Introducing the BlackBerry TK Victory - another Super Hot BlackBerry 10 Design!

By Michelle Haag on 10 Apr 2012 06:43 pm EDT

It's been a little while since anyone has sent in any concept designs for their dream BlackBerry, but today we got a pretty amazing one from DigitalHomeBoy. He calls it the BlackBerry TK Victory and I think it's my personal favorite of all the concepts we've seen so far. Every detail on this device has been attended to, from the "Lotus Glass by Corning" to a swipe-able bezel on the touchscreen, 32GB on-board storage, and plenty more! Be sure to click on past the break for a full run down of features as well as several more pictures.

What do you guys think of this design? Would you rock this BlackBerry if it came to fruition?

Introducing the BlackBerry TK Victory {concept}.
While numerous concepts have been submitted, none have touch on the more realistic approach to the real world of usage and handling like how the TK Victory is about to. Designed for everyone in mind, from suits to skirts, to overalls to hardhats, the TK Victory, the first qwerty BlackBerry 10 powered true superphone.

Corning makes its debut with the introduction of Lotus Glass on the beautiful curved wrap around 3.5" screen showing vivid high-res colours supported by QDEF technology from Nanosys. Taking notes from the BlackBerry PlayBook, away with the trackpad and physical front keys, the removal is replaced by software-based keys with a smaller swipe bezel on all four sides. Standing tall at 119x66mm with a new depth of an astonishing 8.5mm weighing 130g the Victory is powered by the NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-core 2.0GHz Grey ARM Cortex MPCore with vSMP allowing ease with multi-tasking, rich graphics, cascades, animated interfaces and menus and more. Equipped not just for media, the 32GB on-board storage holds plenty for your choosing (encrypted email and files partitioning option), but the 2GB iRAM (independent RAM) is the bonus that will help run your Victory to its full capacity.

Bringing back the dual LED notifications from the TK1.5 Titan {concept} allow designation of Bluetooth-connected devices to blink connectivity on their own with messages occupying the second. The Victory introduces the front-facing camera with an output of 8MP with call-to-call and Skype options with a 12 MP (3300 x 2484 pixels) rear camera Carl Zeiss optics, optical sensor, autofocus, dual LED Xenon flash shooting video at 1080p HD @30fps featuring 5x loseless digital zoom, video stabilization, simultaneous HD video and image recording.

Designed to be the one phone you will need, the TK Victory is jam packed with goodies. Using the Apple designed nano-SIM, LTE is on-board along with being both GSM and CDMA. Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi n/g/ac will keep you connected to devices and networks. Wi-Fi Auto-spot is the new Hotspot locator and saver on the battery. DLNA Certified means you will be able to stream, copy, share, and backup your Victory without the mess of wires. Built-in NFC with built-in software support from ISIS, Iris, and HID Global will gain you access with your device to authorised entries.

Audio should never sound muffled! The now visible microphone below the keyboard supports voice output feedback along the noise cancellation. Located to the sides, (and this is kick-ass) the re-located dual speakers letting you lay your device flat on the face or back no matter the surface. Useful for speakerphone mode, while driving, conference calls, or just some awesome music and video playback. The complete back has been fitted with a rubberised coating with micro-beads to the left and right ensuring that a slip never happens again. Making power management that much easier, the TK Victory is complete with a single Lock/Power key to maintain a days plus worth of communication, fun, and of course work. And to help you along through the day the TK Victory is accompanied with a 1950mAh li-ion battery.

BlackBerry TK Victory
Be Bold. Be Victorious.

Features Overview

  •  World Phone
  •  Dual-band GSM/CDMA | HSDPA & HSUPA | LTE | Network Support
  •  Phone | Video Calling
  •  Voice Dial | Voice Memo
  •  Email | BBM | Organiser (Calendar, Memo, Task)
  •  Predictive text input | Text messaging | Instant messaging
  •  Browser | Adobe Flash 10.X support | HTML 5
  •  Weather application integration
  •  Social Networking integration
  •  BlackBerry App World | Google Play integration
  •  Front-facing and Rear cameras | Skype
  •  HD Cameras & HD Video recording
  •  Bluetooth v4.0
  •  Wi-Fi 802.11g/n | Wi-Fi 802.11ac | Wi-Fi Media controller
  •  BlackBerry Wireless Media Server integration
  •  Hotspot Notification
  •  DLNA Certified® with auto-synchronisation
  •  Tethered modem support
  •  GPS with A-GPS Support
  •  Digital compass with GPS software calibration
  •  NFC Built-in | ISIS software | IrisAccess Platform | HID Global software
  •  e-Wallet functionality
  •  Media: Pictures | Music Player | Video Player
  •  Swipe navigational control
  •  Universal Search functionality
  •  Security and encryption software government certified
  •  Remote locate/lock/wipe with BlackBerry Protect
  •  Passcode protection
  •  Proximity sensor for auto turn-off
  •  Single key device Lock/Power
  •  32GB Samsung Flash memory with sharing & partitioning encryption
  •  Expandable memory (Up to 64GB microSDHC)
  •  Memory Management Software built-in

