Introducing the 5BARz Road Warrior - Plug and Play Accessory is Easy to Use and Boosts Cell Signal Strength

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Mar 2010 06:54 pm EDT
Contest and Sale: Chance to win a Free 5BARz Road Warrior; Save $20 if you purchase the 5BARz Road Warrior from by March 26th. Full Details below...

We got a new accessory into the store this week that I haven't had a chance to use personally yet, but in speaking with some of the folks who have used it and checking around the net it is getting glowing reviews.... and I'm talking about the 5BARz Road Warrior by Cel Lynx.

With a retail price of $299.95, the 5BARz Road Warrior isn't what you'd call a cheap accessory, but for those who are continously dealing with weak signal strength on their BlackBerry due to where they live, work, drive, travel, etc. this is an accessory you'll want to check out. The 5BARz Road Warrior Cell Signal Booster is plug and play - just make sure the unit is plugged into an AC source or car adapter and the other end into your BlackBerry (or other smartphone). From there you should see your weak signal strength immediately take a big jump up, seeing those 5 full bars where you normally would see less. Be sure to check out the video above and 5BARz product page for more details. And we'll definitely be following up with a more in-depth review on the blogs here soon.

5BARz Sale: Until March 26th, you can save $20.00 on the 5BARz Road Warrior when you purchase it from All you need to do is use coupon code 5barz at checkout. Sale ends March 26th at Midnight PST.

Contest - Win a Free 5Barz!: Simply leave a comment to this blog post letting us know how owning a 5BARz Road Warrior could help you in your day to day BlackBerry use and you'll be entered to win. Contest entry closes this Sunday, March 21st, at Midnight PST.  Good luck!!

Reader comments

Introducing the 5BARz Road Warrior - Plug and Play Accessory is Easy to Use and Boosts Cell Signal Strength



and this would be very helpful with signal at home, especially now that I have turned home phone off. Hook me up guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wouldn't this be just great? I live on a ranch way out in the middle of nowhere. Manage to get a bar or two of I'm lucky. This would work wonders if I got one of these. Thanks Crackberry.

this would be awesome. I drive all around the country doing work and this could possibly cut down on me needing to have 2 cell phone providers(VZW and Tmobile)

i make very important calls and sometimes im in building where i dunt get a very good signals and i need my emails and txts

When driving from where I am in virginia to take my girlfriend to school in north carolina, I find myself without service down their. This would save a lot of hassle looking for a wifi connectionn, and make it easy to do work. Please pick me.

I use Tmo and I generally love them. However, at my current residence I actually lose service between home and town. There are also a. Few random weak spots around. I would love to boost my signal! Thanks for the contest and the info!

It sucks sending out emails and textmessages as well as any of my projects and not being able to send all of it because I lose service in a dead zone

I spend a LOT of time in my girlfriend's house and neighbourhood.

When im there, i can't even dream of 3G signal, i get 1 or 2 bars of EDGE or GPRS.

Would love this device :p

i could use this sooo badly!! i work in the city and i lose soo much signal from all the buildings, i use a blue tooth piece and i drop calls constantly, this would help me so much in my work vehicle!!!

The signal at my house is great but everywhere I seem to go, school, work, family and friends it always drops down so low I lose 3G and rarely get gprs! This would be great if I had one!

My workplace is the only place I don't have a strong signal. This would COMPLETELY fix that for me. Hope I win! :)

I live in suburbs between two major cities in two adjacent states.

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon all have SOME signal in my area, but most of the time I'm scratching my head looking for a signal at and while traveling. Even at work, in a major city, I often cannot get quality 1XEV signal inside the building. Forget about inside the elevator, and as for the kitchen or restroom - don't bother there either.

I imagine having a 5Barz cell accessory from Cell Lynx would help in some or all of these places. I would love the opportunity to test it out and see if signal improves in my car, in my home, on the commuter vanpool and, of course, at my office.

