Instavenue for BlackBerry 10 gets updated - New 'Foodies's skins available

By James Richardson on 18 Dec 2013 03:20 am

One of my favorite BlackBerry 10 applications has had yet another welcome update and with it brings a whole new set of skins - Foodies. Chances are that if you use Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you would have been guilty of uploading some food photographs. Now you can do it in true BlackBerry fashion with one of 8 sets of skins (including foodies) - all of which look sweet. 

If you haven't tried Instavenue I would urge you to do so. As well as taking beautiful photos there are a selection of skins to overlay the photo - there's even a CrackBerry one! For under a buck this one's a beauty. 

If you missed our initial review of Instavenue you can catch it here. I love this app! 

What's New:

  • New "Foodies" skins set categories (10 skins). You asked for it! You get it! 
  • Added 1 skin to CrackBerry skins set. (Keep Calm skin) 
  • Double tap on skins to quickly enter custom text.
  • Join and access InstaVenue BBM Channel feed by tapping the lower right button.
  • Bug fixes

If you don't see the update initially keep on trying. The roll out has begun. 

More information/Download Instavenue for BlackBerry 10

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this is cool!
yeh yeh first time to be first



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There's no one up to notice but the ones that scour the forum all day and night. Lol

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James Richardson

Unless the dev notifies you via BBM a week in advance! 


I love this app! 'Foodies' are wonderful

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That's nice. James do you get paid to just download every app and try it out and write reviews? If you need help, lemme know. I'm good at downloading stuff at the expense of others and criticizing it... just sayin. Oh I'm also good at getting paid so.... yeah. Just putting it out there. ;)

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I am learning the app each day, a fun app, when you are traveling , hopefully there will be more skins , but I am enjoying this app


Blatant copy of instaplace, instafood and instaweather which are available on ios and android.

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Which is even better because it compiles all three apps in one better app. I used Instaweather and instaplace on Android, I can tell you that the experience is much worse than the iOS version, and also way worse than this app.

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Good! Instaplace can develop an app for BB10 if they don't like it.

Also, as mentioned, good to see all the "insta" apps rolled into one.

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Instaweather, instaplace, and instafood is a blatant copy of Instadaily.

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Cool App, bought it right away

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Great app! Very fun, very useful.

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Still don't get the benefit of this app. Not sure why I'd want to overlay this stuff on my pics...

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Agreed. I bought it but since removed it. Don't see the point.

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