Note: The designs set forth including names (Ten Thousand (TK*)(2), Victory*, SmartSense*, QuickList*), details mentioned, operational functionality and technical specifications are of those from Guy Bridges of and are used for conceptual design purposes.

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Reader comments

Introducing the BlackBerry TK Victory - another Super Hot BlackBerry 10 Design!



Sweet, sweet Jesus!!! My god.... it's so awesome!!!

This is the device RIM needed to make many moons ago!!!

This, my friends, is the ultimate BB device!! Bold 9900 Keyboard, 3.5 inch display!! It would completely kill in the market!! Screw all touch screens!! I want my BB back!!

The smartest thing for RIM to do would be to at least release a device like this AND an all touchscreen phone when BB 10 drops.

My gosh.... I'm going to be looking at this page at least once an hour for the next couple days....


Oh hai... welcome to the future, we can touch and interact with software through glass.

It's just a concept though bud, don't take it too seriously. Instead of calling it fail, why not add in your two cents into the concept, expand it, imagine, dream a little!

I took what you said, look at the drawings and thought: "What if the area between the the keyboard and screen illuminated when you received a call and you could press call or end?" or "What if it just were on screen buttons?"


Thank you my fellow dreamer. Why is everyone so stuck on yesterday's design. Dream a little! We don't need physical keys when touch screen innovation is right before us. And many wonder why RIM isn't may have to be because the majority of its market doesn't like change, but clearly that's not working for them. Let's band together. I'd rather your 2 cents unless you have your own designs set, HA

I like this design but I think you hit the nail on the head. RIM can't innovate because it's own "fans" are stuck living in the past and refuse to move forward.

First of I love the design, especially taking away the call, end, back and BB menu buttons allowing more screen. However I have tried using many full touch screen devices and I will never buy one! Not now and not in 20 years will everyone be comfortable typing on glass. RIM isn't innovating? Are you kidding me? The majority of RIMS market has no problem with changes to make a better product. It's how drastic a change someone wants to make. Upgrading from bold 9780 to 9900 is a comfortable change. From a Curve 9300 to a 9380 is a drastic change. It’s not being stuck on “yesterdays” design; it’s using what works and what works well for the individual. You’re already banded together; the people that don’t like touch screens and the ones that do.

"Dream a little! We don't need physical keys when touch screen innovation is right before us. "

But touchscreens are horrible for ... just about everything!

Everything related to text is harder: Typing, selecting text, positioning the cursor, etc.

When I want to make a phone call, I press the green button -- I don't neeed or want to go through the extra steps of exiting the current app, navigating to the phone app, and tapping on some glass to launch it.

When I'm browsing the web, I love having a trackpad to point at small targets -- I don't want to zoom in until I can hit the target accurately with a fat-finger. I also want all the hover-over items to work -- try rating a comment on YouTube on the PlayBook or any other tablet (it's not easy).

The touchscreen only UI is ...just awful... We've already dreamed that dream and it turned into a horrible nightmare!

There's lot's of talk about pen-computing making a comeback; likely due to the huge problems that the inexplicably popular "modern" capacitive touchscreens have created.

I won't go into detail about the OS's UI as well as comment heavy on the current state of interaction with PlayBook 2.0. On the TK Victory, swiping the lower bezel will slide up the launch bar (as shown in the pictures) that will give you direct access to Phone, Apps, and soft-key Convenience keys with the current application moving up with another swipe up on the app mimics closing the app like that on the PlayBook.

Pen-computing will not be making a second round. Apple's iPad has clearly paved the path and Microsoft's Metro design will see no pen interaction.

BlackBerry is known for its physical keyboard, it would be pointless to take that feature away. Its kinda like saying they should get rid of their logo. Besides these days, developers try to make things feel as real as possible, so why make a virtual keyboard when there's a physical keyboard. There's nothing sweeter than feeling your keys depress as you press them :)

No back/menu/call/end buttons is what I like the most. Those buttons take up an unbelievable amount of screen space. Not to mention the fact that they are, imho, totally obsolete in a touch screen environment.

