Introducing the BlackBerry TK Victory - another Super Hot BlackBerry 10 Design!

By Michelle Haag on 10 Apr 2012 06:43 pm EDT

It's been a little while since anyone has sent in any concept designs for their dream BlackBerry, but today we got a pretty amazing one from DigitalHomeBoy. He calls it the BlackBerry TK Victory and I think it's my personal favorite of all the concepts we've seen so far. Every detail on this device has been attended to, from the "Lotus Glass by Corning" to a swipe-able bezel on the touchscreen, 32GB on-board storage, and plenty more! Be sure to click on past the break for a full run down of features as well as several more pictures.

What do you guys think of this design? Would you rock this BlackBerry if it came to fruition?

Introducing the BlackBerry TK Victory {concept}.
While numerous concepts have been submitted, none have touch on the more realistic approach to the real world of usage and handling like how the TK Victory is about to. Designed for everyone in mind, from suits to skirts, to overalls to hardhats, the TK Victory, the first qwerty BlackBerry 10 powered true superphone.

Corning makes its debut with the introduction of Lotus Glass on the beautiful curved wrap around 3.5" screen showing vivid high-res colours supported by QDEF technology from Nanosys. Taking notes from the BlackBerry PlayBook, away with the trackpad and physical front keys, the removal is replaced by software-based keys with a smaller swipe bezel on all four sides. Standing tall at 119x66mm with a new depth of an astonishing 8.5mm weighing 130g the Victory is powered by the NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-core 2.0GHz Grey ARM Cortex MPCore with vSMP allowing ease with multi-tasking, rich graphics, cascades, animated interfaces and menus and more. Equipped not just for media, the 32GB on-board storage holds plenty for your choosing (encrypted email and files partitioning option), but the 2GB iRAM (independent RAM) is the bonus that will help run your Victory to its full capacity.

Bringing back the dual LED notifications from the TK1.5 Titan {concept} allow designation of Bluetooth-connected devices to blink connectivity on their own with messages occupying the second. The Victory introduces the front-facing camera with an output of 8MP with call-to-call and Skype options with a 12 MP (3300 x 2484 pixels) rear camera Carl Zeiss optics, optical sensor, autofocus, dual LED Xenon flash shooting video at 1080p HD @30fps featuring 5x loseless digital zoom, video stabilization, simultaneous HD video and image recording.

Designed to be the one phone you will need, the TK Victory is jam packed with goodies. Using the Apple designed nano-SIM, LTE is on-board along with being both GSM and CDMA. Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi n/g/ac will keep you connected to devices and networks. Wi-Fi Auto-spot is the new Hotspot locator and saver on the battery. DLNA Certified means you will be able to stream, copy, share, and backup your Victory without the mess of wires. Built-in NFC with built-in software support from ISIS, Iris, and HID Global will gain you access with your device to authorised entries.

Audio should never sound muffled! The now visible microphone below the keyboard supports voice output feedback along the noise cancellation. Located to the sides, (and this is kick-ass) the re-located dual speakers letting you lay your device flat on the face or back no matter the surface. Useful for speakerphone mode, while driving, conference calls, or just some awesome music and video playback. The complete back has been fitted with a rubberised coating with micro-beads to the left and right ensuring that a slip never happens again. Making power management that much easier, the TK Victory is complete with a single Lock/Power key to maintain a days plus worth of communication, fun, and of course work. And to help you along through the day the TK Victory is accompanied with a 1950mAh li-ion battery.

BlackBerry TK Victory
Be Bold. Be Victorious.

