InstantLog for BlackBerry Smartphones Logs Calls, SMS Messages, and Emails - 25 Free Copies

By ObiGeorge on 26 Dec 2009 09:01 am EST

Twinkler Software's new BlackBerry application InstantLog saves all your vital communications to your BlackBerry's calendar.  The user can define exactly what to log, with options like all incoming calls, outgoing calls, missed calls, emails, and SMS messages.  You can select which one of your calendars you would like your info logged to and even record your different types of info to multiple BIS or BES calendars.  Twinkler Software also added a privacy feature, allowing you to add email/SMSaddresses to a blacklist that will never be logged.  Whether you are a business user looking to record important communication or just want to save info from your personal life, you may want to check out InstantLog.  It is available for $3.99 at the CrackBerry App Store and compatible with all devices running OS 4.6 and up.  A free trial is also available.

Contest: We have 25 free copies of InstantLog to give away.  Just leave a comment on this post to enter.  Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST.  Please only leave one comment-multiple entries won't count.

Reader comments

InstantLog for BlackBerry Smartphones Logs Calls, SMS Messages, and Emails - 25 Free Copies



wow, was waitin for this one, especially the privacy function! <3 count me in for the free copy! :) thx

Wow, it's even more powerful than AddOnis for logging purpose! Definitely has useful for certain people... Like me! :)

wow - das könnte ich sehr gut gebrauchen!
Würde mich wirklich interessieren.

Wünsch euch allen nen guten Rutsch!!!

Gruß Dirk

What a great app. I would love to be able to log my calls to my calendar. Add me to the list of contest contestants.

Crackberry comes out with some great contests and they are fun to enter. I could definately use this app to log everything for a court case coming up and gotta have the proof of logged calls and messages from the other party. Hope I get picked to win this.

I always leave a comment but never won but coming from the makers of Addonis,it'll be nice to have this plus the trial is brilliant!

Excellent idea!

"But of course, Mr. Smith. We did speak about this; it was at 11:22 am last Tuesday. We spoke for 11 minutes and 22 seconds. Yes, thank you. I'll be looking for the check."

thanks cb for all the free giveaways....i hope i do you select the winner anyway? is it really random?

I currently use AddOnIs for logging phone calls into the calendar. I can definitely see how being able to also log SMS messages would be a great option - track all SMS messages and keep a permanent log! :)

This should would be helpful for someone with a full time job, a home based business, and an active family! What a way to keep up with everything and everyone!

I would love to get this app! What a way to organize...Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and thank you for this offer :)

It would be easier to track the log back if this application can send the log on daily based to pre-defined mail address, just like a diary book .. but automatic.

So I just open the mailbox and see what I've done or got on that day. And together with GPS or Cell-ID I have the complete log of my daily routine.

Just an idea ..

I would love this app!!! but even if I don't win... Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all at CrackBerry!!!

please let me win one of this app I Love beig able to log everything it makes me feel like I my own big brother lol

I really hope to get this app, if I can get it, then sell the idea of it to my IT department maybe I'll have an autoway to log calls and get the rest of the sales force to be able to buy this software!

This would be great to have. I wouldnt have to guess when i made a call or when a person called me.