@supraking No back/menu/call/end buttons = fail.

Not quite, if you have a playbook you will understand that you won't need a back button when you have swipe to go back, the menu button is there, the call button is there too, no end button because that would obviously be on screen when you're in the calling environment.

Now this design makes a whole lot of sense, i own a playbook and a 9900 and this is it for me, not the slider or the full touchy touchy but this is it! Very Nice indeed!

I'm with you. Tapping glass is a huge UI failure. Bring back the hardware call/end/back/menu buttons and the all-important trackpad!

Absolutely,that is a major reason for me wanting to come back to Rim. Those hard keys are a key factor in making BB such a good PHONE first !!!!!

I agree, I want the physical buttons, even on a touchscreen phone I want those physical buttons

someone saying "welcome to the future" is ridiculous, the loss of the buttons is a loss of functionality for a Keyboard user, clearly the absence of the buttons didn't help Android attempts at the QWERTY candybar from factor.

Over all The concept is nice, but I'd love the designer to try and break down how all of his concept is going to fit into such a device, the battery size alone for the device that thin, with all that is packed into it isn't realistic

How is the processor rated for battery consumption?
I think the device is kinda nice looking, and the imaginary spec sheet certainly is attractive, but I want these designers to take a shot at device layout next, if you want to make a pretty design I love it, but don't fill it with imaginary specs unless you've got a feel for where they would fit,


IMHO, without the hardware buttons and the track pad, it's just a "me too" phone, offering little to distinguish itself from the competition (who are obsessed with using touch screens for everything).

Without many compelling reasons to switch to BlackBerry, I cannot see many people giving up the huge app selections that Android and iOS offer.

When you realize that you don't use most of the apps you downloaded and you need a phone first and app device second. The you will see the beauty of a BB device and want to switch back like I do.

I agree! Buttons are a must! That's what makes multitasking so versatile on the BlackBerry! Without those buttons it will just be a piece of glass with some software.. not a functional device..


This is precisely the form factor I'm waiting for. The renowned BlackBerry keyboard with a display as wide as the 9900 and much longer, running BB10.

Now THAT is a phone truly worthy of the term, "Be Bold!"

Let's go RIM, please don't let us down!

You know when i look at this concept i get so excited then my excitement turns into disappointment then madness. RIM as a company is a very big disappointment ,and its not because of the media its because of their lack of innovativeness and thats sad.

The reason for me feeling disappointed when i look at this concept when i look at the specs for eg IRAM i have this feeling that RIM is going to disappoint yet again. These phones are just concept realistic concept i might add but with RIMs track record i hardly expect to see any of these phones come to fruition. Much less a phone from RIM with IRAM? thats beyond RIM you would have to leave that idea for samsung,HTC or APPLE. I often wonder when RIM is going to step up to the plate to become a market leader. They need to take a page out of there new add campaign that is BE BOLD with innovativeness

really hope the people at RIM visits crackberry to see some of these designs.

This is like blackberry pornography; pictures that make you ache with passion but you can't have it and you probably never will. RIM please make this happen, pretty please =)

I don't get why people waste their time with concepts. If RIM didn't put it out then it's not happening anytime soon.

Concept designs are meant to stretch the imagination and dream of possibilities. We need to strive for the seemingly impossible, if we're ever expected to deliver what ultimately is possible.

But... I don't get the point either! I don't think RIM have good artistic people in their company anyway.

You are very mistaken if you believe that there are no artistic / creative people at RIM. And if you don't get the point, well, that's OK. Not everyone does.

If you believe that then send this design and info about these ppl to them and maybe they will have artistic ppl

I know that is the purpose but "we" are not the BB design team.

I partially left the originally comment because I am not the imaginative/dreaming type so I don't like to get my hopes up and I only like to see what is really in the works.

Like for real, you think they care about us or whatever concept people come up with... they are not making this, cause they are a bunch of slackers in fact they should had made this like a year ago, wow maybe two years!!! with a line up like the victory the blade and the bold 9900 a year ago, rim wouldn't be in the position that they are today!!! jajajajaja this would be what apple would do if they'd bought RIM!!!! jajajajjaja

By the time they release it, it'll be 2 versions slower than iPhone and Android. This should be released today or get out of the handheld market.

if you don't like it thats your opinion. no need to bash it. like you know what to do if your running RIM.