Features Overview

  •  World Phone
  •  Dual-band GSM/CDMA | HSDPA & HSUPA | LTE | Network Support
  •  Phone | Video Calling
  •  Voice Dial | Voice Memo
  •  Email | BBM | Organiser (Calendar, Memo, Task)
  •  Predictive text input | Text messaging | Instant messaging
  •  Browser | Adobe Flash 10.X support | HTML 5
  •  Weather application integration
  •  Social Networking integration
  •  BlackBerry App World | Google Play integration
  •  Front-facing and Rear cameras | Skype
  •  HD Cameras & HD Video recording
  •  Bluetooth v4.0
  •  Wi-Fi 802.11g/n | Wi-Fi 802.11ac | Wi-Fi Media controller
  •  BlackBerry Wireless Media Server integration
  •  Hotspot Notification
  •  DLNA Certified® with auto-synchronisation
  •  Tethered modem support
  •  GPS with A-GPS Support
  •  Digital compass with GPS software calibration
  •  NFC Built-in | ISIS software | IrisAccess Platform | HID Global software
  •  e-Wallet functionality
  •  Media: Pictures | Music Player | Video Player
  •  Swipe navigational control
  •  Universal Search functionality
  •  Security and encryption software government certified
  •  Remote locate/lock/wipe with BlackBerry Protect
  •  Passcode protection
  •  Proximity sensor for auto turn-off
  •  Single key device Lock/Power
  •  32GB Samsung Flash memory with sharing & partitioning encryption
  •  Expandable memory (Up to 64GB microSDHC)
  •  Memory Management Software built-in

Note: The designs set forth including names (Ten Thousand (TK*)(2), Victory*, SmartSense*, QuickList*), details mentioned, operational functionality and technical specifications are of those from Guy Bridges of and are used for conceptual design purposes.

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Reader comments

Introducing the BlackBerry TK Victory - another Super Hot BlackBerry 10 Design!



I love it. It's a realistic prototype and moreover it fits BB DNA. Adding the "buttons" to the lower part of the screen is brilliant: best of two worlds.

OUTSTANDING....this is the type of design that could put BlackBerry back on the USA map. PURE only if the specs can keep up. I would buy this type of design in a heartbeat

Hope someone from RIM has a look at this. Please hire that guy who put this down and go ahead producing. Blackberry must survive.....please.....Eddie

...i think RIM has its next bb10 model in this one! Great concept...! Phone could be an application for those going nuts about buttons... Hey if they produce a prototype i would do them the favour of trying it out for a year or two.... :D :D hahaha!

Seriously i think RIM should really take this concept into consideration!

It's ok, but it looks too much like the current crop of bolds...and the problem with that is that people will simply look at it and say "it's just another bold with a few bells and whistles." ... If rim wants to really get back in the market they need to grab people's attention from the 1st glance...kind of like the Blade concept. I would consider splurging on something like the Blade; however, this idea? Not so much...and i'm the type that doesn't pay over 80 bucks for any phone so it goes to show that the Blade concept has something going for it.

The bold 9000 is what got RIM some one will look at this phone as just another bold it is very trendy. so what if u like the blade and i like the bold thats the good thing about RIM they will cater to the bold fans and an all touch for the touch screen fans.

actually, i believe the Pearl is what gave rim the boost it was looking for and the bold kept them there, for a short while...i currently have a bold and although i like it more than most of the previous phones i had, i would like something different but yet feels the same. a phone like the Blade would suit me because it is a slider. had a full touchscreen android once and hated it. rim needs a phone that turns heads just by looking at it, the Blade IS that phone.

Taking away the Call/BB/Back/End-Call physical keys is a big no no, even if its displayed on the touch screen, its unnecessary to have those buttons illuminate to the same brightness as the rest of the screen. Big mistake if RIM does this to the Bold series, do it to the other series but please not the Bold.

I really love this design though. Good work on bringing back the grippy back cover! I really think RIM will really take this one on board! Good work man!

Now this is the kind of thinking RIM has to initiate. This is an awesome concept. In order to make a splash in the market RIM has to have something well over and above anything currently produced by them. Otherwise it will looks like a renew of an old design. This is awesome, I would put this in my pocket now!

I love it,but will "wait"for the touch-only version. Do keypad users need a little lip on the bottom to be able to type? I notice all the other keypad versions have this and wondered.

One of the major reasons for the redesign aside from many of the obvious was that I took apart the 9900 Bold to change the aluminium bezel to a black painted one and noticed a lot of wasted space within the device especially towards the bottom. There are only screws if that. A lip isn't needed, it seems more asethetic as it also doesn't add a difference to typing. Yes, I have over analysed the Bold during the process.

