Introducing "Battery Saving Mode" - A New Feature coming to BlackBerry OS 7.1

By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Feb 2012 12:21 pm EST

Checking out the BlackBerry Experience booth at BlackBerry DevCon Europe, we were tipped onto the fact some of the devices in the room were running newer versions of OS 7.1 than we have seen. It turns out that was in fact true, and with OS we're seeing a new feature introduced to help users get more battery life out of their BlackBerry.

Battery Saving Mode is a new feature in device options, which allows you to trigger the device into high efficiency operation at any remaining level of battery life you choose. You can also choose to Always have Battery Saving Mode running. When Battery Saving Mode is triggered, the phone automatically adjusts device settings to optimize them for longer operation. With the devices at the booth all plugged in and charged we really couldn't see just what it does, but my *guess* is you'll see things like the brightness of the screen getting dimmed down and the time out settings get shortened. It's definitely a well-welcomed feature. You can never have too much battery life!

In the meantime while you wait for this feature to hit your BlackBerry, be sure to check out our 10 Ways to Maximize the Battery Life on your BlackBerry article.

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Introducing "Battery Saving Mode" - A New Feature coming to BlackBerry OS 7.1


RIM is behind on this one! A couple android phones have this feature out the box! Anyways.. the only reason this is being introduced is because RIM dropped the ball massive on the battery department on the new devices! I used to get a day and a half of battery life on my 9700, no problem! Now with the 9900, i would be lucky if the POS survives for 12 hrs! Moving backwards RIM... Moving backwards

Nothing is wrong with charging it every night! I agree with u 100%. But something is kinda wrong with a company who is known for great battery life decides to go against that great track record! I wouldn't be mad if the phone survived until i can charge it at nights, but most the time on heavy usage it doesn't survive that long. I'm stuck looking for a charge before the end of the day! But RIM does listen to the complaints and they are doing something about it with this battery saving feature. So hopefully with this i can at least survive until the end of the nights!

It's funny because people like you whine when they have the update coming (ie what this article is about) and if Blackberry didn't create this Battery Saving mode then you'd be whining about not having this feature. So just be happy that RIM fixes the problem instead of turning the other way like other companies do with issues.

Its funny because people who actually voice out their problems with something or "whine" as u say give people like u, who just doesn't say anything, this kind of update! RIM is out to make money no matter what.. So if they can release a brick with the blackberry logo on it and people spend their hard earned cash for it and they don't complain, believe me they will! When will they do something about it? Maybe if alot of those people who bought the brick say this is bullshit.. as fans we deserve more! U know whats going to happen? Eventually RIM will listen and surely do something about it so as not to lose those consumers and their hard earned money they can give to the company. So because of those "whiners" u will be able to have something way better than the brick u are happy with (or not but dont want to complain about it)! As for me... i have been a BlackBerry supporter for many years! But i am not hesitating to voice my displeasure with their products and how the company is operating! Hopefully now with the changes they have seen recently, they will get on top of the game with the bb10 devices. For now i cannot support RIM with their products and i have moved on to something else (yap i'm not using a BlackBerry right now, 9900 was not very good IMO)... but i am hoping all the "whining" will be seen and heard and my next device will be a SUPER BLACKBERRY and not a next joke. So as for u, thank the "whiners"... u are getting a battery saving feature on ur next little update. Good luck and enjoy. Now that we know RIM and Thorsten Heins are personally looking at crackberry and listening to users... don't u think its a good time to tell them whats wrong so they can improve and make the perfect BlackBerry?

Although your answer and the other 2 msgs are a little too long I agree on everything you say. Thank you for voicing your FEEDBACK.

By the way, I don't get 12 hours out of the battery if I use Blue Tooth but the rest is OK (far from great)

That is exactly what I do.... Full Charge at 5am when I unplug and dead by 11am through 1pm every day!!!! I travel with a car charger and a wall charger. My old bold would last 1 to 1-1/2 days between charges.

I would consider myself a power user and we have changed from Rogers to Telus and I am on my "Third" 9900.... all have the same problem.

HAHAHA u mad??? Someone catching feelings about the truth? U need to get out more if words about a phone affect u that much! Damn if something is wrong i'm entitled to say it is right? And i ain't gonna sugar coat anything, so sucks if ur too busy Sucking RIMS d*** to notice when something is wrong! Me thinks ur the POS cause i really don't see why that was necessary... ur the kind that stays with his mouth shut when something is wrong and takes it up the A** because u a super fanboy that can't see nothing else! Keep taking shit when shit is offered then! If u don't complain RIM wouldn't do anything about it! Why did they even create this new battery saving feature? Because people complained about the SHITTY battery life, something RIM was never known for, so they heard what people were saying and did something about it!

You can't have it both ways. If you picked that phone for its slim looks then you just have to sacrifice battery size.

