get a 9700 AT&T ) along with my iPod touch which I am on now I'm my algebra class on my touch. But a few things tht rim could add as a software update that I'm sure most bb users would agree on is
1.) like the iPhone and the palm phone, it would be great if the added the feature that tells u that u have a text and wat it says while ur browsing the web or listening to music or on a phone call ect.. I kinda get tired of backing out of what u was doing to go to my text...
2.) I'm not sure if the 5.0 software dies this or not but " conversation view " another feature the iPhone and palms have. Tht would be nice for both texting and email...
3.) for the mstorm and possible thunder. For u to be able to lock the click screen and not click it, to just let u be able to tap away at the screen like u do on a iPhone
copy and paste this to other comments and add ur sugestions btw i'm 15 :). These are some great features if u have any thoughts please do tell...

I was getting the same error message as has been stated above. I then went into my browser options and switched the "Browser Identification" Option to "Blackberry" and it downloaded perfectly..

Of course, running OS 5.0... so.. most plazmic themes have issues in Landscape, but once that is taken care of, I'm sure it will be great that I have the app =)

we enhanced the device detection to take care also of users setting their bb to emulate a desktop browser, so moving forward even if you switch back the "browser identification" to what you had before, download should still work.

It goes to your options > themes menu. So click options, then themes, then select the one you want. If you have more than one theme, including the default theme, it should show a preview of what the theme will look like, so you can pick which one you're in the mood for. If you download a theme that is not compatible with your device, it will not show up in your options-theme menu. However, it will count against your device storage memory. I think to delete that incompatible theme, you would need to go options > advanced options > applications > then choose the app you want to delete, then hit menu and choose delete. It won't show up in your download or applications folders. Themes appear to be system only, so you need to go to your options menu and manage your themes from there. If any other advanced CB user knows otherwise, please advise. Thanks.

obsessed already, great job! loving my Iris theme, there are many more on here that i would love to have!!

Bold...go into Options->Theme your new theme should be listed along with your default =)

thanks for the feedback. As far as we can tell so far, the issue is not related to the specific device nor to the specific os version.

It is unfortunately something rather tricky to track down, which is why is taking us a bit of time.

Expect news on this soon.

I had no problem downloading and using the app on my 9530 running OS I am just concerned about the memory leak issue and whether or not these apps will have cause serious memory drains. That would be useful information to have before I purchase a theme.

glad to hear is working for you -- not aware of any memory leak, aside from the known startup issue occurring in very specific situations.

Are you referring to something I might have missed from the posts above?

I should have said "themes" not "apps". The themes create a huge memory leak on the new 5.0 OS - I haven't found one yet that doesn't leak badly.

I get 2 errors when trying to open the app.

1. error starting MHThemeStore: Class 'org.w3c.dom.NodeList' not found.

2. error starting MHThemeStore: Module 'MHThemeStore-2' has verification errors.

Is anyone else getting these 2 errors?

thanks for reporting -- we didn't run into those issues in our internal tests. We'll investigate.

What device / OS you have?

the idea is great love that there is a place to get themes...i have two complaints one not alot for 5.0 and those dam white bars and two there is 817 themes and only 12 are free and i can get those in the reg. crackberry app store.....i guess i just dont see the point yet for just a theme store but never the less still a good idea....

I agree once I loaded the RedZapper theme for the bold I have never put another one on my phone. The center weather icon plus Quicklaunch at the top corner, what else would I need. I wish more themes would include quick launch and the weather icon.

Curve 8900 on tmobile cannot open theme app even tried go to link as advised...still wont open lang error message

thanks for confirming... the build currently at the alpha link (b244) has still a problem.

new one coming up in a few hours. Keep an eye on this thread.

it installed and it runs, but really...two stores? Two downloads, and two things hitting memory that is hard to come by?

I do purchase my programs through Crackberry App Store. Unless or until I get a Storm 2 (unfortunately, not soon since I purchased Storm last Nov.) there just isn't enough memory to keep hogging it up with more than 1 theme.

Theme owners must understand this "lack of memory" issue is keeping their business stifled. Storm 2 and other new units with more memory will certainly help theme makers. My concern is that theme makers will go where the "money" is and any current Storm owners, or for that matter, owners of units with as much or less memory than the original Storm will just not get the love any more. Why, then, would I want to load up a program who's sole existence is simply to sell another program that will eat up even more of the precious memory I have.

A note here for everyone that run into the failure to launch problem, with error "Uncaught exception:java.lang.Error"

We have a new build (b245) which we are rather confident should solve the issue. You may download it by visiting, from your bb browser:

We would really appreciate if someone could try it and report back here.


...Do not reset your Blackberry. downloaded app and got the Uncaught exception:java.lang.Error then reset Blackberry and got Error 552 could not get desktop manager to connect. Used BBSAK to connect and remove app. rebooted fine after removal.

Many thanks to everyone that helped nailing down the "java.lang.Error" issue. We found the cause and as of now a new build (b245) with same version number (1.04) is available for download at:

On a side-note, also the "download not available" problem is solved.

Should you run into other issues or have feedback in regards to the Theme Store, moving forward please use the built-in "Contact Support" feature of the app (menu -> "Contact Support").

Happy theming!

thanks guys...theme store works finally..but I had the same lang. error with app store..was that ever fixed curve 8900 tmobile....really wanted the app store

yes you are correct the app store we have out there is affected by the same problem -- in fact it was a while we were chasing this issue.

You can expect a new build of the App Store to come out live in the next couple of hours -- visit after noon pacific and you'll get b245 of the app store, which will happily (hopefully) work on your device.

I downloaded this App yesterday & could not get it to run. I reinstalled it twice. I keep getting a Java error. I'm on Verizon. Has this been tested with an 8230? I won't waste my time with this App.