PLEASE make this phone work, I will buy one... Please make it... this is absolutely beautiful and thoughtful design< love the touch Bezel.. Please make it !
I want one...


As long as they don't throw in a screen with poor screen resolution. The 2GB of iRam should help to allow Google Maps to open without crashing and freezing like it does now on the Bold 9900. I would buy it. Looks great :)

I would so want this bb......the designer should be working for RIM and making big bucks because he could pull RIM out of the hot water with this design !!!

The screen dimensions look odd to me -- I can't imagine any conventional video fitting properly in full-screen mode, whether portrait or landscape. Or maybe I'm just holding it wrong.

You know when i look at this concept i get so excited then my excitement turns into disappointment then madness. RIM as a company is a very big disappointment ,and its not because of the media its because of their lack of innovativeness and thats sad.

The reason for me feeling disappointed when i look at this concept when i look at the specs for eg IRAM i have this feeling that RIM is going to disappoint yet again. These phones are just concept realistic concept i might add but with RIMs track record i hardly expect to see any of these phones come to fruition. Much less a phone from RIM with IRAM? thats beyond RIM you would have to leave that idea for samsung,HTC or APPLE. I often wonder when RIM is going to step up to the plate to become a market leader. They need to take a page out of there new add campaign that is BE BOLD with innovativeness

really hope the people at RIM visits crackberry to see some of these designs.

At first glance at the article, i got all excited thinking it was an upcoming model. I wanted it NOW!!!

After reading, I see it's only a conceptual design (sad, but hopeful).

Build this now RIM!!!

Absolutely bonkers and utterly brilliant. This is the phone that will kill all others and have millions crawling back to blackberry. Please make this phone, I'm holding off upgrading (with millions of others probably all awaiting bb10 phones later this year!)

Make it now, no questions, nothing to think about, discuss, debate, just do it. The wait is killing me.

If this concept comes to fruition, I would be there on launch day to pick mine up. RIM really needs to take a strong look at this concept and the reaction it is getting from us fans.

Now THAT is what I'm talking about! That design is the TRUTH! RIM, if you know what's good, build a Berry like this and don't under-power it. Make it future-proof by stuffing it with a addbass processor and too much memory.

Put this at the top of by Berry wish list. Great Design! Hey RIM we know a guy you may want to hire. ;-)

With this phone and the recent slider concept, RIM is definetely taking the right steps. I love both designs although I am liking the slider bb10 device a little more. Just please hurry and get these phones out ( b4 Iphone5) already so I can shut some IPhone lovers up. Thank u!!

yes. Yes. YES.

This concept phone rocks. Could you imagine having this phone and the Blade in their line up at the same time ???sales would go through the roof !

This is what I'm talking about be bold this is it. This is the design and concept that will bring RIM back to the top leggo....

I have to say, Im not a fan of the Bold form factor, (Torch FTW! Nothing wrong with the Bold, just not for me.) but I would buy this phone. Its amazing!

Nice design, looks beautiful....nice work! Although, as much as I want a qwerty bb10 phone, I'd probably never buy this one...its too much, processor and camera's especially! Personally, a os optimized for single or dual core is fast enough, quad core is just going to be a battery killer! For a mobile device, that I'm mms-ing and emailing pics and vids from...even a 5mp camera is pushing those size limits, I'd prefer less megapixels with high quality lenses, camera hardware and software...I'm not trying to print 22"x14" 200dpi posters from my phone! Plus, the listed 3300x2484 resolution is barely more them 8mp anyway! I'd also miss the trackpad, even with the touchscreen, as a playbook owner I can tell you that's the most annoying part of it when trying select text, click on a small link or place a cursor where I want without zooming in, bridge remote has been a life saver allowing the use of my phone trackpad for that! I also have 9850's and a 9930 that I would be tossing out the window without a trackpad! I would like to see something like a 9850 screen size/ratio in landscape mode, with a wider 9930 keyboard, as I think with your design it would be awkward typing with the tall screen and the keyboard so far down on the edge of the device....just my opinions though, like I said nice work on this you did a great job on the design

Thank you. The power specs on this phone isn't based on present, but in future as in November/December which I think is confusing many. By that time these specs might be of the norm come CES in January. Quad-core phones don't run all four at the same time! The processors are designed around task-oriented usage meaning that while Google Maps is loading taking a picture and emailing and refreshing Facebook tasks will move to the second processor. As a long process or load completes the processor goes back down to using one processor therefore minimal stress is placed on the battery.