Living in the rural Arkansas and driving an hour to work with many dropped tech calls (I am on call 24/7 for a medical facility) this would be awesome to help me with those and could prove to make it a safer drive not having to dial and redial while driving. Pick me!!!!

i havent done well with any of the contests so far, but really this 5barz would help me out a lot because i'm always dropping calls or not having service in my apartment! and i commute often from nevada back to california to visit family so on the road the signal is not always its best when i need it to be…so here's me keeping my fingers crossed! x

This is a pretty nice device but would even be better if it didn't need to be connected to the phone. Over the air boosting would be nicer...

I typically go away on the weekends to a remote area. Cell coverage is weak and I have to drive into town to check up on my family and an elderly parent. Having coverage 24hrs would give me and them peace of mind.

I live in rural South Arkansas where coverage is very minimal. The product looks promising and I am happy to provide feedback to the company on how it operates in my area. I could use BBM in those sligh places.

I live in a very rural area. The best coverage is poor at best. When I try to use my phone for the business I run, it often doesn't perform as needed.

I am the director of a youth camp in South Western PA where the cell signal is very weak aka we have to drive a mile up the mountain for signal. Pick me!

I'm originally from SW PA, I know all about how signals can drop off here & there. Had family that worked at a youth camp too & don't think he ever had good reception at the "ridge."

On my daily commute there are 2 places where I typically lose signal and if I'm on a call, it will drop. This would be great for those times and would be great in my office as well. My office has such low signal strength that my phone battery will drain while bouncing from signal to no signal.

If I won this, it would go to my daughters in-laws! They have TERRIBLE cell service from their home. Well, if they sit on a certain tall chair in just the right spot in the kitchen, they get a bar or two. I would LOVE to give them this! Thanks for the chance to win one!

This thing would definitely help where I am frequently indoors and get poor signal. I am sure the battery drain would be heavily reduced.

Living out in the boondocks, a strong signal (sometimes just a signal) is hard to come by....this might just be the answer for LOTS of people!!!!

Keeping fans up to date on what my band is up to on the road would be a dream come true with this thing!

I didn't even know that was out there. It would come in so handy while driving out west like I am always doing. It would have helped me a bunch of times.

I currently move to this new development in NC where is so spotty for me... Hope I can win one, good luck to all!

If I won the 5BARz I'd use it on my BB 8330 to improve my signal while driving around using Trapster. Now my trap reports will get through!

Please pick me.

Try driving around rural miss and ala for most of your day. One dropped call after another. Please pick me.

I am a REALTOR, and am on the road all Blackberry is my life. I conduct most of my business from on the road, and there is nothing worse than losing a signal right when you are trying to save a deal. Then having to wait till you get away from that area and apologize to everyone on why you hung up on everyone. I need this!!!! Please!!!!

oh my gosh this is the perfect device for me! i drive 44 miles to work and 44 miles back everyday. on my drive i am on the phone most of the time (business and personal) to make the trip more bearable. because i pass through so many areas on the drive i am constantly dropping calls. this would be amazing for me because i would finally be able to talk on the phone without interruption and frustration.

Considering the fact that I travel around a lot to places in oregon where towers aren't neccessarily there and my bars drop off when I need to be on the phone, having this product would let me talk and drive without losing signal strength when I am on a conference call via telecom. Excellent product and it would help me immensly!!

Living in Alaska means everything is remote. After driving 5 minutes out of town, signal disappears. 5BARz would really help when doing work out in the bush parts of Alaska.

Being a college student I travel ever so often home. The trip is from Charlotte to Savannah and lasts about 3.5 hours. Interstate 95 lacks good service throughout and makes it difficult to talk to family friends on my way home. It also lacks when I need to use my EV service in order to use navigation. This device could improve signal so I could talk to people while I am driving and could improve my EV service and allow me to find restaurants and the cheapest gas stations with Verizon Navigator.

Dude.... I need this bad. I got transferred to a new office and I get NO RECEPTION there. Literally. I have to put my phone at one spot so that I can get a bar if I'm lucky. I can't even stream Pandora anymore and work has filtered that site so I can't even access it. Please let me win! :(

Internet streaming has been cut off at my office, so I've found a way to stream Sirius to my blackberry storm. The problem is that it cuts out constantly because of the weak signal in my office. This would really help out my work day, as I'm sure it would make my streaming work so much better!

