A must have download - InstaVenue for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 8 Oct 2013 09:10 am EDT

InstaVenue for BlackBerry 10 has to be one of the greatest native applications I've seen in a long time. To cut a long story short it is the best way to share a photograph but with a location based overlay and as you'll see in the video there is a bunch of options. 

Once you launch the app there are two tabs at the top of the screen. The one of the left is to change your location and over on the right is skins. Due to InstaVenue being integrated with Foursquare you have the option to choose your location - so if you are at a particular venue you can use that as the overlay. There are five different skin categories with the app - each containing various options for how your location and information you want to share looks like. 

These include:

  • Weather
  • Travel
  • BlackBerry Fans
  • Love 
  • Hate

Down at the base of the display are a further five tabs. These include switching cameras, flash options, select a picture from your BlackBerry, settings and in the middle is the camera tab.

All you need to do is take a photo (or use one already on your BlackBerry) and you can then alter the skin and location. This can also be done before you shoot the photo too which is a nice touch. Once the photo is taken and you are happy with the overlay you have the option to edit the image, set it as a wallpaper or profile picture for your social networks, or save and share. Sharing will open up a list of all the accounts in your BlackBerry Hub so you have a wide range of options. Alternatively, you can just save the image to your BlackBerry for later if you so desire. 

InstaVenue has a beautiful and user friendly UI and the results are awesome. This one gets the big thumbs up from me and will be staying on my BlackBerry forever! 

Priced at £2.50/$3.99 InstaVenue is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Give it a try - you won't be sorry. 

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Firstly, nice looking app.

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Arny cua

All the good apps is not free, why BlackBerry?

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Nothing to do with "blackberry "..

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Because its not BlackBerry making the app. And developers need to make money too. I suppose you are going to say all android and iOS apps are free? Get real. I'm really sick of this constant b!+(hing and complaining.


still, why BB users have to pay and iOS/Android have cool stuff for free?


Because there are much fewer developers for BB, so they can price it at whatever knowing there is very little competition. If you had 50 developers wanting to make a similar app, in order to call attention to their app each dev would have to either (1) add more features to make their app cooler than the rest or (2) lower the price. If they keep lowering the price eventually it becomes free.

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"eventually it becomes free" but with ads, thank you I prefer paid apps


true, I'd rather pay for an app than have one filled with ads


There are plenty of cool free apps available for BB10.


First, because there are costs associated with learning to build apps for BB, as well as with leveraging that knowledge to actually build an app. Those costs -- time, resources, and perhaps even money -- could be spent on other development projects, so the return on investment mist be considered carefully.

Second, because the much, much smaller pool of BB owners means that an app priced at a lower price point doesn't have the opportunity to garner a lot of sales, and therefore generate a reasonable profit due to volume.

Third, because the much, much smaller pool of BB owners means that developing a free, throwaway, loss-leader app to generate name recognition and build a reputation is much less likely to succeed as a marketing strategy.


You guys are extremely illogical when it comes to paying for apps. When was the last time you paid for anything under $4 and kept it for 2+ years?. The coffee you buy runs through you after an hour. You crap out the nasty cheeseburger you buy for 5 bucks. For god sakes, you pay for water!!! So someone spend MONTHS on an app and a quality one at that,and you want it to be free?... Come on!... i used to pay 29.99 for docs to go back in the day. so shut up!


Would you like it if your boss/customers said "you do good work, so we're not going to pay you"? . . .
And wth, you think we should pay for crappy apps but get the good ones for free?


What do you spend your entire day for months producing and give away for free?


I'm happy to pay for a good app. The only little complain is that usually the same app is a wee more expensive on BB than other platforms.

I'd rather pay an app than having ads or the dev having to sell my data to make money.


From what I see, that's a 'problem' with WP8 as well, and I've seen some apps more expensive on WP8 than BlackBerry. It seems that developers want a quicker return on investment on new platforms, probably due to their volatility.

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Exactly. I'll pay, thanks. I feel like I was sleeping during the shift when it became OK to invade people's privacy and take information without them knowing exactly what is happening. And now it is a legitimate business model? I doubt it will ever compute properly with me.

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When people used to buy software applications from a store, they cost a whole lot more than four dollars.


I'm giving him the benefit that he was kidding( I hope).

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More Android apps are "free" but they harass you with advertising that constantly take you off to websites that try to sell you something. That's no fun. I'd rather pay the $2 or $3 for a good app and not be harassed. I'll also be saying money on the data charges from accidentally tapping on the ad and going off to their websites! In the end, nothing is really free.


For the same reason why you don't work for free.

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Wilsonia Goldens

Because the good developers have to get paid!


What a brilliant app !! Downloading right now \o/


Haven't you heard blackberry is a poor company that's why they are going out of business.

