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Instant IMAP E-Mail for BIS Customers

By James Falconer on 4 Sep 2008 09:42 am EDT

Instant IMAP E-Mail for BIS Customers A somewhat silent BIS upgrade has been released.

According to many the upgrade has resulted in much faster e-mail delivery over IMAP. For those on IMAP, this is great news. In the past, only users on the BES had e-mails pushed to their device instantly, while lowly folks on BIS had to wait a few minutes.

Looks like the gap has been bridged.

Anyone receiving BIS e-mail via a server that supports IMAP IDLE will receive messages in real-time. Has anyone else out there been waiting for this... for a long, long, long time!?

About gosh darn time, right?

[ via BBCool ]

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James Falconer James Falconer "Community Manager, Mobile Nations" 354 (articles) 737 (forum posts)


Oh, yes. FINALLY! This means you can keep your read messages synced on GMail accounts, AND have (almost) push.

Adam Zeis

This is great - such a cool thing to wake up to today! Got my Gmail setup for IMAP and its working with little to no delay and syncs flawlessly!


um... unread marks still do not work in gmail. Neither up or down.

Adam Zeis

Not sure what you mean by "unread marks" .. but make sure you setup your Gmail for IMAP and not POP .. http://forums.crackberry.com/f2/how-set-up-your-bb-gmail-imap-services-18788/


It sounds great... "but only when the Exchange 2007 [IMAP] <> BIS; duplicated email push after fwd or reply" problem is fixed.

I will stay with OWA for a while even the mail arrives UP TO approx 10 mins late.


Is this supposed to take affect today because I'm still receiving my IMAP email late?

Jeremy Kitching

My Gmail still seems to be delayed. I just set up my Gmail account (a new one I created) and followed the instructions. I have POP and IMAP enabled inside of Gmail. Does POP need to be disabled?


I have POP disabled, though I don't think it has to be as if you followed the instructions proper you are connecting directly to the GMail IMAP server. I would disable and try. I am seeing a ~ 15 second delay from when I send a test e-mail to when my BlackBerry alerts me, not bad at all...


As working for AT&T, I can let you know IMAP has been pushing to BB's for quite some time now. Get with the time kids!


I run my own web hosting company (and therefore my own web server). So I quickly setup an IMAP only account, then connected the account Rogers BIS. My first message came through within 30 seconds, messages after that were about as fast (or I should say slow) as they always have been.

This slowness has always bugged me so a couple years ago I geeked out and setup my own quick push solution and it works great. Here's what I do: When you e-mail my primary account it leaves a copy on the server and also forwards to my ____@rogers.blackberry.net account. That way I get it instantly. To make sure items I send from my bbry show up in my sent items on the server, I have my rogers.blackberry.net account BCC a 2nd account on the mail server. Then every few minutes a script moves the mail from the inbox on this 2nd e-mail account to the sent items on my primary e-mail account. Voila! The only down side is there's no syncing between the two, but I prefer fast e-mail delivery over syncing.


Forgive my ignorance but is this something that I would have to download and if so where would I get it?

Peter L.

No news, BIS uses imap idle nearly a month now. (BIS Europe)


Hey guys,
These are the steps that I preformed for IMAP to work instantaneously,
Erased my accounts from my BIS website.
Added them again,
this time, I put in the email address and NO password, then it asks to input the settings manually. say yes to that.
then input all ur GMAIL things by yourself
user name : ____@gmail.com
password: *****
server: imap.gmail.com

and there ya go, takes a few minutes to kick in properly

also, add a Label called Sent Items in gmail so that it syncs your sent items from your bb to your web mail application.


Tried it on my BB, still not fast enough for me. Quite a bit of delay


I have had a personal POP server for years (it uses Mailsite Express) I have Mapi access as well as POP access to the server.

Since day one I used POP with BIS

I setup my tmo.blackberry.net account.
Set my pop account to flat forward all email to that account.
Set the BIS account to spoof my POP address (outside of a few month were TMO initially upgraded to BIS, it has been working flawless, as fast as my BES account sending and receiving.)

While i was able to setup a mapi connection as well, I am not really seeing any advantages at this point, I don't have a folder structure on the mail server, so outside of syncing sent items and deletions, if that actually works, what is this going to bring to the table? The sync seems slower than the spoofed tmo.bb.net account.

Mike Ellis

Well I saw this and gave it a shot:

*Delete my pop gmail acct from BIS.
*Disabled pop from gmail web settings. I have IMAP enabled already as I have gmail IMAP setup in my outlook 2007.
*created new acct in BIS, gmail imap style.

Ok, so far so good. except:

*I can send from BB and it shows in sent in Outlook. Good! BUT, that same message is not in sent folder on BB!

*I can send from outlook and it shows in sent in BB. Good!

*I can mark a message read in BB and it changes from unread to read in outlook. Good! BUT, if I mark a message read in outlook from unread it doesn't show read in BB!

*I am not even going to get into the issues I see when comparing BB to gmail web. It is jacked up there in ways too.

Anyway, as you can see it "Kind of" works and kind of doesn't. All I want is the same exact inbox and sent items, with proper read/unread status across three different places - Outlook, gmail web, and BB.

Help me do that please!


that's the one thing that's been holding me back...


set up the imap, disabled pop. followed all directions, but when i send an email for my BB it doesn't appear in the "Sent Items" folder on my gmail account.

any suggestions?

maybe a new BlackBerry 101?

Tim Nicholson

I was about to post that I was still seeing 15 minute plus delays with Gmail messages on AT&T. I have been setup on IMAP with Gmail for some time now. I really wanted the read status coming over and deletes from Gmail to propogate to my BBery. Anyway, I just deleted the Gmail account from BIS and re-added it and now I'm getting my emails almost immediately! I hope this helps out some of the folks that are not seeing the speed increase.


I followed the instructions posted here by
By: faibs | Date: Thu, 09/04/2008 - 12:40
and I get e-mails on my BB instantly. In addition when I read an e-mail on my BB it appears as read on Gmail within a few seconds. This is GREAT! The opposite is not true, e-mails read on Gmail DO NOT appear as read on my BB. I have not tested other things like Sent Items and such!


I followed the instructions posted here by
By: faibs | Date: Thu, 09/04/2008 - 12:40
and I get e-mails on my BB instantly. In addition when I read an e-mail on my BB it appears as read on Gmail within a few seconds. This is GREAT! The opposite is not true, e-mails read on Gmail DO NOT appear as read on my BB. I have not tested other things like Sent Items and such!