Introducing the BlackBerry Z10 Oreo - the tastiest Z10 color combo!

By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Feb 2013 11:25 pm EST

I love both the black and white versions of the BlackBerry Z10. The all-black look screams BlackBerry, and the white version is just plain hot.

Color aside, there is one other difference between the white and black versions of the Z10, and that's the construction of the battery door. The black Z10's battery door is finished in a soft touch rubber that feels absolutely amazing in the hand. It's grippy and just feels oh so right. In comparison, the white Z10's battery door has more of a plastic finish. This is out of necessity - a white soft touch back would be stained with blue jean dye within days. The hard plastic still feels good in hand, but the black battery door definitely wins when it comes to feel. So what do you if you want the hotness of the white Z10 with the battery door of the black Z10?

You make the BlackBerry Z10 Oreo!!! In a moment of sheer BlackBerry magical genius, I stuck the battery door of the black Z10 onto my white Z10. PURE WIN. The black white black look is hot. The phone actually looks even thinner somehow with this color combo, and in hand the white Z10 has that amazing feeling of the black Z10. Hit the video above and check out the photos below to see for yourself. Hopefully we'll be able to sell Z10 battery doors as standalone accessories - I think a lot of white Z10 owners might like giving this a try too. I think it's how I'm going to rock my Z10 from now on. Best of both worlds!

* Update: AMAZING. I never saw this in the CrackBerry forums until the post was pointed out in the comments below, but another member of CrackBerry had the same stroke of genius right down to the Oreo name. Great CrackBerry minds think a like! Check out those photos in the gallery. Nice job Kishen! *





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Introducing the BlackBerry Z10 Oreo - the tastiest Z10 color combo!


I took photos of my white Z10 with my black Z10 back too. Absolutely love it and really want it since the white back is a bit too slippery for my taste. I just placed an order for the OEM Z10 black battery door from the manufacturer so I won't have to take it from the black Z10. Hope it arrives soon and it wasn't a scam. Would love it if CrackBerry sold it separately! BTW, the black Z10 doesn't look that great with a white back imho.

I'll also try using a spray coating on the white battery door back to see if that helps for those who like the all white look. Clear, grippy, but not sticky. Removable too. Will update everyone with my findings shortly.

Just smear on a nice thick coating of white silicone caulking onto the back... it's stain resistant and would be really nice and grippy!

or you could get Ghost Armour for those who don't have several Z10's. maybe you can buy a replacement door, BB must have thought someone might be a little too rough getting it of and snap it in half, who knows

Not sure right now. Hopefully they become available and if so we'll definitely sell them. Would be a crime not to sell them separately... so hot!


I would love to see the battery door offered in multiple colors! I think red would look really hot. Maybe you can put a bug in someone's ear at BlackBerry. Thanks.

I agree! .. or at least, contact Blackberry and instruct them to have them available for sale on their official ShopBlackberry site along with the other accessories for the bb Z10!

Many would love to order a back cover, for instance.

I think would be cool for the top and bottom sections above the screen to a a metal/ alluminum base. (simaler to apple metal (puts on flamesuit) THAT would look really boss on a BB phone.

Come on Kevin, of all the people that deserve a Z10 right now, it is Michelle. I am surprised you didn't forward one to her already. Please be sure she, along with the other Crackberry contributors in the US, have a Z10 shipped to them by the end of next week. They deserve one, considering all the work they have done over the years. They have been there during the lows so reward them during the highs. :)

Seriously?! Holy shit. Great minds think alike.  Didn't see that post. We did this today when we were out for lunch having a beer. Lol. That's awesome.

I can't believe they also called it the OREO. Brilliant.

Will add a link/update to the post above.

Somewhat indifferent.

I've been using my white 9900 with the black carbon weave battery door since the beginning and love it, but not sure how I feel about the OREO yet. It's too much black on the back lol.

I'd probably do this just to have the soft touch battery door, I HATE the hard plastic white door. If only BlackBerry made a carbon glass weave battery door for the Z10!! :O

I'd also LOVE a white/CF combo Z10. I hope BB comes out with a CF battery door sometime.
Don't know how I missed your post when I put mine up last night about the same. Great minds think alike,lol.

KEV! you need to contact blackbery hq and tell them to manufacture different colour option/ mix and match phones.

imagine the following
black back, red bezel
red back, black bezel
(red from the developer phones)
scorching hot!

canadian version
white back , red bezel
red back, white bezel

this would be super amazing from a marketing perspective.

you should sell the housing for the z10 on been thinking about this idea sinze the z10 has come out but dont want to buy another phone just to get the backing. lol

This actually looks incredible. I thought it was going to be a joke but I was really impressed.

I played with the Z10 in a store the other day and the feel of the phone - specifically the backing - really jumped out at me. It was just so perfect to touch!

I agree that selling housing would be a good idea for those of us who want two colors for the price of one. :)

LOVE IT!!! I also like the red/white combo but with the rubberized back. Please sell them, CrackBerry!!! WAY better than flipping cases like some other Toys out there ;)

We've been begging for this in the forums. Thanks for posting. Gotta find out if we can buy the replacement covers separately cuz this is the way to go.