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!


$4? Seriously?!

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Omg the price of a beer!!!

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The price of half a beer at a football or hockey game. :p

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I'm willing to pay $4 for a beer, but for an app? meh


You will get a lot more value out of the app over the beer for four dollars.


It's a price of a full featured photo-editor. With number of features this app has it should be around 1.99$ max (and that's overpriced already). Looks like developer is really drunk as it's name suggests :)


So what is the point of the app that makes it a must-have?


You can bother people on FB posting everyday the weather condition wherever you are. Something that nobody actually care therefore you'll get lots of comments on every post.


Every app James reviews is "the perfect app".

I support BB10, NOT BB Management!


Just sideload InstaDaily from google play, also similar to InstaVenue and best of all, it is free!


I would rather spend $4 than waste 5 minutes of my life I will never get back.


Hahaha. Exactly.

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Yeah, maybe. But it costs 12 bucks here in my country. :(


$4 is couch change. You spend more on your coffee everyday.


coffee is actually tastier and useful

Aljean Thein

That's if you buy coffee everyday

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Very nice for sure. Great UI but too pricey from my perspective. Up to 1.99 would be my range...3.99 is crazy IMHO


Agree...$1.99 is fair to me. Or the developer can make a free version first to try then have an option to purchase other features.

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I guess I should feel blessed that spending $4 doesn't impact my life in any way. Sucks to be you.


Dude, FYI I'm a middle aged tech professional...it's not the cost to me personally, it is the business economics for the Dev. It is a fact that maximum download saturation happens at <1.99. It is in his/her best interest to sell 30,000 downloads at 1.99 rather than 10,000 at 3.99. Plus the additional user base for word of mouth promotion and scale.


Good point but I guess some serious A/B testing is required to determine the sweet spot for each type of app.

He could always have a sale with a coupon code to test that but sometimes *sales* generate more response than lower prices in the beginning thus skewing the experiment a little.

I write and sell desktop software and found raising my prices gave my product the perception it must be a more serious competitor in a semi busy sector. Also for equal income I would rather support fewer customers in the desktop world.


Seriously it's 4 dollars...what are you going to do with 4 dollars...nothing...not that big of a deal

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You are absolutely missing the point...it's not the cost to me personally, it is the business economics for the Dev. It is a fact that maximum download saturation happens at <1.99. It is in his/her best interest to sell 30,000 downloads at 1.99 rather than 10,000 at 3.99. Plus the increased user base for word of mouth.


Where can I find the link to your study on this matter? I would like to critique it.


“In general, we noticed that the optimum sales occurred when the price was cut in half or the application was offered in tier 1 ($0.99) or tier 2 ($1.99),” said Distimo in a January 2012 study."
Read more: Pricing Strategies for Your App http://www.digitalinnovationgazette.com/distribution/app_valuation/index...



I support BB10, NOT BB Management!


Did you not expect me to read the article? It's very contradictory to your own argument...

First of all, you took out of context. Let's examine:

"Not surprisingly, the deeper the discount, the more users take advantage of it. “In general, we noticed that the optimum sales occurred when the price was cut in half or the application was offered in tier 1 ($0.99) or tier 2 ($1.99),” said Distimo in a January 2012 study."

What they are speaking of is a sale price, which is meant to be temporary, as they state that the "average price of iPhone apps declined from $3.69 to $3.26, while apps sold through the Google Play store increased by a penny to $3.14." which is much higher than the optimum 99 cents you argue.

It goes on to say that;

"Even so, discounts don’t guarantee a big revenue boost. Distimo’s study found that 44 percent of iPhone apps lost revenue during their sale, and 23 percent of them took a hit of more than 20 percent. That’s why picking the right discount amount is key."

This article says nothing about the optimum price being 99 cents, rather it argues to pick your discounts based on the app and price accordingly.


*sigh* Price and purchase what you want, I'm not your mother. :-) Yes, there are circumstances where very high-end apps (like rich game play or deep functionality) can command a higher price. But in general, all things being equal, in most circumstances, for the broad number of applications, the .99 to 1.99 is what is optimal. That's one reason why the sale price was effective - it was now in that affordable sweet spot (perceived value of a "discount" is the other.) There is even a trend downward with in-app purchases of content being the best option.


I just don't think the market sweet spot for a photo layer & sharing app is $4. That is my entire point! :-)


*Grunt n grumble* This, as you say, is not a circumstance where all things are equal. According to the article you posted, the optimum price for apps is somewhere between $3.26 and $3.14. The market has decided these values, and no study can argue with what the market is willing to price at.


Not optimal - historical and again depends on sophistication of the app. Hey man, price your app where you want and good luck to you.

There are other links there I posted to consider as well, in addition to this Gartner statement.

