Introducing the BlackBerry OS Super Page!

BlackBerry Operating System Super Page!
By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Aug 2009 10:14 am EDT

A couple weeks back we did a bit of a shuffle in our BlackBerry forums to try and better organize all the crazy crackiness that goes on (not an easy task). The biggest changes came to our BlackBerry Operating System and Desktop Management Software Discussion forums, where we added some new dedicated forums, including ones for BlackBerry Native Apps and BlackBerry Desktop Manager and we added Hybrids to our OS Beta forum (Storm OS talk still in the Storm forum).

One of the most exciting new features we implemented at the same time is new thread that rounds-up all of the latest official, unofficial (leaked / beta) and known OS builds out there for your BlackBerry smartphone. Put together by yester18 and maintained by our mod team (thanks guys!), you'll want to bookmark our BlackBerry OS Super Page. It's all right there. Spread the word!

Visit the BlackBerry OS Super Page

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Introducing the BlackBerry OS Super Page!


You have listed as the most recent leaked/beta OS. Are we just talking about what is known, but not actually available, or is this available somewhere? Am I misunderstanding/reading something?

"known" doesn't mean it's necessarily available... just that internally that build is known to have been compiled/in use by at least some official RIM beta testers/partners. That means it may or may not become available (leaked or become an official release). 

the latest available releases will be linked to

It looks like the link for the Bold OS 5.0.130 is actually for the 8900. It is a great tool though and very convenient.

You have the 8350i's latest OS listed as which is actually the package version. The app version of the latest known OS is

Hey all!!

I appreciate the comments! Thx for the heads up on the links, so little mess up's but it's all good. It was tough to get everything all setup at first but now we have a working list we will continue to give to the goods:)

Thx again..