Introducing BBSmart Shortcuts - Get it for Only $5!

BBSmart Shortcuts
By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Jun 2008 12:06 am EDT

** Update: Version 1.3 of BBShortcuts has been released (fixes a couple of bugs) and.... BIG NEWS... the $5 introductory offer has been extended for a couple of days! BBShortcuts will sell for $8.95, but if you hurry, you can still get it for $5.00! Get BBShortcuts Here >>**

BBSmart, makers of the best-selling BBSmart HTML Email Viewer and Alarms Pro applications, have just released their latest app, BBSmart Shortcuts:

BBSmart Shortcuts is a fantastically simple but powerful productivity application for the BlackBerry that puts a whole suite of shortcuts at your fingertips.

Using BBSmart Shortcuts you can create shortcuts to native applications, third-party applications, websites, and common tasks like emailing, calling, and SMS’ing contacts. When set to run from a convenience key press on your BlackBerry, BBSmart Shortcuts will open the door to a whole new way of using your BlackBerry – one that is quicker, more convenient, and more productive.

Go ahead and try it out. We guarantee you'll love it.

BBSmart Shortcuts Features:

  • Simple, easy to use software
  • Launch both native and third-party applications
  • Beautiful, clean, unique, and highly functional user interface
  • Create custom email, SMS, phone, and website shortcuts
  • Automatic contact lookup and integration with native address book

BBSmart Shortcuts will normally sell for $8.95, however, it is currently being offered at the low introductory price of only $5! You can pick it up from As with all of BBSmart's applications, you can download a Free Trial so you can take a test drive before you buy and future upgrades will be available at no charge.

I've had the pleasure of betaing BBSmart Shortcuts for the past few days and have to say this is a must-have application for all the BlackBerry addicts out there. The Facebook-like interface is intuitive and easy-to-use, the functions are well planned and executed (I love how it pulls contacts from the address book when creating new Email/SMS/Phone shortcuts) and above all it is HANDY. I have it set to my right convenience key and have found myself using it religiously.

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Introducing BBSmart Shortcuts - Get it for Only $5!


Did not happen!! I purchased Shortcuts but did not receive Alarms Pro, or any instructions on how to receive my free copy. WTF

In the case where your purchase from includes software, you should receive two emails within minutes (or less) of completing your purchase: - the first will be your Receipt. This will show your order #, price totals, etc. - an email from online orders that will contain the Activation codes (as well as download links and tech support links) for all of the applications purchased. - (if you pay via paypal you'll receive another email confirming that transaction!) So in the case where you purchased BBShortcuts, the activation codes for both BBShortcuts and Alarms Pro should be on the same email. In the promotion post, I left the customer service information. I'll repost it here. In this case, please contact software customer support and they will straighten you out (resend your activation code for Alarms Pro). Keep in mind you can download the free trial of Alarms Pro right now still and use it - will just need that activation code in a few days to make sure you get the continued use! Customer Service: Software Order Support: For software order related issues and support, please visit the Software Support Homepage. Software Technical Support: For any issues directly related to the BBSmart Alarms Pro application itself, please contact the developer directly at For technical support of other applications for sale in the software store, please follow the technical support link located on the bottom of every application page. Accessory Support: For support issues or questions related to BlackBerry accessories, please email or phone 1-866-904-5772.

All the links to BBShortcuts should be working fine and the app should viewable within the store for you download your free trial / purchase.

Are you still having issues with this?

Downloaded BBshortcuts on my 8130 pearl. receive "uncaught excpetion:java.lang.error everytime I attempt to open app. What can I do?

Hi carboss,

This is the first time this one has come up, so given that I'm inclined to think it may just be one of those once-off freak out things BlackBerries sometimes do :)

Can I recommend here a fresh re-install and also a battery pull. You'd be surprised how many odd problems this can solve. If that still doesn't work, also make sure that all the permissions for BBSmart Shortcuts are set to Allow.

If you want to follow up further, please email our support team at who will be able to help you out further.


I'm getting the same error. Uninstalled, battery pull reinstalled and still come up with the error.

I've tried to download the trial version, but all I get are the links for Alarms Pro and Email Viewer both of which I already have. Any suggestions?

this application does not support pasting a url, I have bookmarks which I'd like to add to bbShortcuts but as you already know some url's are huge eg. google notes mobile, specifically the url of my notes, hopefully the developer adds this feature, the competition LaunchPad already has this

I created a new "messaging" shortcut for a friend. It found him in the address book, I chose him & selected a phone #. However, whenever I select him under "messaging" by clicking the trackball, I just get an option that says "full menu." I created an email short cut and it works correctly.

Is the messaging shortcut to create an SMS, or is it for BB Messenger? I'm on an 8330, thanks....

Can someone point me in the direction of documentation on the software?? I know others were wondering about it as well :)

same Uncaught exception: java.language.error on my installation. Tried redownload, battery pull--no success.

I installed the ota with no issue it seems and created some shortcuts. The Toolbar works fine.... but any shortcuts under Phone or Messaging don't work. When I select the shortcut a MENU pops up that says CLOSE. Nothing else happens. is there a fix?

Anyone know how to add shortcuts to the toolbar that aren't presented in the default list?