"99% of the paid-for app store downloads cost less than $3 each. Similar to free apps, lower-priced apps will drive the majority of the downloads. We estimate that apps between $0.99 and $2.99 will account for 87.5% of the paid-for downloads in 2012. That percentage will further increase to 96% by 2016." Source: Gartner Report Market Trends: Mobile App Stores, Worldwide, 2012.


I think this discussion may be wasting your time.

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Indeed it is... I just like people to back up their claims... oh, an also to quit crying over 4 dollars.


what I'm going to do with $4? I'm going to not buy an app.
And there it is, he lost a customer, If it would be $0.99 I would be more willing to pay, and like it or not I'm not the only one who thinks that way, people say goodbye more easily to $0.99 rather than 4 fucking dollars.


Just sideload instaweather and that is for free. 3,59 euro that is crazy a game is cheaper. No thanks and mostly you use it a few time and I sharing photo's with facebook,twitter just write down the temperature your self. 99 dollar cent or 79 euro cent is right price and I will buy it. :)


huh and wwhats the point in this app? :S nor being a troll by the way!!


it's something to make your pictures appear different. To give them a little bit of flavor


I'm with I. I fail to see why I would use this but I guess there's a demand for it

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This. Is. F*king. Awesome!

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I just bought it. What the heck? Looks interesting and I like to support developers

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Lovely looking and usefull app, great job!


looks much better than Photo X Pro

Detective M Downs

I wouldn't mind seeing a compare between Photo X Pro and InstaVenue...


Unfortunately CrackBerry doesn't do comparisons, just pick an app, call it Must Have, Perfect and here you go :)


Is there anyway to develop custom skins then have that overlay any photo (like for example a company logo)?


cool idea but would never pay money let alone 3.99

Detective M Downs

"but would never pay money" - Are you offering some 'other' services to the developer?


I'm all for devs getting paid, but this isn't an app for me that I would pay for.



I support BB10, NOT BB Management!


I rely on reviews and recommendations to make app purchases, so I generally appreciate recommendations from sources I trust. But I

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* But I have to say that calling this a "must have" app seems more than a bit of stretch. No matter how well this app does what it is suppose to do, I cannot see it being a must have.

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James, what OS version are you running on your Z30?


It's effing $4 people. Get real.

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dear teacher...jstirtzinger...try studying the law of supply and demand. if you don't need it, don't buy. move on.


Thanks, I actually have studied it as I'm sure you have, and so i know you fully understand that in non-essential things like an app, there is an equilibrium where demand can be influenced by price, especially in this instance where there is infact no supply constraint at all. (unless the dev chooses to cap the number of downloads allowed.) I Don't get the haters...I absolutely support purchased apps and absolutely agree Dev's need to be rewarded for their work. I complemented the design and only suggested an optimal price point for "what the market will bear" for them to maximize their revenue. Yet another economic principal I'm sure you've studied. :-)


Great app, just downloaded it, worth the money for the developer hard work and commitment to BB10, the price is less than a coffee at starbucks, so please stop complaining about that, developers needs to eat as well and pay their bills.

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I went ahead and bought it. I would like it of I could import my own image overlays. Other than that it's a pretty cool app.

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Most in demand apps on other platforms are free. Pass, why spend the money who knows how long my phone will be supported?

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Generally they're not "free"...there are either in-app advertising or your data is their revenue source.


Yup. People complain about the NSA while downloading "free" apps that send all their personal info to data mining services.

I support BB10, NOT BB Management!


Easy there conspiracy theory guy.

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Developers have to make some dough for all that time spent coding those scripts. BlackBerry have plenty of good free apps.


I see someone lives in hertfordshire just like me :):)

Posted with my stl100-2 on .1725 :D


Just can't resist not to buy this good stuff and yes, its better than Photo X Pro. Make the 2nd apps I bought this week after badland or 26th paid apps sofar. Still have some cash only for good dev with good apps.

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The video link isn't opening for me?

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A must-have! I'm willing to pay is better than not having any option. Also amazing that this type of apps are coming in the middle of the so called crisis... and BlackBerry 10 is getting better. it mixes me up but makes me happy too.

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Pete The Penguin

What's the point of this app?


Will be downloading this today. I like that the dev explains the need for such permissions access.

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It's just not working for me. I bought it, installed it and when I start it it just keeps saying "processing"....

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Looks awesome, but I'm not buying an app for these little futures. Not for this amount anyway, there are much cheaper apps that can do much more. (in other categories)

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Naw.. $4 bucks is too much for that's a 99 cents app at best.. like really?

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Nice app. Indonesia developer rocks!!

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Just downloaded. Looks great. Job well done.

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I bought it and worth the money. Great little app and lots of fun. The support is excellent and after asking a question I heard back in a matter minutes. Happy to support Dev's.