I prefer the BLADE!

This is simply not true. This kind of rationale is always proposed by those who have never been involved with, or close to any kind of product development.


That's the sickest phone I've seen in a while. If blackberry steps up their app game I'd get that phone over an iphone 5

Ooo I like that! I like that a lot a lot! Def would be buying this phone if this came out :) I would hope the next bb10 phone w a touch & full QWERTY is this shape & design or very close to it! I don't like the box "iphone-esk" look iv seen some designs on.

It's large purposely as it doubles as a notification indicator (pulses on messages) when the mobile is face down i.e. When in meetings.

Very slick!Buy in a heartbeat. I lovw thw concept of the back notificTION. I say make the logo big as the Apple and let everyone know what kind of phone it is.

This phone appears doable except for the thickness. RIM will ensure it has all-day battery life and totally screw the design. I say screw battery life and give me this phone and 5 hr battery life.

Hell no! Lol. Dude if it had 5 hours of battery life I think they would deff lose me. I already get that on my bold 9930, and its killing me :S

Great. A phone where you have to have a second phone to make calls after lunch. Remind me why electric cars don't sell? And why Motorola have already stopped selling the Razr and replaced it with a thicker version with double the battery?

This is not going to happen, it is just someone's art. The screen on all Blackberry 10 smartphones must match the aspect ratio of the playbook... The screen has to be more rectangular. I do think it looks awesome, however.

Not necessarily. For full touch screen based BlackBerry's (going forward) I wouldn't argue, but creating a mobile with keyboard and expecting a 1024x600 resolution would end up with something like the over-sized Galaxy Note. Note quite pocket-friendly.

I do recall reading about keeping the aspect ratio the same; something about making it easier for App developers to create apps for both the PlayBook and the new phones. I have to admit that it makes a lot of sense to me. Maybe they could increase the width of the side bezel on this phone to achieve that (if it didn't destroy the aesthetics that is), because you have to admit it's an absolutely beautiful concept phone. I'm not even a thumb typist and my thumbs are begging me to get this phone. The best part is, that it would be immediately recognized as a BlackBerry and I think people would stop and take note (and iPhone users would hide their phones in shame). :D

I've heard the same rumour, but it strikes me as totally absurd. RIM is actually going to limit the creative design of their smartphones (their future) in order to emulate the aspect ratio of their failed tablet? Come on RIM, don't restrict the possibilities. At the very least, design the best smartphone and make the tablet work off that.

PLEASE RIM... Take this into consideration! Cuz ur design team sucks! This is deffinitly fresh, new, classy, and most importantly gets the cunsomers attention. The software is important, but the presentation is just as important. Iv been a Blackberry fan since you guys came out, promoting ur products basically to everyone. And iv been loosing so much confidence in youy guys. Take this into consideration... Makes moves guys! Long live RIM!

That is a very appealing design, and nice work by Mr. Bridges. I almost hate these, though. The actual competition is tough enough.. Having these fantasy phones to compare the eventual BB10 phone almost seems to be setting us up for disappointment. Time will tell!

I agree SCPanther13. . .I fear that BB10 will be the end of the QWERTY as we know it. . .the worst part is if you dial down the hardware specks a bit and double the width the TK victory actually seems like an extremely plausible concept. . . so yea. . .no longer putting my hopes up over the first BB10 phone. . .this killed it. . .LOL

To crackberry staff:
Please include "concept design" on your post title because I almost die of a hart attack after thinking RIM actually came out with a good design!


I totally agree, maybe a tag like this in the title


I saw this and I got so weak in the knees.... it must be true love... damn...

+1 Agree! Crackberry team please note concepts clearly.

Especially on this beautiful concept that carries all the legacy features of Blackberry AND incorporates the future features of Blackberry 10.

This is it! Somebody at RIM pay attention to this please!!!

So it is conceived so shall it happen....I like the Blade however and just for fun go out on the creation limb and intro both concepts and keep models to a minimum with a simple upgrade path. Ahhh the future approaches.....

It's nice, but where the top of the keyboard meets the screen is an ugly semi circle angle. More thought, maybe redesign in that area, and it would be perfect.

In keeping the beloved keyboard arched a circular design was needed allowing a PlayBook bezel design. The straight design like that on the P'9981 looks to be done for aesthetic purposes and it does not look to conform to hands (your thumbs) naturally. (edit :))

I like it, but it's unlikely something as good as that concept will ever come out. Someone, anyone, prove me wrong.