- video camera link
- system options link
- media link

The other shortcuts are all now working fine... but the messaging shortcuts bring up a MENU that says CLOSE and that is all it does. I have deleted and redone them about 5 times with no success.

So this program doesn't work at all on my 8830. I paid for it, installed it... and it throws an error for literally everything I do. I uninstalled the program, reset many times, pulled the battery etc... still nothing. I'm relatively irritated.

With more than a few people getting this error, will the 5.00 sale be extended past today? I'm not buying till it works!

So I'm getting the same errors and I have tried everything. Since I paid for the program, it would be awesome if someone could help me out a little.

BB alarms was well worth the five dollars, but I really want this to work!

Thx, FF

I just got an e-mail from Crackberry telling me that this software has just been updated and is now version 1.1. I cannot find the link that they provided in the email though.

hey y'all it works!!! I was getting the same message "java.lang.error"... then got an email about the upgrade. good thing i'm infront of my comp cuz the OTA still says 1.0. I had to download the zip instead and it works...

thank you thank you thank you!!!

Over the air link worked for me. Download indicates 1.0 but, in fact, what was downloaded is 1.1 on my curve. Program working fine for me now.

Ok, with 1.1, messaging shortcuts work. Except - even though I have "hide sent messages" checked, I'm still seeing a copy of all my sent SMS when I was a shortcut to send them. Any thoughts? thanks....

Hey i just downloaded everything and had no problems at all!! This is a very cool program and going to be very helpful. Thanx again for the great deal!!

So I updated. It's actually worse if you can believe it. Come on.... Someone needs to work this out asap.

you guys are fast with your help ty. got 1.1 to work once but now i'm getting uncaught java null pointer error has anyone seen this error?

i am giving up for the night on trying to get shortcut to work i'm stressed out i'm pulling my hair out. (not really i'm bald) but i am stressed. tomorrow tomorrow i'll get help tomorrow you're only a day away..

My time is valuable and this app saves me time. Therefore, it saves me money. It's completely worth the 5$. Thanks for the great product.

same here... i thought i got it going but now i get "java.lang.nullpointerexception"... i feel a little better that I'm not the only one but i'll feel better when i can get it!!


I had to do a soft reset and now all my apps for he tool bar are gone. The only apps to choose from are the ones that are already on my main screen. I need help with this. Is it me or the app?

I downloaded the new version and I still only have eight apps to choose from 6 of which are already on my home page. I did a battery pull and it's still the same.

Had some problems initially but thanks to excellent customer care by BBSmart everything is now running as described. That being said, I think that being unable to cut & paste, especially URL's is a serious shortcoming. I am confident that this will be addressed in the near future.

Keep up the good work.


Not sure why, but even after the upgrades, when I send an SMS, it shows up on my home screen but not in my inbox? Not sure what's going on, but it won't go away unless I delete it. In all my settings, I have messages set to "hide sent" messages. This is on an 8330. Is anybody else seeing this? It's entirely possible I've got something set incorrectly, but this does not happen with SMS if I send them without using BB Shortcuts.


Purchased yesterday (6/27), I've already found problems. Despite the claims, you CANNOT open third party applications! In fact, you can't add shortcuts for many of the "native" applications either. Here is the response from BBSmart:
"Currently it is not possible to add in shortcuts for some of the native applications (media, for example) however we are working on an update now which will add in this functionality.

If you have already purchased the software you'll get an automatic notification when this update is released."

As an aside, there is a newer version (1.3 vs. 1.1) but I saw no obvious difference between the two. Certainly does not work as advertised. Yes, I am disappointed.

Oh, one last thing. It took a number of tries to actually get a shortcut to "stick" or show in the shortcut list. It ignored several attempts in most cases. It is possible that 1.3 solved that problem. I'll try to post an update.

I am not buying what sounds like a good program when it works, but too many people are not only having prolems with the program but with others after they install this program. Also seem to have trouble getting it to download correctly. Although, only $5, it is not worth the stress. I'm waiting until these problems are fixed before buying. Just my thoughts.

I completely agree with you and am now sorry I wasted $5 as well. But hardly worth going through the hastle of getting it back. Too bad you can't rely on these developers to get it right before they release. This should have been beta software.

First af all Thanks.I like this application a lot, especially the web shortcuts! I haven't had any problems at all.

Second, Why everybody is saying you can't paste the web links? I have around 15 shortcuts and I pasted ALL OF THEM.
How? Simply hit CAP+Click(trackball)and voila paste.

was very weary about Shortcuts when i bought 1.0 as i was always entertained with a java_lang_error and couldn't get the program to even launch. v1.1 fixed that issue and 1.3 also works very nicely. program does what it says: creates a nicely interfaced program that's much more convenient and useful than an icon screen. had already purchased LaunchPads from CB and decided to assign that to the other convenience key because Shortcuts is not able to assign apps such as the calculator, connections, etc. as shortcuts. so shortcuts handles my apps that it recognizes and LaunchPads runs everything else. Productivity at max.

Is there a option to change the font size, Would like to see the phone book tell you which phone number (home,mobile,office) so I don't have to guess which one I'm inputing. Like the program so far.