InstaPhoto now available for BlackBerry Smartphones - 25 copies up for grabs

InstaPhoto BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 21 Jul 2011 11:39 am EDT
InstaPhoto BlackBerry

The popular image filtering app InstaPhoto for the BlackBerry PlayBook has now been ported for phones as well. InstaPhoto lets you snap a photo or choose an existing image, then apply various filters to give it a special, custom look. Choose from tons of filters like Burnout, Cool Breeze, SLR, Torn and many more. The images are saved to a custom folder on your device so you'll never lose track of them, and you can easily upload to Facebook and Twitter to share them with your friends. Instaphoto is available for $2.99 in BlackBerry App World, however if you've already purchased the app for your PlayBook you can download from App World to your phone at no extra cost!

Contest:  We have 25 copies of InstaPhoto up for grabs (the phone version only!!). To enter to win, just leave a single comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight. 

More information/download of InstaPhoto

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InstaPhoto now available for BlackBerry Smartphones - 25 copies up for grabs



So.... if you get it for your phone, does that mean you get if for your PlayBook, too? You know, the flip of the above. I haven't bought it for my PB, yet, but it looks really awesome! I would certainly want it to be able to go back and forth between the two devices. Thank you!

OK - So I already got it on my PlayBook; and you say I can get if for free on my handset.

Except, when I find the app, there is no Download option. Just Reviews, Recommend or Screenshots.

How do I actually get it.

BB 9800
BB App World

Help please!

Nice! I've been feeling so out of the loop with my android friends having an app like this. It seems only right that BlackBerry has it too.

Wow, everybody and their brother mother and sister wants this give away. Well I will throw my hat in the ring too. Thanks Crackberry....

I is for ingenious
N is for nifty
S is for super features
T is for terrifically convenient for uploading pics online
A is for the artist in us
P is for photo editing on the go
H is for happily creative
O is for how many times I'll use it OFTEN!
N is for no more boring shots
E is for SAVE A FREE COPY ESPECIALLY FOR ME! : ) --,--'--{@

im loving the development of photo-aps for bb devices. this would be great for both my bold and playbook!