+1 PLEASE RIM PROVE US WRONG!!! Talk to the designer of this and move ahead with this model. (I could see it being a bit thicker. I mean come on. It needs to have a battery.) Otherwise this is perfect!

HELL YEAH!!!!!!! Thats sexy !!!!! RIM please keep in mind this design especially for those who love one of blackberrys best features THE KEYBOARD!!!!!!! Not sure if i could do without the trackpad but its still a sexy a** phone. Im looking forward to blackberry 10!!!

Rim is specifically and overtly opposed to apple micro sim. That said, I'd buy that phone in a heartbeat.
Thanks for keeping the dream alive.

Thanks for cheering on! I think you meant "nano-SIM". RIM may just be following Nokia on that one (its my guess), plus it's being put out royalty free! Thinner phones...what's not to like.

love the design. agree that many things have been taken care of in this design.
however, remember that BB10 wont have the same UI as playbook's OS; which means that the phone may not have to be designed with all the playbook's OS features in mind.

Include an AF camera and a good battery and it´s my dream of OS10.

Ever since I dropped my torch in the toilet it hasn't been the same, I'm dying for a new phone and have been waiting for os10, this is beautiful, hope the real thing is similar

That's a phone I would pay €2000 for without a moments hesitation and I bought my Bold 9900 sim free.

That is gorgeous ! ! !

Please Rim please make this phone .

Wow ok if RIM comes out with the victory I would buy 2 and a bunch of stock! Alas from what I have seen the hardware designers are too locked into the old world. Let's hope they see this design as well a full touch screen version would be excellent I would even pay more for the full touch version!

First Blade Now tk Victory, Awesome, RIM needs these ppl who have wonderfully created these magnificooo design of a BB™ Realtiy Is I dooo hope we get those specs or most close to it! And Of course d App world oye. More working variables. Com on RIM BB10 B-)

I LOOOOOOOOOVE the for factor of the 9900.
This makes it look like garbage.

Love the integration of more screen while keeping the form factor theme.

How do we make it happen?

This is by far the best design yet. It combines the large screen of the Torch with the tactile keyboard of the Bold, in a way that looks stylish and slick. Perfect!

If this guy doesnt already work for RIM he should. This looks amazing. I would be all over this. Maybe i missed the video out, but it needs that if it doesnt have it

K, I have a question for you guys. The giant Samsung Galaxy Note is selling extremely well. What would you think if Rim made a phone with similar dimensions but with a physical keyboard? Silly or would you contemplate getting one?

The general public may think RIM is trying to compete with Amazon's Kindle (with kb). If it's that large in size, a virtual kb is suitable.

Interesting. I've used my GF's Note and was wondering if RIM could/should make one in the same form-factor. Personally I'd go with no keyboard. The Note's form-factor is very unique (although the Dell Streak 5/7 got there first). I'd get one if RIM made one but the hardware/BB10/apps needs to be outstanding.

I like it but...

The keyboard looks like it's too low...not comfortable to use

I would take the top part with the speaker and put the same thing at the bottom and move the keyboard up.

And that screen looks like it's NOT in the proper playbook screen aspect ratio

Needs more work :P

absolutely sublime. I'm not sure if I would prefer the Blade or this one. Could you imaging a BB10 lineup with these two phones? #lightsout #applewho

Looks fantastic!
I would easily pick this over full touch.
BTW why are people so obsessed over a front facing camera? I really don't want to have to hold the phone out in front of me so the person on the other end can see me. Do people really use Facetime that much? I know my wife has never used it on her iPhone4.

9900 keyboard is the thing that is going to make RIM better. This phone is awesome, despite all specifications it has 9900 keyboard.


All it needs is magnetized inductive charging built in like the barely released Pre3 and we're in business. Also car holder with inductive charging as an option would be the cat's meow!

I actually like this one A LOT!!!! If there is anyone form RIM reading this...this is the one to make for sure...

If you missed the comparison photos above where the TK Victory is compared to the P'9981 & 99XX you can say it is fair to assume this is a Bold series mobile. I'm guessing you said the something about the 99XX to the 9000...

Where do I pre-order. Best design and the name would be so literal if this phone were released.

I would trade my porsche designed bold straight up for this. :-)

This and the Blade. Man what great concept and design. I just don't if RIM has the stones to execute on such radical designs. Has Kevin forwarded this to Thor?