I travel between the five courthouses in my county and am constantly returning calls and booking new clients from the road. If I lose a call, can't get incoming new clients, they'll go to the next guy on the list. Even though I live in Southern California, we've got more than our fair share of dead spots where cell signals just *poof* or fade out.

Love the portability of it - unlike some signal booster devices that are more than a bit unwieldy.

Pick me, oh Crackberry Gods and I'll sing the 5barz praises.

I bought a new house and come to find out I get poor to NO reception. This would be a great device to have.

I work in a cubicle farm and stuck in the middle of the building. The signal strength is spotty. Having one would help a lot.

Here in NH we have a sub station police dept that uses just cell phones for the station. everything else is cell or VOIP and they have crummy coverage If i won this Id donate it

This would be awesome! I live on a hillside, so reception is spotty at best with cellphones. I gave up my landline to cut the budget. Also being a musician, I travel daily from gig to gig losing a lot of potential calls due to service outages. Please enter me! Thanks so much!

I have very little bars. I go halfway down the block, I get bars. Its crazy. If I had this I would definitely use it fully.

I would so appreciate this device.


oh yeah I live and work in the worst reception areas in my city ...I can actually drive thru 4 or 5 dead zones on the way to work and the reception at home I am always trying to find a good spot...please pick me for the freebie..thanks CB and Road warrior

This would be great for me since the town where I live gets 2 bars max on Verizon while AT&T and T-Mobile get a full 5!

The expense would prevent me from outright buying one without having tried it, but my parents house is a big black hole for reception with any carrier. It'd be nice to see if something like this would work there...would have to get them one for Christmas if it did.

I live in country without Cable. So my Blackberry is my only choice to get internet access. of course the cell towers are also far from my house so I can only get a signal from one corner od the house. This would greatly help me stay connected.

My home generally has decent signal. My work, on the other hand, is terrible! Of course my boss wouldn't appreciate it... So that's why you should pick me :D Haha. Good luck everybody!

I am an over the road salesman in Montana... I repeat MONTANA!! You don't know what bad service is until you have driven the state of Montana! Please pick me to be the lucky recipient of the 5barz

This would be awesome for me at work. I only get one bar on a good day. Would love to be able to surf CrackBerry while working.

This would help me out because I drive through the mountains a lot and signal drops off sometimes. You guys are awesome for letting us try to win an item like that. Go CrackBerry!

I should just win this for how hard it is to post something here it keeps disappearing would love one if it works I would need a few more

I have a basement office that gets spotty coverage. And of course, no coverage when I am trying to work a conference call with 3 other people to resolve whatever is broken. This would be great for that, or when I am travelling to my parents in the middle of nowhere. So many uses :)

this will be great for me to use on my campus considering that my campus does not provide wireless internet. It will boast up my service bars on my blackberry and speed up the internet while I'm on break

I live in the dead zone like just around my house is like negative service...i wonder if this thing would work there ha if so it would definitely help me out and be awsome!

It could come in handy when im in an area surrounded by mountains, and usually there wont be any service there, and I can receive great service with 5 barz!!

My cell company says I live in a fringe area. It's hard to call in to the office and sad when my call gets dropped if I am talking with a client. This would turn my home office into a real office. 5Barz would fix all that.

By reading the above I c I'm not the only 1 with spotty reception and all the services dance to the same tune. Help would love to try this my daughter works out in the Everglades and has no reception most of the day. I worry. If this works would need to buy a few more. Help

My wife drives about 200 miles for work each day and some areas have very weak signal. I would give it to her to use on her berry.

... To have for those long road trips to visit the rents... Especially with our 16 month old who rides a lot easier when you stream videos for him!

In short... Pick me!

I could really use the 5BARz Road Warrior because I recently moved into a new apartment and I am lucky if I get 1 bar. Nothing on my BlackBerry that requires data works so everytime I need to make a phone call or send a tweet, etc, I have to go outside.