I am a PlayBook owner myself, but in thinking BB10 will correct such small worries is something I am hoping for as well. The TK Victory is 66mm wide, but the keyboard is edge-to-edge which is 7% wider as the Bold 99XX is 6%. I have done clay models of the TK Victory in regards to the placement of the keyboard and truth be told it is quite comfortable.

Appreciate the feedback!

Don't get me wrong, I think you did a great job designing a beautiful device...I'm aware of how multicore processors work and have the potential to drain more battery, but I'm not mistaken about the time frame! Even 6 months from now, I still won't feel the need for a quad core 2ghz processor or 12mp cameras! I'm just not into the giant spec wars and race for excessively ridiculous numbers on them, as long as the software works well with the hardware and it is capable of performing the tasks I need then I'm happy! I appreciate the effort with the clay mock up, I still feel the weight balance of the actual device might be awkward when holding it to type! I'd still like to see someone do a mock up with the 9850 size screen in landscape with a bigger/wider 99xx keyboard, personally I think that would be a great device for media and typing...and easy to match the playbook or a full touch device's screen ratio! Again, my opinion...and I respect the amount of time, effort and creativity you have put into your design, I could never come close to your skill

I'm loving all the feedback and trying to keep active to clarify all misunderstandings with the concept. I have tried doing a landscape version of the 99XX's keyboard and that just looks awful. In comparison with the TK Victory and the 9850/60 the screens are only 0.2" in difference while the width of the TK is plus 4mm and short 1mm height and less 5 grams in weight. So in comparing the two the typing experience would be better on the TK with the hard presses versus the soft presses. During BlackBerry Fan Night in Toronto I had the chance to play with the 9850/60 and really wished for the same 10.5mm depth and 66mm width. I'll attempt at doing your request, who knows you might just be on to something! Thanks for the replies and compliments.

ITS THE BEST BEST BEST BESTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT PHONE EVER. This is what Blackberry is. Just lost there midas touch for sometime. But what is way to comeback. I love blackberry. PLEASE RELEASE IT SOON.

wow now it that come to the table , i would have to buy that .. i dont think i would care if i broke contract to get one

All you guys are idiots if you can't tell that the is a end call and menu button. You can clearly see in the picture below the dock if you swipe up the menu and end/ call button will pop up. Awesome design I say. Best design concept I've seen so far!!!


I am drooling all over this phone...make it rim, I'll be the first one in line to buy this...
Why is everyone bitching about physical keyboard? It's not like rim is not going to make an all touch phone...but they leave a choice for us physical keyboard lovers, and u are blaming rim to give consumer a choice?

I never post...but I had to login just to say that is AMAZING. Would buy it in a heartbeat :) They could do...not that thin though

Holy Crap on a Cracker!!!!!!

RIM don't fail us now.... Read the reviews.... See the Possibilities..... Be BOLD! This is IT!!! This is the ONE!!!!

Just saying......

Love it.

Have you considered trying a design with a landscape screen so it would be same orientation as playbook. Maybe 3.2" ir a little bigger. With bezel swipes done with a trackpad.

there will never be a "perfect" phone for everyone

the Iphone is as close as it gets to the masses, they love it... i have been using a full touch screen droid for almost a year, and i long for a blackberry that can give me what my bold 9000 was able to provide at the same time being able to keep up with the rest of the things that droid has given me

will blackberry be able to provide me with a phone that i have been dreaming of for so long? i dont know- i thought the bold 9900 would be that phone, but it was to little to late

this phone idea is amazing, if i could have a blackberry with the specs that can compete with the big boys i would switch back in a heartbeat... that being said this phone idea would have to launch in the next few months along side the new samsung galaxy sIII

i guess we will just have to wait and see if RIM can move up and get back in the game...

a dual core 1.5 mhz phone releasing at the end of this year with a price point that will be to high for the specs it includes will not provide better results...

