Introducing the CrackBerry Superstore! Also buy your iOS, Android accessories and more from the BlackBerry store you trust!

Introducing the CrackBerry SuperStore!
By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Dec 2011 12:28 pm EST

Grand Opening Sale: Use coupon code "superstore" at checkout to save 10% on All Accessories! Ends Thursday at Midnight PST.

The two feature request questions our ShopCrackBerry team gets asked most often are when will you rollout more international stores? and why can't I also buy accessories for my iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, etc. from ShopCrackBerry, since I know you sell them on your other sister sites' stores? 

Today I'm happy to announce we're tackling the latter question with the introduction of our ShopCrackBerry Accessory Superstore! We thought long and hard about the best way to implement this one, and I think we've nailed it. When you click into our regular store, you're still only presented with BlackBerry accessories. However, we've added a tab at the top of the site that says Android, iOS & more that when clicked expands the product offering so in addition to BlackBerry accessories you can now browse and buy accessories for all platforms. And if you want to get directly to the Superstore offering, instead of heading to you can go straight to

And don't worry BlackBerry fans, we are NOT going to start running reviews or anything like that on the blogs here for non-BlackBerry accessories, and if you don't want to see accessories other than BlackBerry you never have to (you can easily ignore the Superstore altogether). But with so many BlackBerry owners now owning a second mobile device from another platform (like an iPad, etc.) or having even switched their mobile phone to a new platform but still wanting to shop with us as they have had great experiences in the past, it just made sense for us to expand our service offering. 

We hope you enjoy and take advantage of the new store offering. Be sure to spread the word. And as always, we thank you for continued your support!

Check out the new ShopCrackBerry Accessory Superstore!

Reader comments

Introducing the CrackBerry Superstore! Also buy your iOS, Android accessories and more from the BlackBerry store you trust!


Kevin sees the writing on the wall...

If you want to make money(and who doesn't), you need to find another revenue stream other than catering to a Brand that looks as if it might be dying a slow death.

Lol. I expected some nasty comments on this post from some people...  it has nothing to do with promoting the competition or writing on the wall or anything like that (Shop CB and all our sites are doing extremely well these days!). It has to do with servicing user needs.

Look at Research In Motion and their new product BlackBerry Fusion, where they are supporting devices from other platforms. If your customers and users are also using other devices, it makes more sense to support them than to avoid them and make it more difficult on the user. Case in point - we have a lot of government and corporate customers who have ShopCrackBerry on their list of "authorized suppliers" (there are only certain companies they are approved to buy things from). These types of companies have really been pushing us to do this, as it makes their life easier if they can just buy everything from us, vs. seeking new approvals.

ALSO, just so you all know, our other stores will be supporting superstores too. So if you're an Android user and love, you will be able to buy your BlackBerry accessories from that store.

It's pretty logical. I think the large majority of people will understand that. And again, those who don't can easily AVOID it. 

Make sense?

Your such an @$$ kisser buddy.

Promoting the competition goes beyond just selling accessories. Example: I go into futureshop and look at my PlayBook accessories. It's a nice little row of cases and chargers. Beside it there is a fricken shelf of iPad cases alone! Now is that good for BlackBerry? No. Is that good for FS? Yes. That is promoting a product. And that is where I come from when I made my initial comment.

Of course CB is going to do what's good for business. Who wouldn't? That doesn't mean I have to like it.

If I had it my way there would be BB site that did nothing but trash the competition ;) not sell their accessories.

Makes perfect sense to me. It's all about one stop shopping these days. Besides, when you read through some of the forums, you see that there are users that use a playbook as their tablet and an iphone as their communications device or an ipad as the tablet and a blackberry as the communications device ... this is a great way to serve all your customers as well ... good job.

I guess its O.K. There are quite a few non-BB users on this site or people with multiple devices. At least CB can make some money on these people.

I suggest, there is a 10% surcharge for trolls though. ;)

I'm 100% BB so I won't be buying anything for myself but BB stuff from here but I don't see a problem with it. My wife has a BB and an Android device so I could shop for her I guess. Why not?

I understand what Kev is saying. But i dont even like moble nations. We see more trolls now. Kev i asked this before but never got a answer. Why cant you sell unbranded Gsm bb's?? There are plenty of people selling them on ebay so i cant see why crackberry cant.

Hey igotberryfever,

a) I don't think Mobile Nations has affected the trolls at all.  We've always been a network (it was just Smartphone Experts network vs. Mobile Nations branding) and we really haven't changed anything. And I think the increase in trolls has really happened over the past 18 months are so vs. just the last couple of months that we've had the new network branding. It's just part of the shifts in the mobile space. BUT... we do have a lot of stuff planned for 2012 to better contain the trolls and really take our forum communities to the next level - I think you'll really like the direction Mobile Nations is heading in. Just need some more time to keep executing. 

b) Unlocked GSM BlackBerrys for sale.  Good to know there is a demand for this. Will move this up on the priority list of things to tackle (it's a long list.. we do our best!)