Me and my friend did this on feb 5 with his black and my white z10, it wasnt genious then and its certainly not now either.

This is the kind of thing you can do "when you got a lot of Z10's kickin' around..."
Ouch! Man, its hard enough waiting for my contract to expire without having you guys glorying in your abundance!

There is an easy solution to your problem....all I did was payoff the remaining balance of my contract with the carrier, which in my case was $180 (upgraded to Iphone 1.5 years ago) on top of the $140 upgrade fee and voila you got your Z10. This was the best thing I have ever done! Got bored of the IOS

I also thought about the same black/white Z10 idea since I like the black battery door better than the white. But, my ideal black battery cover would be one made of carbon fiber w/the silver BB logo. That combo seems like it would look pretty sweet. I didn't realize the white battery cover was a different type of plastic than the one from the black Z10. I just figured the white back cover would look like a mess after a short time. Maybe BB will come out with a sweet CF accessory battery cover down the road. (Hint, hint)

Still dreaming of what's to come here in the good 'ol US of A..

do you think the quality of image which was taken from Z10 is depend on H/W or S/W ? and any room to improve ? Everything perfect except image quality ><

I will buy it anyway once it was release in my country.

I've been doing something similar since I got the 9700, I would change part of the housing to be white and leave parts of it black. I always referred to it as a pandaberry and it was unique until you Oreo'd the z10 Kev. ;D

I will be receiving a limited edition Z10 (red color) and I was not too excited about it. But now, the idea of putting a black cover on it intrigues me... Looking forward to being able to get one on

Sweet hopefully shop crackberry will b carring them, I live just around the ben from the warehouse just outside montreal :-)
Black cover looks sweet on my white Z10

After watching that video, I've got the tune "Ebony and Ivory" stuck in my head, lol! ...side by side on my Z10 keyboard....everyone sing along!!

I was actually contemplating this combo when it arrives in the US. I'm gonna get the white one but the reviews about the different feels of the back had me thinking about buying a black battery door when they become available. We crackheads all think alike.

Inspiration credit should be given where credit is due: to the Torch 9800 owners who upgraded to the 9810: when the 9810 came out with its shiny silver-ish plastic back, a lot of 9800 owners switched the back from the 9800 to my 9810 and sold the 9800 with the 9810 back on it. Same problem, with the 9810 back being shiny & slippery, and the 9800 back being nice and grippy.

That white with black back is clean. Imagine that red one with black back. Or black with red back. Or red with white back. Ugh...! I can't wait! But unfortunatley the red is for devs. Booooooooo!

this is all good if you have a Z10 but as of right now I don' I sit in a darkened room staring out a window.....waiting.....waiting.....waiting......

I have actually done that to my blackberry 9800 it was absolutely gorgeous . Carried it around for months b4 i got my present blackberry 9860. And i am waiting patiently for the Z10 in Nigeria. Blackberry got loads of market going on in Africa . Nigeria to be more precise. If it does not come to Nigeria by May , i hope i get my Canadian study permit for May, as soon as i touch down Canada the first thing ama do is to pick up a Z10.

Blackberry 9780
Blackberry 9800
Blackberry 9860
Blackberry playbook 16G

Now the poor saps in the US, who still have to wait to get ther Z-10s are more angst ridden and suffering badly. This is such an awesome arrangement! When I finally get my white Z-10 I will be ordering a black battery door as soon as I can!

Damn you Kevin !!! It was my IDEA :D haha and I opened a thread right after the official launch.
But I live in Germany, so I still have to wait for a few weeks to get my z10 :(

Love it!! Now you can have best of both worlds. The Stormtrooper and Darth Vader all in one! "I find your lack of faith disturbing..."

I have a suggestion for y'all. Advertise on Craig's list for anyone wanting to trade a Z10 back in your area. Simple, easy, efficient, CHEAP (free)!

Well that settles my dilemma now. I will be ordering a white Z10 whenever verizon makes there annoucement.

Now we just need Spigen SGP to get a Glass screen protector made and Crackberry to get those battery doors in stock.

I'm visiting Saskatoon and went into several stores there selling the Z10 and showed them the 'Prep'. I think it may become quite popular here. I know I'll be ordering the black back as soon as I can.

Why does Kevin have to do this kinda stuff!?$#*@. I have to get a white phone and a black battery door. Just spent over $750 'cause I couldn't wait for the Z10 to get to the US and I don't even have a carrier that supports it!!! However, good news: battery door is available from Etrade Supply (.com)

Will Crackberry be selling the backs on their site. or Can I order an OEM back plate from blackberry directly or another place that carries it. I would love to order the black one for my white Z10.. Its kid of funny, when I picked up my Z10 , loved the look, but felt something was missing in the look. I thought for being white, the edges where the screen was should have been all white too.. But with swaping the back to black, it actually works really well.