Guess i can't!! With a Berry lol... thats why i dropped the Bold 9900 and got a Motorola Droid Razr Maxx! Its super thin (thinner than the 9900) and has a 3300 mAh battery! I'm using it as heavy as possible and it lasts 1 day and a half easy! 3 days and a half on low usage! F'ing amazing! SO no i didn't sacrifice battery for thinness on this one lol! Oh and my cousin was the one who initially got me into the Razr Maxx... he has the original droid Razr and thats even thinner than this one and has a way better battery life than the 9900! His one goes a day of hard usage and 2 with low usage! So u see it is possible without no sacrifice! On the contrary... the jump i made from the 9900 to this phone is like jumping to the moon! Even though the screen might not be as amazing as the nexus 720 hd and iphone's retina display, its still leagues ahead of any BlackBerry! Oh and it has an 8 mp shooter with 1080 video recording and playback! Oh and it has dual core 1.2... Oh and everything is more amazing... and did i mention its thinner than the 9900, and my battery lasts for days? Oh wait i did!! hahaha... damn no complaints here now! So, sorry the technology is available no matter how thin the phone is... its just not available to RIM thats 3 years behind everything else technologically speaking! Lmfao

Good idea, and BTW I get an easy day and half with fairly heavy to moderate use on my 9930. Easily the best phone I've owned. More tweaks are always welcome.

"If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong"

and on top of all that greatness you have to get an antivirus ( I hear they have free ones ;) ), you have the worst native smartphone browser ( which supports a little flash, you can get firefox but then again... No flash lol ), you have a phone that has everything watched and recorded ( google is in bed with the US Government mind you ), one of the worst and most unsecured email systems, if you like to control and customize the OS ( besides change the wallpaper and move icons around ) that's pretty much impossible ( unless you root it and you have a few more options ) I mean I can do this for hours. Do you get my point? But I hope you its worth 3 and 1/2 days of battery life.

Ok lets do this!! And yes it is more than worth it that my phone lasts so long and i don't have to walk around with a spare battery, have a car charger, charge it every time i'm around an outlet and computer, have chargers at home and work!! Very much worth it! Now lets tackle ur other "GREAT" points! First i did get an antivirus... Avast antivirus for free! I use it on my computer as well and its great. But even though i have it i have never really used it to stop A VIRUS. It has never signaled me of any virus and this is after downloading and installing over 60 apps, games, themes, and live wallpapers! Oh and since my battery lasts a couple days i use the shit out of my browser and never had any kind of infection as well. This is surfing every single site i do on my comp as well. YES the big screen and super speedy and powerful processor makes this a beautiful experience. VIdeos, music, countless sites u name it. Now to the browser! The native browser is pretty good! It has everything i want out the box. Tabs, multitasking, FLASH, pinch to zoom, etc. Its pretty good! Oh and u saying i have the worst native browser and u saying this owning a berry makes me think u have NEVER tried any other phone my friend! Blackberrys have hands down the worst native browsers of any smartphones. So if u would try something different u would agree in less than 10 mins! I also got dolphin hd browser as a backup, OH and it has flash as well... and i must say it is amazing! Oh and google chrome is being released as a beta now .. so that amazing. Only possible with a big app ecosystem, the choices are endless! As for phones being watched and recorded... all phones now are being watched and recorded! U think u sending BBM info and secure info through the BlackBerry servers go unrecorded? Damn u lost sir... and i don't even live in US and i am not a criminal or a threat to any country's security so i really don't care! Our own service providers have all our info anyways lol! Google mail works great! Always had it before even used it on my Berry so its fucking sweet still! Like native mail all over again. I am not missing a BERRY thing. Lets see... my phone is not rooted yet??!! But i have go launcher and awd launcher and i am able to change themes, and icons with just a lil download! Just as i did with a berry downloading themes! SO i'm good again... lol! Oh there are things called widgets that i can put on my homescreen as well, and they can change the appearance of the clock and home screen weather as easy as downloading the look and setting it as well! So yeah that pretty much covers ur argument! Anything else u would like sir? Oh and i hope u are not doing this from ur phone because u would be limited in the "i can do this for hours" final statement! hahaha.. i hope u have an older berry so you can do it for hours! U can't win against me because i can do this for DAYS (yes the battery allows it)! LMFAO

Would much rather have a better battery than battery management. I want to use my BB how I see fit. I want brightness, BT/WiFi/3G all running, I want my GPS up and always ready to go. Doesn't seem right to reduce levels of features that are used to actually sell the product.

But having said all that, at least they are doing something.

Any idea if it'll let me set the brightness below the current minimum on 7.0? My 9900 is far brighter than it needs to be when using it in the dark.

if apple came out with this feature, they would make a big deal out of it, say that they've reinvented the phone, and make it look cool and a gotta have feature.

marketing, marketing, marketing...

Marketing is what it is all about.

I read an article about how great the browsing experience was on the Kindle Fire, how the Amazon servers shrink the data to match the ability of the small screen and how amazing that technology is... Wait has BB been doing that for ages?