This phone really "is" perfect! Blackberry NEEDS to make this phone. It's got me salivating... I would break my Verizon contract on my 9930 to upgrade to this one in a flash!

This is a beautiful phone... gosh damn but knowing RIM and how backward thinking they are, Phone like the first London(Grey metallic), Blade and TK Victory will never happen. I mean look at their recent BB7 phones none of them have a front face camera( even my shoes has front face cam yea they face time each other), Bold lack autofocus. So to expect something like that from RIM is like expecting a cat to lay an egg..... it just won't happen. The spec on that phone are top notch but I know RIM will make an ugly device and expect people to buy when its not only ugly, the specs are going to be subpar even to the phone out now, to boot the device is going to take 3-5 minutes as usual,they going to delay it and then they gonna tell you be bold ,,, Best believe I am going to be bold, I am itching to buy a new phone by August/September if BB does come with a top notch, high end phone best believe I am going either SGS III or iphone 5. I'm tired of waiting for these mofos

I would buy that no doubt if it came to be true. RIM just need to develop something like this to gain the edge!

This design is so appealing! DROOL\

It has the same effect on me the Nokia Matrix phone had back in the days.... You know "black-tech-slide-sharp-wanna-fight-me?" kind of phone.

If this phone is coming to the world, It's a buy for me, definitly.

at this point i would like to see BB just get back in the game, they have been on injured reserve since the bold 9000, the bold 9900 should have been released a year after the 9000, and this idea should be coming out this summer. if they dont come out with a phone better than what they have leaked they are going to be cut from the team...

i want to go back to blackberry more than anything... they just need to release the phone that gets me into the store to upgrade

This phone does look lovely. The Tablet OS shows us that we don't need the end, call, back, or menu button, but I still want a cursor badly. Couldn't we keep our cursor in between the keys and the glass? Trying to replace a tiny little pointer with even a small finger is not efficient at all. Incorrect press happens to me all too often on the PlayBook, taking me to an undesired page or I have to pinch to zoom then a do a finger press (Adding extra steps). RIM, please make a gorgeous phone without sacrificing efficiency.

I have no point of reference for how this phone compares to a Canadian nickle-or-what-ever-denomination-that-is. LOL

Seriously, though great looking (concept) phone that is along the lines of what it'll take to get me back to BB. Maybe something with these dimensions that can fold up ala flip phone? Good bad it's not real. Let's see what RIM is doing, though it doesn't look promising.

Former BB Fanboy who came up the ranks from a Curve to a Bold to a Torch before jumping ship to Android. Waiting longingly for the BB that brings me back. It's an OS thing, not form factor. Now rocks the Atrix 2.

Guys Pls Lets Make a Pettition about this Phone ..
Lets Make It Real Guys we Can do it RIM should Make The Future Happens Now ...

Good job digitalhomeboy. Two thumbs up for you. 3.5'' screen and the 9900 keyboard are a deadly combo. I hope RIM is cooking up in their burner something similar to this or better. If RIM releases something like this now, I would drop my 9900 and buy it in a heartbeat to support RIM. I don't mind not having Call-Menu-TrachPad-Back-Power area. I want to maximize that screen real estate. AWESOME work!

SWEET!!!!! I love this concept! Bigger screen with the 9900 keyboard, i am expecting that the battery life would be BIGGER as well (i am crossing my fingers!!!). RIM please make it happen!!!! I am begging you….

nice nice nice..but...... RIM please you can do what you whant but you need android market....and music market that work around the world for every coountry..and if there is OS update the same day also around the is copy blackberry a lot so do it back...simple....
We are deep in our hearts Chinese....:-)

Maybe RIM needs to split the company...smartphones with young team and good marketing strategy...and the old RIM philosophy for enterprises.... the smartphone section have to do best quality hardware and use the best material...not like VERTU but better then Apple iphone...sorry for my english

hello crackberry !
I do not like this concept car which made ​​it the blackberry keyboard certe but the trackball. Where went the trackball?
the screen is too large it takes a 3.2 inch with a definition of 1280 * 720p and even if this phone is the day I prefer Qualcom S4 quad core with a 2500mAh. it is more professional and thrifty instead of tegra 3

There must be some confusion on what you were reading. That concept is a mobile (phone) not a car! Trackball? Where have you been? BlackBerry has ditched the trackball ages ago. Why 3.2" if 3.5" can fit? A 2500mAh battery is pretty thick. If you use the word "thrifty" it means you are a gamer...better you stick to iPhone or Android for that...or a PlayBook!