I'm forced to check my emails on my computer at work because my storm gets such poor Reception in the area. Dropped calls and missed messages would be a thing of the past it was either getting a new phone or a product like this I really hope I get picked!

I live rural Tennessee on the edge of nowhere. I tried many different phone carriers before settling on one that gets one bar at my house, the others usually didn't get any bars. Winning this contest would allow me to get rid of my land line.

I often find myself facing dropped or missed calls alot as I am on the road all of the time. 5Barz could help me stay connected in case I face an emergency or one of my family members does. It is there so I can be available anywhere at anytime.
Thanks 5Barz!

Ill put it this way,I'm 15 mins down a dirt toad,and can't get signal until I go into town. I love my bb and I die when I get home,because I can't use it at all. This would be my savior,oh please crackberry,I need this!!!

I constantly am on the road in Denver and am always in the outskirts where I don't get strong signal. This would easily solve my problem and help reduce lost business calls. What a GREAT PRODUCT.

I drive about 40 miles one way to work with little to no signal most of the way and while I am there. The hours I work force me to try and handle most of my day to day conversations with the constant annoyance of dropped and missed calls. This would really help me get things done in a daily basis. Thanks for the opportunity CrackBerry.

I drive about 40 miles one way to work with little to no signal most of the way and while I am there. The hours I work force me to try and handle most of my day to day conversations with the constant annoyance of dropped and missed calls. This would really help me get things done in a daily basis. Thanks for the opportunity CrackBerry.

It works, I would like to try it by my parents house(a true dead zone) right now I have to turn off the radio part of my phone, other phones just shut off. But if it truly works that good, my parents would be able to drop there landline totally. And I would be able to use my phone(fully) when I visit. Thanks again

If I could get 5 bars in my office I would kiss my dog! Ok I don't have a dog, BUT if I did, I would kiss him!

Wow, this would be awesome! I drive a stretch of road, twice a day, of 24 miles each way and get very poor to no signal at all. This stretch of road is very dark with lots of wild life. This could be the ticket if I needed to make a call!

This would would be incredibly helpful for me 7 days a week. Monday thru Friday I am in a helicopter all day and, surprisingly, more often than not have an awful signal. My BlackBerry is vital to my job and having 5BARz up there all day would be the ultimate. On the weekends I stay in a mountain cabin back in the woods and have a bar at best. It'd be so cool to have a working BlackBerry at the cabin.

CrackBerry rocks - not only for the invaluable info on the site, but for contest like these, too!

Wow what a great device for us road warriors. The reviews are glowing and I am looking forward to reading and learning more.

In order for me to no lose a call or have poor signal strength in my office, I have my BlackBerry on the charging pod across the room while keeping my bluetooth headset closeby. This would be amazing to have something like this!

i work in the oilfield sometimes i work in the most remote places. i have had to climb 120ft. just to get 1 or 2 bars for my phone this would definitely help me please please pick me

This accessory, though expensive is just what I need. I am an Officer in the U.S. Military, and I am often working in different States and on the road due to the nature of my job, meaning at times, I am in a Military Fort with little or no signal, or I am traveling in rural areas with little or no signal. I have two phones, one government issued for Verizon the other personal on AT&T. You have seen their coverage maps on TV, they look great, but when comes down to driving across America, both companies lack in certain spots, meaning I often have to alter my destination, just so I can come to a safe place where both phones will work because I am required to check in at certain intervals.

This would allow me to not only work more efficiently, but also save the government(and thus American taxpayers) as well as allow me to keep in contact with my friends, family, and fellow Officers throughout my day. Thank you for your consideration!

I have horrible service at my house and can never use my cell at home since I switched my providers. Please pick me!

This would be awesome if I was able to win it.

