Interview with Fabian Heuwieser, BlackBerry App Developer

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Nov 2009 02:37 am EST

If you follow me on twitter (@crackberrykevin), you may have caught wind of the fact that I'm in Europe right now, hitting up Paris first for a few days and now stuffing my face with pizza in Roma. More articles will be popping up over the next week or so with some of observations I have made in terms of BlackBerry in Europe, so stay tuned for that.

The first BlackBerry highlight of the trip was getting to meet app developer Fabian Heuwiser in person. Now, the video above is not of me interviewing Fabian, but rather our pal Nan Palmero, who met Fabian in Germany on a recent trip for a beer. It just so happened that Fabian was in Paris the same weekend I was, so he ran over and met me at the Galleries Lafeyette late Saturday afternoon at the 1st floor Dom Perignon bar (every mall in the world should have one of these) while Miss CrackBerry continued to shop. We didn't have time to conduct a formal interview, so props to Nan for getting this video done up for BBCool. Watch it above!

Regular readers of will be familiar with Fabian's apps, such as ForceRadioOn, LaterDude Pro, TyperSpeed and the historically popular VibandRing. You can check out all of Fabian's apps here. Fabian has been working on a new CrackBerry mobile launcher as well, which we'll be launching here on the blogs next week. Keep it locked to CB to catch it when it drops. Great meeting you Fabian!

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Fabian has hands down, the very best customer service of any app developer I have dealt w/. Keep up the great work Fabian!


Fabian is mad chill. i won a free copy of laterdude.


Can't wait to see the new app he is working on for the Storm :)


Thanks for all the cool apps including the free ones.
Keep up the good work!


Thank you guys for the kind words!
You know I do it for you, for the CrackBerry and general BlackBerry community!

Crunch War ja lustig wie der Hofbraeuhaus ausgesprochen hat.

So what does it feel like being a celebrity? :D


I use Fabian's LaterDudePro and absolutely love it. Cheers on your trip.


Please don't conduct interviews over beer, because I just got a headache watching Fabian through a moving camera.