An interview with RIM's Managing Director for the UK & Ireland, Stephen Bates

By Adam Zeis on 3 Aug 2011 01:57 pm EDT

While Ewan was busy checking out the new BlackBerry 7 devices today in the UK, he took some time out to sit down with RIM's Managing Director for the UK & Ireland, Stephen Bates. Mr. Bates talked on the new devices, the BlackBerry 7 OS, Liquid Graphics and the international reach of the BlackBerry platform. He goes on to say that this is the biggest global launch for RIM to date and more devices are certainly on the way. Sit back, relax and check out the full interview above (make sure you stick it out til the end!) then read more on the upcoming BlackBerry smartphones.

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An interview with RIM's Managing Director for the UK & Ireland, Stephen Bates


bb fans won't be disappointed, he said...WE ARE ALREADY DISAPPOINTED, 5 months since announcing the 9930 and still no release date

So Rim does listen to Crackberry and I am really stoked about getting the new Torch 2! Unfortunately my early upgrade time is the middle of October, but I can wait. In the meantime, when the Torch 2 hits ATT, I am going to be stopping by the store to do some test runs!!

I'm not the fool who's going to be wasting my money on a device that is completely subpar to the competition out there today. Spend/consume/shop smartly, if you want to continue being RIM's b*tch, by all means... obviously a stupid consumer.

That's your opinion. Besides, if RIM is such a waste of time in your eyes, why are you even here in the first place?

My guess is that he is 1. an Android user and is waiting for his phone to charge for the 2nd time today.. or 2. an iPhone user and lost his phone condom so he can't get a signal.

Go wait in line for the new iPhone 5 and stop wasting our time with your BS.. You iPhone/Android users are so sophisticated and technologically advanced.. what would the world be without you??

This is good, I believe RIM will change things around, even invested in their stock yesterday :). I hope Rogers announces theres tonight for the 9th. Clove is getting theirs but no at&t 3g bands :(

Oh brother, everything is so "iconic."

Translation: "We haven't had an original thought in 7 years so, pretty much everything is as it was."

Shout out to CB!!!!!! I'm impressed!!!!!!!! I can't WAIT to get my hands on a 99XX (Yea I say XX cause I MIGHT just be switching to TMobile if I have to, IF VZW drags their feet too much, and/or because I like the idea of the HSPA+ network, and possible hotspot)

If the UK is such an important market, why do RIM keep discriminating against non North American users by disabling apps like the podcast one or the news feed? I know a lot of people who that has caused resentment with and the fact that RIM steadfastly refuse to explain why is showing great apathy towards it's non American user base.

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