I love the design but I hate the specs. Reason I don't like the specs is who cares it is a design. You could tell me it had a camera capable of shooting video in 3D and had a 64gb hard drive it doesn't matter because it is made up. Now the style of it is awesome though.

Like the "soft keys" as it increases the screen size and still gives me that awesome keyboard.

This would be the BB OS 10 I'd get. But I'd definitely call it Bold X , and it would be IMO, the flagship BlackBerry for 2012-2013.

I like the design a lot. The only thing missing is the charging contacts for the desktop cradle. I could definitely see owning this.

it's a T.A.R.D.I.S ;)

where does all the hardware stuff (battery, carl zeis...) goes into?

Nice concept but for me I would prefer 2mm more but 1cm less in length (9900/9000 are my limit of size)

why not flash 11.x or even 12.x support? (just kidding)

never the less it would sell I guess :)

This is a fantastic looking phone for people who want keyboard still. I like this design as well as the Blade, but for great battery life make it deeper similar to the iphone 4. That way we get back our great battery life even if it is bigger than before, seems like a lot of people don't mind the thickness of an iphone 4 so it might convert some of those users as well as make us keyboard people happier with extended battery life.

Great job!

Bold 9900
Playbook 2.0.7091

Now that's what im talking about! Verizon, sign me up for another 2 years if this phone ever comes out.

I love it!! I would definitely rock that phone. I don't think there is anything out dated about having a key board and a touch screen in one. It would be attractive to just about anyone.

For getting rid of the physical front keys. I could handle not having a track pad but I would miss those keys. The rest of this concept is AWESOME!!!

Very innovative!This is the direction RIM needs to go.I sincerely hope that the concept designs and the buzz they create among the BlackBerry community reach their Headquarters.We cant dwell on the past but try to take the strong hold RIM had into the future.Despite the financial slump they need to put their chips on the table if they have a chance at reclaiming market share! Efforts to meet both the playful consumer and the business professional's needs has to be bridged maintaining that sound and secure platform we are accustomed to.If RIM doesn't listen to the voice of the people.....they will be doomed.GO HARD or GO HOME!! That's how I see it!

OH MY GOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So beautiful. I really hope this new generation of cells from RIM deliver. LIKE REALLY HOPE! I have been with blackberry for over 11 years so I'll always have one but it would be so nice to have something so cutting edge- which the 9810 almost was.

No If ands or buts about it I WANT ONE!!!!!!! That phone looks very nice and love the bigger display.

why?? Please .. PLEASE!!!!! In all seriousness PLEASE ... do yourself a favor RIM .. and make that logo on the back .. smaller .. PLEASE!!! it looks like a 5 year old placed it there!!!.. what happened to Decent looking hardware?? this doesn't look decent, the logo looks crap!

I don't want to too slim phone. Firstly, I don't feel safe when holding it in hand. I will worry that I drop it accidentally, as I can't feel it right in my hand. Secondly, the slim phone means the slim battery, and will cost the battery life. I want a phone that can sport me 2-3 days without charging.

And I'm a little bit wonder about how to quickly switch application without the Berry key, especially switching from a hang application (who knows it will happen). The border seems to slim to swipe from it.

Other than that, this is really awesome! RIM please make this happen. I'm pretty sure you will get more users with this design. Change we need!!!!

For anyone worried about the battery size, a longer phone means you can have a thinner, but larger battery inside. I don't see why RIM wouldn't be able to go with at least a 1230 mAh one similar to the 9900 battery, or maybe even a 1500 mAh one. What's the size of battery in phones like the Galaxy S2 or the Nexus? I imagine this BB10 design would be about this size.