Very nice, but just looking at the feature and specs of this thing looks like its going to cost more than the Porsche phone. 3000$ maybe?

LOL oh no, I designed the mobile in a realistic approach. The specs seem high and expensive in this present time, but come November and December these specs should be making its way mainstream. Bluetooth 4.0 has been out since 2009 and quad-cores were introduced at CES this year. I'm an end user, I wouldn't create something that's not in everyone's reach i.e. Like the P'9981, lol

Not for me.
Put the trackpad back on...and put the menu button, and back button and end call button back in the right spots then I'd love it!

MAN, this was part of my idea. Sometimes i hate concept designs. It makes us drull and then on final piece we get dull devices... RIM should hire this ppl, and they should hire me too.... Many crackberry nations gave you ideas, mostly are possible things. That we know RIM can make it happen ( solar power like we see on most standard calculators, and etc. ) these ideas are awesome.... Man they need to hurry and bring it, before someone does...

The design above is super awesome, coolinious. Good example to hold Blackberry 10..

Great job......

nope sorry prefer the blade over this... that touch screen button placement on the bottom of the screen is horrible!!!

it's soo thin that I doubt the battery is replaceable and probably wont even last 2 hours.

I'm at a loss for words. I think it's stunning. I'd buy one for myself then start handing them out everywhere I go! Well done, such a beautiful concept and so much thought place does into the device.

RIM might need to start sourcing some of this talent who's pushing out these designs. They definitely hit a note.

I can hear the Rocky soundtrack right now!

Ok first off that is an amazing phone that I would buy in a heart beat. I do love my Bold 9930 so I would miss the trackpad, menu button, back button and call buttons as someone mentioned. What about the convinience keys? Are they going extinct. Make the screen slightly smaller, move the keyboard up a little like another person suggested, increase the thickness exactly as it is on the 99xx and throw in a 3600 mAh battery and you have a winner.

All notes taken! Physical call keys are not needed as it is just a quick swipe away. Trackpad...that was yesterday's design, going forward RIM needs to think innovative leaving yesterday's technology behind them and fully using touch screen technology. The back/return key is possible with swiping forward and back. The virtual convenience key allows a broader option of customisation via soft keys. The 99XX is 10.5mm, the PlayBook is 10mm, and every other Samsung mobile is less...why can't we see it in BlackBerry?
A 3600mAh battery,'re kidding right...hmmm

WOW! I would buy this in a Heartbeat! Terriffic design! Made with "everyone" in mind! Well thought out!
RIM should enlist this "designer" to help them get back on track! This would do it!

RIM, please consider taking digitalhomeboy onto your team of designers!! this is an exceptional design, something I couldn't help but buy!!

The funny thing about this is, I looked at it and thought "oh, that's a blackberry." haha which means spot-on execution if you ask me. Now, if rim released an "experimental" form factor like the Blade, yeah, I'd buy it in a heartbeat, but, something like this provokes a completely different reaction, "that's a blackberry? Wow, its lost some weight, looks sexier, smoother... Welcome to the modern world, we've been waiting!" not a fan of the name Victory though, I think its a little too "Bold" haha the first thing I thought was TKO, because its guaranteed to knock out the competitors. It looks like a blackberry, because it is...only better :)

The funny thing about this is, I looked at it and thought "oh, that's a blackberry." haha which means spot-on execution if you ask me. Now, if rim released an "experimental" form factor like the Blade, yeah, I'd buy it in a heartbeat, but, something like this provokes a completely different reaction, "that's a blackberry? Wow, its lost some weight, looks sexier, smoother... Welcome to the modern world, we've been waiting!" not a fan of the name Victory though, I think its a little too "Bold" haha the first thing I thought was TKO, because its guaranteed to knock out the competitors. It looks like a blackberry, because it is...only better :)

You hit the same points as my design process with "that's a BlackBerry" while still being recognisable.
Yes, no more Mister Nice Guy, time to be Bold, time for RIM to be Victorious in the smartphone wars.

Wow beautiful and insane, wish rimm would have put this out years ago its the best of my 9930 with a bigger screen

Wow beautiful and insane, wish rimm would have put this out years ago its the best of my 9930 with a bigger screen

Wow beautiful and insane, wish rimm would have put this out years ago its the best of my 9930 with a bigger screen

I may have been out voted on the name. The Bold name keeping is a great suggestion. I'd personally love it if RIM followed in Apple's footstep and released a new Bold yearly that way the mobile can be call BlackBerry TK Bold 2012, TK Bold 2013 etcetera.

