InstaVenue updated and goes half price!

By James Richardson on 17 Oct 2013 06:28 am EDT

I think I made it quite clear when we first announced InstaVenue for BlackBerry 10 how much I loved the application - and nothing has changed for me. If you were at all put off by the price then today is your lucky day as the location based app has received a 50% discount as well as a bunch of new features. 

In this day and age we all love sharing photographs and with InstaVenue you can add an overlay with a variety of options including weather, travel, BlackBerry stuff and more. The proof is in the pudding with this one. Now it's half price give it a go and enjoy the fun. 

If you missed our hands on with InstaVenue you can catch up here

New in this update:

  • New skins added - including a CrackBerry one!
  • Now you can manually type in your venue.
  • Enter phrase to search nearby locations.
  • U.S. users can now switch the date format to M/D/Y format, date format is now switchable to Day/Month/Year, Month/Day/Year, or Year/Month/Day.
  • Fully supports Spanish and Swedish alphabets.
  • You can overlay your business or website logo/brand on top of the photos. Very useful for restaurants or hotel owners.
  • Fixed occasional crash when opening the Settings

If you are not seeing the update just yet be patient - it's rolling out right now. 

More information/Download InstaVenue for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

InstaVenue updated and goes half price!


Annoying that those who paid full price, including me, feel like mugs now! Still, it's an awesome app.. and the updates are very welcome.

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Tell me, if you won't be going on a holiday any time soon, is it still worth to buy this app? What do you use it for?

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I was wondering the same thing. Perhaps some thing to make a personalized mug or something...can't see much else.

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Is there a different to Photo X Pro that is worth the price of InstaVenue? I don't want to have two more or less exactly the same apps...

Did it. Can't tell any difference that is worth to pay again. But maybe there are some people out there that can compare it to Photo X Pro directly cause they own both and can say something about it...

I have Photo X Pro, and I can say InstaVenue is a much more polished app.

Photo X Pro although useable, it has a little 'tackiness' to the whole user experience. For example, text doesn't automatically fit itself that it won't fit into cropped photos, and such.

That's all great. I'm looking forward to playing with the updates, but what I REALY want is the ability to turn off the "Instavenue" watermark. Keep it on for those who have the free vs, but let us who have paid not have to have it

Posted via CB10 has a watermark as part of the overlay on a paid app? That's a deal killer for me.

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Per my previous comments in the original news comments regarding this app, I have now bought it. :-)

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I feel really annoyed that just a week ago I paid full price for this and so soon the developer has reduced the price. If he develops anything else, I will probably wait to see if the price is dropped (which probably means I'll forget all about it and not buy it).

Great attitude. I'm guessing you'll never buy a car or clothes either because they drop in price too.

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I don't mind a drop in price but a week after its release is a bit of a kick in the teeth to people who support a new developer. I'm sure you'd feel the same if you bought a new car and week later it dropped to half price or do you have money to burn?

I felt the same when I saw the title, but at least it's only for a week...
Now, the guys that complained about the 4 bucks price will buy the app now, or will they?? ROFL

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Oh, the price finally starting to reflect reality :) I wonder what CrackBerry skin can be used for...

Just downloaded, good app. $1.99 is the right price though, $3.99 is a bit steep for what it does.

Still, happy to pay the money for this one.

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This app is missing a feed. It'd expect to see posted photos from other users around the world. Am I missing something?

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You can use their BBM Channel for that. A little cumbersome but a good example of how BBM Channels can be used.

It retrieves your current location and weather and overlay it on the photos you take, it has many options of layout (skins) to enhance your photos

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I'm pretty much tired of this. I support BlackBerry. I buy an app at full price, days later it's half price or free. I buy a phone or tablet at full price, then it's price is slashed.
My BlackBerry love is weaning. By being out there first with BlackBerry and supporting them, you actually get screwed.

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This app is an almost exact copy of the Android and iOS apps InstaWesther and InstaPlace. Wonder if the developer of those has seen this!

Excelente App instavenue, de lo mejor para compartir fotos de una forma distinta!! lo compre cuando costaba USD3.99 pero no importa si hubiera costado USD5.00 igual lo habria comprado!!! Gracias de nuevo a los desarrolladores por creer en la plataforma BB OS10. Translate if you can!! #ichoiceblackberry

How smooth is this app, as if TAT developed this. Love it.

Some remarks:
(1) App branding can be removed in the settings menu.
(2) So now it is €1.79, before it was €3.69. If you didn't have to raise your credit account, stop complaining. Over the course of a month you probably drop more on the ground and are too lazy to pick it up.

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Those complaining about price drops should consider:

- it was worth it to you when you bought it at the price you paid... so try not to feel bad about it in retrospect.

- would you also complain if there were no apps being developed for BlackBerry? If developers don't make enough money for their efforts, this could be the case. I think we should support the relatively few developers we have.

RitalinHum:: C001211E2

Buy your new car in January to get great deals on last year's model. Wait till the app you want goes on sale.
Early adapters pay more. It's a fact of life. If you just HAVE to have the latest and greatest be prepared to pay.
But really a couple of bucks here and there is unlikely to hurt very much. It happens to everybody.

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@previouspost the developer listened to the user comments on the forums. Users of InstaVenue said that this low price (50% off) was ridiculous compared to what they paid. So developer increases the price, whooohaaaha what a brilliant move. (but it is still €1 cheaper compared to the original price).

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The price was bumped up to $2.99. I can understand why people were annoyed that the price had dropped so soon after the app's release. Even now at $2.99 it still looks good to me. I'll be picking it up.

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I was thinking of buying it at $1.99. It really doesn't do much. Then he bumped it to $2.99. I don't like developers that play with prices, so that made my mind up.

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Great app ... works well as said. Fortunately, I can afford $2.99 to support a good product and a BlackBerry developer.
Can't believe people complain so much about the price. If you want it, buy it. I guess my theory is if I can't afford $2.99, I probably truly can't afford $0.99 cents either. So I shouldn't be buying apps to begin with. I spend more than that at the McDonald's drive thru.

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