This would be my dream blackberry i have the galaxy s II and love it but miss blackberry if they make one like this i would get it over the iphone 5 i really hope they make one like this!

Very Nice! Keeping the flagship keyboard and incorporating the playbooks UI is a very nice Concept propelling me to sell half of my possessions on ebay for it lol. My only concern would be if a battery that slim could power a mobile phone consumers dream list of abilities. If this device or one similar spec and innovative design wise is delivered with maybe 9700 battery life my next wish would be for RIM to promote, promote, promote! Get the Word out on all channels because word of mouth only reaches so many.

Living Bold-ly

I just have to keep coming back to admire this phone... It's been posted for a couple of days now. And it just keep sucking me back in.. If RIM makes this phone, it would be the phone that saves the company. Period.

Amzing design, you did a great job on that. Maybe RIM should be picking up people like yourself with an eye for design. It looks sick!

Is BlackBerry listening? Please say yes!! I love it. It's what I would design. This could be BlackBerry's salvation. I would pay for it. Full price even.

I like it!!
Even better then the design I submitted :)

my only thing would be not to use the apple designed nano, why not use the nokia or RIM designs? They take up less space & are technically superior. the Apple design is just the SIM with the plastic cut off

While this phone looks fantastic, the title of the article is very misleading. I was actually linked to this article from Facebook from a friend who doesn't understand that is a user concept design and not an actual blackberry device. If the title of the article clarified that, my (skimming of a reader) friend and others would not be confused.

This is a great look at what the future holds.. but this won't be the device they come out with.. They have to keep their trademark buttons.. the call/menu/trackpad/back/end buttons.. if they don't have those on there, then it will take away from the navigational abilities it is known for.. Buttons are a must because it makes it a functional device, not just a piece of glass with some software.. I hope RIM sticks to what they have believed from the beginning..

If RIM made this device the same time the iPhone 5 was coming out, id drop my 4S in a heart beat and switch. This is beautiful!

Looks good! I would definitely rock this new BB..... The only thing I think it's missing is the stainless steel trim that the Bold 9900/9930 has. I think that's a really elegant, classy finish to the device..... This style is certainly what the BB loyalists are looking for.

This phone is would crash down doors and wait in a line for absolutely beautiful with the amount of email and messaging I do a keyboard is a must.......stunning!!!!!!

isn't the iphones screen size 3.5 inch? so this would be iphone size screen with the other words, PERFECT

I wish there were a poll for this design. I really, really, really like it and want one!!!!! Sweet lord!

RIM, Get with your carriers and offer a pre order process. I'm submitting my order now. Don't forget to add drop in charger contacts, and a nice leather case with proximity sensor.
This is a winner. Unfortunately I may have to add my 9930 to my BlackBerry museum soon.

My phone contract is up in April 2013, and if they can pull through with this phone I'm most definitely picking it up. It's just so pretty to look at! I've looked at a few of the prototype phones that users have posted up on Crackberry, and I keep coming back to this one. I love the idea of a BIGGER Blackberry. I have a Curve 8530 right now and it feels so tiny in my hands. I love the look of it without the trackball and soft keys, it looks a lot more sleek. I'm already excited!

LOVE it!!! Where can I send money? If they will put this one out, I WILL be getting it!!! Even though my contract is almost finished in a week, I will be saving and waiting.

Will be upgrading from the Curve 9300.

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What it's missing is a solar panel when not in use you can flip the phone over and charge it with sunlight or any light for that matter. While it won't give you a full charge it will keep you rocking all day long!

A person doesn't always have access to a charger. or spare battery kicking around.

While the overall design is great why not go outside the box. Have edge to edge full OLED panel display. Remove the standard placed Blackberry logo and replace it with a led backlight that's incorporated into the screen that is softly lit.

The Blackberry could then be switch on and off on the OLED display. Something NEW and outside of the box of thinking.

This is the sexiest phone ever. Digital Homeboy should be the lead designer for RIM. They have no grasp on what true BB fans want in the design of there phones. They were stuck on the thought of all businesses always going with BB. Now even they are changing BB for IPhones. Get out of the past and make this phone.