I like it,..but does it have a "Trackpad"? Plus,..can we get it in two versions,...3.5" screen and 4" or 4.2" screen. I like my 9810,...but the 3.2" screen is yearning for a bump in size.

Edit: On second thought,..lets give it the screen width of the awesome 9900.

Also,..I must show my excitement!!!,...this is one badass spec'd out smartphone.


The height has changed, but I love the 66mm width of the 99XX so that has been carried forward. As for the screen, it's actually edge to edge with the curvature screen with the curved side being part of the swipe-able bezel.

Don't get me wrong, it is nice and I know there's a lotta BB physical keyboards lovers. However, I just think that having such keyboard it feeds right into that perception that BlackBerrys are behind the times. Touch screen devices are what the masses are attracted to, if you wanna have a physical keyboard it should at least be a slide out.

Suggestion taken. Though not a huge slider fan as I believe in the minimal design approach. When I think slider, it takes me back to Neo in the Matrix using that Nokia 7110 I believe...what year was that movie...1999...

Ahhhh, now this is what I (me anyway) would love to have in my hands. Nice very nice ....

The holy FRAK of SmartPhones!

Hello, RIM are you getting this!?

You better hire the person who designed this amazing device before Apple does!

I'd buy it in a second!

Whoa~! What's that I see on the rear panel? Is that a fingerprint reader?,...a la Motorola Atrix! Please say it is,...I'm tired of freak'n Lock Codes and Passwords! Lets do this feature no matter what.


Sorry no fingerprint reader here. RIM is apparently working on some rhythm pattern lock input, sounds cool. The fingerprint idea crossed the mind, but it would have been too copycat to steal. The placement of the Lock/Power is place there from frustration on the 99XX lock button (on the very top, feels unnatural in form).

Instead of sending the ideas, RIM should call up these companies and get them to help make the blade and victory a reality. I mean the issue that RIM had was that the people who worked for them didn't have a vision on next-gen. Obviously the people who are doing these concept know that it's possible to have a "apple/andriod" appeal but still have the phone be blackberry. I for one would be happy if either phone made it to launch.

this is what i been wanting. a bigger screen with a bold design and wow the specs. I bet this thing will fly especially on 4g

This could work. But I really need to see how BB10 will be implemented on a handheld, as well as how they plan to replace the functionality of the physical trackpad.

I like this, I'd buy it. Come on RIM, this is what your Diehard/dedicated users are waiting for. I like the shake ups that your doing. Getting some fresh blood in the office was a great idea. Just keep shaking the Earth as you make your moves and I'll celebrate your success in the face of your naysayers.

Oh my.

If RIM did actually make one of those then I'm wondering just how fast I can swipe my debit card and get next day shipping.......

Sweet!!!!!!!!!. I do hope some of these concept phones do become reality Now I have to buy 2 BB10 phones the Blade and the Victory

Like this conceptual design, but anything bigger than 9900 is too much for my liking. Great attempt with two thumbs up...

I would buy it with a replaceable battery. The manufacturers seem to like thin phones because it is an excuse to make the battery, the most unreliable part of the phone, non-user replaceable. All the new high end Android phones have a limited life because, after just a few years, nobody is going to pay for a battery replacement.

Not sure where the assumption is that the battery is non-removable. Being an end-user I think no different from the many users viewing CrackBerry. The stroke below the camera is the top of the battery door. I would certainly hate built-in batteries myself so I wouldn't design it like that plus the SIM is beneath the battery unlike Apple's design.

This one has enough screen real estate that I would switch from all touch to a physical keyboard like this. Great job on design and detail!

too bad this will never happen. when has rim competed on a hardware level? never. specs of the bb10 phones will be comparable to hardware that is out now. they will focus on the software and services to push phones. by fall, we will see nothing that will blow our socks away like these concepts.. these concepts will really just make the launch of bb10 more disappointing.

If they can spec out everything including insides and outsides why is it still concept phone ? WHy can not RIM make it with OS10.
can someone explain ?
I like the THE BLADE best so far.

Ok, so what is the big hoopla over how thin a phone can be? Seriously, what's the purpose? Are we using our phones as bookmarks? I don't care about that, how about having a removable battery and not going the stupid Apple route???

Other than that, I like the design since it has a fixed physical keyboard. :-)

Thinner mobiles may just be a show of progress with technology! Again I ask why is there this assumption that the battery is non-removable? I read my own write up and can say that there is no mention that the battery is built-in!!! Folks read the write up.

i wish 9900 could like this. its my dream phone. really really perfect. amazing. big screen with physical keybord. i dont like touchscreen keyboards...