I live out in the boondocks, known as El Paso, Texas. It's 6hrs away from real civilization, Albequerque being the largest and closest major city to where I live. However, my job takes me all over East Texas from Lubbock, south to Abiline, and all the way to the border with Mexico. I'm constantly losing signal, even with Verizon Wireless on BOTH my phones it still doesn't get signal in some places. And even with the signals that I do get being on Verizon, It's still amazing that I only get one, maybe two bars in some places.

If I was to break down in one of the areas that I don't get signal, I'm essentially snit out of luck until a Texas State Trooper or Border Patrol agent comes along. Since my job makes me be in constant connection with them, it's difficult to explain to them that I don't get signals. I tried to see if they'd buy me a sattelite phone but they were not really too into a bill that high. So I'm kind of SOL.

This thing would be awesome if it amplifies my signal and I could get like two or three bars constantly.

I have no signal driving at work (take approx 40 minute to go to work). I'm working as an IT manager and I have to handle around fifty dealer in north america, it's hard to keep up with the demand when I have no signal at all. I have the hand free gadget, now if I could have that road warrior!

I have a horrendous signal if any in my basement as well as this one stretch of road on my way to and from work. It would be nice to finally get a signal in either area.

that would be perfect, not to bad of a price either as 90% of my drive to work is throught he country and signal strength is crap.

Wow this could be really handy for me. I live in West part of Wisconsin and with the hills around here the signals get cut down. This would really help boost signals. Pick me please

Seems like a good product, my wife & I travel in the summers & driving from Florida to the Carolinas, Tennessee, etc. we always hit dead spots, this would be great, sign me up!

this would be great to use. I spend a lot of my day surrounding by thick leaded walls -- this would be awesome

Please hook me up

I am on the road with my BB a lot for work, and regularly go thru three areas with high probability of dropped calls. The 5BARz would be a great help to me, and save me from re-dialing teleconference numbers each time I'm droppped!! Thanks for the contest and for a chance to win!

You clowns are pathetic begging for a signal booster. Switch carriers and keep your dignity. Who wanna walk around with a phone and a booster.

My wife lost her job and her storm doesn't work well in the house because of reception issues. (Had to have house phone shut off) This would be wonderful if a job calls for her and she actually gets the call. Please pick me. Thank you so much

i could use this because coverage in my old pre civil war hose is nothing there is no signal and in my hometown of still water minnesota i get alot of dead spots/dropcalls and i cant get my calls or texts

now this is something I can get into
300$ little rich for me .. but hell
I would love to win this puppy!

Would be extremely useful for me since in moving over to the 9700 on Rogers (from 8900), I have lost UMA. I live in a basement suite that sometimes has difficulty getting a signals, so having this 5BARz accessoty would be a godsend


Would mostly use it in my lunch room at work that's in the basement. And uhh can take my bb camping with me, not likely I would use it there as much but I could

One day a week I spend 8 hours in an underground structure with no signal or maybe one bar when I'm lucky. I could really use this wonderful gadget. I know there is signal by other providers because some co-workers and customers coming in have good enough signal to be reacheable.

5Bstars! I get horrible signal in my building at work. I have to leave my phone near an outside door or window to get signal. Not fun running to get to the phone all day.

I live in the mountains of Western North Carolina and there are thousands of dead spots and areas where we still don't get good coverage.

my family and i go on road trips quite often and i would love to have this so i would actually be able to enjoy my crackberry on the drive :)

We have turned our garage into a study area for school and we usually cannot get a signal inside. It would help tremendously to be able to receive a signal while studying. We could tether the laptop finally out there.

An amplifier for your cell phone? If it was wireless it would make it a repeater. Cool device, but definitely not $300 cool. There can't be that much to it, other than a high gain antenna, some internal circuitry, and that's about it. I guess they do have to make it work through the USB port, since rarely do cell phones anymore have the external antenna connection. But the price seems a little ridiculous if you ask me.

only got GPRS 1-2 bars at home & office, but when i go out of that area, got 3G.....geezz

This would be great. I get 2-3 bars of GPRS signal at my house. I need EDGE, or at least a stronger GPRS signal. I was seriously considering moving. :-)

I'm trying to run a 24 hour service company. Its just me and my van. When I lose a call from my clients or potential clients its a killer. Leaves me not looking very professional and can cost me a ton. There is no doubt that this is the number one tool I need to have in my van.