Market the data saving features the BB's have and how that can help a user stay under the lame data caps.

Agreed completely. I dont like apple because of that. They said the ipad was "revolutionary" when its just a bigger ipod basically.

I wish RIM launches OS2.0 on feb 14th as a valentine's day gift to everyone ;-) While typing on playbook I realized RIM should consider giving 123sym buttom a different functionality when hold pressed. RIM should consider assigning some special characters and access to them when sym button is pressed and hold. They should give the customer keyboard customization utility. people will love this feature. I wish RIM launches devices in the following sizes 5,7,9,11 ofcourse with constant scaling factors and aspect ratios so that apps can work on all of them with little effort

Mr Mark A. Keane
Battery saving mode should a good feature, but better overall power management is needed more.

Woohoo; now to see how long this update will take to be "approved" by Rogers - I'm guessing we will see it roll out in 6 -8 months lol

You think? Maybe Bell will win this round and release it in 11 month!

All a bunch of bastards...

I have the same phone. It always seems like the OS leaks are only for the 9900 and never for its CDMA brother. Almost like we are getting punished because we like unlimited internet and good customer service lol.

I have a 9930, I don't know what people are talking about when they complain about battery life. I'm on wifi all day, and also at night at home. Talk on my phone all day (atleast 10 min of every hour), have GPS and bluetooth available (bridge on and off to playbook) - and i use apps (facebook) - and I will still have atleast half of my battery left when i get home.

How fucking lame. Instead of giving us a proper battery they give us the option to use settings we don't want. If I wanted a dimmer screen... I'd dim it myself.

Everyone raises Holy Hell that RIM sucks becauseof lack of features but brag about the battery life. Now they are adding more features & higher end phones and you raise Holy Hell about battery life, good grief!!

They gave us more demand on the battery with higher end phones then gave us a smaller battery than the last generations of phones had. Maybe you're as dumb as RIM but that's NOT a combination that people are going to like. Of course people are going to complain. You must work for rim. "Waaaa we can't meet consumer expectations .. Waaaa. This is obviously the consumer's fault."

What is that trick for quickly seeing the system info again? Its some combination of touch points (top corners?) and maybe a button? I can't seem to find it via google and I don't remember the crackberry article I saw it in.

Yeah I guarantee it's doing some other funky stuff ie with cpu and so on because anyone can set the basic power saving setting, but sometimes when I'm just listening to music off of rhapsody, what do I need 4g on for? Or a 1.2 ghz processor eating up power. No thanx. Take it down to 3g and like 800mhz and I'm good to go. I'd like to have the option of disabling the lighting up of the keyboard is low light areas. I love that the display dims but I still have enough light to see quiet clearly on the keyboard so I don't need it on while I type my emails or herras kevin on twitter. Plus I know the keyboard already which reminds me, always wanted an "advance customization features" on a blackberry. For the nerds who know the phones inside and out. :)

Dig this new feature.

It's good to see something being done albeit to something that shouldnt have been to start with! It doesn't really soothe me! I do have a spare battery though! What pains me is that I see other devices thinner than d 99xx with bigger batteries and it ridicules d argument for the 99xx's poor battery! I hope a real lesson is learnt here and this mistake is not repeated! Functionality trumps cosmetics!

I recently got tired of low capacity 1230mAh battery so I jump to a 1500mAh battery ordered from...yes, Hong Kong of course! Works excellent and with OS it rocks out for 21-23 hrs and yes that includes everything from emailing, browsing, news reading, BBM'ing, phone, and tweeting! The only downfall with the battery is that soft reboots require the additional adapter included with the battery which with the original in place converts it so it can be compatible for the 9900. Now with BSM, this 99 will last me forever! Sure it's late for RIM, but who's coming soon!

Stay positive, Be Bold!
The DigitalHomeBoy

i wonder if people like kaotik_187 realize that RIM probably already has realized that the competition (android) has this feature on devices that i mean, there is no need to rant about the rant for the features RIM haven't acknowledged that we want need yet....but on to more important things>>> i think this is a cool feature to add on...from what I've been reading OS7 devices have sucked at battery life in comparison to older BBs....even my 9800 doesn't get the life my 9700 did....i really hope that BB10 devices come with a better battery life and the saving feature

Yeah i agree with u! We should rant about what we need so the next BB10 phones will be F*ing amazing!!! I just got really into it when i was typing the statements and replies lol! And i hope RIM is listening like they said they would.

Another completely useless tryout of RIM to shut up the mouth of the unsatisfied clients.
RIM, you better build better phones.

I have 7.1 installed and cannot find this bat. save option or where to go in my 9850 to set the settings. Anyone can help me?

Anyone here still using the bold 9900 this 2015 despite its battery limitations? im looking to buy the Classic and im thinking of getting the 9900 just because it looks good.