Sweet update for those Bold fans. As an all-touch fan, I prefer the Blade even though it may be a slider -- that, my friends would be the best of both worlds!

Very nice design though the 8MP FFC is a bit overboard. Even a 2 or 3 MP front facing camera will do the job. Too bad RIM would rather keep wasting time and budget on the PB.

i think this phone would help rim get back into victory lane seeing as how there not doing so good right now. this phone is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! if the first bb10 phone is touchscreen, then they need to make this phone there 2nd and also the first bb10 qwerty phone. come on rim lets make it happen!!

Awesome phone concept but not for me, i changed from a 9810 to a 9860 just for the screen size an no physical keyboard, having said this, the blade is the perfect phone for me BUT without that slider keyboard, the future is at the reach of the touch o our fingers. 4.5" touch screen with rear ergonomic grip as the 9860 so i can say "SHUT UP!!! AND TAKE MY MONEY" with 100% confidence.

Great design and great concept.
RIM should look at Apple. They produce one model every year. High end model. And price is also high, but you get soooooo much goodies in package.
This concept packs sooo much in one beautifully designed concept. Price will be in accordance but a way less than Porsche design. Not to mention pale android design.

I disagree with you on three fronts: price, one model and once a year.

They do well in countries like mine where you need a lower cost phone. Some people have Bolds and Torches but the majority of them have Curves. For them to make only high end expensive phones, they will lose the markets that has been keeping them afloat.

Yes, they need fewer models but they cannot do one model a year, they do not command the masses like Apple does and one of their strenths is actually the different form factors. I would just that they make all their phones GSM/CDMA, pentaband for gsm and the cdma side be able to be on both verzion and sprint. Carriers can still be able to lock the phones but you can unlock them and go anywhere you like. A silly dream, i know.

Once a year would kill RIM. As I said, they are not Apple and they are not competing with just iOS, there is Android and Windows Phone. Apple gets away with it because it is believed that they take the time to perfect the design, if RIM did that, it would be reported that RIM is too slow and need the full year to do what Android manufacturers do every three months.

rim isnt apple although rim caters to the consumer market there are consumers out there and business users who would much rather a phone with a keyboard.i agree that rim should scale bk the amount of phones they produce and maybe produce 4 models the bold,a full touch screen and maybe a curve type to cater to the low end market

Agreed on the delivery of 4 models, but on a yearly basis having all 4 models dual band (GSM/CDMA). Yes, I'm a dreamer..of course I am I designed the TK Victory! :)

xoneii I gone die for this set out class features and cool set.... :* what is the price of this mobile. Is this mobile avuilable in market.... Reply me I'm frm Pakistan

There is so much i want to say but first Wow! Crackberry team nearly gave me a heartattack when i loaded the page earlier today. That said, i totally love the design. The blade and the victory... RIM would definitely turn lots of heads. For those saying its too thin... Heads up, thats where technology is headed. From an entire room of wires to 8.5mm. Manufactures will get there... Does the RAZR ring any bells? This concept is more plausible than The blade where thickness is concerned. Im saving for bb10 at the moment but if this came out tomorrow id take out a loan!!!! Im impressed. This puts more strain on RIM and as consumers we expect you to deliver. More so than these sleek designs, the concepts have great hardware. This is where i worry for RIM the most. Give me a solid 8mp cam, 1.5ghz dual core, bluetooth 4.0, gorilla glass, 300+ ppi and im sold. Please come good RIM.

This is the one I'm waiting for. My BB10 must be in the Bold format, and this is the best one I've seen. Love it. Will upgrade to it instantly.

Looks pretty sick - looks like the Motorola Admiral or Droid Xpert, except it doesn't suck and doesn't run Crapdroid.

Definitely, I hope RIM doesn't keep on this path of trying to "be cool" and copy Android/Apple by trying to put out candybar touchscreen clones. What makes a BB a BB is the signature ergonomic keyboard, the clickity clicks of typing on it, and the satisfaction of having precision control over the UI with a cursor/touchpad.

Wow!!!!! just Wow!!! that's all I got to say...... Rim take notes cause they are taking you to school, yeah innovation school!!!


But seriously. I'd trade in my BB9900 if this comes into fruition. So sleek and pretty, and best of all, it still has the BB keyboard which I love.

Curse you, high expectations! Why is this only a concept :(