While all my family, friends, and coworkers had gone from Blackberry to Android/Iphone user, I am still holding into my Bold 9900. My friends are telling me why wait for Blackberry ? they were ones upon a time and they are gone.(trade your useless Bold 99xx Craberry to Android Samsung Galaxy S3 best choice hot phone in the market. Recently I find out about Backberry 10 with new platform seems the hope was never gone.I reaserch find Youtube Model Del Alpha with promising unique plaform. However , I am not happy after I took closer look to Dev Alpha because seems unattractive designed phone (Double Dark Hershey Bar). I am fully aware Blackberry over coming challenge is to create a unique and competitive operating system by 10k reasons. Nevertheless Blackberry design demands are important as well. I hope that Rim had listen to all your recommendation from DigitalHomeboy. These phone should the next Bold, Curve, or Torch: Justices ,Victory, and Discovery this a serious choice. You had done an outstanding work here DigitalHomeboy. I am totally I love with your phones designs. Its the best I have seeing, my dream phone TK Justice and Victory. In the Victory keyboard it just perfect. Victory design with lower keyboard define unlike Bold 9900 or Blackberry 10 N Series. While Rim is striving to back by 10K reasons, DegitalHomeboy is work for 50K reasons. Please tell Rim what the US customer are demanding and expecting from Rim. Thank you keep up with Amazing work.


I like the TK Victory.. Minus the name TK Victory, sounds corny.. but the design is impressive, If you take away the keyboard and the BBM what will you have? Just another phone... with these new BB's set to launch I hope one resembles this TK Victory.. a nice solid phone what won't shatter if dropped. BB needs to also work on their apps.. tired of being out of the loop.

This is absolutely stunning! It encompasses everything a Smartphone should be and do. Screen size is perfection and screen looks immaculate.
Hope this goes further than just an Idea!

This is a dream that might come through in the future minus the Google play integration. BBRY is beginning to listen to its loyal base and might pay attention to this concept. The price of this device will be costly though. The TK = Total Knockout

Believe it or not, a device lyk this will keep RIM on top for ever in terms of smart phone production. RIM should give this device some serious thought and also make significant modifications excpecially on the key board.

I wish this was the Q10 instead of the Q10. While still an awesome phone I think I would prefer the form factor here. Looks great.

hmmm this sounds like those James Bond type devices, we all want it but we kno it will probly never make it in the real world. wish it did tho... has anyone tried sendin this to RIM jus for d sake of it.

Just "improve" the 9900 and call it the next Classic.

3000mAh battery, brighter/sharper IPS display, 64-bit processor, at least 2gb of RAM, 32GB builtin storage with micro SD slot, dual stereo speakers, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, iPhone-Quality cameras (front and back). Leave all tool belt and keyboard shortcuts in tact.

BlackBerry fails miserably on camera quality. They need to invest some serious money in that area and make there phones great everyday use phones.

Certainly some pretty graphics, How about making a wall mountable phone, sticking a projector in the top, with a removable blue tooth keyboard track pad or perhaps design a split able one so you could put the keyboard either side of the projection for 2 hand typing.
Removable speakers that can be positioned for surround sound using a laser projection system generated from the phone body.
2 additional high, end removable clip on microphone and a microphone with a cord so you can hang it from the ceiling.
So you can work standing up, or walking around, no more neck ache.
Make it so the body of the phone can change colour when it rings or customisable for alerts
Make the back cam like a snake cam too so your not limited to front and back recording also make both cameras operable simultaneously. with a split screen feature, now were not limited to front and back views also we have range for seeing in awkward spaces, Obviously needs a card reader down the side for taking payments.
My life is kind of busy, so you can have my most basic design idea for free.
Have not got time to be doing flashy graphics, certainly not at the moment.
I'd really like a phone where you can just put it in a jar of disinfectant like the hairdresser does with combs obviously would have to flash when it rings then too. and I mean the whole body or a significant amount.

Then you've got an apple beating phone that can complete with computers.

Mobile entertainment centre. Certainly smart phone vlogging is a massively unexplored space.