Blasphemy!!! Mutiny!!! Hang him, Hang him!!! ... No I'm just kidding. Although I'll still see my device/OS of choice first, depending on the site I log in the shop with right?

Yep. Of course. All inbound links to store, or the normal store url (in this case always show you your platform first. So all BlackBerry accessories, top BB devices, top cases for BB/etc. are all specific.

It's only once you intentionally click into the Superstore or go directly there (with the domain) that you then get all devices, and ratings/etc. are between all platforms.  

So it's completely an optional/added experience, and easily avoidable too. 

Hey kevin any chance you'll be sorting out international customers? I'm in Nigeria i ordered a case for my pb from senacases, it got here in 3 days via fedex courier, it cost $40 but thats not much to pay to get what you want, and if you're ordering a few accossories, you can fit a whole lot in that $40 allowance. Last time i checked your site didn't have my end listed

Thanks Olukunlea,

We're working on improving our International service offering in 2012. I'll talk to the e-commerce team and make sure Nigeria is on the list.

Shop CrackBerry doesnt do a thing outside the continental US so for there rest of the world can whistle for a good few years yet.

Its the right move....Whatever keeps Crackberry alive i guess. Rim i truly hope 2012 produces some kick ass superphones. You dont have to be the top dog but you have to be atleast second among the top 3.

No matter how much you want to deny it, this is a clear sign of BB going down. Sad to see, hoping the Superphones ( I won't calle them BB10) will be a life saver for RIM.

Hey I see below it says mobile nations 7 million readers per month, why not give us a break down of redership on various properties... you obviously have it.

Pretty easy... those are just publicly available quantcast scores (directly measured)..

with the rebranding on to we need to fix that one up, so that'll be a bit wonky at the moment.

note that crackberry is actually pretty stable. we've seen a bit of a drop in US traffic over the past year but international growth has kept things nice and busy. excited to see BB10 hit in the USA in 2012 as i think that'll really help BlackBerry win back some love in North America!

I think this is cool. I used to be a full blown, die-hard Blackberry supporter until lately. Now i couldn't take it anymore and converted... RIM is F'ing around and dying a slow death! I went the Android route now and i could not be happier! SUPER SUPER HAPPY with my new Droid Razr... I LOVE IT!! With that said, i grew to love the CrackBerry nation and their is no other i would support. I visit android central but just to view and read stuff. I have not registered or anything. Now that Crackberry is doing this, i have no problems buying my accessories from the Crackberry store as i have before for my Berrys. I support this community and with that don't have no problem giving them my money hahahahahah! Great. Keep expanding!

Logically, it makes perfect sense. I'm fine with it. And I'll buy hubby's Android stuff there.

Emotionally, it makes me a little sad, like a clubhouse that isn't as private (but not that it ever was anyway!)

I just hope it helps CB, which it should, via the approved vendor situation, etc, and that it helps CB folks who buy for more platforms.

My only wish remains the same as before, that the newsletter for deal of the day actually arrived. I signed up for it a few times (even signed out and tried different email addresses) through the browser site and the mobile app but only got an occasional announcement over many months. It's hard to remember to check what the special is every day, so I'd love a daily (or whatever) email. But that wish continues from the old days -- I'm just asking once more please, since it's only slightly OT? ;-)

Thanks for the info, and good luck!

Kevin, expect to see a lot more international traffic especially from places like Nigeria on CB, the BB platform works best for areas like this due to poor data infrastructure, i know this is also the case in many parts of Asia, people are crazy about BB's out here because it works, i was astounded to find out about BBM only monthly plans! and it keeps growing, its just the most sensible way for people that have little income to communicate.

@Kevin Michaluk: May I suggest allowing customers to to have a verified (Visa and JPMorgan Chase verified in my case) shipping address that differs from the billing address. A number of times I would've loved to buy stuff at the CrackBerry Store but didn't because at the time shipping to my work address was not an option, the billing and shipping address had to be the same, that is not a viable option for me because I live in a condominium apartment that has no doorman/reception/security officer that could receive/sign for shipment(s) while I'm at work. Usually I get shipments from Amazon, MacMall, PC/MacConnection, OWS etc. at my work address without any issues, I'd love to be able to have that option when buying from you folks. Thanks in advance for your consideration of this request.

We do support different billing and shipping addresses. Might want to check that again? Or let us know where you're running into issues here (shoot an email to site support).

Seems to me our Fearless Leader of Crackberry Nation is slowly (but surely) begining to feel the fear.

The fear (true or imagined) of the demise of BlackBerry.

At the end of the day, he owns the business, and needs to position it in the right place.

Its still sad though, to see these other platforms infiltrate our beloved nation.