This is just what I need when my "people" are having a lunch break instead of following me around like VZW's advertising says! Seriously, every day I deal with this issue and maybe this would help. Lord knows I can't afford it - so I suppose winning it is the only way I'll get it.

Need I mention that I NEVER have won a giveaway at crackberry? Oh well, even if I don't I love your site and its nice to even get a chance!

Thanks for considering!


I need this because my signal at home sucks. Out of the entire city, my corner of the neighborhood has horrible signal on the coverage map. Any time my UMA signal goes out, my call drops because I have no cell tower signal. This would be perfect.

I would much rather have this then having to shell out more money to Verizon for their network extender.

I travel all over the eastern US and sometimes getting a decent signal is next to impossible. The 5barz is made for someone like me. Please pick me for this one, Crackberry!

Living where I live in S Ga & being a non-divested Alltel customer (I love my carrier!), this is exactly what I need! I am constantly 'roaming' off of what are now Vzw towers. This sure would put an end to my dropped calls and ease a lot of frustration! It would also be a great comfort to know that no matter where I was, I would have service! No longer would I have to worry about being on the road alone with no service! No more walking around the yard looking for the best signal! My cell is my only phone. I can't afford not to have great service!

Please pick me!!!

OMG, this would be awesome since it seems a lot of the places I travel to in rural Florida, DON'T have good reception. This would certainly help!

I live far enough out of town that my coverage at home is spotty at best. Would love to have one of these so I don't have to stand on the porch to make calls. :-)

I could use 5BARZ, since I live in a hole and in the middle of nowhere. This product would also assist me with working remotely while on the road. Nothing like getting called while at the lake and having 1 bar when a server goes down. I get shady speeds when using tether and low signals.

This would be an awesome accessory to the blackberry arsenal.

I am a truck driver who constantly is on the road, moving in and out my coverage areas to the point where my signal sometimes becomes non-existant. This bad boy would sure help. Please give it to me.

Owning a 5BARz Road Warrior would help me out in a huge way. Currently I have a very weak signal at home and many places on the road. I travel a lot and use my BB as my primary form of communication while ont he road, be it through email, txt or using tether to give my thumbs a break and use a full keyboard, I am always a slave to the signal I have. With a product like 5BARz I can see myself being way more productive.

I could really use this as a over the road truck driver i am
in places daily with little or no coverage. It would be great for breakdowns and emergencies.

Oh where, oh where did my 1XEV go? Oh where oh where did it go? It must be out on "Tour" because this thing just doesn't get it anymore. I would love to get a 5BARz to use at home where it is the Bermuda Triangle of cell service. Since I rely on my BlackBerry for all my calls, this would be a great addition. Please CrackBerry....hook me up! Thanks!

I would no doubt be able to function more effectively with my blackberry at work where I depend on the use of my phone each day. Please help!

Oh my blackberry would love this are you kitten me, got to love the creator? If I owned one of these Mann I know ALL my buddies would want one, When we chilling at my brother's Manson, that nice piece of equipment would shut my sister in law,>"What's Up With Verizon I thought they had 3G Everywhere" She has att,

Mann this would be awesome!!!!!!

As a contractor, I'm on the road a lot, to where ever the work takes me. And it often means through areas of poor cell signal. Further more, reception at home is sometimes less than top notch.

This could be a big help to my daily business.

I work from home & do volunteer work from home. I am constantly dropping calls because I'm in an area where Verizon's signal is all over the place, yet I can travel a quarter mile in any direction & have full signal. Verizon definitely has dead zones. This would be SO nice to have!

Sign me up, looks pretty sweet! I travel a lot for work and end up in some remote spots. Since my BB is my primary internet connection, this could be a life saver!

I live in Maine and constantly drive to rural areas with really weak signals. This would be a huge help because I am in the medical field and just can't afford to be out of touch.

Dr. Dave