Internal RIM document offers a glimpse of upcoming Jay Cut video editor for BlackBerry 10 devices

By Bla1ze on 6 May 2012 09:51 pm EDT

It has been a while now since RIM acquired the video editing company JayCut. Thus far, we've not seen anything come out of the Swedish based company but it looks as though RIM been putting them to work on BlackBerry 10. As posted in the CrackBerry forums, we're now getting a glimpse at what JayCut has been up thanks to some internal RIM documents. It's only a quick look but it's great to finally see something from JayCut being put to use.

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Internal RIM document offers a glimpse of upcoming Jay Cut video editor for BlackBerry 10 devices


This is the one app I have really been holding my breath for. I take a ton of videos of my 2yr old & 5yr old daughters that need editing. I hope this comes very soon.

I tend to import everything on to Laptop. Yep, it well be welcome app to edit on the fly then post up for sharing.

Awesome! Hope it comes standard in the new Playbook OS and BB10! Can't wait to edit videos on the Playbook! Woo hoo!

Me too so excited! Need this ASAP! The should release some of this sooner than bb10 for us playbook faithful. Get the buzz going before the new phone!

Man I hope this is in 2.1 this will add another notch to the Playbook and Imo its already a top notch tablet.

Any word if they are using Cascades for this? It looks very clean.

If this is built with Cascades the Playbook won't get it until it gets blackberry10

From what I understand there are already a few Cascades apps on the Playbook, the native calculator and Scrapbook, they run just fine with the current OS. I see no reason to need OS10 for a few cascades components.

Video editing on the playbook? Now this is what I am looking forward to!!!!!
No more uploading and then using YouTube editor. Finally an on-device suite! :)

For video captured to the computer, there's nch videopad, (windows, mac coming soon, or via wine for mac), openshot, Kino, pitivi, kdenlive, etc.